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cocolot13579 rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c13
To be honest I really want to like this novel the set up is what I look for and the writing along with that the MC are pretty good. There's only one problem, it's a problem that many Asian romance novels have but none the less it sticks out especially in this novel. The male lead is a domineering pushy asshole. He for me has all the wrong traits.

1. He Is a play boy who abandons women when he gets tired of them

2. Even though I can sense a tragic... more>> backstory with his family coming it does not justify his lack of empathy and strait up bloodlust


3. And this is what is colouring my opinion the most. He does not care about the feelings of the main character. On their first night married he in my opinion strait up raped the main character. He took advantage of the fact that she was drunk and docile to take his pleasure never stopping when she was immensely scared and in pain and (I think this is just the writer not understanding how virginitys work) leaving her bleeding for DAYS afterward. Not only that he then left for a month and came back and in the first five minutes of being back with the MC immediately wanted to have s*x again.


So to conclude only read if you like your men to not care about your feelings or needs at all! <<less
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