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caffeine_and_salt rated it
Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
September 15, 2017
Status: v3c1
Ok I think after 2 volumes I got the idea. It was clear right from the start of the first one, but I had to be sure. I think you should probably read this before downloading/buying the LN.

    1. There's too much of innecessary text. Author wants to show the psychology of literally every friggin' character. And the biggest difference between good writing and bad writing is whether you have to explain characters' feelings in words or not. I mean, if the character blushed there's no need to explain the feeling of this character. We got this, Takeoka-sensei. You don't have to write the whole page of what this character thought while blushing. Also Hikaru's blabbering about flowers is rather annoying. My point is --- there's 80% (besides the dialogues) of this unnecessary crap which either doubles something we already know or provides us with useless information we don't need (we'll get to this later again).
    2. I don't know if this one is actually the fault of translators, but it feels like the immature work of a schoolgirl about 14-15 years old. The style I mean. But the psychology of characters... is a fault of Takeoka-sensei, there's no excuse. The story is good though. Well, almost. But let's get back to the style and psychology. About 10-15% of this LN (70% of it is either dialogues or monologues and the last 10-15% is... well, it's almost good and I quite liked it) is written in annoying... I guess we should call it "descriptive" maneer with primitive knowledge about psychology, so the characters are all plastic and artificial and yes, you can easily imagine them, but they don't feel alive. As for the "descriptive" maneer of writing - it only gets annoying when there's no need to write something like that. When you write about something beautiful or ugly, you sure have to describe it, but when there's no need to do it, it's annoying. I mean something like this: "Hikaru, carefree by nature, could only be seated and apologize to Koremitsu." Why we have to read this? What is the actual value of this sentence? The previous one was the line of Hikaru apilogizing. So there's no need to write that he apologized, we already KNOW that. And we already know that he is carefree. So the only point of this sentence was to tell us that he was sitting? What the hell? Okay. Moving on to the next thing.
    3. It is shojo. It is. It is written for girls. So there're even hints of shonen ai elements. Everything to get little girls drool.
    4. The main character is so strange for me, the actual real boy, that I cringe every 10 minutes. It is connected to my complain about psychology, but there's much more about main character. He's as smart as a baboon and yet he's in this elite school. Why he's there? I mean, he's s*upid as all hell. He doesn't know who Proust is! I mean, for satan's sake! He's the first year student of the ELITE high school, everyone. Another problem with him is that he's getting really agitated and all noble-white-knightISH for the person who had no friends ever and was BARELY social since his early years. Ok, he's kind by the nature and can't stand when someone is being rude towards Hikaru, who is his only friend, but what about all of these girls? Few weeks ago he couldn'r even speak with them and he was raised as a hardcore misogynist by his grandfather. So why he's acting like this? (For the answer look at p.3).
So my verdict is ---- it is readable, but really boring. At first I was reading everything. But closer to the end of first volume I started to skip Hikaru's remarks about flowers. Then - thoughts of characters, then, from the start of second volume, - retrospective scenes from Hikaru's past. Then - dialogues with Hikaru. And then... I just skipped the whole ending of 2nd volume. Everything after the solving the main problem (no spoilers here). I have

uploaded the 3rd volume to my kindle, but I don't know if I want to read it.

The conclusion: 2 stars, 20 cups of coffee per volume to stay awake and not to fall asleep and 33% of skipped pages. Be cautious with this one, may cause strong cringe.
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caffeine_and_salt rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: Completed
This one is good. I really enjoyed it. It's not flawless of course. I have few problems with it:

    1. Some predictable stuff like...

      i knew from the start that this murder recipe is a trap of some sort (it happened to be Youko's way to get closer to MC). There's no way reader wouldn't think about it. So from this scene I wasn't thinking what this recipe is about and all of this crap, but why she decided to show it to him.

    2. Inconsistancy (for the lack of better word) in... MC smartness/s*upidity

      the scene when the next day he was like "hey, looking for something?" - oh, so much cringe just for itself... And by the end "but when did you realized that I have this murder recipe?" - ooohhh, the cringiest cringe. You f**ing told her yourself, you idiot, so even if she really happened to lose this recipe by some misfortune, you just told her "hey, i've found something that belongs to you"

    3. Spoiler

      Kind of overpowered main female character. She is like some female Moriarty or whatever. Hahaha, it was planned all along! - kinda like that, but without "hahaha, it was planned all along" actual line

      Had to hide it under the spoiler, cause that's what it is even if you try to express it in vague words or maneer.
Now, besides that, everything is really enjoyable. I had fun reading.

4 stars, one cup of coffee and a couple of cringes. Quite good!
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