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bro_im_eternal2 rated it
A Will Eternal
May 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Damn it! The second half of the novel is unlike previous ergen works and becomes generic and full of plotholes and filled with character inconsistencies. And then there is that damn ending. Damn ergen!what happened to you man?

Sure the first half is deserving of the +4.5 rating but the other half-no way.

issth had an average ending but it never reached the level of bad. AWE sure does.
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bro_im_eternal2 rated it
The Great Ruler
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
Well, it is enjoyable trash at times-just like btth and wdqk. The same routine repeated over and over. Damn, it is really hard to care for any of the characters in this novel, even the MC (the living and breathing plot armor) with his bloody absurd luck. In transcending the nine heavens, the mc's luck is atleast explained by him possessing the nine tribulations sword. Here none of that sh*t. The MC mentions he needs some super-rare-out-of-the-world herb or whatever and in the next few chapters he 'coincidentally' finds it.

well... more>> as I said its enjoyable trash like any third-rate xianxia.

well, I don't expect grasping evil or Ergen level xianxia everywhere but why don't these authors put a little more effort. Man aren't they earning money through this? So why f*cking not? <<less
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