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Chaotic Sword God
March 29, 2018
Status: c1082
Reading CSG is absolutely exhausting. Brief flashes of entertainment are overshadowed by absolutely retarded story, insufferable characters, and cripplingly terrible cultivation system. What little it had going for itself with the world building had collapsed in the past 200 or so chapters, and I'm not going to suffer through another 1000 chapters for MC to ascend to the 'bigger, badder world' just to see whether there's anything interesting there.

I've been reading CSG for about two years now, and I had to take a break often. And I mean OFTEN. After... more>> roughly skimming through 100 chapters, I'd often find myself utterly exhausted and unable to proceed any further. Whether it's MC's absolutely placid, wooden character that's about as interesting as a wooden desk, or dick-suckage present by both the author and majority of side characters, or whether it's the nonsensical story, I always found myself unable to ignore it. What's more, the cultivation system is an absolute mess. You'll often find yourself forgetting just at what realm the MC is because the author will mainly focus on his strength rather than his actual realm. It doesn't help that, as with pretty much every xianxia, differences between realms range from mild to non-existent. And it just gets worse the further along you read.

As I'm too tired to think back through the whole story and pull out forgettable events, characters and plotlines, allow me to construct a scene that perfectly sums up CSG.

They are truly strong; even if I was ten times stronger, I would be unable to contend against them. But they look down on me! How dare they?! Let's ignore the difference in strength and challenge their authority, thereby endangering people I supposedly care for! It's a brilliant idea!

"MC, come out to die!!" bellowed Villain McForgettable1 angrily. How truly angry he was! After all, MC sneered at him! How dare he!

"I won't die! You will die!" MC angrily shouted; he was truly enraged. You'd be hard-pressed to understand why, but he truly was. His face is all wicked. He wants to kill Villain McForgettable1!

**MC proceeds to kill Villain McForgettable1**

Why are they chasing me and attacking me?! I merely stepped over their dignity, challenged their authority, and killed their people! How dare they?! Humph, let me escape from the entire continent for about a decade, that will show them!!

**MC parents proceed to die**

No! How could this happen?! It's not as though I insulted half the f*cking world during my travels!! Scum, I'll kill them all!! Oh, what's this? There's a way to revive the dead?! Brilliant! Let me delay that as much as possible, that will show them! Humph, once I get stronger, I will kill them all! How dare they do what I've been doing for the past 800 chapters?!!

**MC proceeds to disappear for a long while; just as his friends are about to suffer the reciprocation of his vanity, deus-ex-machinas show up to solve that shit**

What?! They dared attack my friends?! Just because I killed their people doesn't give them a right to attack people close to me!! How dare they?! Humph, let's see how they fight against me while I show off this deus-ex-machina item of mine that I obtained through absolutely fair means and not through sheer, impossible luck! Humph, I can look down at the whole continent! Eh? What's that? They have a way to break through my super-duper item?! Uncle McStrong1, save me!! What?! People from another world are invading?! The only way to prevent it is to increase the overall strength of cultivators?! The only way to do that is to refine a weird stone? And I have to increase my strength to do it?! Eh, f*ck that, let me deal with petty grievances first. Saving the world? Pfft. I've got a kill Villain McForgettable853, otherwise I can never sleep in peace! <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
January 16, 2018
Status: c184
It's... bad. Really, really bad. Even in terms of power-trip eastern novels, it's among the worst works I've had a chance of reading. If I didn't know any better, I'd think a trashcan was responsible for writing the entire story, as words 'trash' and 'waste' are repeated about 4 billion times in 100 chapters. In terms of writing style itself, it's obnoxious to the tenth degree, as half the chapters are filled with comments of random nobodies in regards to the current situation. While this is not exclusive to PBS,... more>> other novels at least try to scatter it through, not linger on the same bullsh*t for 10 chapters in a row.

In terms of story itself, it's your generic power-trip eastern fantasy novel. MC whom everyone treats as absolute crap for absolutely no reason whatsoever besides the fact that everyone in this world is an utter d*ck of cosmic proportions, turns out to actually be a god-level genius who keeps 'slapping' the faces of everyone who doubts him. Within nearly 200 chapters, the only reason I kept on reading was because I kept skipping like half the chapters - which are already on the shorter side - and even then, I could only sigh in disappointment.

From one baddie onto another, not a single 'villain' of the story has a speck of a different personality. Literally. Every single one of them behaves exactly the same without any difference between them whatsoever. Here's the pattern: MC meets random thug. Thug looks down on MC because of whatever. Thug then begins insulting MC to the levels where common sense no longer applies. Everyone then begins doing the same to MC who keeps silent. MC then turns around and starts insulting others as well. MC somehow then defeats the super-uber-pumped-up thug and asks everyone who insulted him something like 'Hey you wanna insult me more?' to which everyone else promptly shuts up. Then, give it a chapter or two, and another random thug will do the exact same thing. Over and over again.

This isn't a story. This is just a string of repeated events that don't tie into anything. It's like when you hit a level break in MMORPG with the main story quests, and you're forced to slug along the same, repetitive side quests for god knows how long. That's the 'story' of this novel. Just a slog of constant side quests that bear no relevance to anything.

Then, around 100th chapter or something like that, we get introduced to random loli, who, of course, turns out to be a powerful expert, probably the strongest in the entire goddamn sect, and her strength and identity get exposed, yet those same thugs still keep repeating the same shit, over and over again. Even disregarding the fact that every scene with this random loli is absolute chore to read through, she remains absolutely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Even if she never appeared, all things would have remained the same.

In terms of other characters that aren't random thugs and commentators who apparently dream of being employed by BBC or some sh*t in the future, they're all the same: girls lust after our MC with wetness encompassing an ocean, and guys are humbly bow and wish to be like MC.

Then we have the power system. While I'll admit it's just the same old bullsh*t as with every other eastern novel, at least in those others, when they introduce the initial realms, they stick to them for a while. Even if every reader ever knows that the 'ultimate, peak realm' is never the 'ultimate peak realm' when first introduced, writers at least abstain from introducing 'higher realms' before MC's at least halfway through that shit. Here? Barely 100 chapters in, we learn that this 'Martial God' or whatever realm is definitely not the highest, even though we were told it was the highest. Oh well.

