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I don't know who keeps downvoting these types of novels to 1star but seriously, STOP.

Judging after 1 or 3 chapters is ridiculous. It's like reading the prologue of harry potter then being like "oh, I know exactly how this will go" then throwing it away. You're just like those people who turned away JKR, because you wouldn't give things a chance. Don't be that person.

5 star in order to try to offset things a bit, it's probably more of a 3-4 star right now?

Anyway, I read the first 3... more>> translated then mtl'd the rest (the original is only up to ch8 as far as I found) and it's pretty interesting so far. We have some standard best friend betrayal, ex fiance nonsense and our girl seeing herself pretty damn clearly after her rebirth.

The ML does seem more than a bit obsessed with her, and if her pain in the first chapter is anything to go by he probably needs to work on his s*xual prowess. Preferably with her. But I like how this time around she seems to be trying to accept his affection and make it less unhealthy, working to improve their relationship to a more healthy standpoint rather than aggravate things so he becomes crazy enough to try to stockholm her. And that's pretty refreshing honestly, that she's trying to make a relationship she was (kinda, probably) forced into become something more than a point of stress and claustrophobia. That it's not instantly about getting her revenge on this guy who was probably always treated as someone terrifying and thus has no idea how to properly show affection.

It's obvious he loves her, he just doesn't know how to do so properly yet as he's afraid she'll run away the minute he looks away (like she tried to prior to the novel beginning). I look forward to him developing in a healthier direction, and our FL growing and making their relationship one not based on fear but something mutual that others can't break apart in jealousy. I have a feeling if she placed more trust in him, he would return that small amount of affection tenfold, as the poor wolf is starved.

Sidenote: not condoning kidnapping the people you love, because that is against the law. Don't do that.

Overall, give it a chance. It's a rare story being taken up in its foundling stage, so it could go anywhere from here. Preferably in the direction of the bedroom minus the pain, but tolerating the standardized "sore waist" aftermath.

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Not gonna lie, after reading the first 2 chapters I binge read until the current chapter, 475, via google translate. In essence we're seeing a lot of transmigration tropes, and those who think they've gained a "golden finger" are constantly being torn apart.

The female lead in each "world" is self-sufficient, always OP, and doesn't seem to struggle much as she is always at the top of the food chain. So if you want to read something where you know for sure there will be face-slapping without all the angst/drama, this... more>> is for you. (Word Vomit below lol)

There is one ML throughout it seems, and at first there was some mention of his reaction when she left each world but as time goes on we just get a few sentences of her accomplishments then she wakes up in the next world. The romance isn't very pronounced at all, in fact the ML seems more like her lackey/golden finger who smooths out things for her to make things seems more reasonable (ex: she becomes an artifact refiner, ML is the dude who provides her with her supplies, there are constant mentions of how they're engaged/married but we don't even see a kiss just that she gives awesome artifacts to her mother in law).

If what you want is a steamy romance, this isn't for you as once her mission is accomplished she leaves (through death or leaving a copy, a step which after a few worlds is skipped entirely so we don't know how things turned out...). Like I said before, 475 chapters and I haven't seen a mention of even a hug, let alone some of that steamy hubby action we get in our other "system" stories. The ML is faithful to her in each story though, and you can ID him easily as his name remains yunshen. (EX: if she leaves a copy when leaving the world, he ends the engagement, because it's not her). He himself is OP, but her success/completing each mission, is entirely due to HER and not due to hubby fixing things for her like we've seen in second female lead and heroine arrives...

So, instead of having a focus on romance, you get a FL who is brilliant and makes things happen. She obviously has feelings, taking care of those who take care of her, and she's not some crazy ruthless MC like we've seen in some stories (like your usual secret agent to ancient times ones). She's just OP AF, which I enjoy. Although it should be noted that if you're a math/physics buff you might guffaw a few times as our MC is supposed to be a hacker math genius and they start talking about how she solved equations for the 16th dimension etc. SO yeah. And she always seems to know in each world how to get into these closed dark web groups. I guess hacking is the same no matter the dimension lol.

