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So the premise is perfectly fine, it's totally workable for an Isekai story... Then the author says "screw it" and tosses it out the window.

Despite starting with the absolute minimum stats possible and being locked at level 1, he goes into a dungeon by himself armed with one little wooden spear and no other equipment and mows down monsters by the hundreds. Already the author has completely destroyed the premise of him being locked in as a super weakling.

Then he finds a way to get stronger and he starts to... more>> really use it... at first... then he gets bored and stops training his stats and instead finds a gun and focuses completely on the gun (why he would focus on a weapon that his stats can't affect and requires consumables items when he has already found a way to increase his base stats, I have no idea).

Then the author introduces some disgusting enemies just to justify the existence and use of the gun.

Then I got fed up with the author not fleshing out any story, any purpose, any intention of getting stronger, any interesting RPG elements, and stopped reading.

I suggest you pass this one up. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Martial Peak
May 30, 2019
Status: c712
I'm really enjoying this story. The characters are consistent, Yang Kai is pretty likeable, the women are good and numerous. His bloodthirsty attitude in combat makes him stand out from other protagonists, and it's entertaining. He doesn't get an absurd quantity of skills and items, which makes the things he does have more consistent and meaningful (some protags get so much crap that it makes me not really care about their abilities anymore).

But I have one major complaint that solidly knocks it down from a potential 5-star to a 4-star,... more>> tops. Other than one woman, he adamantly refuses to lay his hands on other women. He hasn't explicitly stated anything about being a monogamist but despite frequent opportunities, he just won't properly get with other girls. It wouldn't be as much of a problem except the only girl he's properly gotten has REPEATEDLY told him that he needs to get with more girls in addition to her and yet he won't do anything! Additionally, there are quite a few beautiful girls that keep showing up and almost throw themselves at him, but he just won't do anything. As a result, some girls have basically been thrown to the wayside for literal years (in the story) and can barely even be considered to exist anymore. It's so frustrating because the author has completely set him up to just have a proper harem by now, but then he writes Yang Kai in such a way that he just won't follow through! It's so obnoxious because it feels like the author is dangling it in front of our faces but he just won't give us the damn treat!

Since the last time I posted this review, there is now a second woman he's actually slept with, but their relationship was extremely abrupt. It's something but not enough for me.

DON'T BE FOOLED by the 'Sexual Cultivation Technique' tag! While it's indeed accurate, it's misleading. He actually uses the technique to AVOID s*x more than he does to have it! It's utterly ridiculous and frustrating.

If this PROPERLY resolves itself, making him actually properly get with more women, and the women that have nearly ceased to exist also join the harem, then I could definitely knock this up to a 5-star rating. Until then, it's a very significant flaw that drags down an otherwise good story.

EDIT: I should mention, as at least one other reviewer has noted, despite the release schedule actually being pretty fast, it's not nearly quick enough if you realistically ever want to finish the story. It would literally take over an ENTIRE DECADE just to get up to date if they consistently released a chapter a day. (I can't really blame the translators, because I think they're doing a good job, but it's worth noting) <<less
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I've been giving it a chance but it's so vapid, shallow and black-and-white that I just can't put up with it anymore.

Main character is a "god" except that he acts only for the benefit of humans (which he and 5 other gods made in this world). It makes no sense in context and the only way it could "work" is if readers find his attitude relatable because he acts like other shounen-type protagonists (one-sided, morally self-righteous- not to imply every shounen protag is so badly written).

He gets outraged that the... more>> gods want their creation to worship them and demands that all gods immediately stop interfering with humans on their world forever. Unsurprisingly the other gods don't agree to immediately ditch their creation and just leave (to his surprise).

The story could still work even with such a shallow background story, if the author focused on developing characters through interaction to make them relatable and interesting... but the characters are just as flat as the premise.

I'd give this one a pass if you have any standards. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
January 3, 2019
Status: c700
It starts off so well. The main character is interesting and fairly unique, and the progression happens at a pretty good rate. He seems intelligent and I like how he specifically doesn't talk during combat.

The only significant problem through the early part is the lack of romance, even when he's surrounded by obvious love interests. Even when he's basically devoted himself to a girl he loves, they never really spend any time together and they're constantly pulled apart, to the point that their relationship has no real depth to it.... more>> It gets to the point that they've been alive for literal centuries and have only even LOOKED at each other a handful of times yet they're both convinced the other is the love of their life (which I wouldn't have a problem with if they'd actually properly spend time together instead of just paying lip service).

