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I Refuse to be a Supporting Character
January 6, 2019
Status: c25
Another modern novel I was expecting to be somewhat better than most. Usually, I'm not too demanding of these types of reincarnation / transmigration novels, they tend to be cliché and not very deep, but they can have sweet / cute moments and even be funny sometimes. They make for pretty good entertainment when you aren't looking for anything deep.

BUT, that's only if the romance is acceptable.

In this story, the ML is someone who sexually assaults her and goes on to get 'revenge' on her in petty and annoying ways... more>> just because she 'dared' to fight back when he was under the influence. Like wtf was he expecting, to allow herself to be groped by him lmao?

So yeah.... and seriously, I'm starting to question how readers can rate stories like this with 4 / 5 stars when the ML is clearly sexually abusive or just abusive in general. If it were someone other than the ML, they'd be up in arms, demanding for the guy to be destroyed, but since it's the ML he somehow gets a free pass? <<less
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blazikens rated it
Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife
January 6, 2019
Status: --
Edit: To the review above.... Um. My review is my opinion, and I'm sorry, but I don't really care if the ML shows his 'passion' to the MC only. Full offense, but there's NEVER a justification for a man taking advantage of a woman, even if it's a supposedly 'awkward' situation where it's his first time and he loves her. I don't care at all, and frankly, the fact that you're excusing a man's actions in a situation of sexual assault (especially when one is a minor) is an insult... more>> to all the women who are and have been victims of sexual assault.

Anyway, I hate polygamy too, but that's not my issue with the story here. My issue is that his 'passion' presents as unhealthy possessiveness to the point where he regards the underage MC as his possession basically, and it's dangerous to romanticize dark emotions like that, when they usually end up leading to not only toxic but abusive relationships. Especially when you have young, impressionable readers saying they wish they could have a boyfriend like that....

Also....I don't like TMR either, so I'm not sure why you brought that up lol. I dropped that novel when I read the spoilers of that scene in question, and there's no double standard here: Maybe it would be if I liked that story while hating this one, it would be, but I hate both equally lol. Although maybe I dislike this one more, because the ML is a freaking psycho. The ML in TMR is a man child, but he doesn't behave as atrociously as this one - but don't get me wrong, I still don't like him lol.


No offense to the translator, who does an amazing job, but the romance in this story is deplorable and downright unhealthy.

I was going to put this point at the end, but I realized this is what made me so mad and disgusted: It's from the spoiler thread, but it was so disgusting I'm not going to put it in btwn spoiler tags:

There's an incident where the ML kidnaps the MC and when she is unconscious, the ML touches her all over and squeezes her breasts, saying how even tho they're small, they are still 'tasty' and that they have a few years to grow.

Not to mention that she's a minor and the ML is an adult, even if they were both adults, this is something so disgusting and extremely problematic that I'm not sure how no one in that spoiler thread didn't react violently to it. Like..... sexual assault will NEVER be acceptable, and the way the ML touches her all over without any consideration for her opinion (and when she's unconscious!) just shows how he views her as his possession - no matter how the story tries to convince us the readers he 'loves' her.

If this is the type of love you're into, then I'm sorry, but that is just appalling. There is nothing you can say to justify this as 'romantic' or 'healthy', especially when so many women are suffering from sexual abuse and rape worldwide at the hands of men.

Now onto my other points:

For starters, it's between a 22 yr old man and a 14 yr old. Don't try to justify it by saying it was acceptable back then. It was only acceptable back then because women had no rights and men were allowed to do whatever they wanted with them. Just because it was 'acceptable' back then doesn't make it suddenly okay or justifiable, especially when stories like this is what normalizes obviously horrific and pedophilic relationships between minors and adults. It's never okay. (Also, I don't give a crap if the MC's soul is 36 or whatever lol, it's still creepy af. Especially because the ML doesn't know that.)

Secondly, simply put, the ML is a psycho. A yandere if you're familiar with the term. Many people like this type of ML, and to each their own, but don't realize the unhealthy implications it has. The reason why I dislike this type of ML so much is because they are possessive to the point of insanity, and if the object of their obsession ever rejects them, they will either A) kill them or B) force themselves on them. Idk why that's attractive to so many people, especially when that's grounds for an abusive relationship, but there you go.

And that's where I'm going to stop. I could keep going on, but I'm just so thoroughly disgusted by this story and by its proclamation of it being a romantic story that I'm going to go calm down. Also, once again no offense to the translator, but comparing this story to Chongfei Manual isn't doing it any favors - especially when that story is very clearly a story between a pedophile and his groomed victim. I'll never forget the phrase I read in that story, which I had enjoyed previously when I was much younger and not aware of the implications it had, where the ML of Chongfei Manual is happy to see how the FL "his little flower" had grown - which is just how I've seen in shows and such a pedophile would refer to their victim. I remember even reading someone's comment on how creepy that line was, and if it were anyone other than the ML, it would be very creepy. YUCK. (ALSO: It's so weird how the prince ML keeps hanging around a freaking 6 yr old and is interested in her, ugh I'm getting sick just thinking about it). <<less
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blazikens rated it
My Cold Gentle Husband
April 16, 2019
Status: c10
Another modern rebirth type novel that seemed promising due to the summary, but ended up falling seriously short. I really should stop having even low expectations for these type of novels. Seriously, all I ask for is coherent enough writing, no abuse/r*pe, and at least a likeable, if not strong MC and ML....

But the first few chapters already told me everything I needed to know - and the added spoilers from the previous review just reinforced my decision to drop this:

... more>>

The story starts off w/ the man who the MC loved killing her husband (ML) and her, but the fact is that author just drops us in the middle of the scene w/ no warning and barely any explanation of who is who, what is going on, where this scene is taking place, etc. It makes it extremely hard to connect to the characters, and it's not helped by the fact that..... the writing was really melodramatic and cringeworthy - adding that to the fact that I didn't understand / know anything about any of the characters beyond superficial info, I just couldn't get into it. Like I get it's the beginning and we're not going to know much about the characters from the get go, but it all happened so fast, it felt empty and very unrealistic.