Power-creep is spread throughout this entire novel. Sometimes, MC will struggle to break through a single realm or whatever because story, and other times he'll blow through them like they're pieces of paper. Nothing follows any rules as there are basically no rules. This Martial Spirit or whatever of MC's 'breaks' the conventions, but nothing is explained about it. The amount of pills it's required to level it up is exceedingly random, and instead of having a relatively clear idea - as readers - how much does MC needs, so we can anticipate that number alongside the MC, we're left to just wait for the title of the chapter to appear so we can know that the spirit will level up.

In terms of MC, he's just another power-trip MC you've seen billion of times before. He's not charming, he's not intimidating, he's just another arrogant prick like every other thug in the novel. He never steps back, he's impulsive, clearly an idiot, and I don't care whatever bullsh*t power-ups he's given to deal with the situation which he himself had caused because of his stupidity, he's a chore to read about.

I'll be a prophet for a moment and say that when he defeats whoever this arc's thug is, low and behold, another thug will appear. Then, he'll grow too powerful for his sect and leave to some bigger sect, where another string of thugs will appear to call him a waste or a trash because he came from lower domain or whatever. The same sh*t will keep repeating over and over again, until the very last chapter where writer finally can't come up with any more higher realms, and where there won't be any more random thugs to call MC waste. Even if he becomes a god at some point, there'll be a random thug who is a super god who will come and say 'ha ha what a waste, trash, bleeeh', despite the fact that writer will state some sh*t like 'only 1 in every 1231254123 billion of people can become god'.

This level of writing isn't even enough for the novel to be classified as a braindead power-trip fantasy. Unlike some other braindead power-trip fantasies like Chaos Sword God, it doesn't have any backstory-mysteries to keep me from closing one eye to absolute bullsh*t that is the MC's journey, or even something like ISSTH where MC is at least half-interesting, and isn't repeating the 'Ha ha, didn't you call me trash all the time? Now that I've beaten your geniuses because I've purposely hidden how strong I am, making it impossible for you to know that I'm not trash, do you still dare call me trash?' statement over and over again.

Final conviction: bleh. Trash. Waste of time. See, writer? I can do it to, you trash. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
Emperor’s Domination
August 13, 2017
Status: c754
Ah, my dear Emperor, what have you done...

Here's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this WN: Somewhere in this pile of chapters lies perhaps the best WN ever written.

It may sound a big exaggerated, but the WN really does have some absolutely amazing chapters, moments and storylines that it's just depressing when you look at it as a whole. Before I get into the spoiler stuff, here's a quick rundown for those who are wondering as to whether they should read this:

  1. Unless you haven't learned to skip paragraphs (or entire chapters) don't bother with ED
  2. Unless you can withstand arrogant characters (and I mean ARROGANT characters; from MCs to practically nearly everyone else, 99% of characters in this WN are basically defined as ARROGANT pricks) don't bother with ED
  3. Unless you can't stand the standard "there's always a higher realm and different world" stuff, don't bother with ED
  4. If you hate when authors just discard characters after a few dozen/hundred chapters, don't bother with ED
  5. If you want to see MC struggling in the world of martial arts, don't bother with ED
However, if none of these things sound like they would bother you, give ED a shot. As I've said at the start, somewhere in this mess is perhaps one of the best written WNs ever. With that... more>> said, let's dive into why is this just... ugh.


One word that's perfect to describe ED is FILLER. It is perhaps the most blatant example of author trying to squeeze page/word count I've ever seen in my life. For the first 200~ chapters it's not SO bad, but afterwards it becomes ABSOLUTELY insane. The best example I can give are 600-700 chapters. So little happens here, that you can't wrap the fact that it took 100 chapters to tell it around your head.

I don't mind (for the most part, at least) when authors stuff their chapters with pointless sh*t just to increase word count. That's why basically anyone who enjoys xianxia learns to just skip things at one point. However, I do mind when you can skip 3-4 chapters in a row without missing a damn thing. ED is FILLER on steroids. And it's perhaps the main thing that simply destroys any chance of finding a good, cohesive story.

Because of this insane FILLAGE, the amazing world the author has crafted - with some hella interesting backstory - just becomes a chore to read about. I truly want to give a sh*t about these past Emperors and whatnots, but I simply can't when a single sentence about them is buried underneath 12 paragraphs describing some random item from that time that doesn't freaking matter. If the author toned down with FILLAGE and replaced it with more backstory about this world, I guarantee this would have been one of the most popular WN ever. However, he did not. Not at all.

To me, the quality of the WN novel dropped beyond any redemption when he entered Medicine-whatever world. It absolutely crapped on whatever was happening for the past 500~ chapters, and basically said "f*ck" to everything it was building up to that point. Still, xianxias have tendency to do this, so whatever, I would have stuffed it, but everything becomes so BOOOOOORING. It's basically first 500~ chapters, except without anything that made the first 500~ interesting and actually fun to read despite all the filler shit. Chapters upon chapters go by without ANYTHING happening. Ever since he came into the world, MC has never ONCE fought properly against anyone. It's just pointless chase after skirts, bickering with children like he's a child himself, more chasing after skirts, and threatening to massacre something or someone, but NEVER actually doing it. Sure, he kills a fool or two here and there, but so what? He never kills them himself. I could count on my f*cking fingers just how many characters he's killed with his own hands in the odd 200~ chapters I've read.

Imagine if there's build-up... and then more of build-up... and then more... and more... and the build-up just never ends. That's what ED becomes.

Even if first 500~ chapters was filled with FILLER GALORE, at least things happened. MC progressed. He fought. He cultivated. He was a badass. However, I'm fairly certain I don't even know what his f*cking realm is anymore, because it's never mentioned. He never trains. He just keeps pulling OP items out of his ass and lets them do the work. It's boring, tactless, and quite frankly pointless.

Speaking of MC, ugh... I like arrogant characters as much as the next guy, but holy shit. You can't actively hope Li wins, because he's literally turned into a villain of the entire story. I can already imagine 99% of all existences eventually ganging up on him because he's become insufferable. At least, before leaving Mortal-whatever world, when he'd act arrogant and sh*t on others, he'd beat them with his own two hands. Now? He either lets some OP tree do the work, or just pulls a holier-than-thou OP item from "ancient ancient" times and lets it do all the work.

