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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife
June 19, 2017
Status: c102
I wanted to like this. It's not bad, but it's very mediocre. I have no idea why there are so many top ratings.

The Good:

You get to root for the MC, who is (in theory) the underdog. Bad things try to happen to her at the hands of others- results are mixed, but that's pretty much the story.

... more>> The Bad:

Even the title depreciates the MC- so take that as foreshadowing to the tone of at least the 1st 100 chapters. She's written as 'genius' and a 'skilled assassin'. Every so often, she shows off some examples of that supposed skill. Mostly though, she just gets victimized- and like it or not, it's very often pretty much her own incompetence. I hate to say it, but she's written as a pretty naive maiden type who also occasionally does more.

Lets get straight to it- this is one of those novels where the characters are props for the situations and plotting. Soooo many things happen that shouldn't due to her supposed skills and knowledge- but she frequently lacks the common sense and professional habits/mentality to stand up for herself (because the title and plot says she's destined to be with the king of Hell, who's a short-tempered, abusive, stalkery creeper).

Oh, yeah- that's the other point- The 'King of hell' is a bastard. When the MCs been kicked in the teeth by life, what she really needs is to be stalked and bullied by a one-sided love interest. I guess since he's handsome, powerful & rich it's ok, though-- and of course she (the powerful mind-control master assassin), puts up with it, because 'plot'.

The different:

Hmmm... nothing? I'd say this is predictable, except it isn't- since the MC seems to forget her own skills half the time, and she's pretty much controlled by the other MC and pop-up events.

This is very strongly a novel that tells you things that are supposed to be 'the way things are', but doesn't 'show' you half as much. I think some of the disparity between the people that like it and those that don't is seeing past the facade.


She kills a roomful of people right off, then second time around she just looks stupid till she's knocked out by the slave spell. Shortly later she pretty much disassembles it &

knows it's inner workings since she does something similar. What you might not have thought is:

  1. If she's so familiar, why didn't she check if she was 'slave-ified' soon as she woke up in an obvious 'you are now a slave' situation?
  2. Since the way she enslaves people (without pulling out their souls) is so superior, and she was definitely enslaved for some time, does that mean her soul was pulled out since the 'inferior' method was seemingly used on her? (Obviously it didn't affect her, but this is unexplained 'plot armor' or something)

The king of hell 'loves' her at first sight, but wouldn't even bid on her, and left her to suffer at the hands of the actual purchaser- but he assigned someone to watch what happened though... (true love)

She keeps getting tailed. How did she survive as an assassin before? Oh. Wait, she didn't...

The author talks about meridians and how hers have no power, then does things that should need _some_ sort of power (sensing/moving energy to start) - but doesn't explain it. I'm not saying I know the author's world- just they should explain it, or not use terms which cause confusion.

She's super oblivious. From dying in the first place because she had no clue people had a problem with her, to later when she heals someone from an impossible injury and decides to keep that disguise that had no advantage.

Speaking of which- she can do disguises! She's an 'expert' who doesn't think to cover her apparently unique eye color- how 'expert' is that?

She needs to know things. Apparently talking to people/reading books isn't even worth trying. Even (snicker) disguised... Better deal with the 'King of Hell' for info! Must be under the king of hell's thumb!

We won't even get into her lack of interest in her 'own' family situation, but desire to stay in it despite the fact it'll only cause her random, unexpected trouble.


Crap like that.

I'm not going to 'pick apart' the whole thing- just saying that some foundation logic is completely overlooked. Not saying things should go a different way, but between 'overlooking the obvious', and not 'justifying the chosen (apparently bad) decisions', this novel has more than a few issues with common sense.

All that said I kinda like it anyway, and want to know where it will go, but the 'King' and his antics and her weakness to it completely ruins it for me. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
This MC Is Kickass
November 6, 2017
Status: c72
Pretty good, but lots of issues.

The Good:

The MC is a likeable (though very cliche) character. Some of the plot developments are interesting, and the MMO personalities and conversations are somewhat plausible. This looks like it can go somewhere.

The Bad:

For major points:

  • The world canon has technical issues due to the author's laziness/lack of knowledge.
      • The VR technology is your boilerplate 'this is a magic coffin', and 'this is a magic motorcycle helmet' style tech that somehow allows smell, martial arts danger sense, localized pain response (with a default setting of 85%), and complete 'intended motion capture' to the degree of showing unintended blushing. I don't have a problem with this per se- but at least try to explain why the coffin is better than the helmet (since both seem to do the same thing with no noted difference).
        We won't get into the 'how' or the risks (if someone yanks of your headset what happens?) because that might make more unintended 'story'.

        Since most of the other authors this author's copying don't try either I'm not pretending (s) he's unique in being 'wrong'- just that it's part of the story & potentially important as it is the enabling vehicle. It would be like having a 'magic box' for transportation with nothing about fuel, inflatable wheels, signals/safety measures, rules of the road (or lack thereof), risks, laws & punishments- or even everyday conversation somehow being ok to leave out. Author, try a tiny bit harder.

      • I had an issue with 'The conveniently high level AI being present only in a game...' but that's been fixed in a way that seems reasonable- but is actually fairly ridiculous. Well- as a matter of scale and cost anyway. It was less troublesome as an unbelievably high-tech AI, but the change is reasonable (more or less).
    • The story is all pretty much a Mary Sue (author wish fulfillment OP character) story loaded with 'deus ex machina' (magical plot solutions mostly through instantly granted power or unpredictable but convenient twists). There are some reasonable attempts at justification sprinkled throughout, but even most of those are based on 'high luck' (to an illogical degree), and the flawed premise that there are enough well-hidden things for her to 'First!' stumble into (left behind by game designers because 'hidden' seems to mean balance/reasonable reward is unimportant).
        • The game supposedly has been around for a while, and the author doesn't seem to realize players will easily make ugly characters on a lark out of boredom (as well as do experiment to discover more hidden stuff).
        • On that note, people make alternate/mule/disposable characters as a matter of convenience/flexibility/boredom. (For example in WOW, some players will pay for two accounts just so they can play BOTH Alliance & Horde. I think you can actually have 11 characters per server & 50 per account (for all servers)).
          We won't even get into multiple people in a household/friends sharing a character, sock puppets, etc. (all variations of 'this could be someone else/many people).

          Now- I'm not saying this game works like WOW (there could be hardware limits which allow unique keys/personalized security) which would make account sharing impossible- just the author should explain so instead of assuming 'that character'='that person' is the only possibility.

          Anyway- many things not seen/explained here for 'reasons'.