And the shift to the rebirth was so abrupt....I just couldn't. I get the author is avoiding the typical info-dump, but she went too far and it just feels like I'm reading about cookie-cutter characters jumping about lmao. Add to that the typical scumbag and white lotus villainess in the next chapters.....I'm out.


The MC in the first few chapters already seems really dumb, like she managed to turn around the first event after her rebirth.... but she didn't really use her intelligence, it was quite simple to see what she had to do lol. Also... she's so dumb when dealing w/ the ML - of course he's going to treat you coldly if you mention the scumbag he still believes you love!!!

And if the spoilers from the previous review are true, I'm not going to stick around for an ML that abuses the MC, even if "loves" her lol. This is why I'm so tired of "powerful, cold, and possessive" CEO type MLs, they're just really psychopaths. <<less
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This story doesn't even deserve 1 star.

The ML is the typical cold, misogynistic, arrogant piece of bullsh*t CEO - except worse, because he keeps supporting the white lotus binch he grew up with and degrading the MC who has had enough and is simply asking to divorce him.

I just.... he even rapes her, and this is the guy I'm supposed to support w/ the MC? No f*cking way.

Honestly just don't read this, I read this on a whim because I usually steer clear of CEO modern romance stories unless the... more>> summary interests me (this one didn't), but up to chapter 26 it's only been the MC suffering, the ML being an a***ole and siding w/ the white lotus binch, and the white lotus binch and everyone around them insulting the MC for being 'cheap' and 'worthless'. The only thing that's slightly different in this story is that MC isn't the most beautiful girl around, which is kind of refreshing - but sadly that means sh*t if the rest story is about the MC's suffering at the hands of her 'husband', the ML.


And even when we learn that the person who saved the MC isn't the ML, but someone else, and that's the reason she fell in love w/ him and married him - the ML gets all possessive at the thought of losing her to his friend (the REAL person who saved her).

Which is absolutely disgusting - he hasn't cared for her at all in the 4 yrs they've been married, treats her like sh*t and even humiliates her in front of the press / other rich people, but suddenly he feels the right to 'claim' or something? f**k out of here, shitty ML, honestly.


Also it seems like the ML is a lot older than the MC, enough to have called him 'Army Uncle' when she was a kid.... disgusting.

I'm not really sure how the author thought we're supposed to like this. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Di Daughter’s Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei
May 2, 2019
Status: c39
There's nothing special about this story, it's the same typical rebirth story that's been told countless times, so if you're looking for something different, this is not it.

However, the translation is done pretty well (which is why I gave it 2 stars), and I actually rather enjoyed reading the first 30 or so chapters before meeting the ML. I especially liked to see how considerate and loving the MC's father was w/ his wife.

BUT, the thing that brings down this story is the MC's age and that of her 'enemies'.

In... more>> the story, MC comes back to when she's 5 - yes FIVE years old. This is why I have such a hard time accepting that people wouldn't be weirded out that a five year old would suddenly become so smart and mature. But actually that's not the worst part - it's when the scum childhood sweetheart and fake best friend appeared that I couldn't take it any longer.

The childhood sweetheart is 8 while the fake best friend is 5..... and the author writes them as these scheming little bastards.... and I just can't take it seriously! Even when they meet the ML at the childhood sweetheart's bday party, the 5 YEAR OLD fake best friend wants him as her husband..... like wtf???

She's 5 yrs old, she shouldn't care about getting a husband / fiancé, AND she would probably not even be interested in boys (if at all) at that young of an age!

Thus it makes the story way too unrealistic - I just don't understand why the author had to make the MC so young, it only makes the scheming by the MC and those around her of similar age seem utterly ridiculous. Like, I'm supposed to believe a bunch of children will be so scheming at such a young age..... OK.

Also, another reason I dropped this: the ML. He's like 9 yrs older than the MC, so 14 when they meet and he's already interested in her, even tho she's just 5. Pedophile anyone? :) <<less
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Chongfei Manual
January 6, 2019
Status: --
This story is f*cking creepy, I'm horrified by how many people like it.

The ML's interest in the FL begins when she is a child and he's 15. At first it isn't sexual in nature, but as they get more familiar with each other, he obviously grows to be more jealous when there's other guys near her and she's still a child. AND that is just creepy and clearly signs of him being a pedophile lol, even if the FL's soul is older than her body is. It's not like he... more>> knows that.

God, I just remember one line where the ML describes her as his "little flower" who finally grew up.

It made me shiver and feel dirty from reading this, because it was so clearly the view of a pedophile viewing his groomed child victim sexually. There was even someone who commented on how creepy it would be if it weren't the ML saying this. LOL, it's still creepy anyway. Him being a handsome prince doesn't justify it. Ugh, and I even enjoyed this story too when I was like 16-17 when I first started reading it, because I hadn't realized the implications.

Also apparently later on he starts sexually abusing her, kissing and touching her without her consent. I hate this so, so much and I wish people would stop saying it's justified (the age gap) because that's how it was back then. Do people not realize that big age gaps, especially btwn adults and minors, was 'okay' back then because women had no rights, and were sold off into marriage as pawns as young as 13/14 ???? Like, clearly it's not okay, no matter what! Using the lack of women's rights as a justification for the romantic and sexual relationship between a minor and an adult is so wrong, I don't even know where to start.