I won't even bother with mentioning all the skirt chasing. At first, it was just a gimmick, and hell, it was kind of fun seeing him flirt normally with chicks. Now? It's just basic teen wish-fulfillment. Every time he meets a woman, author emphasizes like 91231 f*cking times that he doesn't want to f*ck her. WE GET IT. WE f*ckING GET IT.

Honestly, it's sad. ED has one of the most interesting worlds I've had a chance of reading about in odd 100~ WN novels that I'm reading/read, and it's just wasted. Author often manages to weave in stories from the past into present in an amazing way, then a chapter later shits all over it with pointless side characters. Every 10 chapters or so, you'll find one that seems just so out of place you'll be wondering if you're at the right place.

Another thing that gets beyond annoying towards latter parts is vague dialogue. Oh. My. God. Nothing is ever named. NOTHING. It's always "this" and "that" and "something" and "place". There's just so many "things" and "stuffs" in the last 200 chapters I've read that I honestly don't even give a sh*t anymore. He's already got himself an insane arsenal of OP items that I'm pretty sure he'd become Immortal Emperor if he never leaves his house anymore. He's so beyond ANYONE else within his generation, it's literally POINTLESS to introduce anyone else his age. Just remove cultivators as his opponents, because he can probably beat EVERYONE back to their grave. Have him fight those Immortal Demons or whatever (oh, yeah, what the hell happened with that? it looks like our dear author forgot the reason our MC wanted to get stronger in the first place. Now it's all about cliche being the strongest ever).

I'll qualify ED as a guilty pleasure. It's not a well-written WN. Hell, it's actually pretty horrendous. It has terrible characters, obnoxious FILLAGE, MC is the same in CH1 and CH700 - LITERALLY NOTHING changes about him, everyone else except for him is basically pointless, and the only thing ED has got going for itself is basically the world and the backstory of the world. If it weren't for those two things, I honestly wouldn't give two shits about this. Still, it's fun to read. When Li ACTUALLY FIGHTS, it's pretty amazing. To this day I remember his battle at burial grounds (before he cheated his way through OP items, of course), but it's just pointless now.

"Damn brat, how dare you?!!!"

"Ha, heavens are my bitch, I'll screw everyone, I'm the mightiest!!!"

"Then fight me you lil' c*nt, I'll show you!"

"Ha, why do that when I have this uber-duber OP item that can do it instead! Ha, die!"

2.5/5. 3/5 'cuz guilty pleasure.

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Virtual World: Close Combat Mage
April 21, 2018
Status: c31
The novel is fun though it suffers from some crippling flaws that are honestly making me nearly drop it dead already. In case you're interested in a VR novel with an OP MC that just steamrolls everything, CCM is a decent choice. However, I should probably warn you of certain things.

  1. Game (as in VRMMO he's playing) is terribly designed. It has the most bare bones framework but nothing past it. It's hard to gauge the difficulty of fights as we have no clue how much HP the monster has or how much DMG MC (or anyone else, really) does. At best we get some vague sh*t like 'boss has tons of hp' and 'MC deals hills of dmg'. Stats are just numbers and they play little role besides 'he added points in agility now he's faster'. It's just too vague to be appreciated. Leveling curve is kind of nonsense to be honest, but, whatever, it's a power-fantasy VRMMO, it's not like you can expect any better.
  2. All - ALL - female characters in this novel are insufferable. That's right - insufferable. There's not a single decent female character in the novel. Honestly, if it weren't for them, I could most-likely ignore the first point and just have fun reading. But I can't. Every few chapters, new chick gets introduced and I just want to bash her f*cking skull in until her teeth are slipping out her ass. Perhaps the worst point is that the MC just goes along with their insanity. 'Y she's insufferable bitch, but whatever, let's just do whatever she says 'cuz I'm a good person hurdur'. Good god. I never thought I'd actually prefer the 'big-boobed just wanna MC's dick' girls in novels before reading this.
  3. Writing style is... not that great. Excessive repetition, empty paragraphs of nothingness, very, very vague fights (MC dodged, he attack, he dodged them all easily, bam they're all dead). There's occasional fight with more detail, but not by a large margin. Even the very first BOSS fight is basically 'MC discovered the flaw, MC dodges, MC strikes, MC kills, the end'.
All in all, these may seem like small points, but they pile on. Honestly, if I wasn't in a mood for a VRMMO story, I probably wouldn't be reading this. Unless female characters either completely vanish from this novel or improve considerably, I probably won't be reading this anymore. Seeing as there's no... more>> 'harem' tag so far, hopefully these suffocating c*nts are just temporary side attractions that will go away. But, then again, MC joined the guild that only accepts female players, so I highly doubt it. Oh well. <<less
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Against the Gods
March 24, 2018
Status: c762
AGA is usually one of the first names that pops up in my head when someone mentions Chinese WN, but, as fate would have it, I have only recently began reading it. Considering my score, you'd probably be wonder as to whether I regret it, or why did I even 'endure' for 700+ chapters, but I'll naturally come to that later on. If I could summarize the entirety of AGA in a very condensed, simplified manner, it would probably end up being something like 'a journey of a bi-polar-boner-ed hypocrite... more>> where stuff happens but it doesn't really matter when you think about it'.

As formulaic as the entirety of AGA's story is, I can't really fault it for it because, well, it's a long-running web novel. It is bound to have repeated storylines by the very nature of its existence, but, as mind-boggling as it is, AGA simply takes it too far. Whether it is with the mini-arcs (where MC meets random spoiled kid, gets in 'conflict' with him/them, and then beats their asses) or the long arcs (that can reach 100+ chapters at minimum). both simply repeat the same, barren plots to no end. In addition, story is marred with simply impossible levels of 'luck' and 'coincidence' to the point where author is actually forced to acknowledge them all within the story itself.

The pace is also dragged down quite often (whether it's through 10 chapters of pointless flirting with nobodies, or 10 chapters of pointless fights with nobodies) and it feels much, much longer than it should. I've skipped chapters often without ever feeling like I missed something important, so you should keep that in mind when reading.

Most of what we've gotten about the world's backstory actually happened in the past 200 chapters (so 500-700), while before that we only got those 'accidental slips' that tell us there is SOMETHING, but we just won't be getting anything any time soon. The story also suffers from the 'last-second-hero' mentality; MC will ALWAYS show up at the VERY LAST SECOND and save the day. Not after, not before, but just at the very exact moment he's required to show up in order to resolve the situation.