    • Most people would have bailed on this described game ages ago (if it actually existed) if it really increases the level of difficulty on a whim, so that you're suddenly fighting a 'way outside of your level' monster as part of a quest you took- hidden or otherwise (unless of course it was the ONLY game of it's type- more info we don't know.

      Even the in story advertising described by the author doesn't clarify whether it's simple 'increase own market base' advertising, or if there's other games/competition. (I won't even get into the timesink of a death penalty apparently designed to make raids more irritating. I know you may be thinking 'Gamers aren't all that wimpy', to which I say these are pretty much mostly 'rich' gamers, and their view on investing time into something that randomly punishes is probably a bit less tolerant.

    • Don't get me started on the author's lack of knowledge in how experience/leveling works.

      If you're suddenly bumped up to L50 (via bullsh*t), you're not going to go to the 'beginner area' to grind- you won't get anywhere near enough XP to level (if any at all- L50 people killing L1 mobs do it for item drops if at all-- maybe to power level someone else if the game allows it). Now I know this game seems to have a high level cap (so maybe the level ranges are wider), but that doesn't change that L50 challenge should be nowhere near L30 challenge- and far beyond L1. It's possible I suppose, but that would make this game a ridiculous grindfest

    • The described contrast between the rewards of 'skill & effort' compared to the rewards of 'luck' makes it seem like anyone not creating a new character with as high luck as possible is just a masochist who wants to 'do it the hard way'. Seriously. reroll your character. Leveling a low luck character is like being happy you get less options/opportunities despite being a better player. It's dumb. Well, to be fair, the other known 'high luck' character doesn't seem to have benefited anywhere as significantly (though that could be a matter of degree (like an order of magnitude)). Eh... even the reason behind the bs is inconsistent. Whatever...
    • The characters being rich affects nothing except the author's ability to do more wish-fulfilment/bragging (which gets tiring for me). If you like people showing off while pretending to be humble, then this has a lot of that.

      I won't even get into the author not realizing the power abuse that happens (getting someone fired), or lying about their identity to their own guild member for no reason I can think of.

This starts as one thing (OP VRMMO 'ugly protag' conflict/advancement thing), and at some point turns into another (VRMMO as marginally unnecessary romance vehicle for pretty, rich people thing). Everyone might not appreciate the change.

Minor points:

    • After doing so many Major points, to go on might be petty. Let's just say there are many. I'll mention a ridiculous NPC 'quest condition' used as a forced plot point & leave it at that.

      Why would an NPC choose to demand someone get married? How could they control the information anyway? He could have just listened alone, then sent screen caps/told her himself- it's stupid. Now if it forced an un-sharable quest- that would be different, but we've seen none of those so far- no quest sharing/requirements at all actually.

      And there is the small issue of this information being supposedly super-important in regards to one of those 'stop the return to power of those bad guys'. Well- if it's someone 'not getting married' is worth risking the whole server over...

The different:

Not much tbh. Some of the situations & humor early on is allright, but eventually the story shifts focus and that tones down (at least for the 'forced romance arc' which is super forced cliche, and bland).

Overall, it starts out ok, looks like it has potential, then gets lazy. This is at Ch72- maybe it gets better again. Even so, I don't expect this will get better than 4 star quality since the author seems kind of unfocused/possibly lacking ideas- but I'd be happy to be wrong.
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This one is barely 3 stars.

This could easily be given the alternate title of 'I can pretty much take this plot anywhere by talking to myself in my head.'

Yeah, I know it sucks compared to it's actual alternate title- but judge for yourself which is more fitting...

... more>> The GOOD:

At this point my opinion on this has changed on what's 'good' about it- because it's mostly the hope that things for the MC will get better. The secondary characters aren't bad- slightly more than ciphers at this point and more or less likable in general. Yuel (though a strongly cliche character) is still endearing in her innocence and boilerplate instant loyalty.

Ah- doing 'the good' here. Focus....

The writer's potential isn't really seen until Ch16 at which point the plot develops considerably better events and interactions, which shows the potential for this novel getting much better- if only the MC evolves. (C58 so far- minor (inconsequential?) acknowledgement of wrong-thinking.)

The BAD:

The author's writing is twice as bulky as it needs to be, and is apparently some style that makes translators cringe due to it's difficulty to translate. Translated, the author uses the MCs internal monologue as a narration tool, equivocating, speculating, explaining away issues or rendering judgment via a messy 'point/counterpoint' examination. It's a bit tiresome actually as it literally takes up half the story- which is about half forced plot points. Actually, c41 is amazing in that it takes 200+ sentences to describe a surprisingly small amount of actual, near-inconsequential action. c42 will determine if it could be skipped entirely or not. (Pretty much could've been skipped)

Because the MC is a 'pervy healer' (this alternate title is not my creation), he gets to be involved in stupid situations most of which he created himself and (in his own head) escalates their seriousness. His behavior is that of a 'creepy' pervert- relating a past involving stalking, sexual harassment, and discounting treatment at his employer's expense in exchange for weak 2nd base-level favors. He's a selfish idiot.

He's another variety of 'dense protagonist'- but his issue is not that he can't see affection toward him, but that he clearly sees it, and second guesses/guards against it by reflexive deception due to seemingly noble principles or just plain responsibility avoidance. I should clarify before I give the wrong idea- he's not actually noble- he just wants people to think he is. He's _super_ concerned about what people think of him (when convenient to the plot anyway) - so he tries to look good in front of others as much as possible (plot willing). The way this comes off is slightly pretentious, but mostly as an author plot control. So, like a skilled sociopath, he lies frequently to control others (though I doubt that's the impression the author intends to deliver).

The plot is somewhat aimless- pretty much making it 'slice of life', though it's more the author can't focus in my opinion. When the author does have an objective, it's very obvious and forced, leading to exchanges that should be predictable, except the MC is too much of a tool to make 'normal human' choices.

He is ultimately portrayed as 'good natured perv', who is basically kind, despite being a creep. Most of the issues I have with this novel come from the writer's horrible world canon. He's (for no reason I can tell) a migrant, reborn in another world in an adult body. The story starts pretty much 3 months after the mystery event & no explanation has been given so far (Ch 58).

The world is a fantasy/dungeon dive community/Japanese culture aware creation- except there's legal slavery, prostitution, monster drop based s*x toys-- but the MCs main beef with the slave he bought and exploits for income is she's 'underage' (so far 'in his head'- dunno if the fantasy world agrees).

