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cheerydandan rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
November 11, 2017
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels I've ever read. When I read this, I got sucked in that I binged the whole thing.

16 different arcs each one written beautifully. I love how the MC plays with the personality of the body instead of his own (even fulfilling what the original owner of the body wishes) and even if he is OP, it is justifiable with going through rebirth a thousand times. Plus he isn't lazy and tries to learn new skills.

This novel got me into a rollercoaster ride of... more>> emotions and the translation is wonderfully done (Kudos to the translator!) <<less
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cheerydandan rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
January 11, 2018
Status: c1313
So I just have to say something here regarding a previous review made.

By no means the ML went over the top. If you have read more chapters you would know that he respects her. I guess the ML is one of the typical sort of sweet towards MC and cold towards others kind, but he is one of the flirty teasing types and in my opinion he is just a support with the MC not relying on him much.

I guess this novel may not be your cup of tea but... more>> I don't think the amount of chapters you've read give a clear view on the ML since he only appears occasionally until the recent chapters. I respect your opinion and I just want to give mine.

So onto my review:

Yes this is a typical transmigration novel with MC being sort of OP (medical skill-wise and with the usual golden finger which is her spirit) but she does work hard. She may have a skewed view on reality and she acknowledges that. She might be a bit naive in terms of emotions but considering her past its justifiable.

The characters are very enjoyable. I love that she doesn't rely on the ML much and that she knows to use her resources instead of the typical MC who wouldn't be able to accept it because of her personality and stuff. She knows her priorities and her goals are pure. She knows she isn't that powerful but circumstances lead her to strive but she only wants peace.

The translation is done really well. I applaud the translator for this.

There are a lot of chapters (3000+ overall) so be prepared but they are fairly short. It's one of those novels (for me at least) that once you started you couldn't put it down.

The plot flows really smoothly and although it may be predictable at this point it's still engaging. It is one of those typical transmigration novels but with a bit uniqueness and charm to it. It tends to be more on the realistic side with a bit cynicism mixed in.

Romance is slow here folks but we do get some good natured teasing every now and then which doesn't make it all that bland. And when the romance finally starts to progress it's really cute.

It does have a few holes here and there but nothing too major.

All in all rating is 4.5/5 rounded to 5 <<less
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cheerydandan rated it
Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen
November 4, 2017
Status: Completed
The story was sweet and heartwarming. Recommendation if you want a quick and light read. There isn't much plot going on (besides being married and stuff) so if you want an in depth story... this isn't for you.

The summary I can say that it doesn't actually quite fit the story. The mood of the story is softer than what the summary implies and not that... intense?

All in all good if you want to read a quick love story but don't like much drama.
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cheerydandan rated it
Cub Raising Association
June 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Highly recommended for the fluff factor! I mean all the cubs are so cute and it just melts your heart seeing how they are being taught to open up. The course of the original world was sad and that's why the fluff is here! Writing is good, a bit of Mary sue-ish MC but we all continue for the fluff
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cheerydandan rated it
The Earth is Online
January 31, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is really one of the gems out there. For those put off by the BL tag, this is not romance-centric. That is one of the things, I love about this novel. The romantic subplot does not overtake the overall plot. It is slow burn but, I find it really realistic. In a sort of apocalyptic world where they could die anytime, they prioritise surviving first.

The world building is definitely well done. The characterisation I'd say is great, considering other novels. The MC has a unique ability but is... more>> not a Gary Stu and not overpowered. Abilities have limitations which was wonderfully executed in the novel.

The logic of the games they play is definitely engaging and unconventional.

Judging the book in a apocalyptic/mystery/fantasy, it is really well executed. The ending was satisfying and leaves the reader feeling content and hopeful.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to solve puzzles and clues. <<less
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