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City of Sin
November 7, 2018
Status: Completed
First thing, is worth reading? Yes, it is. But there is something you need to know before starting.

Second thing, this is a story about war. Not so much about great and elaborated tactics and strategy that you can see on Kingdom. But a war where the strenght of the MC army and thier situation and gains are correlated to the sucess and power of the MC, this mean that most of the story will be on a mix bag of political and militar spoils, where his conquest/survival for power will... more>> be the main focus. Army composition and incress in scale can be seen as a direct representation of the character, and the oposite is true, the stronger the MC the stronger his army, ofr his focus on supporty talents than direct power level the oposition army.

The third thing is, this is a rare wuxia that has some characters and "characters interaction" that aren't just, the rich stupid noble kid/steping stone or the trial/tournament of magic place to get magic power, however the MC isn't one of interesting kind, at most he does his slight above average character, like a open world RPG would, while his enemies can be divided in 3 types, the mob steping stone, that is a dificult most because his lack of power at the moment, the one that is dificult because they are ridiculous more powerful than him and his luck his way out until he is just bare enough with alot of clever tatics and poor enemies decisions to defeat and the broad goal like defeat the greatest army, go back to X, construct that Y. The first are mostly very situational, you heard them a handful of chapter but you know they can't really do anything, the 2nd you keep guessing how he will deus*xmachina his way out, for all intention he would be 1 shooted, but at least this one had some personality but very base lvl, while the later are END Games goals, that at least anchor his direction. Sadly, as I said before, none of his enemies are interesting characters for most part, in fact aside from His teacher, the interaction of his followers at vol 2 and a halfway done character arc for his followers that kind tries to ties with the MC growth, but end up in a halfway effort, that his quick tossed aside for other things. In most part the really powerful, that aren't his enemies, until now, have interesting personality. Now his followers interaction that was really good will be pushed asside for new characters and problems, incress the fatigue each time you read. For it suffer the power creep that is only resolve by introducing a new more powerful character.

Now the third thing, skip vol 1. Why? Well because you waste alot of time and the vol 2 is where the good stuff start, at vol 1 the MC has no agency over his decision and the one that he does have are childish and contradictory at best and plain stupid and mindnumbing at worse. Until that point, the mage used 1 spell and had small character growth.

I said before that there are characters, but most of them are really bland, on the vol 1 only his teacher is a save grace, and she is referenced most of the time with very small screen time. Things happens around the MC and he don't give the trouble to react different to each of them, no he repeat his pattern and there was no stakes at all. In fact you get more interested on magic system than the MC story because he is so boring, on this 1st vol.

What you need to now if you skip the vol 1

  • He is a mage, he studied in harvard of magic and have a Legendary mage as a loose teacher that he become her favorite and had some skinship with, but more on a toy scale and not as a lover.
  • He spent all his time studying, but by pure chance he got a warrior princess to fall for him. But he refuse to accept for even himself could accept her absurd reason, so he promised to visit her later on her continent.
  • The Dragon of Time is a god like being that work with alchemy/loot box law that you sacrifice a valuable thing for him and he in turn give a random gift/item/lifespan that is worth what you sacrificed. This is the main god of the story, and also the one that the priest that is with him.
  • All the strong people, lvl up there, by going in other planes, that are like small worlds to plunder the resources. Going in the direction of one plane with his father army and his "friends" (slaves +acquaintance)
  • All he have done until now is what his father, that his mon and himself hates gave him, he study with his and his teacher money, got some gifts from the sacrifice that his father and teacher almost died to get, and now is leading the warrior of this man + the slaves that he gave to him to choose into the plane of his father.
  • He is a mage + builder, he can make runes that engrave on people to make them strong. Like +10%agility.
  • he also trained some assassin skills, so he knows the basic of close quarters and have a strong (for a mage) body.
I always found misleading most vague synopses so here goes mine.

Is a story of young Mage, that on vol 1 a Hyprotic, shut-in, antisocial, passive, childish, hardworking, genious, kid. That seam to suffer from Shinji from Evangelion problem, even when he get alot of great things from his father he still hates him, but follow most of his orders aside from some childish acts. His oponents are just slight more powerful than him at that moment, so he never in real danger. However the magic, the lore and some characters are really interesting. Others like his friends/followers interactions get really interesting at least on the start of vol 2.

The main sell point is that, is more of a army manegement, with politics and magic in the mix. The use of races and how to deal with some problems that originates from the compositon of the army are the core of the story, the characters are mostly pushed aside, but they manege to keep intersting, always introducing new things in a confortable pace.

This story has s*x, but have a fun and strangly arousing way of put it, that don't get weird and many times even fun. Is a rare exemple of using to show the deeper a relationship with the girls he sleep with.

Lastly, skip vol 1. Is really painful, there is good things, and there is the promise of great story. But clearly the MC wasn't the focus, and just a passenger at most of the events. Staying passive until vol 2.


Now until the end, great mysteris are halfway done and the explanation is meh at best. Already on the Reaper Army Arc if not even before, the author already started to show a burn out, when the Reaper Army arc end the author was already 3/4 out of juice. Many Arcs that had been build up to be that great thing, end up flat, only the "The Abyss arc" showed a little of inspiration, mostly because was something he already thought, but that is, he jumped most of it, and as the use of time skip incress so too did the quality decress. I should say that when great problems and superpower are easy defeated was bad, but then I remember that most of this kind of problem was also solved this way. I think that the Assassin girl with the Bears Soldiers and the Reaper War was the 2 points that I found that had a great dificult, but both of them are also kind easy resolve compared with how dificulty they have looked outside.

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