  1. Ah- for reference, in Japan the minimum age of consent is 13 for arranged marriages (18 otherwise). Not saying what he should do- just pointing out his concerns are (even for the author's home culture) not as big a deal as he repeatedly makes them for the sake of 'painful' plot complications.
Back to the world, it's very wireframe- the author has no real world canon. To date (C58), for his profession, 4 spells are mentioned (Heal, Dis-Poison, Ex-Heal, Area Heal). Not a lot of thought was given to 'how the world works', and a great deal is simply asserted to 'work this way' by the author to forward the plot. Somehow the fact that he can do cheat level heals is completely un-exploitable based on supposed prejudice, because no one cares about results? Makes no sense...


Especially since he was able to build a party with people who needed limbs regrown- entirely by his friends 'networking' for him. (I won't get into the illogically paltry showing of his 'bar side business'- because apparently, if you're poor & need healing- 'walking farther' isn't an option)


The Different:

I would say initially that he's a healer MC. Except he's pretty much just a perv who heals occasionally as a 'no-brainer migration cheat'. Pervert: every chapter, Healer 1/4 chapters tops. So what else is different? Not much. Even the ecchi is pretty much limited to his imagination, very rare breast groping, and a panty flash. There was that 3 chapter monster drop s*x toy acquisition arc (Ch 6-8), so I guess that's a 'different' thing.

As much as I blast this for it's issues, it _could_ go somewhere. It's not horrible, but quite a bit is irritating & even occasionally cringe-worthy. The MCs biggest enemy is himself, and that's painful to watch. Of course that seems to be the point, so I guess it's just me- but I think if he develops, it'll become something good.


I'm reading Ch36 like it could be a turning point- we'll see if it 'self-realization' of the character, or just 'self-aware' author trolling. (@Ch58now- it was trolling)


We'll see.

Update: Having read Ch 53, I'm pretty sure 'this is it'- and if the author was gonna try- he'd have by now. Ch 53 is an expositional nightmare wherein Yuel tries a thing (no spoilers), fails, then asks The MC to read a book to help with the thing- he starts to by getting distracted and reading some himself, decides not to read to her (for bs/coward reasons), and then luckily gets to answers the door.

That's it.

There's a tiny bit of dialog, sure- but then there's the remaining 96% which is the MC 'talking in his own head' (second guessing- speculating, etc.) to bulk out the story as if you're somehow fooled by it. Well- there is the general upshot that the MC is useless to be gained from all that- but you already knew that 2000 random useless speculations ago...

I would say 'Wait till it's fully translated' so at least you wouldn't have to wait- but the trans is currently actually only 20 chapters behind- so soon you'll be waiting for the author anyway (who'll pad his story with every random stray thought the protag has (most of which are worthless), and dragging every potential bit of plot over the coals to make sure it's done/dry/unpalatable).

Dropped a point to 2 stars. if it decides to find a direction again... Ah, I'm asking too much...

Ah! Back up to 3 stars- Ch 58 author reveals solid contributive plotting. I'm encouraged!

Let's hope for more progress (especially with the MCs character...) <<less
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Good friggin' grief.

It's not bad, but soooo plodding.


  • I guess it's kinda a 'reasonable-ish' attempt at a 'world becomes fantasy RPG' story.
The BAD:

  • Pacing is awful. first 10 chapters are detailed minutiae level rambling exposition and forced narrative/speculation.
  • Yet another 'this character sheet's development' story- only with way more discussion and analysis of the underlying rules. Seriously- half of the story is easily the character sheet & extended discussions about it/jobs/skills/more speculations, exposition, etc. discussions on potential. Friggin' walk-through on the 'underlying game' more than a novel about the MC.
  • MC is a coward. I swear so many Japanese writers make these 'I'm pretty powerful, but other people dying is not my problem' stories that it's just sad.

    This clown can literally drop major appliances and cars on enemies, but is still afraid to help others 'not die'- because they might ask him to join them or something. When you see more powerful monsters and organized monster groups- maybe you can consider a few allies may come in handy.

  • MC is an idiot. I know the writer thinks otherwise because of hack/tricks, but...

    when you walk to an SOS sign, see enemies, then turn tail... What did you think you'd find, jerk? You wasted your own time for nothing.

  • MC is a sociopath.

    By Ch 29 the MC finds out 'plain as day', that his conveniently hoarding everything in his cheat item box leaves others with nothing to survive with. Says valiant MC "But, clearly wiping the buildings clean was going too far. It was bound to attract undesirable attention.

    Though, I didn't feel like returning it either."

    Really, MC? You have so much, and you care that little? It's not even like they're bad guys- they took in refugees... well, whatever...

  • Plotting is shallow/convenient. MC speculates on a need? It'll show up soon. Also suffers from 'I prepared this earlier' disease...

  • Nothing. Rambling, boring MC?
Overall, 'wtf, author?'

Now, the story may go somewhere- but so far (15 chapters) he's done so little, a different author could cram al this in 2-3 chapter- easy. That said, Except for the pacing and apparent pointlessness so far, it's not bad-- but I wouldn't recommend it by any stretch...
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bloggbigg rated it
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
September 14, 2018
Status: c59
This is actually pretty good storytelling without a lot of that 'cohesive world cannon' or 'dynamic plotting'. I don't want to suggest there is no plotting- there is a framework and roster of characters which interact, etc- but for the most part it's undisguised pop-up events, and actually (for what this is) that's alright.


  • Reasonably interesting MC
  • Fast developing, somewhat interesting plotting.
  • Lots of action, challenges, cliffhangers, and 'surprising' resolutions... kinda
  • A bit of mystery which is actually semi-justified.
The BAD:

  • So much deus ex machina, plot armor & forced plotting. The structure of the surrounding story vehicle 'excuses' it, but it's still there. Some implementations are actually 'clever', but mostly, it's 'magic'.
  • Plot puppet characters abound. To be fair, a slight amount of attention is given to some characters in developing their personalities- but don't expect too much, or anything but factors convenient to the plot/current scenario.
  • The story framework (foreknowledge via time travel, magical development, influencable magical beings, earnable, spendable 'points', magical auction, etc) is pretty much a (rehashed) farce which is a lazy writer's dream of 'anything can be enabled' pseudo-legitimately.
  • Lots of mystery which is really 'only you, the reader don't have a clue' (the MC knows all).
  • The occasional interjection of retcon 'convenient knowledge', and 'pseudo politics' of behind the scenes characters or history. All of it is 'on demand' & used to justify the immediate plot.

  • I don't know if (at this point) 'Calamity as televised entertainment' should be considered 'different'- but it's not a frequent story focus, so for those that like this infrequent theme, 'here you go'.
All in all, it'll depend on your taste if you find this likeable, but I think in most cases it'll still pass as interesting.
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bloggbigg rated it
September 13, 2018
Status: c8
This is a novel with a potentially interesting premise, as we 'stay tuned in' to see where the author is going with this idea.


