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When A Mage Revolts
October 30, 2017
Status: c190
I am only writing this review to clap back at some of the ridiculous expectations people have for these novels. I consider most of these to be random stories that are slightly better than fan fiction. I come for the creativity not for the great literary devices. This is especially true for web novels to me, because they all seem somewhat cliche and biting off each other. With that said let's get to the clapping.

I always read reviews before I check out a novel one of the main things people... more>> did not like was the useless system and that it wasn't funny but he kept being mentioned and the dialogue between them and yatta yatta. Well first off all

the system becomes way quieter after michelle dies and some time even before that


And to the person who wrote a review giving this web novel 1 star from below me is absolutely too picky to be reading web novels. I agree that the humor could be better but I did get some good laughs out of this

particularly the pan incident with the fulner boy

, hence why they believed in witches, hence why the church in this novel can fool so many people so easily.

The whole theme is you bring someone regular from our generation put them in the middle ages and they become the smartest frickin person ever to have lived during that time! Not to mention add real magic to it and boom you got yourself a nice fantasy cocktail of a regular guy who transmigrated and is suddenly a genius! Which is what almost every other webnovel will do so suck it up hon.

I am just saying you guys should give this book some more credit than 1 star because #1 it actually did have some laughs so don't say it wasn't funny at all it made me smile every now and then, this isn't stand up I am not expecting to laugh at every page or gag. #2 this novel actually played on something different not only is the character transmigrated and not considered a genius but he also displays his stupidity like any other NORMAL guy by trying to be super amazing if you found out you could possible use magic wouldn't you be excited to see something like that? Even if it was dangerous you already died once how bad could it be to take that risk? #3 the psychology aspect could easily be missed. I say if the author does not directly tell you something, you should imply it from the characters actions. I do not think the previous reader was a very imaginative fellow because if he was he would have seen that almost every step of the way MC would always panic first when trouble came and then think things through after panicing. He had an acute paranoia [for good reason though] which ended up making him get caught at some point so I would say his mental state isn't well? Not to mention

I think he did die at least twice during those first couple chapter in captivity cause he had that "dream" which never shows up again by the way after his stint with michelle

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