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camelCase rated it
Emperor’s Domination
November 15, 2016
Status: c274
I wanted to like this novel. I gave it a long time to get to the point, but it hasn't. I think 274 chapters is long enough.

Basically, the MC goes around reminiscing about the millions of years he spent teaching world-dominating cultivators and founding cultivation empires that dominate the world across the ages, etc., while imprisoned in the form of a giant bird. After he's freed (it's not clear why he was imprisoned or how he's freed) and takes the form of young teen child, he makes it his mission... more>> to bring his favorite sect, which has been in decline, back to its position as the most powerful sect. Along the way, he reminisces a lot, collects powerful women as his maids, picks a lot of fights with OP cultivators, massacring everyone who even looks at him wrong and their sects to boot, and does some more reminiscing.

Besides the annoying PMG-like arrogant fight-picking that the MC indulges in, and the pointlessness of the MC's wandering and reminiscing and maid collecting, the amount of info-dumping that the author engages in boggles the mind. Most chapters involve repetitive descriptions of either some ages-old sect and the world-dominating cultivators who founded it, that the MC knew and groomed, or repetitive descriptions of the OPness of the next big character being introduced. The OPness of the newest character always exceeds the OPness of the previous ones, and the cultivation system is a mess. <<less
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Shura’s Wrath
July 11, 2017
Status: c470
Just dropped it. As other reviewers have pointed out, from the beginning the MC is OP and the game is essentially a single-player game because he has so many broken abilities that the other players cannot keep up with him, much less threaten him. There's a lot of focus placed on his stats and abilities: every time he powers up, the author lists his abilities and goes through their descriptions in excruciating detail. Nevertheless, the story remains interesting because an interesting and unique connection between the real world and the... more>> virtual world unfolds slowly, and we learn the MC's background story in bits and pieces. Unfortunately, the MC turns into a piece of human trash in the Japanese arc: s*xual harassment, mental control, torture, mass murder and destruction, he goes for it all. After 40+ chapters of that, I stopped holding out for the author to come back to his senses. <<less
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camelCase rated it
Paradise of Demonic Gods
November 8, 2016
Status: c70
Update: I'm now on chapter 564... this novel's now officially not worth reading. Go read more recent reviews to see why.

One thing I appreciate about this novel is the focus and the time-restriction. The MC is out to gain power for revenge against specific people for specific actions, and he has five years to accomplish it. He makes a Faustian bargain (or what seems like one) in order to gain the talent it will take to accomplish that revenge, but still has to gain the knowledge and skill required to... more>> take his revenge within the five year period of the bargain. The MC has a cold personality, is completely focused on sword mastery, and is on a time limit, so his actions are all focused entirely on his goal of achieving the power necessary to take his revenge. There are no friends, no romantic interests, and no cute comedic moments. Just grueling training and fighting his enemies all while under a constant sense of running out of time.

In terms of cultivation, there seems to be a dual system of magic and sword mastery. So far, magic hasn't played a role, but it may in the future. The MC's chosen path is sword mastery, and so far he has demonstrated a heaven-defying amount of talent in this area (this talent is due to the deal he made). Of course, this has led to enemies who are jealous and disbelieving of his talent and worth; other than the enemies who led to him making the bargain, who it seems are out of the picture until at least after his training arc, these jealous people are his main enemies.

I'm interested to see how long the author sticks to the current framework: will the MC suddenly no longer have to worry about accomplishing everything in the 5 year deadline? Will he start making friends and exploring romance? I'm really hoping the answer to these questions are no... <<less
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camelCase rated it
Cult of the Sacred Runes
April 15, 2016
Status: --
I don't see how this can be a prequel to TDG, since the cultivation system is completely different. I may like this better, because there's none of the annoying cryptic foreshadowing that happens when the MC knows what's going to happen and goes about trying to influence the future. The story is 40 chapters in, still developing, and there's a lot of directions the plot can end up going in. I only have two complaints at this point. The first and most important doesn't have to do with the plot:... more>> the translation speed is SLOW--- I am super grateful, but to be blunt, would rather the translator stop and let someone with more time pick it up than continue on at this glacial pace--- that's why I took off one point; I want potential readers to know what they're getting into. The second is that the author overuses the trope of people not saying things that need to be said (iirc, this was also done in TDG). <<less
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