  • Author's comments and side characterizations are often somewhat amusing.
  • Plot seems to be developing well (if slowly) so far. [Ed: 10 chapters and nothing's happening. : (]
  • There does seem to be at least one subplot.
The BAD:

  • Author's comments and side characterizations are sometimes somewhat irritating.
  • Author-san is an 'exposition' author, forcing 'about this' into places it doesn't really fit.
    • Spoiler

      Why the hell would the MC (a shy hunter in a small village) know about lens curvature? Making him able to read & write is probably already pushing it for a hunter. (c4?)

  • Author-san is a 'speculative narration' author, forcing views of the world on the reader via character thoughts & bias, resulting in both intentionally deceptive writing and intentionally presumptive characters.
    • Spoiler

      almost 1/4 of c6 is the MC assuming things of convenience, and forcibly denying what they're told- despite the basics of 'you don't know- that's why you're asking...'.

  • Author-san likes to write weak schtick
    • Spoiler

      The repeated bit about the MC purposefully (and rudely) ignoring people gets old, fast. Also running away from people like they are a 'threat' just for wanting a conversation.. really?

  • The MC assumes way too many things about people- especially based on his limited life experience. This is really so the author can comment on or against it, but it's a little irritating.
    • Spoiler

      Especially when the MC comments on a guard purposefully ignoring people, then promptly does it himself. C'mon- seriously? (C5)


  • 'Making glasses' is a power? Whut?
    • Spoiler

      Oh, 'Hello, Identify-san. No, you weren't unexpected... (c6) ' (surprise- obfuscated/still unconfirmed by c8)

  • World building is a bit iffy- we'll see where it goes.
    • Spoiler

      There is an quietly unspoken aspect of 'skills' vs 'powers' overlooked in the MCs abilities vs the supposed world canon. MC both has stealth and hunter focus/skills (in addition to 'megane'), while others appear to be defined by their gifted power. This clearly isn't so- but the narrative so far is yet to clarify 'how things actually work'. I'm going on 'MC misunderstands things' for now, but t's really (I think) author hasn't worked it all out.

Anyway, as little as there is so far, it's at least different. Dunno if the author actually has a proper plan and can carry the premise convincingly, but other than a few bad habits, the author does have some skill- so I guess we'll see.

10 chapters later, and I give up. The latest chapter makes me feel like I'm listening to someone intent on telling me things without the slightest regard as to whether or not I'm interested. I don't know

what the author thinks they are doing, but to me it's just more 'and another thing happened'- and even worse, the MC is even annoyed by it!

Sorry, MC- face your petty demons on your own...

Anyway, hope I'm wrong, but I fear this author's already out of steam... : (
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bloggbigg rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
February 14, 2018
Status: c118
Pretty much like most reviewers, I agree this started out with lots of potential, which the author wasted. So disappointing to see not just lost opportunity, but the introduction of so many pointless and badly injected subplots.

    • Time wasting, flawless empire building? Check.
    • Awkward harem addition? In progress.
    • Cliche zealous, stupid enemies? Check.
    • Awkward 'undercover' arc? (as if he weren't hiding enough) Check.
To be honest, the story was pretty forced and Deus ex machina to begin with- but at least it was doing something different. I was looking forward to each chapter. Instead of sticking with that and expanding on it... Well, let's just say this is now a different story, and many seem to no longer care.


Also, I don't see why, but this is yet another author who intentionally makes the MC a petty jerk for no reason- which is fine, but to write everyone else as 'happy to put up with it' (like all the other hack writers) is tiresome and unoriginal. He's even actively mean to one 'harem candidate' just to hide his stupid secret (which, if exposed would change nothing most likely (as he already revealed one secret so far & we've move past it with zero side effects) -- but hack authors like 'hiding the hidden power' (or whatever).

I'm not saying he should just show it off- just not act like 'burning people' is preferable to 'trusting them' when they didn't do sh*t to you but be nice (ch 129 is irritating). It wouldn't be a stretch to say he lowered her morale & helped endanger her life. For nothing.

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bloggbigg rated it
I Reincarnated For Nothing
September 14, 2018
Status: c107
This is a fairly entertaining, OP, deus ex quest chain of semi-random pop-up events all resolved with overwhelming efficiency.


  • It's occasionally clever.
  • It's well-written, and interesting. Some arcs drag on, but overall, it generally maintains the curiosity of 'where will this go...'
  • The characters (though cliches) are ok.
  • Some of the interactions (though cliches) are amusing/cute.
  • Frequent attempts at humor, sometimes successful.
The BAD:

  • It's very plot-armored and (mostly) predictable.
  • So OP. Not even a hint of real threat- or at least one that could pierce the thick plot armor.
  • Very forced plot- the writing is at a high enough level that it may no be noticeable, but there is very little suspense, and all rewards are excessive.
  • MC is another beta-male, though he's not 'dense' & instead de-prioritizes (I guess) relationship complications He's also got unrealistic views & standards considering his background (sexist, Japanese views in a reincarnated demon) - but 'whatever'.
  • Faux harem. All females will fawn/fight ove MC & think of very little else unrelated to their future relationship to him or how current actions/others may interfere with those desires. No- seriously- everybody wants him & he mostly can't be bothered.
  • Random people chime in with conveniently scripted commentary all the time. This is presented as a point of humor, but happens too frequently to not be nonsense after a while.
The Different:

  • Nothing really. I guess that the writing is as good as it is for an 'on-rails' OP hero 'fantasy-fest'. I will give the author some credit for being able to maintain some sense of 'challenge' despite the increasingly OP party level. It's not an aspect of 'real threat', but does continue to allow the implementation of 'clever' solves (so far).
Overall it's an acceptable read, recommended for those who like OP protags. I'd generally peg this as 'good writing' (competence/skill) in spite of the boilerplate/cliched plotting/structure. Another case of 'We'll see if the author can keep it up'.
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bloggbigg rated it
Shut-in Magician
May 9, 2018
Status: c39
You can think of this as 'Showcasing a generic main character's life, while expected Fantasy things happen sometimes'. There's a lot of explaining various things, and telling the reader conclusions about interactions instead of- you know, having them be exposed via storytelling.


  • It's not bad. Another quiet, slice-of-life-like, OP (but lazy) protag thing.
The BAD:

  • Lots of infodumps.
  • Occasionally inconsistent story telling. The MC's origin story influences the main story only as an excuse for random justifications. Won't even get into the 'forced on MC' cheats.
  • Another 'coincidentally this good thing happens' story. (that makes a better title somehow.)

    Maybe 'Incidentally- I can do this awesome thing too?'