ON another note, if we're going to talk about her enemies, their reasoning for targeting her makes sense and our MC SHUTS THAT sh*t DOWN. For example, in a few it's the typical reasoning of transmigrators in other novels that family X mistreated the original so let's ruin their lives, or the person read the "book" the world was based on and didn't want to be threatened by the real protag so they want to take 'em out -the MC of that "world" was usually originally our girl-. In 475, we have a modern Dr transmigrating into ancient times, who disparages our girl because she thinks ancient Chinese medical practitioners are quacks. However, we get to see who is the real quack, as that chick did surgery without taking proper sanitation precautions, which has consequences our MC predicted. Oh, and btw that chick also came into a body that was pregnant with a genius child (sounds familiar right? LOL). I'm looking forward to how this turns out.


Overall, I really enjoyed this, would recommend. <<less
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Ok, I'm not gonna lie, the translator's ire for this story peaked my interest, so I google translated/slogged through up to 242 and honestly, it wasn't horrible. (This could possibly be because of my inner engrish --> English editor I've acquired through my extensive reliance on google translate, so possibly google rolled over the truly heinous parts of the story. This is my interpretation of the story based on g-translate, I don't actually read chinese.)

So, I have a pretty good idea of why the translator thinks the story failed.

Word... more>> vomit with many spoilers below.



So we go from transmigration -> woo reasonable heroine with brain! -&Gt; ML has powers? And is also an Assassin? -&Gt; Subplots with family and basically every other female in the story hating her guts, FL becomes assassin again but is always somehow weaker than the men sent by female haters -> FL has superpowers? -&Gt; Decision to focus on revenge despite saying she'll wait to consolidate her strength -> Everybody and the kitchen sink knows she's switched bodies and are somehow OK with this. -&Gt; More stuff thrown into the story because why the eff not

Essentially, everything but the kitchen sink is in this story. You start with a standard transmigration, homie A goes into homie B's body, simple. Then it turns into she was an awesome assassin (who somehow allowed herself to be strapped to a bomb?!) betrayed by her former loved one. Ok, still working in the same theme. Tolerable, not original in the slightest (except PERHAPS the fact both bodies live in the same timezone, were on the same ship, and had similar names).

Turns out homie B's life sucked, she had a giant purple mark on her face (where have we heard this before?) and her family, despite being rich, never bothered to get it removed. Oh, and did I mention she somehow died after intercourse with her husband, which resulted in some blood down below despite not being a virgin -if my google translate was correct-. SO husband and family are complete arses. Nothing new, standard transmigration story still.

Then, we're allowed to get excited, as our girl gets rid of the birthmark (miraculously without a "she was poisoned?!?! Remark) and hands the husband a letter of divorce. Hallelujah, she has seen the light! Finally, a heroine with common sense (although they still live together due to his grandpa but w/e, boundaries have been set). All this before chapter 32 (the chapter the translator said things start to go south.)

Here's where things go awry. Suddenly, the author starts adding more sh*te to the story. Like the ML suddenly can transform into a chibi, then he's a demon king, oh and there's an alternate dimension with demons who may or may not now have a grudge against our girl for knowing about their world. Did I mention he's basically got a personality disorder as he doesn't remember what happens when he's small? (Not that his personality was all that great in the first place, but he does improve. He discovers a protective instinct regarding her and even rushes into a burning building to save her. And he figures some stuff out on his own, like his old lover is crazy and was using him. He even starts to genuinely care for our girl, and without attempted rape (so far) tries to convince her he likes her.)

Our girl? Suddenly she decides to be a stunt double, and gets into elongated fights with various people who decide they hate her on sight and it turns out the female she ends up doubling for was the lover of the ML. Yes my friends, we have an effin triangle, that PERSISTS even after the crazy lady gets sent to jail. Even after she attempts to throw acid on our girl and sets the place on fire. The ML rejects her again and again and like team rocket every time she loses she declares she'll be back, the ML is being tricked! The sister is just as bad, convinced the ML will marry her as well, if only that pesky FL weren't in the way. She uses the standard "let's drug her, that'll show her who's queen bitch" formula every time. If it's not sleeping pills it's an aphrodisiac, etc. (Again, where have we heard this before?) At least our girl this time ends up giving as good as she's given, and the sister ends up being the one embarrassed.

More kitchen sink: our girl, in the middle of the burning building, awakens honest to god superhero powers, and an inner space. Yeah. She also has some little girl living in said space who says something along the lines of "you've finally woken up!" Then the FL wakes up and doesn't know how to access the space and the whole super power thing is forgotten for a while. Because discovering you can walk through fire, UNHARMED, is NBD. W. A. T.

