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November 5, 2018
Status: c76
EDIT: The review I was talking about was deleted.

I'm writing this review because the reviewer below mine clearly has not read the novel at all, and I didn't want the most recent review on this series (and thus the first one people will see) to be one so uninformed. To be clear, the donghua that is based on the novel (which is what this NovelUpdates page links to, and is what is supposed to be the source for these reviews) follows a different timeline to tell the events of the... more>> story.

The novel opens with many mysteries. The prologue paints the MC out to be the biggest bad, and yet he clearly displays behavior that indicates everything but that. Judging from his behavior, MC is very much a good person, so where did that public perception come from? The entire novel thereout follows two concurrent paths: 1. Steadily unravels the mystery of the past of how and why MC got to this point, and 2. To solve the current, ongoing mystery in the present time. The two timelines are beautifully interwoven to create an emotional and compelling story, with reveals timed so that the two timelines (flashbacks to the past, and present events) very much compliment each other.

And that is only covering the story-telling style itself.

The major characters are quite compelling and go through personal development that is also consistent to character, and it's easy to see why they do what they do because their thoughts and actions are so human. The humor is absolutely on point, and the plot is so intriguing it keeps you hooked for the entire ride. It is very easy to be caught in the emotional flow of the story as you read. This novel is a classic example of showing you the story, instead of telling you, so I implore you to read with an open mind, as letting the implications of every event sink in will have so much greater impact on enjoyment & reading experience than expecting the answer to be directly dropped into your lap.

Some may find the timeline switcheroos throughout to be confusing, but it is actually not that difficult to tell what is happening when based on what has already been established. For example, if the MC is currently someplace, together with XX character where nothing has been said to indicate that the two are presently attending school, and the next chapter brings up the MC being in school with his schoolmates, then the story has shifted into a flashback.

This novel is honestly one of the best stories I've read. <<less
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