  • The premise (an old man dies in his sleep and is reborn as a youth in a fantasy world) sounded interesting- but so much other crap is jammed in, the main idea _would_ be overshadowed- but 'no worries', the author pretty much plays the renewed MC as if he wasn't originally old anyway! (except for a few excuse level lines here & there about his behavior).
  • Title is highly misleading- maybe something will happen later? (I doubt it, though)
  • Every so often there will be a bit of 'This is somehow of concern to the author', where he will explain someone's motivation/attitude (etc.) and justify things. Also ideas and habits from modern day/Japan are jammed in at places which seem weird at times, and are clearly given little thought at others.

    The author explains how 'people finding things become the new owners' as normal practice- which is contrary to Japan's inherent respect for other's property (keeping a 'found' thing in Japan is called 'theft by finding') - on the other hand, just pretending 'anything you find is instantly yours'

    works (and will never cause problems) is pretty short-sighted. I know much of the real world 'kinda' works like this- but imagine smaller communities, with more unique hand made, identifiable, personal (& magical) items. Then add bandits raiding things/thieves/ (magic to steal?), and finally, people who can kill with magic/weapons...

    "I found that- really!" suddenly becomes less of an 'absolute', and likely to get you killed if not careful, because the thing you 'found' is clearly someone else's.

Finally, the translation is a touch 'off'- nothing unreadable (mostly a few 'ill fitting' words and inaccurate tenses & the like) - the translator is apparently not a native English speaker, but does an acceptable job.
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bloggbigg rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c337
It's not bad. I suspect how much you like it will depend on your attention & tolerances.


It's mostly interesting. Some of the attempts at plot twists or humor work well enough.

The BAD:

    1. Before you go and invest in 300+ chapters...

      The ending is pretty borderline bad- 'BAD END' style bad mind you. It starts out and builds up as a story of hope, but then the author decides to muddy it up till it's a far-from-profound tale of selfishness, hypocrisy, and quiet betrayal (At one point the MC intentionally lets his allies die to further his future plans on 'balance'). Also, the ending is a 'pull out your a$$' deus ex nigtmare- laden with fanboi level actions and events.

      1. mana-restriction ignoring super-magic
      2. 'celebrity' appearances and expected 'snappy banter'
      3. the final reveal of the long awaited (but predictable) bs 'twist'
      4. and a whole slew of 'If you could do that, why wait till now- people have died?' It's pretty disappointing, but if you stuck with it that far- maybe you won't notice? The author's hoping so anyways...
  1. Hypocrisy?- much.

    Yeah- there's a lot of double standards in this. Pretty sure the author is half trolling or just doesn't give a ***. Possibly too dumb to notice himself, though- who knows? Mostly seems like he's lampshading for effect- pointing out the hypocrisy to make a point about war- other times... it just seems dumb.

  2. Harem?

    This is a faux harem. That means that for the most part, the 'dense protagonist'/herbivore schtick is going to be abused. Not really a spoiler exactly- but I don't want to hear anything from people cause I 'ruined it'.

    1. Did you come for the 'harem'? Well:

      Sorry to say the author is trolling you/snubbing your desire intentionally. There's even a scene where one of the girls is snuck/forced into his room under the pretext of... well, doesn't matter- the next sentence jumps to the next day totally overlooking the incident nor giving any explanation. Ah- but they do all kiss because of a convenient need due to a skill- and because the author hates you, describing each kiss/the awkwardness/situation is pretty much skipped just to say that it's done. Harem bait is just for suckers- it's a faux harem up to the epilogue at least (A few 'extra' chapters left now...).

  3. Story/Plotting/Pacing/Tone:: There isn't much exceptional here. If you take any basic 'OP protagonist has to find his way' story, you'll see a lot in common. In fact, the story structure is almost 'ripped off RPG plot arc of the week' only spanning a few volumes at a time, strung together into one supposedly 'epic' form. If you pay attention you'l realize this is another 'made up as the author went along' story, (though with some actual advance planning) - where the author ret-cons/ignores prior developments in favor of newer plot directions.

    1. An endurance match of a read. I don't mean size- more an issue of maintaining interest throughout due to problems with degrading characters, creeping plot treachery & minimally interesting side-plots/'twists'.
    2. I won't even go into the totally self-serving (& actually illogical) reasons innocents have to be dragged into/die for his crazy family BS/random goals. Ah, a lot of innocents die in this for grittiness/'dramatic effect'.
    3. Changes tone about 1/2 way through from 'protag has to get stronger to fight OP villain' into 'politics', 'empire building' & 'the world sure can be dirty, huh?' for flimsy reasons at unwelcome/plot-compromising parts.
    4. The already muddy 'black & white (Good vs Evil) ' story turned 'grey' (Life isn't so simple, hero) turns into 'Most people are sh*tty deep down' about 3/5 the way through.
    5. So much muddy plotting/development.

      The villain is OP. WAY OP. You know how he MC plans to defeat them? 'Get stronger'. I know that seems like a re****ed spoiler- but you'll read hundreds of chapters & see that's pretty much it. This sounds like it's not an issue except for the glaring gap in power which appears unapproachable through 'Goku' effort alone. c240 & NO HINT of how to counter ANY aspect of their OP abilities. (That's actually incorrect- there's one hint they found in a dungeon (ignored- too much effort apparently) & the other is right there, but he denies it (because name is in all caps maybe?). In all other respects, he's just 'going through the motions'.)

    6. So many cliches, actions & events- not even an issue of 'what's stolen', more an issue of 'is something NOT?'. Even so, I will concede it's a somewhat interesting jumble nonetheless.
    7. Plot points develop slowly. Lots of deviations. Many 'secrets' are maintained due to forced 'no interest by the MC'- even when told to investigate by others he trusts. As the plot progresses you learn enough to reasonably think 'no way in hell' could someone not NOTICE/figure these things out/make a tiny bit of effort.
      1. I won't even get into the willfully ignorant, and remarkably scripted treatment of the relationship between Lyle & Novem & their utterly stupid 'secret-keeping' (read 'the author too that long to decide').
      2. These secrets (when finally revealed) turn out to be partially predictable, plot-convenient nonsense (usually barely indicated/unsupported by the bulk of the story).
  4. Characters:
    1. I won't get into the (green & blue, etc) haired, red, violet (& whatever) eyed anime-envisioned characters that are clearly ripped off stereotypes. It reads as unnatural unless you're accustomed to that mindset (I guess) - but 'whatever'- not a huge point.
    2. The MC is an idiot (written as 'clever'), but also intentionally hobbled by the author to not learn or grow 'because plot'. In fact, comparing the starting character's behavior, and the ending- except for the change in power, there's actually little change (though you're constantly told otherwise).
    3. Too many main 'characters' (no proper focus), most of whom are beyond unoriginal, mostly being stereotypes- and a few who have names too similar to others (and a few of those probably on purpose- not that it helps the story).
    4. Like a character? They'll be pretty much forgotten for random stretches (or it'll seem like it). Can't be helped with SO MANY.
    5. The faux harem in particular is really excessive, grows without effort, and maintains for no reason, as no one is averse to sharing in light of the MCs supposed awesomeness (though it's primarily neglect or fickleness that's displayed). Just like real people...
    6. A few 'numbered', mostly unlikable characters get as much time & influence as most of the 'active' characters combined. Actually, the number of intentionally 'designed as unlikable' characters is quite high, and includes the MC & most of the harem.
  5. World design/canon: Technological encroachment in fantasy world (many futuristic devices injected). Way to much out-of-context otaku-power nonsense.