For the rest of the story, chapter 518 is when everything goes downhill.

The author abandons most of what makes the story good and instead just uses cheap narrative tricks for emotional manipulation, like forcing drama and tension constantly.


Meng Hao 'dies' repeatedly, for over a hundred years each time, making the time he's spent outside of these timeskip segments seem so minor as to be pointless.

He constantly has to rush around to save someone or something important to him which is in immediate threat of death.

His parents show up then make excuses as to why they won't help him when someone way more powerful than him is actively hunting him.

Even before all this, he never spends time with his friends/loved ones anymore. Even the comedy relief characters who are technically always with him NEVER show up. It's so desolate, lonely and boring that it raises the question of what he's even trying to do by cultivating? Does he want to just spend eternity alone, as an immortal virgin?

At the chapter I stopped reading, 700, it's been literal centuries since he's seen numerous significant people who are important to him or at least consider him important to them. For cultivators who are already hundreds or thousands of years old, this isn't as big of a deal, but many of those people were under one hundred years old when he last saw them, would they even have strong memories regarding him considering the minor amount of time they have spent together?

Long, hundred, or even thousand year timeskips can be acceptable in the right context, but he's so isolated from everyone else that it's just become boring.

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bushwhacker2k rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
April 26, 2018
Status: c437
I feel like this story was practically tailored for me.

This is almost certainly the best harem story I've ever read. Other stories tend to d*ck around with pseudo-harems or can't focus properly on the good parts of the harem. This is that harem story I've always wanted but could never find until now.

This is easily going in my all-time favorites.

(No Netorare at all, but there is Netori)
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Path to Heaven
January 1, 2018
Status: c62
Protagonist lets a girl on his side almost get raped and then she gets killed for no reason. He could do something, he just didn't.

Story was going fine, character was acceptable (a little scruffiness and selfishness =/= letting an allied girl get raped/murdered, please don't play apologetics for garbage writing), author just suddenly had a stroke and decided to make a retarded chapter.

(Also, Translation Nations website is buggy and won't let me make an account. I wanted to comment on the website itself but I couldn't.)
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Premise is acceptable: protagonist and his entire class get teleported to a dungeon-like place and most of them are split up. They all have skills, but the protagonist has cheat skills.

It could have worked, but the human relations were totally nonsensical. Everyone he came across was either evil, retarded or guaranteed to die. It doesn't help that, despite the fact that he had ample opportunity to help others he never bothered.

There's no background personality to explain the course of actions the protagonist takes, he just acts out.

Also from what I've... more>> heard this was dropped by the original author as of chapter 29.

Don't bother, there's nothing of value here. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Goblin Slayer
July 31, 2017
Status: v2 prologue
Not fantastic so far.

s*upid children as adventurers, an irresponsible (but presumably knowledgeable) receptionist, and to top it all off there are side-stories already despite that volume one is basically a slightly long single chapter.

On the other hand, the main character himself (Orcbolg?), the Goblin Slayer, seems interesting. He's capable and experienced.

It's too soon to give a proper judgment on how good the series is, but I remain optimistic.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Reverend Insanity
October 2, 2019
Status: c151
I felt compelled to write my current thoughts on this (@ch152).

I've been enjoying this novel, it's not bad and the protagonist is pretty unique. The events and the protagonist's control of the situation are what I've found to be the most entertaining aspects.

What I DON'T enjoy, and what's been surfacing more (and what I think people are dropping 5-stars at, more because he's unique than because it's genuinely a good character ultimately) is his absolute, utter, complete detachment from humans. I found it interesting at first, because he was disillusioned,... more>> seeing the societal system and its methods of control and being able to maneuver around them for his own benefits. I didn't mind his detachment initially because it let him avoid being manipulated, but it's quickly getting to the point now that it seems like he's 100% anti-social, not unsocial (which just means not very communicative with others) but anti-social, where he's specifically against society itself and then the furthest point where he essentially doesn't even view himself as being human. Once it gets to a certain point, it really starts to give the impression that he will be an eternal loner with no real connections to any other humans or sentient lifeforms- and that is the crux of my problem. Excessive cruelty and disregard for the lives of others can be done right, IMO, but once it's absolute, it ceases to have meaning. What is he gaining power for? When he stands at the apex, utterly alone and desolate from other life which he's disinterested in, what is waiting for him? I really don't see anything there except an eternity of solitude and boredom.

Something someone else mentioned which I quite agree with: He's NOT an Anti-Hero, this protagonist is absolutely a villain and quite possibly has no redeeming character traits at all.

