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It's alright. As of now it's a bit too lovey dovey considering theyve only known each other for.. barely a month and the both are supposed to be quite ibdependent/aloof people? It's quite boring to read the interactions because sometimes it just drags on lol... I can't get invested in the pairing yet because I don't see a reason why they should love each other that much? #cantrelate

Mostly I think, can we get back to the story/faceslapping please? Since the plot is quite interesting.

The translation/update schedule is really good/consistent though,... more>> which is always great. <<less
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first few volumes were alright but it just kinda goes downhill... feels like the MC doesnt develop at all and she doesnt grow up despite being at least 25 y.o. altogether now

the school/learning aspect isnt even delved into that deeply even though thats her original goal, its just really light hearted and tbh it focuses on the romance aspect way too much it becomes a chore to read. mostly because it started out with potential but the ML is just... really controlling/over bearing and MCs kyaa kyaa shy embarrassed reactions... more>> get repetitive after awhile (even though in the past she didnt care at all lol)

also the fact they say MC is op but where? its only ever mentioned but its not really shown bcs ML always blocks her from the front line. but its understandable I guess because shes a dense fool who falls into traps she... honestly should know better than to fall into

im being really negative but honestly it isnt all that bad, if you want a time waster then go for it because the first few vols are quite decent, and the plot itself is quite interesting/unexpected albeit kinda slow to resolve. MCs personality & reactions are charming in the first few volumes, so is MLs but they get aggravating later on (personally).

Its light hearted & funny at parts, and the chars are quite distinct from each other, and it's nice to see the other chars dont follow the (original) otome game plot either, because of outside interferences. Translation is solid too. <<less
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cyanat rated it
Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru
September 7, 2017
Status: c45
its pretty good if otome reincarnation is your genre of choice, but I dont think it was super duper good or anything.

pacing is a bit slow and I just dont understand why it was necessary to keep MC a kid? its super creepy especially

... more>>

when she confesses to leon. like i... would not mind the ship, but 1. the age gap 2. shes a literal child. regardless of her mental age shes in the body of a prepuberscent girl, and especially as an adult (supposedly bc she doesnt act THAT mature) she should... know better than to be putting leon in that position??? lmao?? esp considering her position as well. but anyway


its a good novel if you have some spare time, I dont think it was that addictive though? again, the slow pace, and I dont particularly like the way she handles things, and although she is quite sensible and her blunt honesty is endearing, her actions are limited by the fact she is, again, a Literal Child.

however, the side characters are interesting though - the "love interests", her siblings, her family as a whole really, they all feel pretty distinct.

a good time waster but not a must read <<less
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cyanat rated it
Mob… Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!?
August 30, 2017
Status: --
it just drags on and on and on about MCs thoughts, and in such a boring way. Its a whole lot of exposition with barely any action so far - like if you were given ten slices of bland bread and a piece of cheese. Basically, the pacing sucks. The concept is interesting, but the excecution is lacking. I'd probably only pick it back up once it's completed: otherwise, with how things drag on, you'll never be satisfied.
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God of Cooking
September 4, 2017
Status: c120
it was pretty good overall, but there were many flaws with it imo. Minjoon is a decent guy and a decent MC but theres nothing about him that makes him stand out, really? Ive never found myself rooting for hin. Hes bland.

it also seems as if every character was pretty one dimensional, which sucks because the story is very character focused. I cant tell if it was on part of the translator or the author, but the conversations seemed very stilted and awkward? It just didnt sound very western, despite... more>> the fact its set in the US.

however the story was interesting: they dont stay on one "mission" for very long, so it becomes like a series of mini arcs, which is good because theres always a new setting every few chapters. The problem is that it felt very formulaic, and I never really felt any tension or worry for the MC (partly because I just didnt care about him).

some of the side chars were pretty cool though - very tropey but they had their moments. Anderson was my fav tho lol <<less
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cyanat rated it
Kill the Lights
August 1, 2017
Status: --
kill the lights was an interesting take on the reincarnation trope. I think it told its story quite well - it didnt drag on unnecessarily, had enough content and sub-plots to develop the story & relationships, and concluded in a natural way. its definitely not a think piece - personally, it was a nice, light read that wont leave you wanting closure.

characters were likable too - I honestly really liked mason as the protagonist, if only because he was at the very least capable and in control of himself. he... more>> was, for the most part, level headed and mature, relative to other mcs, and I found myself rooting for him a lot. his story is not all smooth sailing, and there were bumps along the way that he had to face, but watching him overcome them made me proud of him lol. u go, mason.

noah was alright as a love interest. the romance was... there, but it couldve been better. not much to say re: s*x scenes because translated ones always read awkwardly to me personally so I skipped those. still quite a nice relationship because I felt they were, roughly, on equal grounds? and they do seem to care for the other a lot.

overall, id reccommend it if you were thinking of picking it up. its a killer time waster, so to speak <<less
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