    1. Japan/moe culture injected quite often (though 'no one' gets it- so 'inside joke'.)
    2. Won't get into how they go from 'the difficult to work magic of manipulating 'puppet golems' ' to 'being informed and competent enough to 'improve overall design specs' of lost technology'- but research is 'deus ex' magic here- so I guess it's ok.
    3. Writing is so lazy that unobtainium (here called 'rare materials') is actually a thing. Repeatedly. Seriously- how much trouble is it to name your rare materials?
    4. Portrayed 'power levels' compared to 'performed actions' are frequently inconsistent. In particular the supposedly impressive power levels of side characters is often overlooked- or at least (apparently) countered by less-than- notable opponents.
    5. The nature of undead/puppets changes by an order of magnitude as is convenient to the needs of the author. The degree to which the undead are exploited/redefined in this saga is ridiculous.
    6. What 'The goddesses' are & how they fit into the world are left (for the most part) unexplained.

      What is clear is that except for the bad ones, the rest don't seem to care. No 'gods' (male) apparently.

The Different:

This actually does a bit different in the way it observes and comments on issues of 'ethics vs intent' (here mostly 'doing 'bad' things for 'good' reasons'). Well- 'tries to', really. It's an interesting attempt, but not done very well and at the sacrifice of many other story aspects (mainly in trying to 'enlighten' while overlooking foundation issues in it's own construction, and the deep amount of hypocrisy/BS casually written in). I kind of want to give credit for trying- but the execution is so ham-handed and short-sighted that it undermines it's own worth.
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bloggbigg rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
August 30, 2017
Status: v46c4
This was a tough one to rate.

I like it, but there's a lot to dislike to be honest.

I guess if I had to describe it, this would be an event based novel documenting the development of a fictional nation and the character that reluctantly helps develop it. That's not what it's supposed to be about, but it really more works that way in the end. Yeah, it's also about a certain OP protag as well. How unique...

... more>> The Good:
Lots of interesting situations and interactions. Some humor.

The Bad:
MC is dense protagonist savior wrapped in ill-fitting 'vicious money grubber' skin. Tragically, he learns nothing nor is really challenged (or even questioned) by anyone for his bad attitude/actions.
Characters are all shallow, mostly caricatures who additionally see almost no development, choosing instead to mindlessly follow his lead with token reluctance.
Lots of 'coincidentally that happened', 'somehow things work out' & deus ex machina plotting.
Plot is so focused on the MC, that significant oversights regarding the rest of the world occur frequently. It also seems no one can do anything right without the MC- or at least others don't exist till the chapter where the author remembers them...

The Different:
For some reason a surprising number of authors want to write novels with heroes who do heroic things, but are actually 'totally not heroes' due to 'really being selfish' (or whatever- 'vengeful' is quite popular too). I give this author some credit because a fair amount of his character's created mentality fits the desired mold. Even so, a whole lot more doesn't- and considering how smart the MC supposedly is, him trying to do selfish things which obviously wouldn't work- only to be undermined by 'unavoidable plot complications' -- I don't get why it's so important to even try. Well, magically it works out anyway...
That said, the idea of a 'cash poor protagonist who wants to do anything to raise his sister' is initially established pretty well- it just fails in so many other places as the author forces so many events and situations which water down that bond. As important as the sister supposedly is, she is almost always little more than a prop for his motivation, some minor plot point or what she can do for him.

There's a lot to be said about things happening after v30, and while approaching the endgame- where all sorts of things that should have more impact are hastily changed (almost as an afterthought).

The initial money lenders being pretty much written out.
Weeds hastily accelerated & assisted romance.
Bardray's sudden & ridiculously easy path to stat increases.

I won't even get into the 'real world' over-the-top, disastrous in concept nonsense regarding super-advanced tech and the prizes to be given to the uniter of the continent (regardless of personality, suitability, or methods used) which looms in the background while they fight out comparatively petty VR issues.

Yup- other than being able to make money/fame/relationships- everything else is in the game (for now).

Anyway, as much as I have to say about it's issues- it's still quite entertaining. The MC is a jerk, but the story is pretty good- at least till v30, where a lot of things are 'jammed in'/rushed, and overall is not quite as good, but still workable.


We won't even go into his class change, which seems more 'author forced' than 'character chosen'. It's 'barely' logical considering the character's supposed stated purpose. I also seem to remember there being an excavator class which would be both better suited for that purpose & draw less wrath from the gods...


Still, it's worth keeping up with. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
Apocalypse Hunter
December 21, 2017
Status: c33
Not horrible, but lacking. I wanted to like this, but it's both unfocused, and has a very sloppy world design. All the bs the author crams into the MCs supposed world view/justifications becomes tiresome as well.

Post apocalyptic... thing. I don't want to give it too much credit- It's kind of a 'Black Bullet' variant, only not as well though out.

The BAD:
Lots of prejudice. In fact, that's the MC's 'raison d'etre'.
Lots of forced exposition through speculation.
Another 'why don't people use phones (or whatever- seriously- there's cyborg... more>> repairing tech, but no vidcom?)
Story proves it's 'hardcore' by killing off likable characters.
Another 'not a white night' story- which instead has an unthinking sociopath (except for when inconvenient to plot) for am MC.
MC is very 'when he gives a sh!t' (and he usually doesn't)
Everyone conveniently stupid. When the MC lectures someone who should be intimately familiar with a system- when he probably hasn't been updated in years (if not decades) - you know the author will do anything to make the MC seem competent.

The Different:
Nothing really. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha
July 10, 2017
Status: c5
There are only 5 chapters of this translated, and honestly I can see why. The translation, though not bad, is lacking. This novel seems to want to explain nuances of ethics and relationships in some context which seems to be beyond the translator's ability to put into English well.

The Good:
The basic idea.

