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chillyk rated it
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
June 5, 2016
Status: c22
Gosh! This novel was amusing to read. Kept on reading until I realized that not many chapters were out... It also kind of reminds me of The King's Avatar because the main character has knowledge and skills that exceed others.
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I absolutely love how the main character's so chill about everything and also the fact that he has such an OP ability (never getting tired). He takes bold risks, despite his extremely young age (He's literally a baby), to save his family and friends. The story also has plenty of humorous parts. Here's an example:

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When he gets captured by an evil organization, he is placed in a dark room, where the bad guys whisper scary words to him. He, instead, turns around and makes this a time to improve his speech, since he is still only a couple months old. He even starts to scare the person, who is whispering creepy words to him.


It's definitely worth the read and it isn't too long. <<less
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