One final thing to add, it's ironic but once I thought of it, I realized the protagonist is essentially a one-dimensional (two-dimensional, flat, whatever) character. His only real traits are evil and being self-serving, he has essentially NOTHING ELSE. So many people are praising his character but ultimately it's just because he's unique, not because he's actually a good character. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Emperor’s Domination
July 15, 2019
Status: c2312

Despite how prevalent the trait is in this genre, no protagonist compares to Li Qiye in being domineering. No matter the odds, no matter how bad things look, he's got everything under control and knows exactly what he's doing.

The world-building is pretty solid, characters, places or things mentioned offhand in an earlier chapter can be extremely relevant hundreds or thousands of chapters down the line.

Attaining true immortality is interestingly done in this series, it's not simply a matter of cultivating until you reach it like some other stories portray it,... more>> it's a far more far-reaching matter that requires a massive amount of knowledge and comprehension beyond what just about anyone in the series sees.

Highly recommended, it has become one of my favorite series.

If I had to list one complaint, there's a lack of s*x in the story. That's not to say there's no flirting or no s*x at all, but it's definitely not a significant part of the story despite how many female compatriots he gets. Normally that would bother me a lot, but it makes more sense to me in the specific context of Li Qiye's character. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Shinka no Mi
June 1, 2017
Status: c30
The premise and beginning of the story was pretty promising, and it seemed like actual progress was going to happen... but the author seems to think his writing is a lot better than it actually is. The protagonist acts like a complete buffoon despite his absurd overpoweredness and so many unfunny 'gag' type things occur that add nothing to the story at all and only play on overused and unfunny tropes.

It would be a miracle if the story ended up being half-decent past this point.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Because Janitor-san Is Not a Hero
March 12, 2016
Status: --
Where in the world is the awesome art cover for this from? Even if I have complaints about poor translations- the opening story itself is such a vague mess with no characterization or ANYTHING happening that it becomes extremely difficult to read on. Not much has been translated of this thus far, but from the few chapters I've read I can at least say with confidence that this has an amazingly empty, slow beginning.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c214
My verdict: Very Not Bad.

It's not exceptionally interesting, but for the most part there isn't anything overtly wrong with it either.

The characters are likeable enough for the most part, no one is particularly deep...

Except my single biggest complaint is that the author won't stfu about how everyone wants Carack's dick. It's really out of place and distracting (plus unfunny).
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Green Skin
August 3, 2017
Status: c44
Very similar to Re:Monster (which is significantly older).

Overall I have been enjoying the story but I find the excessive violence towards humans who are simply trying to survive to be really off-putting. It doesn't feel justified, and it doesn't feel like it even tries to justify it.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Supreme Emperor of Swords
July 28, 2019
Status: c268

@Chapter 268

Welp. That didn't last. This ironically went from being one of the xianxia with the lowest amount of psychotic murderous rapists to one that cannot seem to go a few chapters without introducing more of them.

... more>> It still seems alright for a xianxia story, but it's definitely a bit less interesting to me now.

@Chapter 189

Very refreshing read thus far.

What seems to set it apart from many xianxia-esque stories I've read is the lack of overall psychopathy. Sure, there are some douchebags who you can't trust and people who are morally bankrupt, but by and large even the people that are unfriendly at first get dealt with in a reasonable manner, not escalating if they haven't done anything unforgivable yet- and often they actually get redeemed! They're apologetic about their past behavior and become more mature and likable as a result.

Many times I read a story and just find myself thinking that the sect the protagonist is in should just get annihilated for being such a hellhole, but I really haven't had that feeling in this.

Other than that, it's not terribly unique as far as these stories go, but I'm certainly enjoying it.

Ah, I should add that the protagonist is getting notable beauties strongly attracted to him quite early on (certainly for how long Chinese novels tend to be), which is also pretty refreshing. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Godly Student
April 15, 2019
Status: c152
The harem is basically the only thing the story has going for it. The story is pretty much just about him going around showing off and flirting with girls.

Despite being a multi-thousand year old cultivator, his understanding of how other people behave, and his ability to properly keep himself and others safe, is really bad. He has no idea how to stay low-key and when people antagonize him (going to the point of nearly having him & his woman killed) he keeps enabling their psychotic murderous behavior (this is why... more>> when the author is making one of those settings, where everyone and their dog is a young master of a family and utterly homicidal, it makes SENSE to kill people, because you're just putting everyone at risk otherwise).