EDIT: And god.....I just learned that the FL's half-sister is forced to be a prostitute when she's 13 by her husband, who is in an unrequited love w/ the FL and is a very popular second male lead. I can't believe I just read a review that said who said who can blame him forcing the half-sister when he's drowning in bitter unrequited love. LMAO, that's so disgusting and literally why I hate the male characters in this story. YES I will blame him and I don't give a flying f*ck if he's nursing a wound from his unrequited love, a 13 yr old being forced into being a prostitute and being gangraped will never EVER be justifiable and just shows how shitty and disgusting of a human being he is. UGH F*CK THIS NOVEL. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Chu Wang Fei
May 6, 2019
Status: --
This was one of the first CNovels I ever read in this transmigration into Ancient China genre. Since it was so fresh to me, I read it really fast, even enjoying learning all the pinyin terms because I always found stuff like that fun and interesting - altho I do admit that there was too much used, especially in the beginning.

But now reading back, I can see how shallow and flimsy the whole thing is. Really, the whole conflicts in the story were the MC speaking very long monologues at... more>> her enemies with every thing her enemies said having some type of double meaning -.- It gets tiring very, very fast and there's barely any real scheming that's worthy of noting - then again, this isn't a revenge story, but still.

However, the reason I rated this with one star is for how hypocritical the MC is. She puts on this mask of being a police officer in her past life so she acts as if she's so high and lofty and above it all - even tho she's just as scheming and judgmental as the rest. Also the fact that she literally allows her husband to marry a 13 yr old to her rapist is so disgusting I have nothing else to say, which also shows how disgusting the husband is lol.

The villains are also so stupid, it's like there's nothing for the MC to go against, so it's no wonder if she seems super intelligent in comparison tbh.

And honestly.... the romance is so boring and with no sense, I really have no idea why she fell in love. The ML falls in love w/ the typical reason that the MC is not like the rest of the aristocratic young ladies *rolls eyes* but I feel like the MC fell in love b/c there was nothing else for her to do. The marriage to the ML was already decreed by the emperor, what else could she do? And when they finally get together.... it's so cringeworthy tbh, and kind of icky b/c the ML can't seem to stop kissing her and the ML's grandpa keeps trying to get in between them, it's so strange and stops being funny.

So yeah, I would definitely not recommend this story, even if it's your first one. There's muchhhhh better ones out there, I assure you. <<less
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Consort of a Thousand Faces
July 9, 2019
Status: c34
Review as of chapter 18:

... more>>

To be honest... it might be a bit early to review this, but I have to agree with dona. The story starts out with an interesting spin on the typical betrayal of the ex-lover and half-sister and I was eager to see how she would make her way to her country to take revenge now that she was reborn as a lowly slave. And in a different country at that.


As dona said before, there's not much information to go on - whether it's about the MC, her surroundings, her past, etc. It leaves the story sort of empty, and I'm unable to feel much for the MC since I barely know her. So far, the MC is okay but she seems to be a little bit too much like the typical cold and capable fMC that comes off more as a robot than anything.

As for plot, so far, until chapter 18, there hasn't been any progression towards her goal. Which okay, considering her low position is understandable, but since the MC doesn't seem to have a plan in mind, the story just feels like it's dragging.

It's more like everyone is out to get her right now because she got involved with the wrong person - which, granted, doesn't leave her with much time to plan, but even then she doesn't seem frustrated or annoyed...

Or it's more like she hasn't outright decided in what direction to go in, so the story just feels aimless right now. Especially considering that at this moment in the story we're uncovering the story of some palace maid who supposedly got killed after getting involved with a prince.... it feels weird and out of place since it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with her.

All in all, however, it's still has been an okay read so far. The translation is amazing, so it has that going for it. I just feel the author is taking too long to unravel the plot or not giving us simple information that's very important (such as the questions dona posed in their review) which can leave the reader (at least me) confused and / or unable to connect with the MC and her journey.


Review as of chapter 32:


I figure since I reviewed the story this early, I might as well do the amazing translator a favor and review the story as it goes along every so often. Tho, disclaimer: this is still only a preliminary review, basically just my thoughts on the current translated chapters - that's why I still haven't rated the story.

Anyway, the story is still moving pretty slowly. The MC still hasn't progressed much other than getting a few subordinates tbh, and learning a little bit more about the power plays in the palace.

Thus, if anyone is planning to read this story, I would recommend to probably let the story stockpile to at least 100 chapters before jumping in. It'll probably make the story's slow pace seem not as bad.

I still feel the MC is still too cold, I'm really unable to connect with her. Altho we get her inner thoughts and observations, I feel like there's barely any emotion to her. I get she's focused on revenge but.... you would think she would be a turmoil of emotions, no matter how calm and proud she is usually / was previously. Even when she thinks of Lü Liu (her closest maidservant in her past life), it feels like there's barely any emotion - this might be due to the translation or just the author's writing, but either way, I just don't get much living signs from the MC.

Also... we meet ML pretty early (I won't say who it is, but if you've read enough of these novels, it's easy to sense who it is), and the interactions w/ MC are..... weird to say the least? I don't like him much yet, he's very much a product of the era, so it's kind of hard for me to feel anything but disdain for him tbh.

He's pretty misogynistic and so far seems like the typical alpha male, oppressive ML who looks down on everyone, especially women. He keeps invading MC's personal space - it's not too bad compared to other novels, he just gets extremely close and pinches her chin, but still, not something I like. There's obviously more to him that meets the eye, but I'm expecting that he probably have some annoying tragic backstory to "justify" his awful personality - news flash, it doesn't [especially considering he 'collects' women (yuck) and just watches them fight for his favor like some sick bastard].

