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Pursuit of the Truth
August 23, 2017
Status: c98
First off, I just have to make a statement to the reviewers rating this as 1-2star/s, or even the reviewers of other novels that rates one to two stars... You frikkin hypocrites.

At least leave abelievable review.. y'alll just generalizing stuff. Have you even read the novel yet? Well then put the status chapter of where you left of so that the people reading your reviews would know the marker of until when they're supposed to read at.

Tss. This story, to me, isn't actually that bad. I give this four stars.... more>> The MC is a pretty logical dude.. and also reflects the characteristics of the author himself. Although Ihaven't crosses a hundred chapters yet, I know that there are definitely mysteries that the MC will definitely be involved in.

although the author could have made the MCs powering up more interesting, the boring way he wrote it actually is enough to satisfy the story progression. Thank goodness there weren't many unnecessary face slapping of side characters that just exists for that part of the novel.. or that would definitely would have taken a few chapters basing on the progression of the story.

So for now, I'll rate it at for stars since unlike other novels. I have read that actually deserved two stars and below. And to those who actually read novels before rating them one or two stars despite its obvious better quality thanaverage web misjudgment, If you want a perfect novel, go read real novels, the published ones just like game of thrones or books by Tolkien or even d*ckins.. don't go to these novels that are obviously not prioritizing good writing and other literary standards. <<less
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
February 6, 2017
Status: c184
I'm rating this 5 stars. The writing must be one off the best I've ever seen in ahh these novels I have read and would actually be more publishable than the likes of fifty shades. The start was pretty slow but just enough to establish a solid idea of their world. Another thing I love here is the characters and their character. Be it protagonist or antagonists, the author gave them life that you could not see in most wuxia novels. You could feel their emotions and experiences especially when... more>> they're in battle or when before they die. You just couldn't help but feel for the characters even though theirs they're antagonists especially when the author would establish who they are and why they're doing things they do.

I couldn't wait for more and I wish that the translators would release more frequently especially seeing that the novel is already complete in China. <<less
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ceeglenn1994 rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
January 7, 2018
Status: --
I'm rating this quite low just for objectivitys sake.

But hey, it's a fun read. I'm personally not a fan of naruto but I like the power system it has. I just hate that naruto the manga turned ninjas into corny beings and the pathetic attempt of drama. Well the music was cool though.

Anyways, regarding this novel. I admit that when it comes to the criteria of a good novel, this novel doesnt really mean fart but if you just change your perspective, then it's a fun read. The author is... more>> obviously either immature our just not that smart so if you expect some thought provoking stuff, then read some Patterson books. If you expect exceptional narrative and plot, read tolkien.

If you want toa read something just for aughs, then I recommend this. <<less
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