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dbao50 rated it
Rakuin no Monshou
March 17, 2019
Status: v12 afterword
The writing, the world building, characters, are really great. Top quality novel I would said. Although this genre might not be too popular. But I wouldn't said this is Fantasy, more like Historical.

The ending is quite open. Lots of things left unexplained. Maybe the author saved them for sequel?

The most disappointing is the romantic relationship between the protagonist and the heroine. I mean the relationship, interaction between them is really great. I read mainly just for those moments. But they keep being separated like 50% of the story. Even until... more>> the end there was only few line to close the story. Too abrupt.

Both the main characters are really great, but there are like two separated stories. It really a waste the series end too soon. <<less
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dbao50 rated it
My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess
January 22, 2019
Status: c98
For a web novel, the quality is truly truly very good. Translator, thank you very much for picking up this novel. The quality seem just like from a light novel. Character development, story flow, it was a very satisfy read.

The story focus around the sisterly bond of the MC and the otome heroine. There is romance, but like 3rd or 4th rank only. Not a lot of side characters, so each of them is quite distinct and memorable. The story flow is can seem to be slow, like 70% (84... more>> chapters) before the academic start. The first 70% was very heart warming and comedic. Then the real thing starts.

I found this novel through LightNovelsTranslation group other project, for a light and heart warming read in mean time. But sticking through each chapter for how exciting their was. The novel seem to has a conclusive ending, unlike mostly other novel ragging on and become difficult to catch up with. <<less
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