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darkcrystal rated it
A Naive Short-tempered Girl
November 20, 2017
Status: Completed
Actually I feel all the characters somehow very unfortunate at their past that's why they become so cold or either cunning and that's why they don't understand what is love or don't want to accept it but as the time passes' they become more open and accepting and treasure those love one's.

Character development of each and every character is awesome and have their own dept and most important is I am happy the story having a happy ending.

I will like to give it 4 stars because of translator work and... more>> for character's development. <<less
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A Wife’s Cry
March 21, 2019
Status: --
omg I don't know from where should I start it from

first of all about fl: She is like all time "it's my fault" or "that's how much I love allen" and even don't know how to speak in everything she is crying and crying or either physical and mentally abuse by ML in short she don't hold any self respect for herself

now about ml: God dammit he is simply a psycho and mental patient he is like "you don't know how much you have hurt me" when he himself... more>> playing around with other women's in his room in front of his wife in everything he only know how to torture her or make her guilt by using the scenario or the betrayal she did 1 year ago prior to their marriage, he don't want accept his mistake and only know to say " I will never forget you" every night day or whenever he want he eats her like animal. Simply hate this kind of man who don't respect women's.

zian: It whom FL betrayed ML or ml's friend he is one more idiot who constantly causing problems to FL and because of him she nowadays gets more beats from ML and reasons of ml's jealousy he will keep on causing trouble's between ML and fl.

fl's cousin: Only and only practical and strong headed character in this novel.

hope their will be some character development because still I m in 9th chap and fed up with this ML and FL and with this love triangle. <<less
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darkcrystal rated it
Adorable Food Goddess
September 24, 2018
Status: c16
This novel is not that bad to be honest at this point rather it is funny and I really like the bickering between ML and MC, may be it is tagged as rape and cooking but only the first night is forceful (like many novels) and their is lot of cooking and variety of dishes mention from different era's and the female lead is unique and funny in short she knows very well how to tame her ML vice n versa handsome angry ML also
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First time I like this kind of story (where demons+er**ic dreams are there) story has a plot and enjoy to read it good ending all the characters were developed and fair completely on the female protagonist side
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