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dim100 rated it
At the Northern Fort
April 26, 2016
Status: --
Fear the uber cute.

Well I say that but with only 5 chapters translated, we can't really say much but the whole series gives off a fluffy small animal feeling that makes you wish for a hug, and the narration by our tiny hero makes his actions seem adorable from a "aaaahh how cute." Screw major fights or uber cheat, or political intrigue who needs that when you have small animal cuteness and curiosity.
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dim100 rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
August 23, 2016
Status: c31
To be honest this series put a smile on my face, MC is OP, ruthless but you know he is also cunning, sly, and fair (well non-standard fair). He lies while telling truths, he tortures and commits inhumane acts and he is probably the most law abiding person you will encounter. Yet out of all these things destroying armies, managing an undead theme park, being a judge, jury and executioner, and even being a former last boss he is someone that makes me smile. That is all that matters though... more>> I think one or two chapters is hard to understand due to information overload. Still I prefer it to the standard cultivator wuxia or the like give this a go but also give it about 10 chapters before stopping if you think this isn't your cup of tea or you start and it isn't doing it for you, a complete picture forms around then.

The main issue with this series despite there being only 31 chapters out is that most of the other characters haven't been developed beyond giving a few a backstory and setting, the interactions between characters are entertaining but it hasn't reached a masterpiece level, but the world building, main character are on the right track. There are few series that do reach this level but I'm hoping in the later chapters it achieves this. <<less
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Is it Tough Being a Friend?
March 17, 2019
Status: v2 epilogue
so cleared 2 volumes at light speed and my thoughts on this are three:

It is a trope parade breaker, guy pretends to be a pervert but seems to have an existential block that prevents him from ever going the distance. Usually you get dense, he is fairly observant and aware of the others feelings, or super pervert he is perverted for cosplay but not to a high degree.

second, he is aware of the tropes honestly he reminds me of Deadpool a little, he semi-breaks or fully breaks fourth wall when... more>> he monologues. He also is human and superhuman, he has a lot of s*upid skills he still doesn’t realize he is MC level OP.

Third sometimes the story gets weird and too crazy that the development of characters is too stalled or shallow, the cast is already up to 8 heroine candidates at volume 2 with the author trying to point them all at the MC he gives them each events so development is fairly shallow or forced (against the MCs will) down his throat. While I’m all for harem stories every now and then the development between MC and the main are rather ridiculous at times and his quest for normalcy is at time approaching disbelief if not for his existential worldview that he is a side character

Well pretty sure I butchered this somewhere but whatever, this is a fairly interesting story that can definitely kill time and parodizes the standard shonen harem story <<less
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dim100 rated it
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
June 4, 2018
Status: c302
After reading this for a while, I have a few statements, the authors view on Japan and China national tensions and portraying it in this novel as every intrusion by Japan ends in the Japanese getting stomped which is a fairly understandable from a national view and patriotism so I'll let that go their presence doesn't serve any assistance to plot aside from a standard antagonist that pops up every arc where people congregate. Before you had a cast of interesting people with side stories that drove an overall plot... more>> from our Mystic team doing things to it being about the modern world affecting people. Now late in the game it is mainly MC centric universe with tons of side characters forgotten, and we have an arc that doesn't seem like it will climax anytime soon regarding the MCs parents. The fishing feature of this novel used to be vibrant now it is more or less a boring filler that serves as what the protagonist is eating for dinner. The previous supporting cast used to do things now they are just besides being there. The dog has done more work in the last 50 chapters than any other side character and has been more developed than any other side character.

overall this used to be great, but it's quality dropped. I wouldn't 1 star it but with racist undertones and bland, slow, very slow development you may get tired of it so my advice ignore it for a bit and then binge. Rinse and repeat.

