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creamxorange rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
May 30, 2017
Status: v15c8.6
I'm no English speakers nor do I how to write a proper review however, to show my appreciation to the novel and to the translators for all the hard work to the novel, I go to such length as to create an account for this.

I know the MC can be seen as a little immature at the start but to me, that what makes its cute. It still understandable in my part since he's literally a teenager (?) when he changed bodies and at the same time discovered that the... more>> original owners of the body might have gotten rape continuously after discovering the embarrassing marks plus the treatment from the Reagent King that s*xually assault him right from the start.

Later, both characters are progressing better and the MC also has grown up to be considerate and adapt to the events that's happening. It makes it even sweeter when everytime the MC got kidnapped because he has too many people aiming for his life, the RK would do anything to come for the rescue.

The story has been a roller coaster for my emotion and this is the first yaoi novel I ever read and it keeps me a week of irregular sleeps just to finish the chapters until I am now. Until now, I almost finished all yaoi genre novels in novelsupdate database and surely this is still my top favourites among all <<less
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