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bodesagaz rated it
The Lord’s Empire
August 13, 2018
Status: c69
This novel is so retarded that it's funny hehuehuheu

It's plain trash, but I wanted to see how far can a retarded autor go, so I kept reading.

... more>>

First, some girl with several bodyguards goes to him ordering that he has to go live in some sort of HQ of his deceased mother's family and do absolutely nothing, just being fattened in a free house with free food, without asking him any questions or having him to do any sh*t, just eat, play and sleep. And he might die if re refuses.

Second, some dude of his deceased father's family decide that a 20 old orphan kid that quit college to be a neet in the expense of his powerful mother's family is a extreme treat to his several hundred years old legacy family, and therefore put a 60 million dollar bounty on his head, risking having trouble with the evem more powerful family that is protecting him.

Now, a lot more sh*t happened but I will keep the count to three, so here it goes.

Third, in a in-game auction of chap 69 some random little girl immobilizes him, put her hand in his mouth and made a bid saing that he is going to pay. His strong bodyguard just stood there like nothing is happening, and the auctioneer thought that this sh*t was an extremely normal and recurrent matter, and gone like ~alright, this item goes to sir, lets go to the next item.


Also there is the matter of te autor going nuts about numbers, the MC feed items wort several gold coins to his horse when he was poor and figuring out how to make money, and then bought land, raised a building and opened a restaurant of normal food to make it even wit te profits of the first day working.

I really hope that this novel will be the craziest and most retarded novel ever, if you want to see how nuts can a stupid author go then join me on this journey!

If not, then don't bother giving a f**k about this novel. <<less
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I think it passes as a read just for kill time, because although the history is very bland and meaningless it doesn't pisses you with obscene nonsense like most of other novels do. It's boring as the MC is overpowered and that is it, he isn't a retarded that keeps putting his head in every event he passes by and doesn't even have any goal to achieve. There isn't monstrous information dumps about game mechanincs or continent's history that has absolutely none weight in the plot. Just boring and bland,... more>> that's all.

The game element is a special power of the MC so ONLY THE MC haves that, its not a game world lol. The history itself is rather insipid, neither good or bad, the particular trait is that both the MC and the girl who is abandoned to die with him have OP abilities, and the worst trait so far is that up until now (chapter 25) there is a massive add of characters without a proper development of them.

The MC is not very smart, doesn't have a thoughtless courage and is neither a stupid and useless coward. He doesn't make any cunning plans but he avoids meaningless risks and doesn't have the illusion that he can just leave alone everyone who wants to kill him and everything will be just fine. He stays away from the stage but if even so someone tries to harm him, he would kill and clean the evidences to not get persecuted again. Also, he isn't a pushover that anyone can drag around and won't help someone that tried to manipulate him just because he can so you probably won't go mad because of a irrational or naive behavior.

The novel is quite shallow and everything is just reasonable, so you probably won't neither love or hate it. If you harbor some special feeling towards this novel, be it liking or disliking, you should go read some good books.
In case you are bored and want something to kill your time then read it, is not a remarkable read so even if you are a addict you won't mind much stop in the middle if you need to do so.

Then, evaluating the history as one that its just to kill time in view I give it a 4 stars. If it had less characters (since their names and traits take up space in the HD) better developed then it would be a 5. This is very far away for being a history to be enjoyed like BEM, EER, Overlord, Praise the Orc or Dungeon Defense. Of course, in my patterns.

Edit: After chapter 25, at some point that I don't remember anymore, the massive characters add problem goes crazy and you don't now how many people he has by his side, and also the crazy behaviour of one girl that could be taken as a consequence of her traumas or wharever is shared by most of his group, thus everyone besides him has the same personality. The fact that he is boring and whimsical doesn't compensates either.

Anyway, the history just gets worse, not better. That's what I think you should know before reading. Bye. <<less
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bodesagaz rated it
Taming Master
January 24, 2018
Status: c55
This is trash, and quite the trash to make me do a review even though there is nothing good about it to talk. Believe me, calling this novel trash isn't a offense by any means. It not only lacks any quality, it's plain and througly stupid. That's right, stupid.

Fristly there is no real introduction about the game, it only says that is amazing, detailed and more amazing. What I could scrap about the game so far is that it's sh*tty. What kind of game only allows you to have one... more>> character and doesn't let you change class unless you reset/delet you char, moreover has some kind of "hidden public effect" that increases the stats pf a reseted character. It's not like you have to make a quest and reset to levelup again and get even stronger. You just buy a potion and that's it. Now you have cheat stats and go for top class titles and special classes.

The writing is also disgusting. It's repetitive, sloppy and random. The most basic math doesn't works here. Even though one of his familiars has 5 times the defense then other monster of his level, a hit that deals several thousand dagame to the MC or his other familiars only deals 1 damage to it. So by having fivefold defense he can block a higher-ranking boss-class monster of more the double of his level and specialized in attack, with no trouble at all.

There is a celebrity-like beaty in his Uni that he didn't know about, he meets her in the game, use her as a meat shield and she falls for him. After he refuses a date to test a new skill and lies to her, he still goes to anoter date because he died due do make a mistake that only a kid pr a completely clueless noob could do. He is suposedly a game expert that completely relies upon a familiar that is fragile and has no means to escape a dangerous situiation. But thats not all, he throws this familiat into danger and doesn't think of any method or does anything to cover it.

There is no character, plot or cenario consistency whatsoever. So even if you don't think about it and just read by glossing it all over (like te author wrote) you will still be annoyed by random thoughts, random events and random behaviour.

If you want to waste your time, it's better to stare the ceilling, as at least you would just fell bored, but not disgusted.

If you really want to read a good VR story, theb I'm sorry, but you will have to write one. <<less
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bodesagaz rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
December 20, 2017
Status: c42
I had high expetations, as there was several things that makes sense and isn't found in other books, kinda the power of low-level undead. If they are ordinary, with no special caracteristics or a lot of mana, then is only natural that they are weaker than humans. They are just a bit bones without lots of mana or skills.

Since the MC has a lot of mana (tens of thousands the amount of a top class mage), he could just make undead of every damn bone he founds on the ground,... more>> buff them, create some golems that he makes easily to block for them and use the wave tatic like a REAL necromancer to levelup some of his undead, get rid of the weakests and gather more corpses. Or since he got the title of some race king, use the bones of their prey to make undead. But no, he got on his hands 4 very high level corpses (the undead gets stronger if with powerful corpses) and used them to NOTHING, he obey the orders of the race he "rules" like a good child (or good slave) and makes sauce with his free time.

Moreover, when after soooooo much trouble he finally gets magic-oriented job, which greatly improves his progress with magic skills, he starts to practice corporal combat. And he even says that he is worried because he is weak and some strong guys might want to kill them. WELL, WHY THE HELL HE IS WEAK? NO IDEA.

The MC isn't a necromancer, he is a kid playing with bones.

He is not a race's king, he helps them with no return and listen wharever they say. They even order him how to take bath, for god's sake.

And finally, his real curse aren't those that some god gave him. It's his stupidity.

I was in real high expetations for a decent necromancer's story at the beginning. Dammit. <<less
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