(I also find it laughably ridiculous that he's so focused on finding out the woman who knocked him out when he was drunk (aka MC).... like apparently, he's the Prince Regent and he keeps coming over to the Palace Side Quarters where the palace maids are to talk to MC.... does he not have a country to run???? Like... why is he so focused on finding MC just because she, idk, hit him? Hopefully, there's a better reason to this obsessive search rather than just his manly pride being hurt that a woman got the better of him -.-

One thing I liked so far was this scene: a fat palace maid was initially made fun of, but the MC stood up for her basically and told her there's nothing wrong with her body shape. It was refreshing, since a lot of CNovels fat-shame or have fatphobic jokes or make the villains fat and use it as something to insult them with. (Altho I didn't quite agree with the MC's reasoning that it was the palace maid who viewed herself as fat that was the problem, rather than other people making fun of her - like yes, she should learn to love herself and not care about other people, but clearly people on the skinny side have the tendency to make fun of fat people / fat-shame them and that's the main problem to focus on: fat people who grow to hate their body do so because of society's prejudices and fixation on beauty = skinniness. And I speak from experience.)

In conclusion, I feel the same way I did in chapter 18: the story is moving really slow, not a big fan of the ML, and still finding it hard to connect to the MC. But it's still a decent read so far, so I would recommend to give it a chance and judge it for yourself.


As of chapter 34:

Had to drop this because the age gap between the MC and the ML is way too big. She's only 15 and he's at least older than 20, and I don't really care if that was common back then - I'm not reading a story where there is romance between a minor and an adult. But I thank the translator for their effort! <<less
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I literally had to drop this around chapter 10 or so because as only other two reviews have mentioned, this story romanticizes the grooming of a child by the female MC and unhealthy obsession disguised as love of the ML.

To be honest, if I remember correctly, at first it wasn't so bad. It was just the kids (MC and ML) relying on each other, blah blah blah, but it got creepier when they both were allowed to go into the palace and the ML started feeling s*xual feelings for her.... more>> Like wtf???? Children can have crushes, sure, but s*xual attraction??? That is just so disgusting on so many levels, the fact the author is sexualizing children - not to mention that the MC has already lived 2 lifetimes and is basically 'raising' the ML into her lover - basically grooming him.

Also there was just something so creepy in the way the author described the kids' appearances that makes me want to throw up. Yuck.

And tbh the fact that the MC is already on her 3rd lifetime makes her seem kind of dumb. I think it would've just been better if she only lived once. But still, that doesn't remove the creepy and frankly downright disgusting depictions of child grooming and sleazy descriptions present in the story. <<less
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When I was younger, this was one of my favorite rebirth novels.

Certainly, it's one of the best ones out there that are currently translated. The MC is not some OP girl with wonderful skills, astounding intelligence, and devastating beauty. Instead, she's flawed and a lot more realistic - she certainly is intelligent and capable, but a lot of it came from her own hard work, even if it was for that scum husband of hers. The romance is also well-developed and not love at first sight - it develops as... more>> the ML and MC begin to work together in their personal plans, even if I do agree w/ other people that there is still isn't much romance in the overall story, it's more towards the end.

(Actually, I feel like the strongest parts of the story are in the beginning, especially the academic examination - even if it's unrealistic the MC could be that good of an archer w/o any physical training beforehand, it was still so good to read and see how she proved them all wrong. It was like she was truly being reborn on that stage. I recently reread it and I was still blown away, definitely my favorite part of the whole story. Even the interactions w/ the ML are still good in this part.)

But now that I'm older, I can see the flaws this story has and the things that make me not like it as much as before.

For one thing, I didn't like the relationship w/ the ML - it just made me uncomfortable all over, the MC is like physically 16 while he's 19, but the MC is also mentally 30+ yrs old so it makes it all so creepy on both sides. Thankfully the ML doesn't try to control her (too much), but he is the typical overbearing and arrogant ML -.-

Another....I hate that SM allowed her cousin to be raped and she was in the room while it happened. For some reason, what was happening in that scene didn't hit me fully, since thankfully it's not described in detail but now that I realize how horrible it is I just want to vomit. I'm not saying SM should've allowed for it to happen to herself or that she shouldn't have protected herself, but I hate how rape is being used as a mere plot device in these types of stories. And how the cousin is later treated..... even if she's a horrible person, no rape victim should be married to their rapist, sorry not sorry. Especially considering she's just a 16 yr old girl.

Finally, the last major thing that disappointed me in the story:


The MC is married to ML and goes back to his real country of birth.... thus the scum husband from the previous life never really gets his comeuppance. Instead, he still becomes the emperor in the end and I feel like the MC never really took her revenge against him. That was so unsatisfying on so many levels and made me really disappointed in the author since it feels like the MC allowed the ML to work it for her.


There was also kind of a convoluted plot line w/ time travel and stuff that dragged down the story at the end, but whatever. Either way, this story is still one of the better ones out there, altho I can't wholeheartedly recommend this story bc it has things I personally find repugnant. <<less
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This was my first QT type story and at first, I was really happy w/ it. I read the first three arcs in one sitting and was happily waiting for new chapters. But as I read more arcs, I realized....I didn't like the MC or the fact that there was clearly no character development and honestly very little romance, which has made me drop this.

Honestly... it's not bad. But it's not very good either.

For the most part, the writing is way too simple and basic (altho the translation is amazing!)... more>> and the characters are VERY two dimensional, sometimes even one-dimensional. There's also barely any description, so it feels like I'm reading a story taking place in a blank screen. And the comedy is meh and the romance is barely there - it's a very LONG story and I get that it'll take time but idk, I'm too bored of basically reading the same plot in every new world w/ barely any progress in either the MC or the romance.

The MC has a very mysterious past, which has made her be a very unfeeling and selfish person w/ basically no morals - making her able to kill anyone w/ no regrets or w/ no feelings toward anyone beyond boredom and contempt. And that's fine and all, at the beginning, but she remains the same. Right now, I think it's at Arc 12 and I realized how bored I was of the MC's personality - she brute forces everything so she doesn't have to struggle nor actually plan what she wants to do, and she doesn't even care that much to complete the mission. And the "villains" (aka usually the world's original FL and ML) are so stupid and basic it feels like the MC is an adult playing a game against little kids and steamrolling over them - I don't feel anything beyond flimsy amusement in her winning and idk about you but when I read stories I want to actually care about the MC and her journey and root for her.

