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crocoer rated it
Is it Tough Being a Friend?
July 26, 2018
Status: c1 part3
It's good so far, but what I've seen might be a little polarizing later on.

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Seeing the cover art, I thought, ah, this "protagonist" he's supporting is probably a woman. I mean, the shading around the chest only reinforced the fact. Then I saw the illustrations. Yes, he is a she. At the later parts, it also seems like he moved to being the protagonist of some SoL harem story instead, so I believe that you are probably being mislead.


But if all you are looking for is the comedy, it is good so far. Really nice and some meta jokes that are not quite fourth-wall breaking. You really feel the MC (the perspective character, not the character he calls the MC) working hard. And he's secretly high-spec to boot. Overall, it looks like it will be at least decent.

I'll give it four stars for now since there isn't even a full volume to read and so far it seems to be above average quality. <<less
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crocoer rated it
Combatants Will Be Dispatched
August 5, 2018
Status: v1c1 part2
Oooookay, super early review. Not too muh to go on yet, but I'll do it this way.



... more>> -MC is not completely spineless, though pretty much everyone with decent screentime are arse, including him.

-characters are interesting so far, but three girls have been sentenced to non-relevance, at least for a while.


-again, every character with decent screentime are arse, so IF you dislike it, then yeah.

-quite a bit of the jokes are vulgar, so that's that

-translation is secondhand from jap>kor>eng so accuracy mightnot be pitch perfect

-continuing on from the last point, it also means that if the kr translation is stalled, which the eng translator says it currently is, everything slows down.

As I said, very early, so it might change later.

Though maybe someone would pick it up to tl it from jap to eng directly, which would solve half my current lialis problems. No offense, I'd love it really, even if it's somewhat rude to the current tler. <<less
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