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ddd rated it
Perfect World
July 5, 2017
Status: c325
This is a great novel. The MC is a kid. Just a kid, not a man who crossed over from another plane and retained all his memories, nor does he have genius IQ at the age of 10. He has the personality of Luffy from One Piece, but he develops more as he grows older, gathers experience from his travels and remembers stuff that happened to him as an infant.

The start of the novel can be a bit dull as there's really no goal and you just follow the MC... more>> as he grows up, but it really drew me in ~50 chapters in. These can be kind of long 50 chapters as the length is sometimes twice that of ISSTH chapters.

Cultivation is not skipped over and plays a big part, though sometimes the explanations of different tiers and specifics are pushed back several or even dozen chapters.

I also found the humor on point, most of it comes from the MC being a child and doing stupid stuff and others reacting to it.

If you don't have abysmal taste in novels on this site and enjoy having fun you should like this one. <<less
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ddd rated it
A Will Eternal
March 31, 2018
Status: c518
Remember how Meng Hao explained the life of a snow flake, or how Wang Lin lived as a mortal? Yeah there's nothing like that here. As generic as it gets with a plenty of plot holes to boot. Inheritances and techniques? The MC gets too many to count just for the sake of making him appear awesome, half of them of course are used once never to be seen again.

I like that he has some companions but that isn't really consistent either as Er Gen seems to separate them for... more>> ridiculous reasons and only brings them together for the sake of comedy. The novel seems very rushed without too much thought put into it. The overarching plot and world building is great as expected but so far could be condensed to 50 chapters.

Er Gen's stories seem to be getting more lighthearted by the novel, maybe his next novel will be a full blown comedy.

So far Xian Ni seems to remain Er Gen's best novel, maybe he has more constraints to be working under now or maybe that story was something he really wanted to tell. <<less
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