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branislavs369 rated it
The Man Picked up by the Gods
April 9, 2016
Status: --
Amazing story. Its a fantasy slice of life transportation to another world story. Kinda like death march but without the harem. It has a lot of manufacturing, creating new things that weren't in the fantasy world before (most if not all (am not sore) are things from our world), slime evolution and many other interesting things. It wasn't told in the story so far but I hope it will have romance in it (Elia for the win!)

I would recommend this novel for people who enjoy a nice read that... more>> isn't all about action but about the interesting live of our OP MC

PS: The translator is a badass pokemon that has super translation skills... <<less
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branislavs369 rated it
Because I’m a Weapon Shop Uncle
May 23, 2016
Status: c9
This story is a little interesting. I have only read the first 9 chapters (there arent more at this time) but I am really interested in the story. I was once thinking what would I do if I was reincarnated or transported to a fantasy world and the answer I came to was NOT becoming a hero but be a side character and do something I am interested in and that are weapons. So I have a good reason to be interested in this story :D

The story is slow I... more>> find it personally funny how he counts the heroes that come to buy weapons :D Thanks to the little girls (see cover) the story has a really good cuteness effect.....

In short this is a story of a man that was transported (i think ? he could be reincarnated too I am not sure....) to a fantasy world but he understood that he isnt the hero so he opened a weapon shop and is waiting for the hero to buy a weapon from him and in the time he does that he takes care of a little girl (because for some reason he didnt find himself a wife.....).

I would recommend it for everyone that likes a slice of life novel in a fantasy world setting (i like these the most) with a seemingly OP MC (if he isnt OP he could become a thief with how many times he took someones weapon from they hands like its nothing....) <<less
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branislavs369 rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
May 22, 2016
Status: c85
The story is.... I dont know how to say it... it has potential but it does not use it, and there is the problem (and btw. later I will try to give the MC tips to look better....)

To be honest it has one of the best beginnings I have seen in this transported to another world genre and I liked the first chapters but at some point I could not take it anymore and I read it only to see if it changes for the better and at chapter... more>> 85 is still didn't change....

The good parts for me are the comedy as he meet the first god (forgot his name), the way he was welcomed to this new world (i find it funny although I must say it was a d*ck move from the bug goddess...), the fact that he has OP powers but he cant use them to the full potential because he isn't used to them and I like the way how he interacts with the demi humans and monsters (i like the idea of a city full of fantasy creatures....)

The thinks I don't like are that we are reminded nearly every chapter how ugly the MC is. (I think that he isn't ugly Rembrandt said that : "Ah that’s right, it had such a strong sense of individuality that it made me lose my words." and I think that there is the problem I too am not the best looking (i am shot and have a wide build (fat) but most of my family looks like that and if there is one think that can make a person look better then its a beard I swear I would look good with a beard, and the MC is 18 I think ? It would be really funny if he got a beard and the people around him would be surprised that he looks good suddenly)

Then there is the fact that he ignores the feelings of his first 2 attendants (good looking woman) because he says that they are a nuisance. He could at least say thank you or AT LEAST HUG MIO !!!! as a symbol that not only they care for him but that he cares for them too but no ! the MC must be an asshole to them! and many other thinks I don't like but they are thinks I personally don't like and some people would like them so I wont write them....

All in all it had and has still potential (believe me get a beard you ugly motherf*cker and start lifting that could too help) if Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg could after such bad ending make a twist and be from one moment to the next a good novel then every novel can do it ! (the author could implement some info about japanese archery and make it that way more interesting I think)

I will give this novel another chance and believe that it will become better. <<less
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branislavs369 rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
April 1, 2016
Status: --
I like the story a lot. It is similar to nidome no yuusha but I think the story has a little faster pacing. I hope this does not turn out in a harem I like the heroine a lot and in my eyes she is pure waifu material.

I cant say anything more because as I write this only 7 chapters are translated but I have a feeling that it will turn out to be a good story
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