The Bad:
The pace is plodding, and the writing has lots of extraneous fluff. It has an idea, and goes nowhere with it.
The MC is pretty much a placeholder for any 'Hero' MC. Except dumber (according to... more>> himself anyway).
The ero bit starts unexpectedly, and is pretty lacking IMO. Apparently it's the actual purpose of the novel, as it's all of CH5.
So far, anything the author has spent time on (events, explanations) are either inconsequential, or 'important' because you're 'explained to' how important they are.

The Different:
Not much, really. Just a collection of random 'slightly different' ideas forced into your standard 'Post Demon King Slaying'/'Treacherous Nobility' setting.

It was stalled @ ch5 for more than a year wen I wrote this, and not only do I not care there isn't more, I doubt anyone will pick this up (except maybe for the ero?). From the illustrations it seems this will become a harem- that's rare, right? :P

Anyway- not bad, but not recommended. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
Ore no Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri (WN)
September 14, 2018
Status: c40
Yet another 'middle of the road' isekai.


  • More-or-less likable OP protag.
  • Fairly solid writing
  • Somewhat interesting plotting so far. Nothing special, but it's ok. Cliche events, but told fairly well.
The BAD:

  • Fairly cliche characters.
  • Classically selfish 'non-interference except when I want' MC motivation.

    MC defeats like 20 assassins & is asked to help the main town his village pays taxes to, because it would be bad for everyone if the obviously evil plot succeeds. Now- without being a 'hero'- he's already done quite a bit (unpaid) on a whim, and things going bad would eventually affect him anyway... so... he chooses to refuse, because as 'smart' as he is, you help only those within arms's reach- everyone else is on their own.

  • Slow pacing
  • Convenient plotting
  • Convenient 'magical' tech implementation.

    Most of his 'developed tech has a footnote in that only that one blacksmith could possibly re-make this (for reasons).


  • Nothing, really.
Overall, the strong point here is that there is some character development, and apparent intent to maintain a focus on city/world building.
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bloggbigg rated it
Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
November 16, 2017
Status: c75
I wanted to rate this higher, but I don't want others to be too hopeful about it since it starts out pretty good, then shortly goes downhill...

It starts out with an acceptable divergence from the usual transmigrator start- to lead a bunch of outcasts & begin by farming! Well, it's not super unique- but it's different enough to be hopeful, right? The writing is acceptably good, & the future is hopeful for our struggling underdogs...

The BAD:
Yeah, well- the author is an exposition and Deux Ex Machina (magical/convenient... more>> plot advancement/resolution) abuser. Quickly the story starts to 'fit' the template of most any other cliche world- building story- except for the trade-off in reduced character growth and diminished plot quality. It becomes almost less of a story and more a log of speculative exposition & forced changes to justify the increasingly contrived plot. c76 is literally a step from being 'chat logs' from all the political nations in the area.


By Ch 74 we see a name-dropped (& gender-swapped) 'Merlin' who seems to fill the now important role of cliche 'selfish, powerful, well-informed, potentially world-destroying-in-pursuit-of-her-goals' villain. Really? And of all the territories, she's of course of course been eyeing the MC & his tiny region. Whatever.


Nothing. The story's increasing distance from the reader is a first, so there's that. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero’s
September 14, 2018
Status: c10
Yet another 'summoned to be a hero in another world with a twist' story

The Good:

  • The MC seems pretty sharp (though still cliche 'borderline amoral/selfish').
The BAD:

  • The prologue is pretty bad.
  • The pacing is pretty drag-ass
  • The 'villains' are conveniently overconfident (pathetic).

  • Nothing really.
Overall? Wait & see- nothing exceptional so far, but I'm not particularly encouraged yet.
Just as a side- note, there is a manga for this, and though only 2 chapters are out, it is paced differently (faster), and already beyond the prologue & 10 chapters of novel translated so far.
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bloggbigg rated it
Release that Witch
October 27, 2017
Status: c502
This is pretty much one of the best things going.

Seriously- read it.

I read the few reviews that were 2 starts (none less so far) & so should you. In particular look for:

    • Heavy bias, name calling, unreasonable complaints/unfair expectations.
    • Real world political opinions not fulfilled in this fantasy story.
    • Early reviews made before the plot develops.
    • Complaints that the author/main character is 'too smart'
    • Complaints about the translation quality as if that reflected the actual work.
    • (and who knows what else later)
I'm not saying this is perfect/best, or that they might not have an actual point here or there- I'm just saying even if you somehow don't like it, it's damn solid writing.

The good:

It's well thought out & quite enjoyable.

The plotting is good. There is some scene switching which is sometimes unwanted as you're engaged with current characters- but the story develops in many different locations, and it's interesting even after you're mad it changed.

The characters develop pretty well. They also don't do game leveling or interfaced number ratings or any of that game-based stuff. All the characters have personalities, and a few experience some reasonable advancement. A few are close to caricatures, but many are acceptably personable.

This story is pretty much dual nature, with survival/nation building being one part, and character interactions/development being the other. What makes it unique is how the MC chooses to develop in the face of ever changing aggression from many unreasonable parties, who's aspirations go from simple greed to conquest of the nation to the unfathomable. Even so, it manages quite often to be conversations in a living room or office where people grow closer, as well as some heroic conflict against fearsome beasts or in some remote, snow covered area- and everything is potentially interesting.

The Bad:

It's being translated currently & ongoing- which means when you catch up to the translator, he's waiting on the author.

Some of the characters are pretty OP. Most authors can't handle high power scales without breaking their own stories, so this can be a concern. I suspect with this author it won't be an issue- but we'll see.

'Unwelcome' scene changes/cliffhangers- this is more an issue when you're waiting for translation, since these make you wait longer for your eagerly anticipated 'next part'. As mentioned before, they aren't really an issue otherwise.

A few interesting characters seem to 'disappear' for extended periods. This is really an issue of their being more interesting than the story needs, and there being quite a few characters as well. We'll see if they get more 'quality time' later. For me this was Kyle and Agatha.

The different:

Author apparently knows his science or how to research things (or both). Leading to a fairly solid world canon & apparently planned/non-deus ex plotting. This shouldn't be 'different', but most stories start out with a few good idea to last a few chapters & the rest is made up as they go along, giving diminishing returns.
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bloggbigg rated it
The Strategy to Become Good at Magic
April 23, 2017
Status: c4
I didn't get very far, tbh.

This is definitely one of those 'author style' issues. The author thinks lots of things are cool that really aren't, and it influences the already bland storytelling. I can't help but think this author couldn't have anything good to say, and though I'd love to invest in being wrong about that, the story seriously made me want to sleep.

The MC is a total jerk.

