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chemelon rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
October 24, 2017
Status: Completed
This is an amazing story, told in sixteen different segments. Each of the segments have unique storylines, but it remains strictly 1v1. The stories really start to pick up by the ninth segment, after which the overarching storyline becomes more apparent. The romance is adorable, and the ending is reasonably satisfying. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light and incredibly sweet reading experience - including those who would usually avoid the yaoi genre. The translations are very good, and the translator always updates each segment... more>> in bulk. Expect updates approximately once a month, for about 11-15 chapters each time. Note that there is a considerable amount of internal monologuing and background explanations in this story, usually in a condensed form with few specific details so you can quickly understand the gist of things. If that is not to your preference, the beginning of each story segment may be somewhat difficult to read. There is also a fair amount of repetitive plot points, so if you are looking for an unpredictable plot, realistic romance, and/or in-depth characterizations, you will find this novel rather lacking. It does, however, make up for its deficiencies using different worlds and satisfying face-smacking. And the romance, though unrealistic, is honestly cute as hell. For those who are interested or would like to keep track, the MC's role in each setting is:

Rich Heir/Major IT Developer

Autistic Painter

Scholar/Aide to the Crown Prince

Money-Grubbing Boyfriend



Concubine to the King

Supermodel Contestant

Biochemist in the Apocalypse

Light Priest

Omega Intergalactic Soldier

Disciple Cultivator

CEO of an IT Company

Hidden Twin/Piano Prodigy


Genius Hacker (in real life)


Likewise, the love interest (ML) in each setting is:


Caretaker/Yakuza Leader

Adopted Brother

Crown Prince

Boyfriend's Uncle/CEO of Luxury Goods Company

Amnesiac/Military General


Adopted Son

TV Show Producer/Top Model

Soldier/Test Subject

God of Light and Destruction

Alpha Intergalactic Soldier

Master Cultivator

Investor/Mafia Boss

Adopted Uncle/Family Head

Military General/Occasional Abductor

Evolved Human/National Hero (in real life)

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chemelon rated it
Emperor of Solo Play
February 22, 2018
Status: Completed
Overall, this is a fairly engaging novel with an OP MC, interesting game scenarios, and consistent level-ups so the MC isn't suddenly jumping from level 1 to 100. Though the basic plot is quite generic, this story distinguishes itself from the rest of the game reincarnation novels by including a surprising amount of guild politics and alternate perspectives from a wide range of support characters, especially in the mid to latter half of the story. The majority of the fight scenes are well written, and the world-building is incredibly detailed.... more>> It is decently distinct from the overused reincarnation trope that it's worth an extra look.

However, the story contains several major drawbacks. There is very little character development, and what little there is seems forced and inserted merely for the sake of plot progression. Furthermore, the relationships between the characters and the MC are nearly all antagonistic in some way - until the end, the MC has only has a single friend who isn't even mentioned for the majority of the novel. For those looking for romance or even basic bromance, please be forewarned that there is none at all. Certain details also seem to be exaggerated, such as the game economics and the MC's character strength, but for the most part these can be taken as inherently necessary plot devices and tolerated for the sake of the overarching storyline.

The most significant weakness of this novel is inarguably its ending. The author takes a long time to build up what appears to be the final battle, yet abruptly glosses over the major event. The aftermath is delivered in the space of a few paragraphs, and the epilogue seems to perpetuate the MC's problems without offering any real resolution. Much of the underlying subplots are left unfinished, and many supporting characters are simply unmentioned. It feels as if the author cut out what was supposed to be the last 30-40 chapters and replaced it all with a single inadequate summary of events.

The story is not bad, and the plot is reasonably appealing. It is only a few major weaknesses that make what would've been a good novel into one that is simply mediocre. I would only recommend reading this novel in full if you have sufficient time to waste - otherwise, it really isn't worth the disappointment. <<less
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