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codenamebk0 rated it
Treasure Hunt Tycoon
October 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Novel in enjoyable if you are Chinese or love China and hate USA.

Story is above average, character building is average at best (treasure finding genre is quite popular in China) but the racism part is over-exaggerated in the novel. Some gullible people/reviewers think author is trying to be realistic but after reading over 180 modern day setting novels, I can say that Chinese authors deliberately create such stuff.

Chinese novels set in modern era will trash talk Americans and outright portray Japanese as rapists, murderers, villains as they consider them as... more>> their enemies. CCP encourages artists to portray Chinese as the best 'race' and others are trash or trying to suppress them as a part of brainwashing strategy.

You can observe how "I'm really a superstar" novel becomes racist and jingoistic as story progresses after the author got censored. INSHORT : If you are not fine with racism then AVOID MODERN DAY SETTING CHINESE NOVELS and stick to fantasy genre. <<less
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