The MC is op, but stupid & quick to blame. This is 'humor' here as well. Yet another 'conveniently game-like' world. Infant... more>> animal comprehends language fine, signals appropriately, and is arguably smarter than the MC immediately.

If there was a plot- I couldn't tell, but even overlooking the molasses slow pace, it held no interest for me. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
July 9, 2018
Status: c400
Only partially done, but 366 chapters in I think I have a pretty good feel for this...

The Good:

  • Not another 'white knight hero' adventure
  • MC not OP
The Bad:

  • MC is a selfish, hypocritical, rationalizing, cowardly, pathological liar of a sociopath with a persecution complex. (I wish I were making this up). Oh, and no compassion, appreciation or loyalty.
  • Most characters are some aspect of sh*tty to justify the MCs (still ridiculous) action/nature. Those that are not are lied to, cheated, insulted, bullied, ignored, mercilessly killed (or allowed to die), are forgotten. Often a combination of more than one.
  • The MC is depicted as 'smart', but is actually just 'author justified via outcome' (ie- eventually 'right'- even if decision flawed). Additionally, others do dumb things often to make him 'look smart' in comparison. He also displays contempt for almost everyone despite not being that great, or by having recently elevated to being over them (and of course forgetting how he felt being mistreated before).
  • Plot armor is thick with this one, as much 'luck' drives the story. Another manifestation of 'easy progress' is when the MC suddenly has things he 'prepared earlier' (but didn't actually happen till 'retcon'ed in) into his possession. (*Retcon=RETroactive CONtinuity: when you are updated that 'it was actually/always this way' in the past)
  • Overall this story is pop-up events, 'bad situation of the week' style. Overall there is no growing, driven plot- instead you'll see 'Overcoming Location A' as the first main arc (to around 350), and (presumably) 'Overcoming Location B/Return to Location A' (possibly) as the second.
  • This thing is huge (2400+ chapters), and I can't say it's all 'worth it' (if the bit I've read is any indicator).
  • Most aspects of plot are both forced, and (overall) inconsequential. Many plot elements are suddenly dropped, then sometimes reintroduced hundreds of chapters later via 'extraordinary luck' (ie- happen to bump into a character from before after changing towns).
  • The class-based discrimination is plentiful in this one, and the MC adopts to it like a fish to water-- mostly ignoring people (and their consequential fate from his action or inaction) due to his high level of contempt... but, remember- 'not a white knight' story.
  • The author's sense of romance is disappointing. This is coming from someone who doesn't 'ship' and mostly could are less- but does expect the author to at least do more than 'brush up against' realistic human emotions/desires'. Well, MC is a sociopath, so... (*ship= 'relationSHP: where readers argue the pros & cons of potential mates for MC, and who they think should pair as 'best girl')
The Different:

  • Other than plot armor (mostly undeserved lucky breaks), MC is slightly above average at best.
  • If you're wondering about the 'undeserved lucky breaks':
    • MC's relative randomly sponsors his magic test due to luckily working there/having connections. Lucky!
    • MC has magic- nothing notable, but lucks into an elite master, getting taught to raise herbs, make pills and cultivate an esoteric, 'intelligence-increasing' art. Lucky!
    • Literally stumbles over something while at masters private, closed off area... turns out it's a magic item no one lost or will ever look for. Lucky!
    • MC makes item a charm (pouch in bag around neck) & forgets item's questionable nature. (seemingly not lucky here, just stupid- but gets away with it despite being a disciple of a guy planning to possess his body, so Lucky!)
    • An unrelated thing happens, making MC remember item.
    • MC starts inhuman animal trials with magic item liquid (Luckily both knowing about 'experimentation' & not just drinking it like a potion, nor spilling the super-potent stuff on himself, ever). Triple Lucky!
    • MC slightly later luckily breaks something mysterious liquid is in spilling it on some herbs, allowing him to discover the remarkable nature of the magic item no one seemingly knows exists or wrote about anywhere. Lucky!
    • Guy who taught him herbs never notices the better quality of the garden somehow- despite watching him, needing his body & suspecting him of knowing he's been seen through (& possibly knowing the art he gave him should be making him smarter). Super Lucky!
    • 'Much extra' & 'ridiculously more potent' herbs let him cultivate faster! Win!
    • Way more- but you'll have to read yourself...
  • MC is a pretty weaselly character, which is fairly obvious to anyone (though surprisingly many readers empathize & make excuses for his behavior).
  • MCs effect on the world overall is actually minimal or negative (to date- ch 400).
  • Plot seemingly designed to go nowhere, making MC a 'normal' in relation to aspects of 'the fate of the world'
I started this due to the great rep this had & the teaser from the 3d computer generated movie soon to come out.

"Why not?" I think, then give it a try...

I'm guessing the 'anti-hero' nature sells it? I dunno...

Despite the many issues, It's actually not bad (I'll finish it), but it's honestly not very good either- at least not as good as some might lead you to believe. It is still interesting and I can see others finding it more enjoyable than I do, so you may have to try it yourself & see.

Ultimately, you're watching the MCs development, and (to a lesser degree) learning about the world the MC is in (though unfortunately framed by the MC's needs and huge antisocial bias). People and interactions/relationships kinda happen, but mostly it's a story of 'Han's cultivation & the things that get in the way of it'.

Seriously- that's 80% of it right there, and the rest ties into that somehow, has to do with Han needing to be safe (or... No- That's probably it.). There are a few slightly imaginative ideas in there about a few things that are normally done a different way- but nothing really notable so far.

Anyway- Maybe it's what you'll like- but at least you know better what you're getting into. Well, the 1st 1/6th anyway. Around 1/3 is translated so far.

Good Luck if you give it a go!
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bloggbigg rated it
Green Skin
February 13, 2018
Status: c82
As much as everyone says, 'this is pretty average'- it is. That said I rated down for a few reasons:

  • The story itself gets more and more mediocre as it progresses.
  • Every original purpose given is dropped/sidelined.
  • There seems to be no logic or point to his raceswap/timejump, other than to force the story. I'm not saying there needs to be one- but the game-like setting implies it should be somehow part of that apparently godlike 'design'.
  • All females are depicted as either 'fodder' or 'potential harem member'- in at least one case, both.
  • So many 'just for shock value' depictions- all blatantly bs/illogical.
For a 'made up as you go along' story, it started out ok & looked like it would get better- but by ch 80 you'll be struggling to care anymore as the... more>> 'clan building' is just 'narrated junk that happens', and the MC is just 'a guy in charge without a real goal/plan', despite the fact everyone kisses his butt and praises his supposed genius. You'd think the other clan leaders never saw a strong young'un before... <<less
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