Then, there's a whole arc where she fixes problems at home in her old life, freely admitting she's changed bodies, and through protag armor somehow manages to pull everything off. As in she dresses up as a doctor/nurse and is somehow able to smuggle her old grandfather out of the tallest room of the highest tower Top floor of a hospital. Without incident. Because hospitals totally allow people to come and go freely from VIP wards just because you're wearing a uniform. Makes total sense. Badges? Huh? What are those? Doesn't matter, apparently the ML's friend is coincidentally the top hacker in the world and had the freetime to take down security at the entire hospital, so let's just ignore everything unfeasible and focus on wanting to meet this hacker!*hairflip as they ride off into the sunset*


Honestly, I didn't mind it as a time waster, but if you need continuity, good storytelling, or just want a story that knows where the F it wants to go, this is not for you.

The ML becomes a pretty decent guy though (with unrealistic expectations due to lack of communication between partners, but it's cute in a way when he pouts *shrugs*), so there's that. <<less
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I read the raws (MTL) , and if you're uncomfortable with rape, don't read this.

... more>>

It's near the beginning of the story, but the villain has one of the other characters raped (not the FL but still). Poor girl didn't deserve it and honestly I found it really, truly, upsetting. I only lasted to ~47 before I skipped to the end (HE) and while I have no clear idea of what is going on I don't want to go back and fill in the blanks either. That's how messed up it was.

It doesn't help that the ML spent the chapter before on a date with some chick without informing the FL which is just cannonfodder for future misunderstandings. So, I'm pretty sure that this novel is just going to be misunderstandings galore.

Then, the ML is basically forcing himself on the FL every chance he gets (kissing, touching, not s*x though). No respect for personal space, just resentment and possession. I have some concerns for the author's idea of what makes an acceptable romantic partner (a cold guy who wants you to trust him unconditionally but doesn't explain his sketchy actions or let you in on his plans doesn't fit that bill mmkay), as well as acceptable plot devices (having someone raped and videotaped just to show how bad a bitch the villain is, is not one).


I had some high hopes for this, as the premise of the story of a chick who goes to the past then returns to the present only to be followed by her man from ancient times is interesting. Unfortunately, there was more focus on misunderstandings and destruction than the construction of a worthwhile partnership. <<less
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cookieconquerer rated it
My Wife is an Aloof Beauty
September 3, 2018
Status: --
Yeah. SO far the dude is complete a-hole scum I want to vomit on. The kid and mom are fine. Holding on for more of the female MC and hopefully the male MC getting served hardcore. Because, as I said, I really just want to vomit and pimp-slap him right now. Asshole.

Oh, and past ch. 16 is VIP and can only be accessed on their app apparently? Honestly, after debating the need to download another app to my phone I lost the desire to hunt down the rest of... more>> this story. <<less
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This novel is really sweet. If you're looking for heartwarming romance with a minimum of face slapping, this is for you. I say minimum as her "uncle" takes care of most of these things before she even has the time to worry. Taking into account how much she has had to shoulder in the past, I'm actually glad the ML takes care of the face slapping himself rather than her continuing to shoulder everything in order to be a "strong independent woman who don't need no man." She's already proven... more>> she's strong, now it's time to live happily under someone else's protection. She's earned it.

While there are catty bitches and relatives, in the face of their trust in each other (which is really rare in this genre as usually it's a jealousy fest) they get past each obstacle.


Be warned though that there is a miscarriage, and you will cry. Have ice cream and tissues at the ready. Thankfully, the author's note in that chapter hinted about a future pregnancy and future author's notes say those children lost are reincarnated and become the triplets. So rest easy my friends c:

Also, at the place where I'm at her brother is still mentally handicapped. Hopefully our male god can come up with a miracle cure, as I personally find him a bit annoying. But then I find anything tertiary to the romance slightly annoying... Like the focus on her friend who keeps making idiotic choices. That girl really needs to get a clue.


Overall, I would highly recommend this as although he hasn't said the words his every action exudes love. They're truly a pair that complements each other.

I can't help but think that the author has an older man fetish though, as almost every chapter there's mentions of "a mature man's taste, " "mature man" this and "mature man" that. You don't have to remind me he's an older man in every chapter dear author, I got it the first 100 times and I have no qualms about it haha. <<less
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cookieconquerer rated it
Love You from the Depths of the Stars
March 11, 2019
Status: c526
Alright guys, I managed to MTL this entire dog-blooded novel.

And I liked it.

... more>>

Now hear me out (I'm going to try to be broad in order not to give everything away).

