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buddhapest rated it
Hakai Me no Yuuri
May 16, 2017
Status: c29
Don't mind the low rating, because it's mostly the first 2 chapters that people are complaining about. After that, the protagonist becomes just another happy-go-lucky Japanese reincarnated into another world with some broken cheat powers (broken as in dysfunctional, not overpowered). From time to time, we're reminded of how traumatic the experience of those first few chapters were for the protagonist, so it's not like the author is advocating child rape and whatnot - though a bit lacking in taste, those first chapters do their job.

In terms of actual content,... more>> here's what I have to say:

  • Plot: none so far; don't expect any intense training or level-up arcs, either
  • Characters: cute interactions with lots of humour
  • Setting: Medieval Europe, fantasy, etc. Etc. Nothing special
This is definitely worth a read. Like I said, after the first 2 chapters, the story becomes much more light-hearted, and continues to have a lot of good humour. Fight scenes are well written, as well, which is not always the case for these sorts of stories. Once again, the first few chapters that everyone seems to complain about are NOT representative of the entire story - the story is actually very enjoyable and has a style that would certainly appeal to the large majority of WN/LN readers. <<less
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buddhapest rated it
(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
June 22, 2016
Status: c25
Short ver:
Like others have written, this story has potential. It is a refreshing (but not wholly unique) story, but remains true to many overused tropes of fantasy reincar stories.

As it stands, the best aspect of this story lies in the characters - their thoughts, interactions, and dialogues are fairly realistic, making them considerably relatable. However, readers shouldn't expect too much originality in MC - for all due purposes, he is your standard Japanese ippanjin.

Well, ignoring the overused reincar story tropes (which most of us are all too... more>> familiar with by now, I assume), my main interest in this story is the characters (including MC, ofc). Nothing is blatantly groundbreaking; not a must-read, but if you are interested in reading a slow-paced reincar story focused on SoL and good presentations of characters, this might be for you.

Long ver (aka, more info on MC) :
The story progresses at a relatively slow pace (and continues to do so for a while from what I've read of the raws). Even for stories that span childhood onwards, the pacing is quite relaxed, focusing more on SoL rather than fantasy elements (as we see in other stories).

MC doesn't seem to be too generic (e.g. illogical behaviour/thought process, clueless, cheat power, s*x-driven, etc.). MC's background is pretty intriguing - somewhat refreshing amidst all of our typical [ikemen] hikiNEETs or bullied, angst-filled, lonely DKs.

Furthermore, MC seems to be have been quite accomplished prior to reincar, although the whole reincar event was just a bit haphazard imo (but whatever, right? I mean, how else are we going to get our MC into a fantasy world...). Anyway, since MC seems to be fairly intelligent, his mono/dialogues aren't terrible, a.k.a. coherent, somewhat logical, relatable to some extent. So, rest easy, your brain won't go numb from reading this.

Finally, I'd like to make a shoutout to the translator crazypumpkin for doing a great job translating this series. Accuracy is spot-on, and very few grammatical/spelling errors (minor ones, at that). Her efforts make this translation a very enjoyable read. <<less
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buddhapest rated it
Rose in a Yuri Field
August 7, 2016
Status: c5
Only 2 TL'd releases out so far, but they caught my interest so I went and checked out the raws. All I can say is that I liked it XD

This is a R-18 novel, and without spoiling too much, includes the following: futanari, yuri, gender bender, etc.
If you're turned off by any of those 3 tags, please don't force yourself to read this.

Onwards with the review -
- chapters are short, but satisfying
- lots of s*x/erotic scenes and terms (but doesn't venture into NTR, bdsm,... more>> or other 'weird' fetishes... yet?)
- seems pretty vanilla so far ;))
- author focuses on characters more than the setting so far (in other words, the real 'plot')
- for what it counts, the story is set in the usual ambiguous European medieval period
- MC is a guy in a girl's body; leads to some amusing situations and a relatable character (for us male readers, at least)
- not a lot happens, even for a SoL; a very light, enjoyable read overall

- can be confusing when MC is referred to using both him/her + he/she
- some of the erotic material can be pretty strange (unless you're used to it...) ***
- a reincar story, with Truck-san (again)

/might or might not update this review;

*** in terms of 'erotic weirdness, ' this novel is below the level of 'X-ray is more than I thought' <<less
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The Girl Who Ate a Death God
January 15, 2017
Status: c34
FYI, for those who have not read the full c34, the full novel is hosted on madokami for download in epub and pdf formats. That's all I initially wanted to say, but I might as well throw in a review here while I'm at it:

Story: 9/10
Characters: 8.5/10
Writing/TL: 20/10*** (see end of review for more details)

Possible my favourite novel I've ever read. It's not perfect, and it definitely has its downsides:
- somewhat complicated explanations of military formations and movements on the battlefield; these are quite lengthy in... more>> later chapters, and were difficult to visualize and thus comprehend imho
- leaves you with an unsatisfied feeling at the end (might be a good thing), as if alluding to MC's 'hunger'

