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Well, it started well in the first two volumes of the novel. Then in the third novel things started to get a bit boring but in the fourth volume the writer just completely ignored the plot and left a lot of plot-holes that I was expecting them to be gone in the extras but I was once again dissapointed.

And this without talking about all the dub-con/non-con things the ML does to the MC, he almost rapes him...[saying he can't hold on... like the f*ck are you a f*cking beast f*ucking... more>> animal, cabrón de mierda] ; im truly mad with this writer for messing up the novel tbh we didnt even get a good f*cking end

Im giving it 2 stars for the first two volumes <<less
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bmb rated it
Laws of the Other World
May 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm going to say first that you can MTL this novel perfectly, you will understand like 90-95% of it. I strongly recommend to use Baidu as a translator.

Now, my review:

As we advance in the story, you realize that the novel is trying to teach you a lesson: that not everything is what it seems.

... more>> That is the conclusion I reach by reading it and I think it is very true.

I started the novel because the premise seemed very innovative, I had never read a novel with a plot like this (although it is also true that I have not read many books about science fiction, about going to other worlds, etc). But I do believe that this world, Nibelungen, is very special not only because of the organisms that live in this ecosystem, but also because of the way they do it, which we will witness during the course of reading.

I have to say that my personal preference in novels is to have a strong enough MC both physically and emotionally and independent of others, among other things. And this novel meets these requirements.

For those who do not like a possessive ML, I am going to tell you that in this story we should not have an approach from a human perspective.


because the ML is from Nibelugen and there are no humans originally


It is true that there are times when the ML said strange things (showing his possessiveness), but this only happens when the MC and ML still have to get together and are in that limbo of "are we friends or what happens here".


although I have to say that the ML is pretty clear about everything involving his feelings since the beginning xd Is just that MC is a soldier you know, they are like highly auto-controlled, at least him


But anyway the ML does not do anything beyond the line.

Also, the world is just super cool, even if it is terrifying, you will definitely like it. And there are so many PLOT TWISTS it's amazing, like you are reading and you go saying: OH MY GOD I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THIS.

Although not everything is positive, I personally felt that the end was somehow anticlimactic and sudden. I don't know, it gave me that feeling (maybe because I was MTL-ing?), although you also have to keep in mind that there are 15 extras. <<less
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bmb rated it
Cannon Fodder Cheat System
March 24, 2019
Status: c162
  • I rated this novel with 5/5 back when I was reading the translation at ch52 and this is my opinion back then:
Sometimes I wish it would be more difficult for the MC to achieve the things he wants? Or more like when the protagonist wants to take revenge I wish it would be more successful before the MC wins (of course)

I think that would add more thrill to the novel, but overall its really satisfying when MC slaps all these protagonist's faces.

  • This is my opinion NOW at 162ch (MTL-ed more than 100ch with Baidu) :
I thing the rating this novel truly deserves is 3-4/5 because it's a bit above average; and you will start thinking this when you get through the middle of the novel (especially if... more>> you have read a lot of novels with the transmigration trope).

This is because there is no SUSPENSE at any time. Everything that happens is very predictable and although many of the situations against the antagonist are satisfactory, they cease to be when they happen again and again during ALL the novel.

And unfortunately this happens in many novels with this theme and it is a pity but you can not keep the curiosity of the reader only with this.

To be honest, I kept reading until after half of the novel just because I wanted to know what relationship there was between the MC and the ML. There were no more plots or intrigues that motivated me to continue reading. It's sad because I was expecting much more when I read the summary.

And when I grew tired of MTL-ing I searched " Cannon Fodder Cheat System Spoilers" and discovered that I was wasting my time MTL-ing because in the end I would be bored of this novel anyway.

CONCLUSION: It's average, It's not the kind of novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see more. If you want to read it despite everything I exposed, I would recommend to do it when the translation is over because at least you won't waste your time mtl-ing even if you don't feel satisfied with the general development of the story.

Also, Im fricking tired of writing all this in english, its not even my language (im spanish, hola lectores!!) but I felt I needed to give my opinion because of my disappointment, so at least all of you who is reading this will save your time. <<less
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bmb rated it
The Villain Has Something to Say
March 11, 2019
Status: c30
at ch 17:

so good so far!! This is a slow burn between the MC and the ML filled with angst from the memories of the past life of MC! So you will definitely cry but Im sure it will be worth it.

It really is a great novel, there are only 17 chapters translated but it keeps you entertained all the time. Although sometimes its a bit frustating how the ML handles his obvious feelings for the MC (al least in these 17 chapters).

Edit: so I finally started MTL'ing the novel... more>> because I couldn't wait and I strongly recommend to use Baidu translator because mostly it's easy to understand. Currently I'm in ch 30 and I understood everything even though its mtl. Also, the ML is such a tsundere!!! And MC is so cute agh I can't <<less
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bmb rated it
Lessons on Raising a Partner
August 13, 2019
Status: c94
I think the novel (or its translation) has a problem that is completely affecting the reviews of the readers in this novel.