He never seems to properly deal out punishment to those who are seriously deserving of it.


When his girlfriend is kidnapped and nearly raped and/or killed, he not only doesn't kill the people responsible, he makes them his underlings and gives them lots of benefits.


It's around chapter 135 when the story completely drops any semblance of reality and everyone becomes so s*upid and unbelievable that it makes my head hurt.


He catches a bullet and crushes it with his fingers, in front of numerous ordinary people and even his classmates, and they barely react to it, despite having seen it clearly.

People aren't mind-boggled that he can do it, they just find it 'impressive'.


The story isn't utter tr*sh, but my god is it frustrating. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c102
This is 90% repetitive talking about how using this chi cultivation technique will awe others and give incredible results, and about 10% talking and actually doing things (like fighting).

The important stuff (the character interactions and conflicts) are so minimal and overshadowed by the verbose nothing that it feels like it doesn't really have any substance.
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Everlasting Immortal Firmament
December 20, 2017
Status: c189
(I suddenly realized I neglected to update my review a while ago, despite it being very out-of-date)

I recommend reading Chronicles of Gu Hai first, it's the prequel which explains some of the setup to this story and it's relatively short, but quite good. The ending part of it feels fairly rushed, but I think the author is still covering up some of the important events there which haven't been explained even at ch189 of THIS story. The first portion is completely about grand strategy in a conflict between... more>> two kingdoms, it has practically nothing to do with Xianxia at all. But it's actually really good! It does a fantastic job of setting up the protagonist and how fearsome his head for strategy is!

After that segment, he properly becomes a Xiantian cultivator and the story proper begins to unfold. His incredible knowledge of strategy and comprehension of human psychology never ceases playing an important role in the story, largely setting this apart from other Xianxias (or nearly any other stories at all). One of the more interesting things is that the protagonist is NOT young. Despite these stories being about people trying to attain immortality and living hundreds or thousands of years, they almost always start with teenage protagonists (which is weird IMO). He's a seventy year old man with a wealth of life experience and an extremely interesting and mature perspective.

I HIGHLY recommend this story.

(Not sure why the release schedule has gotten so slow but after a nearly 6-month drought, suddenly a new chapter was released 3 days ago! Hope for the future~) <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Against the Gods
November 15, 2017
Status: c1475
Chapter 1475 Update: I'm really losing interest in this series.

Yun Che has become a non-actor in his own story, and his strengths are barely being displayed at all. I don't mind his perversion, but it's played out in such a way as to make him look s*upid in context.

... more>>

Xia Qingyue and Mu Xuanyin are probably the most disappointing aspect of the story presently. They are distinctly in the harem and yet act so utterly cold and detached that it's off-putting and makes me not like them (similarly to how Jasmine acted earlier in the series, where she was just an unhelpful bit*h constantly). Qingyue is by far the worse offender though, as she's been married to him for nearly 1500 chapters and yet she's STILL acting like she has no emotional connections to anyone or anything, EVEN THOUGH she was SUPPOSED to have gotten over that in a previous character arc! What do you even call this? Character regression?

Everyone is bizarrely focused on the God Emperors, despite the fact that they're utterly irrelevant in the face of what has just been revealed. It's really bad pacing and it's throwing me off. Qingyue is acting like God Emperors are really dangerous and a big deal, but... none of that matters!

He was about to go get True God powers and yet that got interrupted for this super unimportant segment where Yun Che becomes an unthinking yesman and Qingyue just acts cold while telling him what to do. It's so boring and uninteresting.

The thing that really worries me, and this goes beyond Against the Gods, is that I'm noticing trends in authors' writing. Authors don't seem to be able to change how they write. Yun Che is THE ETERNAL UNDERDOG and he's always struggling no matter how powerful he gets. Qingyue seems to be afflicted by this too, she's completely locked into acting as cold and distant and possible, and it makes her impossible to like or sympathize with.

Sure, she may somehow succeed with whatever weird sh*t she's trying to pull by removing herself from fate or something and thus erasing her past and connections to Yun Che, but if that's going to happen, she shouldn't have been written into the story in the first place. (That's totally speculation on my part)

I'll be honest, and I don't care if this sounds bad, but the fact that she hasn't had s*x with Yun Che yet is a massive red flag and gives me paranoia in regards to her character. Yun Che's harem is a huge part of the story, and that's fallen off more than it should have (Xia Qingyue & Mu Xuanyin having bad personalities in this regard doesn't help).