Beyond that, cultivation makes no sense. Not that it is complex or something like that, but that the only difference between these realms are basically their names. What is the difference between Emperor Realm and Overlord Realm? It's the difference of heaven and earth, of course!! Why? I have absolutely no clue.

As far as the MC's luck in finding treasures goes, it's... wow. It's just... wow. He randomly falls from the sky --> gets involved with the descendants of Phoenix --> gets its inheritance. He randomly spots five people flying in the sky --> decides to follow them for some ungodly reason despite the fact that they're 1000 times stronger than him --> lucks into Dragon treasure. There's no prelude to his discovery of wonders, it just sort of happens. And it happens often, yet it never - ever - seems enough.

One thing that always boggled my mind is that the MC is supposedly genius doctor (he himself says so), but I don't think I've ever actually seen him (maybe once in the entire 700 chapters) concoct a pill to speed his cultivation up (he does this for others). I think it was 'explained' in some thorwaway line at some point, but this really makes no sense as he's always lagging not just 2-3 stages behind his enemies as is the case with most other similar novels, but 2-3 freaking realms.

Speaking of MC... in the first 50ish chapters (before the whole cultivation emerges), he's rather interesting. He's calm, collected, cunning, vindictive, and even charming to a certain degree. However, the moment he starts cultivating he becomes an idiot. And the moment he starts building a proper harem (one where s*x can actually happen), his IQ goes down by quite a large margin. There's a contradiction in his character; to his very bones, he's nothing short of a 'misogynist'. Forget seeing women as equals, you'd be lucky he sees them as nothing but objects. Yet, he does absolutely ANYTHING these supposed 'lower beings' tell him to do, even if it's endangering not only his life, but lives of his other loved ones. I get that his character is supposed to be the 'friends/family/loved ones come first even before me', but it goes well beyond what any sane person would do, to the point that it's no longer realistic.

He EXTERMINATES -- COMMITS A GENOCIDE -- of 70, 000 people because his Aunt and Grandfather were kidnapped. Mind you, NOTHING happened to the two - but 70, 000 people (out of which maybe 100 wanted this kidnapping to happen) die because of it. He's simply a tantrum-throwing bi-polar psychopath. However, what makes it worse, is that author tries to justify his actions. If he just said 'well, yeah, the dude lived through hell, he's now an emotionally crippled psychopath', I'd actually see it as something normal. But, he doesn't. He justifies every single thing MC does and he sucks the MC's d*ck so hard I'm pretty sure the poor thing went limp by now.

I wouldn't bother about the other characters. Women, even if they do have shred of personality when they meet MC, will eventually become his dick-sucking robots. Their thoughts bear down to pleasing MC and nothing else. After a relative time-skip, one of his dick-sucking slaves actually developed a whiff of personality, but the moment MC comes back, it's forgotten. Nill. Nothing.

The reason why I call the MC bi-polar so many times is because there's nothing else I can use to describe him. At one moment, he's ruthless to the point of dehumanizing everything - including himself. The next, he's a sentimental goody-goody who cries over some sh*t that doesn't matter. He's a hypocrite - much like every other character in this novel - yet nobody ever points it out. He's a 'face-slapper', but I don't feel as though he's 'face-slapping' grown up adults with developed brain, but 7 year old children. So what if he lived through 2 lives? People he's 'face-slapping' are sometimes almost a 1000 f*cking years old. Step back with that shit.

Action is passable. 'Conquering' of the girls can be funny from time to time. Whenever he doesn't use 'might is right' and actually thinks for a moment, it's a somewhat decent read.

But, I endured until ch 760 (2). So, let me quickly share why I'm deciding to drop it although nothing really aggravating happened in the recent chapters. Direct spoilers below.


So, Jasmine - the girl he rescues at the very beginning that's super-op - has finally cleansed her poison and can use her powers however she wants. Meaning, she's unequaled in the world MC's living. Meanwhile, larger-than-MC plot is revolving in the background, and his identity is exposed to the 'big-baddies' of the world and they're planning to do something (probably expose him publicly or something like that) about it during the gathering that will happen soon.

There are two routes this can take, and both suck ass: one route is that he's exposed, but in turn exposes them and reveals the whole truth of the matter. They attack him, Jasmine shows up and cleans everything up nice and proper.

Second route: Jasmine will suddenly decide she has to go someplace else to resolve something, leaving MC alone to battle against whatever.

Mind you, even if Jasmine doesn't help him, he's almost impossible to kill due to his treasures. Regardless of what happens during the gathering, story is beset to suck simply because of a retarded matter of Jasmine having cured her poison. Even if we - as readers - knew the whole time that MC simply can't die because Jasmine will always save him (and it's not as though I give too much sh*t about his dependent companions to care), so it effectively nullifies any tension. Nobody in this current world can rival him. Nothing can endanger him. Instead of going to this BS conference that has nothing to do with him (as far as he knows), he could be traveling the world and looking for the two remaining 'seeds of the Evil God' because he can go anywhere he wants now. Rather, I don't know why Jasmine - who always tried to push him to become stronger faster - doesn't point this out.

In addition, with the hints we've gotten so far, nothing about this story will change even once he leaves this world. Going by the current speed, he should probably 'ascend' in about 200-300 more chapters. And the same cycle of repeated plotlines will continue. I guarantee that - eventually - Jasmine's dad will find her and capture her for that whatever ritual to make himself stronger, and MC will show up just in the nick of time to save her, and it will be a sort of payoff for her teaching him all those years.

I don't care much for grand, unpredictable stories (as much as I'd like to see them), but this is simply barren, far too simple. You can practically predict everything that's going to happen as long as there's even a whiff of a hint. When the Golden Crow talked to Jasmine about that 'thing' or whatever that will maybe occur, which is why everyone's feeding MC inheritances like it's nothing, I later on immediately connected it to that Evil Wheel thing. Following that, MC's sword is most-likely that holy sword thingy because she was 'adopted' during the Era of Gods or whatever out of nowhere.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Every bit of foreshadowing that happened was never there to mislead readers, but basically to tell them what will happen in the future. That's not interesting.

Anyway, I'm done.

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The Strongest System
September 12, 2018
Status: c813
After 813 chapters, I'm simply too deep inside this thing to quit. But I wish I had quit... a long time ago. Let's go over the reasons you may quit this novel.

