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ddadain rated it
Perfect World
March 16, 2016
Status: c823
Update Oct 10 2018

I am dismayed at the below 4.0 score of this novel, which is really frustrating because it is one of the best written and translated novel to date.

A story of growing up, of treasuring people you love, of hellos and good byes, of discovering love in its many shapes and forms... what else is there to say? An absolute joy to read and to imagine the world as events unfold. Yes, there are tropes here and there, but that doesn't detract from the grand narrative being... more>> slowly, but masterfully unfolded.

If works like One Piece or AWE or ISSTH are up your alley, READ THIS NOVEL. Funny, exciting, heartwarming, descriptive, unique and loveable characters ;)


I don't know why people are saying there was a personality change as there wasn't any... Shi Hao has always acted "impulsively" like a child since he is still quite young. His personality was always that of a rambunctious naughty boy that does whatever he pleases no matter the consequence... He stays true to his friends, values family, knows how to repay debts of gratitude... He is still a massive foodie and he still loves drinking milk the most.

Seriously, people also seem to forget that Shi Hao's age progresses from being less than 3 years old to being nearly 14 by chapter 130... So it's only natural to see him "grow"...

There was no total shift of personality at all...

Everyone who says otherwise should think more deeply on the actual context of the story... <<less
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Hmm, how to say this...

This is a story about a man who gains the power to force women to have s*x with him. Thus, a more appropriate title for it is "I Made a Slave RAPE Harem Using a Charm Cheat in a Different World".

Truly, truly, lives up to the "smut" tag.

Avoid, like the plague, if you have any human decency. If you're looking for an alternative to hentai, also avoid this as it cannot compare to good 'ol nhe*tai or fakk*. Although, highly recommended to our blind friends... more>> who just want to jack~


Specific Evaluation:

- Generic rapist protagonist
- Generic plot line
- All women are big breasted and has a bubble butt... IMO, too much funbags aren't fun at all.
- Awkward English... (please get a better editor)

- Smut~!
- Nice graphic smut/hentai images (NSFW!) <<less
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ddadain rated it
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu
December 16, 2015
Status: --
Not a novel I would recommend to people to read as it is, at best, a mediocre work in the fantasy summoning game genre with a dash of ecchi and harem to try to spice up its dull setting, and a smidgen of comedy and adventure just for the lulz.

I’m also surprised by the “Small Breasts” tag as the elf has at least 40Gs (I estimate...). The other girl does have a SERIOUS pettanko (AAAA negatives). At most, both would cancel each other out (LOL).

Jokes aside, both female “heroines”... more>> are exasperating. The interactions quickly become repetitive, droning out otaku tropes of enslavement of “desirable” females and sudden windfall of “strength”, which basically means the target audience of this novel is self-appeasing delusional otakus.

The plot is generic and seems to feel like a watered down version of Overlord without its depiction of the social problem of xenophobia by many Japanese and the need for good governance, etc. Basically, it is meaningless.

2 out 5 <<less
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ddadain rated it
The Man Picked up by the Gods
December 16, 2015
Status: --
A breathe of fresh air in the Reincarnated In Another World genre, The Man Picked Up by the Gods is an entertaining journey of a man given a second chance at life and at youth. The pacing is very laid back but very well executed plus the banter is uniquely conveyed in a way that makes you actually feel the characters' characters. The narrative is character driven and there are a whole lot of quirky characters to like. Haters gonna hate, but I love this series. Also, Slimes ARE THE... more>> BEST! 5 out 5. <<less
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