Like I get she's OP, but it has to be done right. Maybe her OP-ness wouldn't matter so much if this story were shorter and had fewer arcs, but there's only so much I can read about the same MC brute forcing her way thru the world she transmigrated into and counterattacking while barely romancing the ML if he's present. It would be much more entertaining tbh if we at least had some character development - I'm not asking for her to change completely, but at least maybe she starts caring about other people slowly, making friends and whatnot, and caring about the ML beyond just 'liking him'. But no, she remains the same unfeeling, immoral character until now 300+ chapters in and I'm tired and bored w/ her.

Also... this story isn't for the faint-hearted or those that like their MCs to retain some goodness. I'm of the latter sort, but I can stomach the MC's lack of humanity for some time. But even her disregard of humanity gets boring and honestly stale - if she doesn't care about other people, why am I supposed to her about her and her story?? Her selfishness in the end turns me off, and I really dislike how she disregards everything and is too lazy or unfeeling to even be interested in anything other than her own desires.

However, if you're into MCs like this one and don't care about character development too much, then I guess you'll enjoy this story. The romance tbh is kind of boring as well, I actually enjoyed the FL being the one in control of the relationship tbh, but since she doesn't feel anything beyond "like" for the ML the romance and 'love' btwn them feels hollow and fake. So idk, I wouldn't read this for the romance tbh. <<less
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blazikens rated it
I Heard You Like Me Too
January 8, 2019
Status: c41.4
I was super excited when this was being translated. I liked the premise, 2 actors who are tsundere and secretly like each other? Sign me up!

..... Then, I actually read it.

At first, it wasn't quite so bad. It started off okay, even tho the leads were a bit flat, but that's normal for webnovels I guess.

What really turned me off is the fact that both leads act like freaking children around each other.... and they're like 28-30 yrs old. Maybe if they were younger it wouldn't be as cringe worthy... more>> but.... idk, I just can't accept it. I get they're supposed to be tsundere, but this just exaggerates it too much. Which causes the misunderstandings to get annoying, sigh.

If you're able to get past that, tho, or if the leads don't annoy you as much as they did to me, then I guess it isn't so bad. There's definitely worse stories out there, and thankfully there's no rapey / abusive stuff in this which makes for a lighter read at least. <<less
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Xian Wang Dotes On Wife
January 7, 2019
Status: --
Actually, this novel is one of the better ones out there in this genre of transmigration of a female lead into ancient China. It has big flaws that truly prevent it from being a great story, but one of things that makes it my opinion better than most is the fact that the romance isn't.... abusive and the ML isn't rapey lol. That's already a big win in these types of novels.

I did drop this novel though, not because it got THAT bad, but as I explain later it got... more>> boring after the ML and FL got together and there's other factors that made the story fall flat.

I'll just list the pros and cons of this story imo:


    • No big info dump, we're introduced to the female lead three years after her transmigration. Allows for the story to unfold more naturally tbh, even if you're confused at the start somewhat.
    • One thing I think that's different is that this isn't a revenge story, which sets it apart from the typical transmigration / reincarnation story. And despite the fact that it has a political side, it isn't too complex or even delves that much into politics for it to be tiring for some people. (I actually quite like political stories tbh, but I know that's not for most people)
    • No huge age gap, which in my opinion is a big plus even if I still don't approve of a relationship btwn a 15 yr old and an 18 yr old. But considering that in these types of novels the age gap can be up to 8 yrs in difference, it's not AS bad.
    • The female lead is competent, and the ML doesn't outshine her even if he's also very capable himself. Also he doesn't interfere w/ her plans and supports her.
    • The romance doesn't happen straightaway, even if the ML is already in love w/ her, due to the FL's low EQ lol. It's also quite cute since the ML dotes on her a lot and is quite gentle and indulgent of her (altho the FL isn't very demanding either, she's the calm and intelligent type)
    • The brother/sister relationship btwn the FL and the imperial grandson is really cute imo, I like how she guides and teaches him.
    • The chapters are a great length for readers who like long chapters. No short, choppy chapters that have 1 scene.
    • There's not much misunderstandings or even conflicts, especially in the romance, which is good from a certain point of view, but it also detracts from the story. Because.... really, there's no struggle, no mystery, etc. which makes a story worth reading about. It's also due to how OP both the FL and ML are. (This is sort of a pro+con in one lol)
    • Spoiler

      There's a male gay couple and unlike most CNovels, even modern ones, it isn't treated as something disgusting or abnormal. I won't say it's 100% perfect, but much better than most.


