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bonkleboi rated it
Is it Tough Being a Friend?
November 16, 2018
Status: v2c2
This novel starts off really good but then it baits and switch into something else. In my list, mocking and referencing cliches are always well received. So when I read the premise of the novel I knew I would like it. And, for the first volume, it was mostly true.
The MC is a guy obsessed with being a best friend side-character. And because of that he will always try to highlight the 'protagonist' and will use some common cliches to create or even force his ideal setting for the... more>> 'story'. This is where most of the comedy (the good one at least) comes from.

The problem is that the author started adding other elements to the story and these started to overthrew the original idea. By volume 2, the cliche setting the MC had set up and his position as a side-character have almost dissapeared and with that out we're only left with a typical romcom. I guess if you still like a regular romcom you can enjoy the story but for us that came for the comedy it's a real bummer. <<less
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bonkleboi rated it
We Should Have Slept While Only Holding Hands, And Yet?!
December 21, 2018
Status: v3 afterword
If you were following the translator, you'll know that he told most of us readers to not read this until volume 3 was completely translated. That is because volume 1&2 are a build-up to volume 3. Now, I didn't care and still read it anyways, because it still was an entertaining and interesting series. Still, the translator said big things were coming for volume 3.

And boy was he right. It's such a big twist that it makes it all worthwhile even if by some chance you weren't enjoying the novel.

From... more>> this point on, though I try avoid spoilers im going to be giving impressions of each volume, and as such im gonna be giving away the direction the novel is going. And that can be considered spoilers as well.


So this series is about MC who claims to be the mad scientist of this era and is pretty much a dislikeable guy. The novel explains you why he became the twisted person he is, and unless you're reading this hoping for some self-satisfaction or self-insertion, you have to understand the guy and why he does what he does. One day he sleeps with his childhood friend while just holding hands and the next morning her daughter from the future appears in the same bed, saying she came from the future to fix her family because MC and his childhood friend are divorced in the future. That's basically what volume 1's all about. At best it may be "interesting", but mainly because of the focus in the character's psych and emotions. Plotwise this is just another romcom with a twist where the MC is crazy.

Volume 2 evolves this concept a bit. It remains a romcom but now you see how the plot of future travel starts being more relevant to the story. You get a glimpse of the reasons he and his childhood friend broke up and realize that whatever happened in the future may be more important and dark than what you think.

Volume 3 is where sh*t goes down. Whatever romcom-esque feeling this novel gave you was just a buildup so you'd realize how grave the whole situation is, to the point it even becomes despairful. This is now a drama built on a 2 volume preparation of relationship building and some quamtum science. It's no longer about saving a marriage or making a child happy, or just getting the girl. It's about trying to fix an unfixable broken person and family. And if that doesn't get you pumped up and willing to read this novel then just go ahead and skip it bacause it's only gonna get heavier from now on. The characters are flawed. Even if it is obvious to you and your morals brought by common sense, you'll be forced to understand that when faced with adversity, a person may not able to change, even if its the obvious solution. It gets hard to read to be honest. Not because it's cringy or badly written. On the contrary, its so well written that even if on a personal level you reject what's happening, you gotta understand and just hope things change soon.


Perhaps you won't enjoy this as much as I did. Im a lover of drama and psychological plots, and instead of stories that throw enemies to a hero-like MC, I prefer watching a cast of flawed characters that during the course of the story interact and change. For this im willing to take some melodrama, and to be honest I even enjoy it.

Anyways, this is good stuff. Go and read it. Persevere, and you'll be rewarded. <<less
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