I give this 3 stars since half of the novel is good the rest is average. <<less
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dim100 rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
June 8, 2017
Status: c381
Let's see this is a story about a guy that gets owned by his computer exploding and then revives in the body of a person who got owned by a crappy life. Now he arrives in a new world with powers unlike any other existing powers Naruto Powers, guess whose turn it is to get owned, anyone in his way.

well that said the story is actually more solid than most CN novels that have constant power ups, rare items, and other annoying things like sects and weird techniques that are... more>> a pain to remember. Most otaku people are familiar with Naruto so the side benefits of reading about are a plus. It still acts like a CN with utter ruthlessness from the characters. Still the novel has a decent goal but the power rankings of fighters is a tad bit confusing so that's a minus. Overall decent read ranking above regular CN power genre but it isn't masterpiece level. Characters aren't constantly revolving around the MC but have their own motivations and problems but development of characters is only low level and could have been done better.

Though that said it had so much to work off of aside from the Naruto hook, it did well world building but just did not develop enough to reach greatness. Arcs themselves have characters that appear but do nothing other than serve as talking partners for the MC, characters appear once and are names, given powers and plot points are made but not used except once. There are so many ways this novel could have done better. That said this novel still has its enjoyable points, like the whole what if we give Naruto powers in a Xuanhuan novel about cultivating, I mean there are triple digit cultivation novels but they just follow the same pattern of power levels, face slapping of some idiot noble, sudden plot armoring for near death, like chance occurence or harem forming through the s*upid noble gestures every MC does. This novel breaks that pattern, our MC only has one deus ex machina moment at the start, he flirts and wins hearts but is not dense or harem forming (so far), there is some face slapping but it is light and not the focus, and he isn't all knowing or everything doesn't always go his way which I found refreshing and interesting despite the unused potential. So 3/5 is warranted, 4/5 for some sort of faux originality parody in a Xuanhuan cultivating story.

After reading the final chapter

After the finale though I got the same feeling I got when I read the last few chapters of a manga getting axed. It wrapped up all things ridiculously fast with a terrible ending, it had potential, but it skipped over character arcs that could have been done, the teammates didn't get proper plotlines for themselves except maybe one or two, but it could have done them and made the characters more than 1 dimensional side notes in the story. The ending killed it for me, it resolved it yes in a semi-believable way but it left so many unanswered questions and plotpoints despite the author's attempt to cleanly end this story and had me say "come one really you're ending on this note?"

Final take is 2/5 well I kind of enjoyed since I'm a naruto fan so 3/5 for you naruto lovers that want to see ninjutsu used in Chinese Xuanhuan. Read this to fill the time but don't expect too much. Also low expectations for the climax. <<less
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dim100 rated it
Sono Mono Nochi Ni… (WN)
October 27, 2017
Status: c176
So people give ratings that all over the place and to be honest they are all right and wrong in some respects, heck this might be wrong too but whatever.

This is a story about a heartbroken guy going harem collecting and confronting his trauma. Simple enough right? I wouldn't say the characters are overly deep they each have their obligatory cliched backstory but they are distinct in some respects but beyond that they rarely develop into complex people with unique thoughts and reactions. What I'm trying to say isn't that... more>> on a scale of 1-5 they are about a 2. My advice is yes this can be enjoyed despite its flaws just shut off your brain and binge it. The comedic aspect is more or less it's selling point, battle scenes are not it's forte, think the Saitama style for fighting and that sums up most fights. Well that aside I'm interested in the overall plot but some of the arcs get boring with the explanations so skip around if you get bored. <<less
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dim100 rated it
The Other Side of the Last Boss
July 20, 2017
Status: c89
Let's see in a nutshell you have an op character but his character flaw ... more>>

he can't deal with women

stops him from achieving his life goal so he sets out to fix his flaws in a mildly comedic way and fantasy plot. With op powers in a kingdom rife with political intrigue (well in terms of complexity of plot it is fairly simple enough but it isn't too corny or cliched). The characters are pretty decent there is some development but it isn't materpiece level it's a light read that will entertain <<less
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