    • The FL is too OP in my opinion, that it gets boring. It's also kind of unbelievable how much knowledge she has lol. Also.... way too perfect tbh. Like, she's the most beautiful, extremely smart and capable, knows how to scheme in politics, her martial arts are top-notch, she's extremely rich, her medical skills are god-tier, she's calm and composed most of the time, so on and on and on. The only flaw is her low EQ, and even that isn't much of a flaw since it's written as a cute personality trait, similar to the "clumsy and awkward in a cute way" heroine that's popular. (Also I kind of disliked her holier-than-thou personality on some aspects)
      • One thing that's positive is that despite all of her perfections, she's not annoying. BUT, due to her cold personality, it just makes her boring.
    • The ML is also way too perfect, it's boring. He's way too talented, the most handsome, extremely intelligent, has a high position, very rich, etc. At least, what I like is that he's the gentle and charming while inwardly cunning type, so he isn't cold nor abusive to the FL. He also doesn't force himself on her... which is a BIG plus in this genre.
      • However, ML claims the FL as 'his woman' even tho.... he still hasn't told her he likes her nor has he, y'know, asked her about her feelings towards him. He isn't the typical pushy ML tbh but still, this rubbed me the wrong way tbh. Typical arrogant, misogynistic shit.
      • He is also gets way too jealous at times, that it's creepy. He even acts like a child sometimes.... and like he even thought that if the FL fell in love with another man, he'd kill himself along with her.... wtf???
    • The story gets really boring and draggy even after the FL and ML get together, so I dropped it. Depends on the person, but eh.
    • The romance btwn the leads, despite the cute pampering and stuff, is actually quite bland imo. It isn't abusive, which is always good ofc, and there's some cute moments, but since we don't see how the ML falls in love w/ her (actually it's more like love at first sight which is boring) and the story starts w/ the ML who's already been pursing her for 3 yrs, the romance suffers because of it. There's no development, no struggle, no conflict (and I don't mean that they have to be at each other's throats for it to be interesting), there's no journey really and we just get the result of it w/ the FL finally realizing her love of the ML after he's already been subtly pursing her, so it just comes off as dull but still cute enough I guess.
    • In general, other than the MC's friend, the treatment of women in this novel is as usual, BAD, only the MC is a good and capable women while the rest are reduced to scheming binches ugh. Meanwhile, the male characters are allowed to be flawed yet interesting, blah blah blah.
    • One big point in disfavor I have is the treatment of a main female antagonist, who's the ML's junior sister or something like that:

      I really hated how since the female antagonist was very sensual and seductive, this was used to berate her and the FL even looked down on her for it, in a holier-than-thou way. Especially since the FL is the "cold, pure beauty" type. Ugh. What's even worse is that she's from the modern times, but she taunts the female antagonist by saying how would the ML ever like a snake-like, seductive, morally loose woman like her. Basically saying women expressing their sexuality = evil, wrong, etc. Blegh.

      And even tho the female antagonist was the usual obsessively in love character, in the end before she's killed by the ML for scheming way too much against the FL she realizes that she was unable to appreciate the one who truly loved her and regrets. It gave her some depth and I thought it really sucked, that aside from being villainized and mocked for daring to be 'sensual', she couldn't have been developed beyond being a scheming binch. I even thought it would've been a great story from her POV if she was reincarnated and chose to do things differently (Actually I liked this character a lot more than the holier-than-thou MC just for this moment LOL.)

All in all, despite my gripes w/ the story, it's still much better than most of the ones out there and it isn't as shallow as these types of stories go.

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(In all honesty, this story deserves only 2 stars, and that's stretching it. But I really appreciate the translator's efforts, so I gave one more star than I really felt the story deserved!)

This story is something you should read if you're looking for something light, not very deep, and easy to read through.

In my opinion, this story is very hollow. In each arc, the MC barely struggles and is always so OP compared to her opponents that it gets boring after the third arc or so. And her... more>> personality is of the typical 'cold and unfeeling' female lead who barely speaks or shows any emotion beyond disdain - which makes her extremely dull to read about. There's nothing that makes me want to root for her, beyond a slight curiosity to see what she'll do. I know why she starts barely having emotions, but since there's no development in her character, she just becomes something close to a robot and a character that I can't relate to.

Also, every other character is either a trope or so flat, they barely have a personality and are so hard to remember. Which I guess is the downfall of Quick Transmigration stories - I can understand having so many arcs can make it hard to develop unique characters for each, but when even the main characters (FL and ML) are so boring and flat and hard to connect to, I just think it's the author's fault.

And the romance? It's nothing more than love at first sight, with the ML easily becoming obsessed with her in every world - there's no journey or interactions to show us why or how they fell in love, and just like the rest of the story, the romance is bland and barely stirs any feelings in me as the reader. (The ML is also very boring - nothing more than a vessel for the trope of the overbearing and powerful ML full of doting for the FL but indifferent to the point of being cold to everyone else.)

Still, tho, if you're bored and want something to pass the time, just choose an arc - it's something to snack on while you're waiting for updates of better and much more fulfilling stories. <<less
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blazikens rated it
The Lover’s Prattle
May 11, 2019
Status: v1
Just a review for Arc 1:

Honestly, as far as modern stories go, this first arc is pretty good. Very little drama, no misogynistic depictions of female villains, nor is there dumb relatives scheming the freaking r*pe of someone like this is some ancient drama. It's more of a calm story btwn 2 mostly mature individuals.

However, while the ML is the true protagonist tbh and is quite interesting for an ML, this renders the FL (Qingruo) really... boring. To me, she seemed too perfect, and I was waiting for character development,... more>> like for example as they fall in love, the ML since it's mostly from his POV, realizes she's not as perfect as he thought she was and he still loves her anyway.... but that doesn't really happen. Instead, QR just seems to stay the same throughout the story. So idk, it just felt like QR was this ideal woman, but it just left her as really boring and empty imo.

Still, despite my criticism of the FL, this story is a nice read on a cozy afternoon - it's just that, a cozy read, and something to read btwn more dramatic and well, deeper, stories. Because one thing I can't really say about this story is that it has depth, barely so tbh. But even then, it's still a cute and simple modern story, something that's rare in this genre - a genre I'm used to avoiding in CNovels because of the aforementioned clichés that are even less justifiable in a modern setting. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Poison Genius Consort
May 8, 2019
Status: --
Rating: 4.5.

Where to begin with this story..... overall, I feel like PGC will always be my favorite CNovel, no matter if I've dropped it (for reasons I will explain later). It just has many, many things that I loved and was one of the first I read, so it also has that nostalgic feeling~

Points to talk about:

1. First of all, my main love for this series is the MC, Han Yunxi. HYX is not OP, actually she's pretty much a very talented poison doctor but nothing out of the ordinary... more>> either - she's not one of those impossibly talented MCs. She also has a cheat system, that to some might be ridiculous but idk to me it was okay - she's going to need everything she needs in this ancient world. My favorite thing about her tho, was her personality - she's smart and capable, yes, but most of all she's cheerful, stubborn, and still kind (within limits of course) despite the ancient world she is in. She was the first character in these types of web novels that I truly connected to and cheered on, and I was reading the story to see how she would overcome her obstacles - that in essence, is what makes this story the best one for me because for the most part, a lot of the times the MCs in these stories are so boring and flat, they could be exchanged and you wouldn't even realize.