The ML is for sure scum for a LONG ASS TIME. I'm talking it taking until around the 300s when he thinks she's dead before he becomes worthy of even her pinky finger.

If he was not scum this novel would be 20 chapters, as evidenced by how fast it took him to figure everything out after she "died." This pisses me off, still, even after getting my happy ending. So many things could have turned out differently if he had treated her with sincerity. He knew what she was after all along after all, he just refused to help. I'm not saying she didn't have some issues as well, but I'm more willing to forgive her who lost everything and was grasping at straws compared to the Big Man who thought his d*ck and gold were all she needed. (Crass I know, sorry). BUT IN THE END HE ACKNOWLEDGES HE f**kED UP. He notes how things turned out and thinks, damn, if only I had done this sooner I could have changed the ending, I could have saved her so much suffering. He feels pain and he deserves it. Raise your glasses and gloat ladies, the ML turns from a god to a man and the process is satisfying.

I think the great thing though is that this novel is realistic. Not everyone gets a happy ending. There is no plot armor that allows you to turn over forever (ok, maybe a tiny amount but the explanation is reasonable. I personally know someone who broke their neck and through rehab and surgery went from he will never walk again to being fully functional, but I digress). The novel really pushes the idea that the "law will always win, " and "justice may be late but it won't be absent." This is idealistic, but is a continually reinforced theme in the novel. Karma is constant and at work. A point that is emphasized in the fact that unlike other turning over novels, our FL does not do anything illegal (the ML *cough* we'll just forget about him), and her revenge is truly appropriate and fitting.

I feel I should warn you though that the sister does die, and you will cry. Even karma can't save her, but perhaps in her case it was a blessing to let go. (Don't worry, I'm STILL crying, blow your nose into that tissue and know you're not alone homie)

I cried multiple times throughout the novel, and got angry just as much, but in the end the leads are married (barefoot LOL) and pregnant which is the sweet victory I held out for.


Also, while the side characters get their own happiness, thankfully there is not a huge slew of chapters dedicated to their conflicts like in other novels. When you get to the end of this novel, you will still recognize all the players.

Overall, I'm glad I binge read this. It's not totally unique, but I enjoyed her brazen behavior in the beginning and growth by the end. She's a warrior, and he became a man (and not just an imitation of one). <<less
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cookieconquerer rated it
Male God, Shine Bright!
March 26, 2019
Status: c61
I think I know why this has bad ratings.

If you want a dominating Manly Man, this is not for you. If you're willing to read some role reversal where the woman is dominant and the man is the weak chicken/flower that is taken care of, take the plunge and indulge in this baby haha.

So far she is still a 1000 year old iceberg with inexplicable talents, but I'm enjoying her badassery. The ML definitely falls for her first every time since LOVE does not seem to be included in her... more>> dictionary.

Perhaps the male lead will grow to become more dominant over time as she raises him in every world, who knows, but for now he's the little wife to her Iceberg Boss persona.

One star off because I miss having a manly man ML, and I can't fathom how she'll realistically grow emotionally when the memories of the previous worlds are sealed (but I enjoy her either way). For now I'm optimistic though so it's a 4. ^^


I should probably also point out that although he is the little wife, he can be a devious little wife. He may be weak and start in a lower position but he is definitely NOT stupid. He's taken care of but he has the skills to make something of himself on his own. His female owner just eliminates the obstacles. I guess he's overbearing in his persistence on trying to get her to see him as a man despite her raising him.

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cookieconquerer rated it
The Reborn Demon King’s Goddess Hunt
November 9, 2018
Status: --
Ok, honestly I just attempted to read chapter 1 (couldn't get through it) and have an issue.

Can we just talk about the fact that Juno is the roman name for Hera?! If you're going to choose a name for a character, at least choose an appropriate one... Definitely doesn't bode well for the story (in my opinion) if you just choose the first name off a google search of god/goddess names. They use Venus but failed to figure out Juno is also a GODDESS?! I know it's not the same... more>> pantheon (because this is a story set in another universe) but if you're going to adapt at least do it right. Why Juno when he could have been PLUTO or any other freaking male god. Pluto would have been more appropriate for a demon king anyway. =.=

The s*xy scenes were impossible because my mind just could not get over this issue and kept trying to resolve it. Names are the lifeblood and proof of an author's investment into a character, which I suppose is why this bothers me so much (and I bothered to write this).

So, if you're a mythology buff, this isn't for you. lol <<less
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