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Read ahead a bit in the raws and stopped at the house selection - and was really disappointed, either by what the hat said or the house chosen. It is probably going to be an OP self-righteous MC kind of story as many xianxia out there, with a lot of cliche situations. It could have been something a lot more original.
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coyotte508 rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
August 22, 2017
Status: c588
One of the most interesting CN novels, that maybe is the closest to western-style writing. As in - no overused cliche, no ridiculousness, the characters are multidimensional and some enemies can become allies in the future. The rise in power is not too fast and not too slow - the pacing is moderate compared to the average CN novel but not excruciatingly slow at all. The development of the industry is not ridiculous like in "Release that witch", but still there. The events don't feel forced and the story doesn't... more>> go sideways even at 500+ chapters.

There are still some inevitable things as in other chinese novels (the MC is well-endowed, good in bed, can KO a girl in bed etc.) but it doesn't become an eyesore - and girls, while being part of the story, are not the main part.

Personnally I liked learning about the history of things and it didn't feel like infodumps shoved in my mouth.

There are a few gripes due to my Western sensibilities that almost made me drop the novel:


- The rape of the maid, even if it stemmed from a misunderstanding (that she was experienced at her job etc.)
- When they completely exterminate the waves of magical beast, they could just control them


But that stopped starting chapter 230. There are a few things I can think of in later chapters that may not be perfect, but I still give it 5 stars given how interesting I find the novel. <<less
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