I don't know if it's the novel directly or it's the lack of editor of the English translator, but I'm surprised to see a lack of cohesion throughout the novel and between its events.

This causes the reading to be confusing, to wonder what just happened, why x event is so sudden, etc.

There are also times that you have to read the same text several times because there is no... more>> way to understand it. And it's frustrating, because the plot is not bad at all.

When it comes to the story of the novel I am quite satisfied, I had never read a novel with a context like this, with this type of transmigration.

I wish the MC was somewhat more proactive in the beginning, but of course it is understandable because


he was a plant, literally


When it comes to the ML, I also like him a lot because although he is cold, mostly (not with the MC), he is able to show his emotions, he can express his sadness, he can cry... and I like that in the protagonists.

Also, I agree with what Resplendor says in his review at the end. <<less
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bmb rated it
Cat K
March 13, 2019
Status: c33.2
It's cute, funny, interesting, and with a simple plot so the reading is light. The ML is a bit yandere with everyone except the MC so he has no idea how is the ML in reality XD

I hope the translator didn't drop the novel but anyway I think I will try mtl'ing the rest.
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bmb rated it
Golden Stage
April 13, 2019
Status: c4
It looks really promising.

Since I love novels with political affairs and also romance and badass protagonists, I think I will really love this one.

Also, the translator's work is quite good and every term and chinese expression is explained well so you won't have problems understanding it.

Althought I have to say that its not your typical simple novel without many details on the context. No, in this one its thoroughly explained -- which is necessary of course, for the sake of the plot and to understand everything like why some things... more>> happen, why some characters behave like that, etc. -- I feel I have to say this because there were some comments on the translator site saying that some parts in the first chapters were boring -- because the author was explaining the context -- I find this type of comments really ridiculous, I mean are you saying you don't need to know the world and the context of the novel you are reading? THAT is what would be boring

Anyway, Im surprised this is the first comment tbh because the plot looks so GOOD; I think I will succumb to MTL-ing because Im so eager to know what happens between these two! <<less
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bmb rated it
The Earth is Online
February 28, 2019
Status: c245
This one goes directly to my favorite novels list. It is absolutely amazing:

    • Both MC and ML are really smart and sly, and they keep calm even when the situation is frightening and disadvantageous for them. They have this tacit understanding that allow them to reverse the situation in their favour. Basically: I'm sure I've never liked a character as much as these two, they are at the level of the MC and ML of Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, and much more.
    • I believe all the puzzles and games in the novel actually improve your IQ hahaha the games are really interesting and you never grow tired of them.
    • But, I have to say something: If you are expecting a novel with smut and filthy things, this is not your novel. This one focus on the game and future of humanity and at the same time we see the slow slow burn between the MC and ML. You have to know that in this world there are priorities, which means that the characters are in almost constant danger and their moments of peace are short, meaning that we won't see romance between the two until much later. But STILL it's worth it so much.
    • [I must say I absolutely love smut and although in this novel there is not much (explicit) the romance is SO GOOD. Since the beginning the MC and ML have a story and it's beautiful, they are their better half. I wish I had something so intense like this.]
    • There are characters you will love, there are characters you will hate, some that you will love and hate at the same time, some characters that are enemies but you pity them when you should totally hate them.
I think this novel goes directly to my TOP 1 novel, followed by Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil.
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bmb rated it
Let Me Tease You
February 21, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked the novel overall, but Im not entirely satisfied because there are some important things unresolved at the end, like:


what happens to the system and how did the MC ended up in this world?

did the MC tell ML about his transmigration and his past life and what happened then?

did he even tell his familiy and all the world that he is indeed a man and not a woman?


To be honest I was looking forward to read about these matters in the extras and now Im dissapointed :/
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bmb rated it
Thousand Autumns
April 2, 2019
Status: c39
I'm obsessed with this story.

The plot is great, the protagonist is awesome and I love how clever he is, also the translation is top notch, I hope it doesnt get dropped I want to know what happens with the MC and ML 😭
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bmb rated it
Screen Partner
March 1, 2019
Status: c31
If you are looking for something cute, funny, with smut and with a not too long story, this is your novel. I think this is one of those novels, like an average type, that you don't absolutely love in the same level as others but it's simple and you have a good time reading it.
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bmb rated it
The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack
August 18, 2019
Status: c7 part1
I'm going to stop reading this novel because it hasn't caused me the slightest intrigue since I started reading it. This may have to do with the fact that I have read many novels about transmigrations and systems and so on and if you don't give me a novel with a minimally interesting plot, I lose interest.

I'm sorry, I tried to keep reading it but it seems to me that the events are too rushed and that nothing interesting happens. The story is rather mediocre, but I still appreciate the... more>> efforts of the English translator because he/she has done a good job. <<less
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