But, there are so many good things I have to say about this novel. It draws you into its universe and the mysterious, fantastical nature of our MC. This novel begins with her first encounter with Death as her village is attacked and burned to the ground by nameless ruffians. Faced with imminent Death, she is driven by her hunger to 'eat' Death. That's right. Don't ask me how or why - that's part of the mystery. This unbelievable feat grants her immense strength and a characteristic weapon - a Reaper's scythe - but, in return, each waking moment of her life thereon is haunted by a bottomless hunger. As she seeks to sate this hunger, she embarks on a blood-filled journey, climbing the ranks of her country's military with ungodly speed. Though her wit and strength quickly amass for her many achievements on the battlefield and the attention of higher-ups all over the land, her unknown background and quirky attitude set us readers up for both comedy and drama. Soon, she is embroiled in an intense military struggle. Despite having incompetent superiors, scheming politicians, and numerous other disadvantages against her, Schera overcomes the odds time and time again, overwhelming opponents on the battlefield as if a Death god incarnate. Like so, she gains a sizable number of subordinates loyal to the extent of eeriness. I just love this novel for, in the midst of a dark, disparaging world replete with bloodshed and cruelty, we have Schera - a victim of said cruelty, yet manages to overcome the injustices of the world to rise up with just her absurd strength and insatiable hunger. A long novel, but well worth the read. It's a great metaphor for various aspects of society, and will definitely leave a bitter aftertaste accompanied by several deep, open-ended questions. ***
Extraordinary translation work done by TL-sama (forgot his/her name, sorry, it's been a while since I read this!). Incredibly faithful to the mood and style of the original text. IMO, this is the BEST translation that I've seen done on this site. Though the original TL site itself is down, I recall TL-sama had a very admirable attitude regarding copyright, so please respect this and read as much as possible on MBC or the pdf on madokami for the last chapter. Cheers! <<less
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Good novel, but one of the biggest detractions of this novel is the poor translation quality. I'm sorry, translator and editors, but I'm going to be honest in this review; the translation is only at the level of being barely comprehensible. There are several sentences here and there that are incomprehensible, but I generally just guess the gist of them via context.

Translation quality aside, the story is actually quite enjoyable. The female MC has a lovely positivity, and is portrayed with considerable wit, making her character more than just a... more>> walking pair of breasts. Our favourite reincarnation-into-fantasy-world template has a slight spin that maintains all the familiarity of an overpowered protagonist and a RPG levelling system, yet hints at some interesting elements of the story's setting that might be further explored in the future.

Thanks to the Tl team for putting out the work, of course. TL-san, if you read this, I'm hoping that you find yourself in better places in the future. I don't recommend relying on the NU community, as it's not practical given how niche JP novels are in the grand scheme of things, and how most readers are broke asses too. Best of luck. <<less
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buddhapest rated it
Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
June 21, 2016
Status: v2c2
Just started this today, and I'm hooked to the extent that I'm trudging slowly through the raws with Rikai-kun. The writing style is descriptive and maintains a good flow, while the plot progression is very well thought-out. I don't think there is much to criticize on this front. There is a very interesting interplay between MC's "demon" and "human" identity, which I can see becoming very important to her characterization. It's an exciting read that explores a rather unique interpretation of 'reincarnation MC' stories. I think that there is a... more>> lot of potential in this story. <<less
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MC is a former human who now holds a fairly high position in the Demon army as a werewolf. Very early on, we are told that MC does not possess any cheat-like abilities. Instead, he admits to being weaker than some of the fighters under his command. It is refreshing to see a MC that is not overly-cautious/hesitant, but modest (yes, there's a difference) of his abilities. Further, MC sounds intelligent, and doesn't lose himself to carnal desires or anything like that, so there's definitely good room for character development... more>> and more exploration into his worldview - which, I'd like say, isn't mindblowingly unique, but nonetheless makes for an interesting and relatable MC. There doesn't seem to be a MMORPG-like system of levels or skills in this story, which is somewhat a relief. Anyway, it is a fantasy setting, so some measure of relative strength for characterization might come into play at some point, but don't expect anything like Kumo-chan or Re:monster. There seems to be a budding focus on cultural, economical, and technological development, but it's far too early in the translations to predict where the author wants to go with this. Thus far, we've only caught a glimpse of MC's intentions to apply human knowledge, rationale, and values to his surroundings. <<less
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buddhapest rated it
The Girl Who Bore the Flame Ring
December 24, 2017
Status: --
First off, I have't been on NU for a while due to college, but I was very, very excited when I saw that this work is finally gaining some attention! Huge thanks to Pyschobarcode for the excellent translations!

I learned about this series through "The Girl who ate a Death God, " because they're part of the same universe. Highly recommend the latter to anyone who likes the current series!

It's a slightly dark, medieval fantasy story that sort of starts off as cookie-cutter, but gradually becomes more and more immersive as... more>> various dilemmas begin to flesh themselves out. It's definitely an involved read that you'll want to be awake for while reading, otherwise you might miss some important details. That's probably a big difference - for me, at least - between this novel and others, which I generally skim semi-consciously.

It's definitely looking to be a lot of fun to read, and highly suggest it for anyone looking for a unique and well-written LN whose distinctiveness doesn't hinge on meta-satire or yet another type of reincarnation. <<less
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Very enjoyable read. It's a fairly light read that includes a good balance of suspense, mystery, action, fantasy, politics, adventure, and kingdom-building. Having read everything in one day, I can attest to the appeal of the characters and setting.

Although there is a level/skills system, it's not like a novel based on a MMORPG-like system where characters focus on levelling, classes, and skills. This is an important part of the setting, as our MC is a maxed-out Wizard-class character. However, his skills, class, items, and the system itself have various drawbacks... more>> and inconveniences. These mitigate the MC's OP-ness and make the story much more interesting.

Personality-wise, the MC is quite passive, but not overly so like too many other WNs. What the author consistently tries to show is that the MC is cautious, although this caution isn't simply due to his past life as a normal Japanese salaryman or his lack of knowledge about the world, but rather includes realistic considerations about the limitations of his abilities. For example, he has a limited set of spells and, without charging them beforehand, can only use each once per day.

The other characters are also interesting and are gradually growing with the plot in a very organic way. I'm really looking forward to see how this story unravels. <<less
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