  1. MC. His personality is inconsistent, even after 800 chapters he's hardly different, he's beyond OP to the point that he literally can't be killed (and this is the case pretty much 150-200 chapters in), his skills are simply dumb (one or two are fine, but his entire arsenal pretty much revolves around kicking balls, growing boobs and twisting the 'earth'), he has plot armor thicker than the Wall of China, he can't stay low-profile no matter what's up and will dive in regardless of how stronger the enemy is... there's simply a myriad of reasons I can come up with as to why this is a simply boring MC. Everything is handed to him on a platter, the 'system' is pretty much a deus-ex machina, he's the bestest ever in crafting and pill making without putting in an ounce of effort, the 'Heaven and Earth Smelt' is the bullshitiest thing ever, and, quite frankly, his repetitive antics can get quite frustrating down the line (especially when he's talking in 3rd person, or when he calls himself Motherf*cking Human King and everyone starts calling him that; I rolled my eyes so hard for like 150 straight chapters they nearly fell out of their pockets).
  2. The world. It's so underdeveloped it's almost tear-inducing. WebNovels are usually decent at world building because they tend to have ten dickillion chapters, but SS simply missed the mark. World is glossed over, and by the time the usual 'ascending' kicks in, we know very little of the world he just spent like 500 chapters in.
  3. There's no logic behind his system. Even with other novels that include some sort of a game-style system in another world, there's usually some form of logic. Here? There's none. The system can do literally anything and everything and it's just a question of whether it will do it or not. There's nothing restricting it, there are no rules whatsoever, and that's simply not interesting. When anything can happen at the drop of a hat, tension is lost.
  4. Filler. Filler. Filler. Oh god, the filler. There's so much filler here it can give ED a run for its money. Well, maybe not, but it's still horrendous. Dozens of chapters sometimes fly by without anything happening, shitty 'HOW BRAZEN' 'I'M BRAZEN?! YOURS TRULY IS A GOD AMONGST MEN BLAH BLAH BLAH' "dialogues" that just make you want to vomit, and fights lasting chapters upon chapters that are neither fun nor tense because you know there's no way that MC can ever lose or die.
  5. Romance. Oh. God.
  6. Everyone except MC is a dumbass. That's right. Even his friends and lovers. Everyone's a dumbass beyond dumbasses. There's no emotional attachment to be had, and when his first sect got exterminated, I honestly just thought it was a damn time we went on some sort of an adventure. But nope, the stupidity continued.
Overall, SS isn't really that bad; there are some funny moments here and there, and, overall, it has its own unique charms that make it stand out from the crowd. However, it's riddled by far too many problems to be an interesting novel so, by any means, do think about those 6 things and how important they are to you before starting this. Chapters are usually on the shorter side, though, so it's not that much... more>> of a chore to read at the very least. <<less
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Hedonist Sovereign
February 22, 2018
Status: c177
Let me ask you a question: do you like a world where absolutely every single character is either colossal garbage, tantamount idiot, or sideways trash? If you do, then Hedonist Sovereign is for you. Because, ladies in gentlemen, this novel has exactly 1 somewhat humane and normal character in 177 chapters that I've read. It's MC's dad.

There are no arcs here or storylines where we go through troubles of each girl and they slowly fall in love with MC and we start rolling down the harem hill. We have jumps... more>> all over the place. Some girls will be forgotten until suddenly being pulled out of butt-f*ck-nowhere to be saved by the MC, of course, and some may as well just be planks of wood as they do nothing to enhance the story. Every single guy given to us in this novel is either a rapist or a murderer, or combination of both (again, save for MC's dad... for now, at least). That's right. This is a world where not a single being with a d*ck has an ounce of hormonal control, and the moment they see even an inch of skin, they get a boner so raging they'd have to r*pe half the Asia just to sate it properly. The saddest part is that that's the only 'conflict' in this story when it comes to girls. If you ignore that background-mystery-stuff shit, and just focus on the stories of the girls, every single one of them goes exactly the same way: MC meets a girl, some young master has his eyes on the girl, girl obviously likes MC and tells that other young master to f*ck off, young master gets enraged and decides to r*pe the girl (s), MC saves the girl (s) and occasionally kills the young masters. There you go. That's the conflict with every single girl in the story.

I'm not focusing on any other stuff because none of that stuff really matters. I read that girls are completely discarded at one point and it just turns into a straight-out cultivation novel, and I actually think that's for the best. Author clearly has no desire to build a proper harem, or to create a normal world that could somehow exist even with the cultivation shenanigans, so he may as well discard any sense of normality and just focus on supernatural dudes beating the sh*t out of each other. I'm sick and f*cking tired of having to read for the 1215213125th time about some guy who can't take 'no' for an answer and decides that the only way to resolve the situation is to r*pe a girl. I never claimed I myself am a good person, but by the standards of this world, I'm a f*cking saint. Someone should seriously canonize me and build me a statue in the middle of Vatican.

When it comes to MC, he's all over the place. We're introduced to him as a guy who literally just f*cks around and nothing else. Yet, the moment, and I do mean THE MOMENT he gets this system, his does an absurd 180 shift in personality. The only 'hedonist' thing he does is just stare at chucks and occasionally grope them and make out with them. Now, I'm not saying that there shouldn't be growth, but if you introduce the MC as someone who's already f*cked half the female population of the city, if he suddenly stops doing that for no reason, well, you know.

Yeah, there's ton of asspulls, thickest plot armor I've seen in a while, and nonsensical stuff galore. But that doesn't matter. If there's anything good about this novel it is that it's occasionally funny. If the author wasn't hellbent on sucking MC's d*ck 24/7 while every girl he meets is absolute, stunning beauty that could cause every other man in the world to forgo sanity, then maybe something could have been made out of this novel. But, as it stands, I'm tired. I'm not gonna read 1900 f*cking chapters just to witness differently-named characters do the exact same things only to piss the MC off so he can 'show off'. You can basically disregard the law in this novel as it does jack shit. The only reason it even exists is to give quest to the MC to f*ck a pretty police lady, nothing else. Aah... I'm so tired... <<less
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Emperor of Solo Play
August 17, 2017
Status: c153
Emperor of Solo Play is a power-trip fantasy set in one of the shittiest f*cking MMO's I've ever had a chance to read about. I'll tackle on the MMO aspect and it's complete bullsh*t in the spoilers, so let's look at the story without it for a bit.

