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daves rated it
Master Hunter K
February 23, 2017
Status: c75
Excellent novel, binge read it up to the current 75 chapters. Was initially put off by the negative reviews on shallow mindless plot but I'm glad I still went ahead to read it. Enough for me to provide some token support on Patreon. Imo, better than other similar reincarnator novels like Reincarnator and KOTB due to slightly more balance between OPness and shallow plot progression involving mowing through everything. No author reminding you in every chapter how amazing MC's skills are, no gaping audience providing reactions on how amazing he... more>> is all day and, laugh if you will, reasonable power creep. After reading many many of these titles, there are subtle differences between genuinely interesting OP skills/items that are utilised well in battles AND OP skills that end the battle by allowing you to obliterate things with one poke. What was also surprising was the existence of actual character development. Not very much but the author tries. Some self reflection on motives, how he accomplishes it, some POV changes occasionally. Character development in similar novels is just adding a few sentences every few chapters to reiterate how MC must right his wrongs / win the final battle / save the human race this time around and then ends there. I also liked the attempts at intelligent writing in the form of magic spell incantations, the hidden stuff every raid and the "history" lessons. Kudos to the translators for doing a great job with those. Bottom line: For this genre, reading any novel past the 1st tends to be make readers more jaded and less forgiving of the fast / mindless / OP plot. What makes this worth reading are the slight differences that make it less cliched. Great novel, definitely entertaining and worth a read. <<less
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daves rated it
Spirit Sword
February 6, 2017
Status: c25
Not sure why this isnt rated higher. I suspect its due to the slow story progression. Would definitely recommend giving this series a shot. The story is beginning to pick up and I've been looking foward to every chapter. Unique premise, aura is a relatively unique power / cultivation system albeit straightforward and likeable characters. 5/5 for now. Would like to see the characters' personalities developing more though.
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daves rated it
World of Cultivation
July 12, 2016
Status: c303
I've been following Zuo Mo's adventures in World of Cultivation from the very beginning and it's about time I gave it a review. As with a lot of fellow readers, I've read a whole ton of Wuxia/Xianxia novels and have begun to get a lot more discerning outside of the usual cliched storylines - far too many cheat reincarnation, trash to genius, trash-talking arrogant bloodthirsty OP MCs out there. I recommend WOC highly. It has an interesting and non predictable plot. It's a very refreshing change with enjoyable worldbuilding, characters... more>> who get fleshed out more than the norm and an interesting cultivation system with a believable, less OP increase in power levels. The usual action-packed bloodthirsty Xianxia novels do get the blood boiling but they will get old once you read too many of them. WOC is something that has great lasting power because of the time it takes to build an interesting world, genuinely interesting storyline, an "endearing" MC Zuo Mo and a great cast of supporting characters. (When I mention the time taken for worldbuilding, don't wrongly assume it's as snail-paced and unnecessarily longwinded a la Ze Tian Ji)

Kudos to translation team for great quality and consistent releases as well. Note: I've also read ahead to ~chapter 800+ and it's still holding up pretty well. <<less
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