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davidXI rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: epilogue part1
One of the most hilarious novel I read. Slow start but after a few chapter you won't be able to stop reading. In comparison to others JP novel, it's not a dense male lead neither a person transported from another world or reincarnated just to make a harem. Girl are not pushed on him for no reason but it's him whose forced to seduce them (unwillingly). And it's a rare novel where there is character growth and all the harem members got a unique personality. Also a lot of question... more>> (on his character or why he's hated) are explained later as the plot develop, that's maybe why some people underrated this novel.

What I loved the most in this novel, is that the quest to save the world or whatever is just secondary in front of the bloodbath that will occur in his harem to curry his favor and becoming the legal wife. Also loved his post growth period (or level up period) where all the limiter on his personality are gone, he become the guy who fear nothing and narcissistic as hell. P.S : Mr LYLE the best. <<less
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davidXI rated it
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
July 11, 2018
Status: c782
MC one of the most powerful and influental man in the world, can easily destroy a country but that's what happen :

MC : I shouldn't have a relation with a girl.

Next chapter he go and do the deed with a girl.

... more>> MC : I have to protect my woman

Next chapter the woman got kidnapped by the next door ruffians.

MC : Must be more considerate of my wife.

Few chapters later, Giving a diamond ring to his mistress in front of his wife.

Explains it all, too much cringe and all the males are horny and doesn't mind using every method to rape a girl. Maybe it's better in the end. <<less
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