MC: Loud, sometimes funny, annoying quite often, loud. Yes, he's not your generic 'blank slate' MC, but he's poor-man's Weed if we're being honest... one that just happens to curse a bit more. He has some funny moments, sure, but he's pretty bad... more>> in terms of a character as he goes through 0% development in 150 chapters. Suck on that.

Side Characters: Emperor of Solo Play often dedicates ENTIRE chapters to side characters, so why is it that I can't stand basically any single one of them? It's because they're boring. Every single guild leader has a simple, straightforward personality: all for the profit. There you go, that's their character. There are a few exceptions along the lines, but in terms of characters that stay throughout, nothing.

Storywise it's LMS. Dude goes soloing shit, gets money by selling shit, gets broadcasts etc. That's it, really. Unlike Weed, though, Ah~~ leaves his apartment ONCE in 150 chapters. Good lord.

I can swallow all of the above; I enjoy reading power-trip fantasies because they're easy and they wash away fatigue from good reads. However, what I can't swallow is MMO in this game. Good. f*cking. God.


First off: MMO that expensive to play wouldn't even have 10 f*cking players, let alone 10 million. When you see the numbers flaunted about (it terms of cost), you can literally shave off one 0 and it'd still be expensive. MMO would flop harder than Amy Shoemaker's new comedy show, and would be buried in the dust within a week. f*ck, it'd probably be massacred with the announcement of prices.

Second off: the entire buying/selling items process. Look, I won't debate whether (in the future) the ENTIRE STRUCTURE of how MMO's are designed (end-game oriented) will be completely different and will focus on leveling, but I'll f*cking guarantee that NEVER IN THE WORLD will a leveling be sold for 100$. NEVER. Nor would a Skill Book. NOR WOULD f*ckING ANYTHING. The numbers are just insane. Sure, make the MMO in your story P2W, I don't care, but make it so I don't grunt every time I see numbers. Instead of take sh*t out of his ass, author could have simply made the items drop and be done with it. But no. Remember, 1g in the game = 10$ in real life. I'm pretty sure author has no idea how neither the economy nor MMO's work from just that.

Third: This MMO is sh*t from grounds up. The entire concept of the game is based on the fact that newcomers WILL NEVER catch up to front runners. That is bullshit. Even in the grindfest like Black Desert, if you were to start today, given enough time and effort you'd be able to compete with the topguns. However, in Warlord, unless you're MC with godlike knowledge, it's impossible. No MMO would EVER survive off of its initial playbase. Imagine if WoW did this thing. They'd never have made it past Burning Crusade.

Fourth: Every single design choice is insulting to every player. Warlord is based off of the idea that 'you can invest money and get money returns', but that's BS. First, that 30 exclusive bullsh*t is just so dumb I'm not even going to comment on it. Second, it feels like the worst F2P game ever made that costs literally thousands upon thousands of $ to play. You can buy power. You can buy f*cking everything in the game. Even the WORST P2W cash-grabs in the past 10 years weren't that bad. So f*ck off with this shit.

Fifth: Guild & raid system. What is this sh*t with 'being in queue' for raids? Are you insane? Weekly locking nearly f*cking killed raiding scene in WoW, and you think people would put up with queue bullshit? And it's not just raids, it's even with dungeons. This isn't a f*cking MMORPG. And wtf is with the guild system? 30 top guilds are so overpowered they can't be caught? Why? It's only because game said so. It's because of internally broken design.

Sixth: No level cap. This is the same issue I have with LMS: No level cap. It's absolute horseshit. Again, MAYBE sometime in the future MMORPG will come where leveling is the GOD of the game, but that's not the current market. Besides, leveling is boring. It was boring in LMS, it's boring here. There are only a few highlight moments. I don't know why they employ this 'oh, levels go on and on' bullshit, but stop it.

Seventh: Titles. This is broken. This has nothing to do with flawed design: this is outright something no game designer would ever do. Best Titles are locked behind the idea of 'the first'. And the Best Titles are exclusive. We're not talking about sh*t like +2 Damage. We're talking about % increase. For instance, as of c153, our MC has somewhere around 15-25% bonus on ALL his stats. And no one else besides a few other player can EVER get that. f*ck.

TL;DR: don't read this for MMO system. It's terrible. It's not even an MMO. Read it if you enjoy power-trip fantasies. Necromancer is a fine spin on the formula, and it's utilized quite decently, but it's better if you just read it as a fantasy rather than litRPG.

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Night Ranger
May 3, 2018
Status: c243
There's some good things to be found in this novel, primarily focused on how easy it is to read, the simple, straightforward power-fantasy elements, and lots --looooootss-- of murder. Then again, there's also plenty wrong with the novel, so let's just to the most basic way of summarizing it all: list! Who doesn't love a bad list?