2.....I really love the translation. The way the story is translated shows that the author has a good writing style - for web novels of course, I'm not claiming she's an acclaimed author or anything, but still leagues ahead of most stories in this specific genre of transmigration into ancient China. And the chapters are such a good length for the most part - not very long, but also not too short, which can be so annoying if you've read similar stories.

3. Once the ML (Long Feiye) melts, the romance is very sweet. It is also much better developed than most of the stories on here. To quote another reader, the romance btwn HYX and LFY feels real - it feels like LFY fell for HYX and not just another cardboard cutout female lead with amazing abilities and a cunning mind. I do have my troubles with LFY and the romance in general, but it is still much better than most out there.

The problems I had w/ the romance were unsurprisingly on the side of the ML.... he's not the worst one out there, but sometimes I felt like his reactions (especially when he got jealous) bordered on being abusive or were red flags that made me really uncomfortable at times. I also get tired of the whole possessive shit... since it feels like he's treating HYX as his property, even if in those times she technically was. It's just not romantic or cute.

4. The plot. I feel like the plot is well done in the series when compared to other stories.... except for maybe the first 100 chapters. Which you could say is a lot but considering the story is finished at 1300+ chapters, I would say it's not. The first 100 chapters are very annoying tbh, with the typical infuriating villains that make you want to bang your head against a wall, and also HYX is in a position where she can't really fight back and can only survive. Also LFY doesn't really help her out, altho I think it fits his cold personality. This has made many people who can't wait it out drop this series, altho I think if you can make it past the first 100 or so chapters, the story and the plot itself becomes so much better.

There was also the typical aphrodisiac plot that always annoys to me no end I must mention. I wish authors would stop putting these type of plots where it almost always ends in the r*pe of the female villain - it's just downright disrespectful to use r*pe as a mere plot device, and no, I don't care if that somehow happened during ancient times. R*pe isn't something to use as a scheme btwn women - it's also quite sexist tbh.

5. Side characters. The side characters, particularly the second MLs, are very well done. They have their individual personalities and I like their interactions with HYX. Sadly, for me, the representation of women is severely lacking but that's the par for these kind of novels. Even the one female character I thought would end up as a good friend to HYX ends up betraying her.... which is really sad and annoying tbh. I haven't read past chapters 400+ so I might be wrong, but I really felt like HYX needed a female friend!

6. The ML. On first glance, he seems like the typical ice berg ML. And he is, tbh. But the difference is that the author made him a truly cold person - he doesn't suddenly out of nowhere fall in love w/ the MC and become an obsessive pervert, it takes time for him to not only fall in love with her but to trust her. There were small hints all along tbh for how he slowly falls in love w/ her, but if you aren't careful, you might get annoyed and decide to drop this. Actually in my opinion, the one who falls in love out of nowhere is HYX - I got really annoyed that she seemed to fall in love w/ him because of his looks, but whatever, in the end she also does truly fall in love with him I think.

The reason I still don't like LFY as much is because...I feel like the author doesn't truly give him enough good points - like yes, he is very capable and strong and domineering.... but he is also very cold, selfish, and callous and ruthless to almost anyone..... like, I would've liked to see him have a softer side [and NOT just to HYX] or learn to be kinder, but that never happened until what I've read. Because to me MLs that are cold and assholes to everyone except the MC are boring and overdone at this point - and are also the kind of man I would never fall in love with nor would I support anyone in a romance w/ the guy. And thus, it makes it hard for me to see how a modern woman with her priorities straight would fall in love with such a man.

7. Age difference. To many people who read these types of novels, that's usually not a big deal. To me, however, it is and that's ultimately why I dropped this. I began reading this when I was 17 / 18, at an age where I wouldn't see it as that big of a deal for a 16-18 yr old (HYX) to be with a 23 yr old (LFY, altho at the time I thought he was 20). But now that I'm 21 myself, the thought of a minor or even just a 18 yr old being w/ someone already in their early twenties (21-24), makes me shiver and want to vomit. Especially if the older one is a man. And no, just because it's in ancient times, doesn't make it okay or justified - age differences btwn minors and adults are never justified no matter the era. And I just can't age up HYX, personally it doesn't work for me that way.

All in all, there's much more I could say but I still feel like this story is one of the better ones out there, even if there are points as I explained above that weaken the story overall. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Young Master Quan, How Have You Been?
January 4, 2019
Status: c17
Edit (to answer the review above, altho I shouldn't either lol!) : Meh. I understand what you're saying, but to me none of that justifies how he treats her OR makes me feel better about their relationship. I really don't care if she "psychologically" plays w/ or torments him - that just sounds like a really toxic relationship. Which could be interesting if NOT romanticized and explored appropriately, but that's clearly not what's going to happen here. And clearly the FL is his deceased lover, so there's no suspense there... more>> either.

Sigh. From the summary, I was expecting this to be somewhat different from the usual modern novels with a CEO ML, but seems like I was wrong. I was hoping for the female lead to be stronger, or at least not have to be weak to the ML's whims all the time, but since she has no power and the ML is a psycho it's not possible.


I MTL'd up to chapter 17, and take all of this w/ a grain of salt bc things can get distorted w/ MTL, the ML has already choked her twice, has her working as his 'slave' / 'servant', and almost killed her when she mistakenly entered his study when he was there w/ his friend (and idk having an episode or something??) and got her punished by having her whipped instead (due to a jealous maid telling her to go even tho no one is supposed to go to the study during the time the friend is there).

