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Just for Science Reasons!

i purrresenally like it very much.

About Story: atm (ch. 46) still no real rom, MC has a Crush on a werewolf girl of is village and (main?) female (possible?) has only 1 ch. Were she begins to notice MCs charm.

... more>> Apart from this its more sice of life of MC while governing occupied city and winning over Human Hearts.

The pace is (for me at least) perfect, not rushed and not stretched.

Characters a bit too less described for my taste, esspacially The (good ol' Werewolf) Village people. Some first Chapters describing the Village life like in the Manga would have been Fun.

About Translation Group:

Both Groups have a good english, about the correct translation I can not say much, because I dun understand jap.

But I have/ had a bit of a problem, when the translation gone to the races, tried to google some, so I could image what they would look at least somehow, 'cause they are not really (well?) descriped.

Skills and Spell Casting is good translated sounds really nice ~su.

Update rate is good but not as frequent as I would like it to be (as in 99% of all novels xD ya hear, I heard translators have real live too)


Thanks for picking it up again! Keep going or the Werewolfs will cry > (;_;) > <<less
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