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compass96 rated it
Pivot of the Sky
September 29, 2017
Status: c82
This is just great. Anyone that likes novels where the main character doesn't go around killing everyone, picking up girls or bring arrogant/domineering should go for this one. It has interesting side characters who have meaning. The MC is a character you end up liking because he is a good person and the plot is all kinds of amazing. I recommend it to everyone
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compass96 rated it
The Promise Sealed with Our Lips
April 19, 2019
Status: c87
Why is there no rape tag on this. I wish someone had warned before I started reading this but the ML is horrible and is the cause of half the bad things thag happen to the MC. DO NOT read this novel. The ML rapes the MC and then starts a relationship with him and the MC says that the ML treats him the best. The MC even reasons away the rape by thinking that he wasn't worried about being raped but bu the fact that the ML accused him... more>> of sleeping with his ex.

But the worst thing about this novel isn't the novel. It's the comments by people on the page asking the ML to be gentler or stop being a tsundere when he rapes the MC again and again. I just can't. God this sh*t is horrible. I'm going to add the rape tag to this storg si that no one else gets hoodwinked. <<less
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compass96 rated it
When A Mage Revolts
April 6, 2018
Status: c504
I really love this novel. For one, I liked the mc's calmness and caution. When the novel began, the main character transmigrated but didn't have the privilege of getting memories of the previous owner of his body so he had to play it by ear. He even started in a pretty bad situation where he was kidnapped and the kidnapper wanted some answers but naturally he couldn't answer anything because he didn't receive any memories. He had to speak to the kidnapper in a way that would satisfy the kidnapper... more>> while picking up clues to understand his situation. Even though he is clearly intelligent, other people are also intelligent and powerful and the MC takes that into consideration.

I like how foreboding and threatening his rival, the church, comes across in this novel. Even now, that the main character is famous and quite powerful, his is still aware of the threat of the church and isn't afraid to run away when necessary. It has interesting characters and the main character. <<less
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As an avid fanfiction reader, I can say this is nothing special. Like I've read so much better fan fiction than this. To the person that say that it was innovative that it portrayed Dumbledore as a villian, that's nothing new. In fact, that's one of the most common descriptions of Dumbledore in fanfic. If I saw a story like this on ffn, i'd skip it because i've read hundreds (I'm not lying) of ffs that are similar. It only seems different when you've never read fanfic before
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compass96 rated it
Spirit Hotel
February 26, 2019
Status: c102
I absolutely adore this novel. It has everything I love: slow burn, shameless and smart protag, and emotionally strong MC.

God I love Feisha. He's such a refreshing character. Funny, shameless and emotionally strong and when he discovers he has feelings for Isefel, he goes for him without fluctuating like other mcs. Also I like that he teases Isefel and is enthusiastic in their relationship. I'm tired of reluctant relationships and s*x in bl it always does me dirty like the MCs don't rly want to be in a relationship so to find an MC that is very certain about being in a gay relationship and didn't have to be pressured into it is everything. All of this is to say I live SH and most of Feisha and I'm genuinely happy that he's happy because let's be honest he deserves it. So kudos to Feisha and Isefel for having one of the most consensual and wholesome relationships in bl.

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