The story really shines when Yun Che is chewing someone out for being evil and dominating with words alone. I really feel like those segments are the most enjoyable parts of the story.

The protagonist is genuinely likeable, but it can be pretty frustrating when things can't just be dealt with and it has to be a long, drawn-out process (it makes me feel like I'm watching One Piece, blegh).

It's enjoyable when he uses his disguising ability or knowledge of medicine, but it doesn't happen nearly often enough. This is actually a really significant letdown, when I'm reading a reincarnation story, the protagonist is supposed to utilize his past life experiences to get an edge- but farther in the story he does this less-and-less.

I'd say the single biggest problem with Against the Gods is that the author CANNOT deviate from the status quo for more than a short-segment. Yun Che must ETERNALLY be the underdog. The bad guy ALWAYS has to be within inches of victory. It's really annoying because the scenario plays out pretty much the exact same way in every iteration.

The biggest problem with this repetitive formula is that once you realize how formulaic it is, it becomes clear that it's a cheap emotionally-manipulative technique. It doesn't feel like a genuine story is being told and instead it's like the SAME story keeps being REtold. It has serious diminishing returns, until eventually the readers simply won't care anymore.

Another thing that bothers me is when the author rubs our faces in how close to immiment doom Yun Che's friends and family are while he's miles away or busy. It wouldn't be as significant a point if he didn't do it so often.

I finally realized the important fact that Jasmine is s*upid when:


She took the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations because she was confident she could suppress murderous, jealous or angry urges. This is ludicrous because those are practically the only things she feels.

It's like she's asking for trouble.


Ultimately, the story is overall quite enjoyable, but it has some seriously obnoxious parts. The author's inflexibility in regards to his story-flow are the greatest impediment to the story. I'd still recommend this, but it's committed too many writing sins to be one of my all-time favorites.

One final note: get used to Yun Che sitting back and letting a situation go on without doing anything once you get farther in the story. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
Peerless Martial God
March 11, 2020
Status: c427
I had a guess as to what I was getting into (I like the genre but am frequently disappointed by the novels) and at this point I feel that my initial guesses were mostly correct. Here's my list (made this before I started reading) :

  • Is the protagonist an eternal underdog? No matter how strong he gets, the odds are always stacked against him? Does every conflict result in their big brother, uncle, father, senior disciple, master or fourth uncle twice removed joining the conflict endlessly, never properly resolving anything? Does he need to constantly flee and hide to survive?
      • Basically, yes. No matter how relatively impressive he is supposed to be for his age, the forces stacked against him are simply unfeasible to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the author likes introducing more and more new problems before he gets around to properly solving old ones.
  • How do people behave? Are they raving psychopaths or rapists? Are such people all over the place?
      • s*avering lunatics, though I should note that the level of rapeyness in this story is slightly on the low side (only slightly though, there are most definitely rapists but no r*pe is portrayed or ever actually occurs afaik).
      • People in this world are utterly incapable of self-reflection and can never regret trying to maim, murder or r*pe someone without hesitation until their life is actually fading. Whenever anyone causes a conflict, no matter how obviously in the wrong they are, their clan, sect or whatever are absolutely backing them up, declaring all-out-war with the protagonist until they are inevitably utterly obliterated, never stopping to think for a second that maybe they shouldn't behave this way or that things might actually go badly.
      • EVERYONE is out to get the protagonist. The author seems to be utterly convinced that everything in the story works well as long as he has a neverending list of enemies. So many young masters finding any reason they can to hate him on sight and try to murder or cripple him or harm his loved ones.
      • The greatest disappointment is how predictable almost every interaction is. There's no complexity or unique scenarios, it just goes the same way.
  • How is the protagonist with women? Is he a monogamist (not sure I can think of a single example in the genre) ? Does he attract women and then ignore them? Is he in the habit of killing enemy women? Does he get with women but never touch them? Does he get with women and then abandon them for literal years at a time, possibly even forgetting them entirely?
      • Hard to answer properly, the protagonist comes across as a little indecisive and I don't actually understand his stance on having multiple women, despite the question having been brought up. He is very devoted to his main girl, which is something- but ironically that actually comes across a little annoying when he is surrounded by other girls who obviously like him and hang around all the time.
      • He has barely laid a finger on any of them. It will probably progress but it's absolutely not a major facet of the story. He has a harem because a protagonist of this genre would have a harem, not because they're actually significant characters who he spends a lot of time with.
      • He doesn't hesitate to kill women when they cross him sufficiently. Women he's in conflict with generally aren't redeemed and are just treated as more bad guys.
  • How do conflicts go? Are the protag's friends and family constantly in danger? Does he swoop in at the absolute last second to save the day, maximizing tension in a dull, predictable manner?
      • It doesn't happen to an awful extent, surprisingly. Most of the time he takes the majority of the aggro (which is a genuine saving grace of the story as I loathe constantly having protagonists constantly worried about their mostly unprotected loved ones who are inevitably constantly under the threat of r*pe and/or murder). Unfortunately it's not absolute and there are most definitely times when they are in danger and it gets dragged out (cheap emotional manipulation from the author, I hate this trope).
In regards to other things to complain about:

  • The protagonist is a sword cultivator (what is it with Chinese novels and acting like Swords & Sabers are the only weapons in existence? There isn't even a significant difference between the two compared to the vast repertoire of existing weapons which never get a mention), as roughly 95% of other protags are.
  • This novel doesn't have much philosophy. I don't hear many clever sayings. Basically, it's very shallow. Protag's stance of "I am a good guy who returns favors and feuds" sounds nice, but he only comes across as noteworthy in that aspect because practically everyone else in the entire world is morally bankrupt.
      • One thing I like about some stories in the genre is that they may actually be thought-provoking (could be fairly rare though), bringing up philosophy and the sayings, which have interesting meaning.
      • The protagonist actually had a conversation with one of the more likable side characters in the story not long before I made this review (ch427) and I actually thought it was going to delve into philosophy but it was so utterly basic and devoid of substance I felt it would have been better if they didn't even bring it up. The guy pretty much said he had two paths:
          • Run away because there are too many people aggro'd to you. (Can't, he has too many people he has to take care of.)
          • Kill all your enemies. (Not even kidding, this unhelpful piece of advice which doesn't at all change anything for the protagonist was actually put forward as something meaningful.)
  • Protag committed a cardinal sin (IMO), where he was in a situation where it was easy to see that he'd die but he prepared no contingencies and still stuck around with no plan. Things only went well because of luck. The protagonist can never have too many life-saving cards to play, but you can NEVER have them just RELY on luck, then they come across as utter morons.
    • Protag is not clever, he doesn't use schemes or plans to handle situations and instead is very straightforward in just taking people on in fights. If his enemies didn't politely only send guys just above his level, he wouldn't stand a chance. He generally doesn't have backup plans or life-saving cards, which actually makes him look really bad considering how quickly he gets into death-feuds. (Obviously he isn't at fault, but when every situation is going to go that way, have some escape plans or something... though on the other hand if he did have them, I imagine the author would then just write it in a way that he constantly has to use them and be on the run... sigh, catch22...)
  • World-building is poor. Places and events usually aren't mentioned until right before they're immediately relevant. It doesn't give the impression that there's a wide world out there with a large variety of people and things and instead gives the impression that the world is just being created on the spot as the author writes.
Let's see, what are some good points?

  • Protag is actually mostly surrounded by his women, even if he essentially never lays a finger on them. (One pretty major character has basically fallen off the face of the earth though, no idea what happened to her or what she's doing.) This is noteworthy because too many protags go on globe-trotting adventures, leaving their women behind for years at a time (which could still happen) which really cheapens the nature of their relationship IMO and makes it feel hollow and tacked-on.
  • The protagonist does generally feel strong when he fights, but it's because enemies only end up engaging him when they're approximately immediately above his cultivation level. The vast number of stronger enemies absolutely are going to keep fighting him until they're all dead, but the author drags it out in a way that doesn't really feel believable. (Oops, was trying to make this a pro, not a con...)
  • I'll reiterate that though this novel is not at the ideal minimum level of no rapeyness, it is actually pretty low and the threat of r*pe isn't constantly used to cause tension. Constant use of the threat of r*pe (or actually going through with it, which constitutes an insta-drop for me personally) is a pretty common sin for the genre, so this actually scores above average in that regard.
  • (I am desperately working my mind to come up with pros of this series and wow I'm having difficulty...)

  • The novel isn't the worst I've read, but it is certainly among the most repetitive. The single greatest problem of this novel is that it is SHALLOW. There tends not to be much meaning or philosophy in interactions, characters aren't complex, most interactions go basically the same way for the one-note characters. For this reason this story can NEVER be a 5-star story (I simply cannot take 5-star reviews for this story seriously, even if someone does enjoy reading it). The author is committed to maintaining the status quo of the story which means the protagonist will spend much much more time suppressed by problems than he does solving them.
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