  1. MC is a degenerate. He's pretty much a psychopath. From what I've understood, he used to be a regular guy from Earth who used to play this game, but he doesn't hesitate to murder (at all). Not even a thought like 'hey, isn't it weird that I don't feel anything about killing another human being? Guess not, okay'. Nothing. Nill. It'd be fine, but unfortunately the novel adapts the moralist attitude about MC's actions, and it just becomes impossible to take it seriously. His kill-count throughout 243 chapters supersedes the supposed evil, Shadow Prince by a f*cking mile, and nobody questions it. Again - that would be fine as I don't have anything against psychopathic characters (as they can be really fun) - but the moralist attitude about MC's actions ruins it all. Furthermore, MC is simply too lucky. An element of luck is necessary in these types of stories as it provides a buffer for MC to go from nothing to something and not die in the meantime. However, there should be a clearly drawn line somewhere - there isn't here. Not only is he blessed by a godlike cheat (that lets him get to a level in 3 months that most people spend their lifetimes reaching), but wherever he goes, he's just showered in golden shit. Yeah, yeah, 'he played the game so he knows stuff', but the problem is that oftentimes he gets things he wasn't looking for, or even knew about. In addition, his plot armor is thick, matching greatly his, quite honestly, sub-par intellect. MC isn't smart. He isn't cunning. Again, that would be fine, but author tries to present him as someone who is. No, it isn't MC who is smart - it is just that everyone else is even stupider than him, and not by a large margin. Supposed gods who've ascended to a higher plane and basically control worlds are utter, complete morons. No, seriously. They are idiots, that's all. And that's the only reason MC appears even remotely 'smart'. He's not. He constantly makes rash decisions, puts other people in danger due to his selfishness, he never reflects ('cause when he does it never sticks), he constantly makes the same mistakes, he's too headstrong... nothing about him screams 'smart'. All in all, not a very interesting MC, but certainly not the worst of the bunch.
  2. Every other character. They're too one-note. They can be described in either of two ways: they're MC's friend or MC's enemy. That's about it. Any possible nuance is lost with these characters. MC is a super-magnet for powerhouses of the world because he needs them 99% of the time to save his ass because of some idiotic thing he did. And they do. And they never as much berate him for his stupidity. But, honestly, even beyond that, their personalities are too one-note. Monk is stoic. Anna is loyal. Hath-a-what? is tsundere. That old blacksmith is grumpy. Who else? Uh, right, Ivan is gay. His father is cold. You can see where I'm going. It's truly as if these people are NPCs and MC is just playing the game (which honestly feels like it most of the time, as he seems to be the only 'player' with cheat-like abilities in the world of 'NPCs'). Nothing interesting here either.
  3. If there was a game which reflected the world, it sucked. Abilities like 'striking a target hard then turning into a cripple for half a month' is dumb. Passive increments in ALL basic stats after killing bunch of things through the night is dumb (especially because stats are limited; for instance, max for a 4th ranked guy is 30dex. Let's say he grinds the sh*t out of that passive and gets it to 10%. He now has 33dex, surpassing the 'limit'. It makes no sense). sh*t like sub-sub-sub classes makes no sense, especially when they aren't linked in any way, though author does try desperately to connect them. Our MC has 4 classes. Sure, why not. Things like instant-death spells make no sense.
  4. At the start of the novel, we were told that Wizards are by far the most powerful beings in the world. By 243rd chapter, the Wizards turned out to be the weakest morons in the world. No, seriously. They can't do anything except die. 95% of the characters that we know about aren't even wizards for f*ck's sake. They just roll over and die whenever MC (or anyone else, actually) comes to the scene.
  5. World-building is bad. For the most part it's too simplistic, yet for a 6-7 chapters it deviates from that norm completely and it tries to create a multi-plane, multi-layered universe and just leaves half the questions hanging. Talking about this would be a bit too spoilerish, but most of the things about gods that we learn are just nonsense, especially when compared with the first few chapters to when we start seeing gods in action.
  6. The whole territory nonsense. I don't even know why author started this sub-plot because it's clear he had absolutely no intention to develop it. It is relegated to 'MC goes back to his territory, everything is fine, he leaves'.
  7. Items. I don't mind the items; for the most part they're fine and a relatively fun part of the whole ordeal. However, they tend to have what I like to call 'hidden stats'. Out of nowhere, an item in MC's hands will suddenly have a property that it didn't have before simply because author said so. It truly breaks the consistency of the world even further.
  8. One thing that I've always wondered about (and that is never explained properly) are the religions in the world. How did they come to be? How the hell did people even find out about gods' existence in the first place? Aren't they locked out of the world entirely? The only reason that one guy was able to descend was because of an item, and that's it. It always bothered me as it's never explained and we were just supposed to accept the fact that these people not only somehow found out about gods, but found proper ways to please them and pray to them.
  9. Night Walker class is too many things packed into one. It's a duelist, a fighter, an assassin, a rogue, a beastmaster...... the class is so packed full-of-sh*t it would NEVER be one of the least popular classes in the game. Rather, every top player worth a salt would be playing it. Pro players in MMORPGs even nowadays level each class to the maximum limit and min-max it (especially with new MMOs) to discover all the secrets, and that won't change.
I think that's enough. Though I have some other things I could talk about, I don't think it's necessary. Again, Night Ranger is a fun read for the most part. However, it suffers from terrible plot structure, inconsistent (and plot-hole-ridden) story, one-note boring characters, and shoddy world-building. That's enough for... more>> me to grade it so low. <<less
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History’s Strongest Senior Brother
August 26, 2017
Status: c288
First things first: don't let that summary fool you, this novel isn't much different than your standard xianxia fair. It's just that MC's 'rivals' are replaced with bare-bone copies of generic xianxia MCs (heavenly luck, reincarnation, going back in time, etc.). Although it's a gimmick, from time to time author uses it well as butt of some jokes, but, all in all, it has absolutely no impact on the overall narrative.

However, this reads a lot, A LOT, slower than your average xianxia, and that's mainly because author dedicates a lot... more>> of time to EVERYTHING. From side characters, overly drawn descriptions to bolster word count, to completely pointless chapters, to oddest attempts at epic storytelling I've seen in xianxia. Unless you are extremely comfortable with skipping paragraphs and chapters, I recommend you don't bother with this novel. However, that's not to say that there's nothing good about it, else I wouldn't have rated it 3. Author is good at build-up. He can set up scenes and battles properly, and weave in multitude of factions into conflict without seemingly any issues. He also writes some pretty decent and competent characters that aren't our beloved MC, and has okay skills in terms of dialogue as long as he doesn't turn it into massive monologues or pointless pandering.

All in all, HSSB doesn't read like your average xianxia, but at the same time it's exactly that. If you're interested in more, and don't mind some spoilers, read below:


While I praised author's ability for build-up and creating suspense, in this novel at least, it's a double-edged sword. When he does it well, he does it really well. However, when he doesn't, everything, from pace to enjoyment, just collapses faster than you could imagine. While things that happen seemed to have been pre-planned, it appears to me more that the author simply jotted down a few main points (k this char meets MC here, they battle for this, this faction reacts this way, etc.), and then decided to write around those points without actually having planned how to properly write about them.

Building tension is a hallmark of horror stories; they live and thrive on it. However, when writing action stories - especially ones involving supernatural elements - tension becomes a tool to use with great care. Again, author has pretty decent grasp on how to build it, but has absolutely no clue as to how to pace it. The only way I sucked some enjoyment out of this novel was by practically skipping more than quarter of it. While that may seem dishonest and makes my review seem a bit skewed, I do have my reasons.

First, pointless chapters where MC upgrades or whatever. If you've ever read xianxia, you'll obviously be skipping them because it's basically the same thing. Anyway, even if you skip it, you'll be constantly reminded what each and exact realm does, so you don't have to worry about being in the dark. These chapters are more frequent than you think, and I don't even mention paragraphs weaved in nearly every 5-6 chapters that refer to the realms and just repeat the same sh*t author already described before.