All in all, the ML seems to be the typical cold, misogynistic, psycho CEO, yuck. And while the FL seems to have a cold personality, she endures all of this treatment, so it just makes it even worse.

There's also hints of the ML having had a childhood sweetheart that died who's probably the only person he cares about and as these novels usually go, it's probably the female lead (who's probably forgotten or idk why she isn't telling him and suffering all of this lmao). EDIT: I read a little ahead, and it seems like she wants revenge on him, for leaving her or something when they were children and causing her to be... possibly abused?, which was probably due to reasons out of the ML's control.

But still, I extremely dislike his treatment of her lol, and the fact that she's just enduring it for 'revenge'. Like imagine, if she wasn't his childhood sweetheart after all lol. He would just kill her w/o a care in the world. Ew.


Either way, up to where I've MTL'd, I'm not sticking around to see what happens, since the ML's treatment of her so far is already unforgivable. <<less
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blazikens rated it
The Rest Of My Life Is For You
June 3, 2019
Status: c392
EDIT: Eh.....I ended up dropping this as well. It's still one of the better ones in this genre, but when I reached the part where they have s*x, I was turned off that that ML practically allowed her to get drunk and basically manipulated her into having s*x. (Personally, I'm not sure if that constitutes as r*pe, but the fact that she wasn't in her right mind to consent and probaby wouldn't have since she still hadn't come to terms with the fact that she wanted to sleep w/ him... more>> / be in a relationship with him made me feel that it does.)

Like yes, the FL was taking an absurd amount of time to decide that she wanted to be together with him when a) she knew he had feelings for her and b) she was sure she liked him back and even c) she actually wanted to sleep with him, but still - I would have liked it for her to be one to reach that decision - not for her to be manipulated into it.

And.... after they have s*x, the story went with the typical trope of the cold and virgin ML turning into a crazed s*x pervert - he pretty much was only thinking about having s*x with her all the time after that and it was a serious turn off. He even plans this whole big and romantic date just for her to sleep with him - and it just left a bad taste in my mouth that he was only being 'romantic' for s*x.

Tbh, I was only holding on to the point where it's revealed she's the mother of their child, but I just can't stomach the ML any longer.


To be honest, I think this is the only modern CEO-romance Cnovel I can stomach to read.

Is it terribly cliché, with an iceberg and possessive ML and full of idiotic villainesses who sole reason in life is to ruin the FL and get w/ the ML? Is it full of other ridiculous clichés that are too long to numerate?


I'm not saying this is a masterpiece, but there many reasons why this is the only one of this specific genre that I can stand:

1) No rape in the first few chapters of the FL by the ML (altho idk how their child was born...).

2) Altho the ML is cold and even suspicious towards the FL (and it's only in the beginning tbh), he isn't abusive or causes her bodily harm - unlike most of these other MLs.

3) The FL isn't the typical soft and weak enduring FL often found in these novels. She will stand up for herself, even against the ML - even if she still 'loses' in their arguments.

4) Their child is very cute and adorable and still acts like a kid, rather than being some unbelievable genius at such a young age -.-

I'm not suggesting this novel is perfect by any means. The ML is still the typical domineering, cold, and possessive CEO who is also misogynistic, and the FL in my opinion is way too perfect with an unknown identity and way too many "surprise" skills to be believable. Also... the way she always becomes stupid around the ML, acting all dazed and even tripping and falling into his arms, gets annoying fast. And it always seems like there's some binch trying to ruin her in the company or who is after the ML - as if every single woman in the company is only focused on getting into his pants rather than, y'know, work.

But honestly? I would rather take this than the usual novel in this genre where the ML usually treats the weak FL like sh*t and even r*pes her and we're supposed to support their relationship. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei
January 8, 2019
Status: --
Boring, simply put. The MC doesn't do much while the ML solves everything for her.

Also.... that first review? Saying the age gap isn't problematic?? Ugh I want to scream.

The ML liking the MC when she's 13 and he's 19 quite literally makes him a pedophile. A 6 yr gap isn't so bad when they're both adults and established in their lives - but at the age of 13? Are you freaking kidding me??

And the fact that this is fiction doesn't mean it's not important to criticize things like this. Fiction... more>> doesn't mean you can just write whatever dark fantasies you have. And relationships like this, with such huge age gaps especially when one side is still a fucking minor, normalizes pedophilia. And it's people like you justifying this that add to that too.

Ugh. <<less
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blazikens rated it
Rebirth of the Famous Wife: Li Shao and the Thief
June 26, 2019
Status: c13 part2
In all honesty, this story is barely 2 stars but I gave it 3 stars because of the translator's efforts.

The writing is barely passable (altho the translation is good!) and as the reviewer dona said, the author doesn't really make us connect with the characters, barely describes anything, and relies too heavily on tropes. Like the characters are basically the usual tropes - the cold and rich CEO ML, the previously dumb FL taken in by the white lotus's schemes, the fake best friend white lotus, etc etc etc. It's... more>> okay to rely on tropes but when there's nothing else to the characters, they just feel empty and flat. And the story as a whole is very hollow tbh, and I still don't get why ML even likes TNH - who is actually pretty dumb and still somewhat selfish even after rebirth lol. She could potentially grow and develop, but... seeing how she never stops to think about her actions nor are her selfish actions painted in a negative light, I wouldn't bet on it.

So why am I still reading this?

It's something to pass the time, tbh, and also I appreciated the fact that the ML doesn't, like,....r*pe her in the first few chapters, which is so disgusting and unforunately happens in almost every modern CNs with CEO MLs I've read. And even tho the CEO ML is cold and typical (and boring lol), he does love the MC - which I found weird, since she really has nothing to her lol.

Either way, I still wouldn't recommend this unless you're extremely bored like me. <<less
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