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crprlnm rated it
Sinister Ex-Girlfriend
November 2, 2018
Status: Completed

Let me just quote them, "Love, is like a gentle water, but it is also like a fierce fire"

The Male lead is the definition of "Devoted Love interest". It doesn't matter which world they go, he'll always find her and fall in love with her all over again. His love is like a water, it's gentle, he doesn't force the FL to accept his feeling, he just accompanied and helped her every single time. Like water, his love is overflowing, He said that if he can't... more>> show off his love, he'll be sick which is cute and funny 😂 His love is also like a fire, try hurting his wife you'll experience hell.

The Female lead is a Cold Badass Destroyer. She's smart, beautiful, she destroys couple who doesn't deserve to be together. But unfortunately, she's been hurt, she closed her heart to anyone until she met the male lead. Every woman who has been hurt need time. Every time they go to different world, you'll see how the female lead learned to open up, then slowly appreciating the company of the Male lead and finally accepting the past, is now gone, and finally treasuring her present and their future.

I really love every arc. You'll just keep wanting more. Each arc have different task and different couple either to destroy or to match. The female lead is from Destroyer Department (responsible for destroying the couple) while the male lead is from Repair Department (responsible for matching the couple). Funny how they're in rival department but guess who's whipped and allowed his wife to win everytime? 😂 I sometimes feel bad for the other couple they destroyed but they deserve it.

The ending was very satisfying. It's sweet that he fell in love again even at the ending. All I can say is I love these sweet badass couple. Go read this now. It's worth every second. And have I said I LOVE this novel? <<less
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crprlnm rated it
Hello, Wife!
July 21, 2018
Status: Completed
Every novel of this author is worth reading. The Female lead is very independent, the type of person who knows who is worthy of her tears and her heart. While the Male lead dotes on FL so much it's so adorable ‪♡. I love that he's more on "the action speaks louder than words" type (the things he does for the FL can make you swoon so bad). I definitely recommend this novel. It's light and fluffy. ‪♡
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crprlnm rated it
Only Starlight
October 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Jian Wei (Female lead) is goals. She's a beauty with High IQ who owns the most adorable cat and of course, the girlfriend of one of the Most Popular actor. Jiang Yi (Male Lead), the singer turn actor, who encountered so many bumps and criticism before he could reach the highest point of his career.

I really love the fact that they fell in love and got together slowly but surely.
From Jian Wei's admiration as a fan to seeing Jiang Yi as a man she likes—supporting and loving him both... more>> as a fan and a woman. And Jiang Yi's feelings that gradually grew deeper as he got to know Jian Wei. His hope to protect both his dream and his happiness. The sweetest confession from a proud boyfriend:


"I said I was a man with few desires and very few things I wanted to have. So, I am very fortunate to have met a person, let me taste sweet, know not to give up, learn to miss. For me, she is more important than anything else. I had a lot to do with my job, but she wanted me to be more free to do what I really liked. That's her wish, and that's what I'm fighting for."


AND DAMN I SWOONED SO HARD! They both made an effort to work the relationship. It's just sweet that they really treasure the short time they have together. They learned how to trust and love each other more ‪♡

Too bad, the translator didn't finish this but you can read this using google trans.

The only thing I want is an epilogue or extra!!! I swear the ending is good and sweet but I NEED MORE, I REALLY NEED AND WANT MORE. <<less
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