Second, chapters featuring nothing. And I don't mean no plot progression where characters talk with each other. I mean nothing. It's just bunch of words, referencing some history (again), with absolutely no tie-in to what is going on at the present time. While these chapters aren't as commonplace as cultivation ones, they are marked as some of the most blatant page count attempts I've seen.

As an example, at one point of the story, we're told of the history behind MC's sect. Great, some backstory never hurts. We learn of these major two figures that propped his sect up, and how they did it, and why they are so renowned. But wait. Then we hear the exact same story, again, with author trying to vaguely connect it with present times. But wait. Here it is again. This time, you're slightly annoyed, so you just skip it because it's the same shit. Oho but wait, what do we have here? An entire chapter dedicated to the backstory we've heard before, again?

I know that xianxia, as a genre, thrives on repetition, as authors have to drill some details into reader's minds. Much of it has to do with cultivation, but also with endless stream of side characters, and sometimes backstory. But, author here goes far beyond repetition, as he clearly just takes a chapter to bait readers into expecting the main story to actually restart.

The author is a competent writer. As I've stated before, characters in HSSB are much better developed than in majority of other xianxia. Even if there are your generic spoiled princes and whatnot, of those characters that stay, most are written well enough. In addition, he's really good at building up tension, but has absolutely no clue as to how to pace it and properly release it. This isn't a horror story. No reader will enter this world expecting 12 chapters of build-up that could have been done in about 2. By the time the release of tension comes, you don't go "wow, that was epic!", but rather "oh for f*cks sake, finally!". So, again, and I STRONGLY IMPLORE THIS, unless you can comfortably skip literal chapters and countless paragraphs, HSSB will be absolute chore to read.

One more knack against the author is how he purposefully conceals information from the viewer than the MC already knows. Although the type of narration is omnipotent, we spend most of our time with MC, and author simply hides things from us that should be easily explained mostly to just bolster that 'look how smart my non-MC who's totally MC character is'. It's cheap, because we can't operate on the same level as MC as we don't have the same information he has, so when he suddenly reveals something that should shock us and make us go "wow, that's really clever! I never would have thought of that!", we don't because we never stood a chance in the first place. Also, weaving mysteries in the background isn't author's strong suite either. He just presents a mystery and then leaves it blank for readers, while making MC's thoughts and dialogue extremely vague making it so we can't even infer anything that would help us decipher whatever the f*ck MC would.

All in all, HSSB has some really great moments, and when it's at it best, it eclipses majority of other novels. However, it's so rarely at its best that it's simply not worth mentioning. In addition, besides the gimmick of 'totally not MC' character, author can't pace out tension, dragging on things for far too long whereas the climax of the story arc simply isn't as satisfying as it could have been.

Thanks for reading.

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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
January 5, 2019
Status: c1059
Oh my. Here we go.

Now there are a lot of reviews giving this novel 1 star and, quite frankly, it deserves it. But, as the novel has managed to at least keep my attention of over 1k chapters, I suppose 2 stars isn't all that unwarranted. However, based on quality alone, this is, well, shit.

RSSG is your everyday second-chance sort of a novel set in a VR game God's Domain. As with quite LITERALLY every other novel with a game-like setting, absolutely nothing makes any sense and your brain WILL... more>> fry if you try to understand the concepts behind certain aspects of the game world itself. As I've got quite some free time to burn, I'll list just a few I've come across.

  1. Every so often, the author will introduce us to some monster. To tell us just how awesome this monster truly is, he'll then emphasize that in the MC's past life, Guilds used to throw literal tens of thousands of players at the monster and still fail to kill it. We would be reminded of this repeatedly -- that is until it was MC's turn to fight the monster. Forget tens of thousands of players, I don't recall him ever needing more than 20 to conquer literally everything. Good job on the consistency author; truly a marvel.
  2. So far I've read over a 1000 chapters. MC currently isn't even Level 50, and is still Tier 1. To put into perspective, he used to be a Tier 3 dude in his past life. That means that in over a thousand chapters, the author has squeezed so much sh*t into it that we've yet to even catch up to MC's past standard. This is simply f*cking insane.
  3. On another note, the game hasn't been running for too long. Although I've been too lazy to pay attention, I don't think it's even been a couple of months since the game has launched (most-likely not even that many). Yet, for some reason, every company and their mother is investing into this game like it's an endless source of oil. We're not talking about a couple of grand here and there, we are talking about tens of billions. Tens of billions of investments with literal 0 profits. Yeah, sure.
  4. On another note, does author even understand how the currency works? Clearly not as he contradicts himself so often it's headache-inducing. He first tells us that the amount of resources are finite, and that every Guild is scraping at each other to sustain themselves, yet he'll then introduce some random new company that invested into the game which over the course of a few days will have greater in-game funds than the Guild MC has been supporting since the start of the novel. Mind you, the companies can't buy gold directly from the game, but from the players selling it. Suffice the say, the biggest owners of the gold coins -- the Guilds themselves -- aren't selling any. So am I supposed to believe that a company has somehow managed to leech of over half a million gold coins off of the general player base in the matter of a few days? If that was possible, the value of gold would f*cking plummet within a day. Inflation would hit so hard everything aside from the physical assets would lose all value. Yet, this never happens. Right. Sure.
  5. Everything about MC is just dumb. His greatest asset - the fact that he'd come back from the future - is utilized only when MC is in sudden need of something, and to inform us of some random figures that used to be super-figures in the past. If anyone else worth any salt was this dude, no other Guild would stand a chance. He knows the best grinding grounds, the best leveling zones, the strategies, numerous hidden quests, locations of treasure chests, value of items whose prices would soar in the future... yet, aside from at the start, he rarely utilizes this, relying entirely on the wuxia-style component of luck (which is insane, honestly, only ever toppled by the Shura Wrath's MC. He also decides to provoke everyone and their mother (another beautiful aspect of the wuxias where every character that isn't with our MC is seemingly holding some lifelong grudge against him for some reason, hellbent on destroying him and his guild) while he knows his Guild is basically shite comparatively speaking. He's currently so far and beyond of everyone else in terms of equipment it's f*cking ridiculous. Author even had to make up the whole 'special realms stuff' just to somehow give MC challengers. It doesn't matter 'cause the MC never loses anyway, so what's the point? Guys, sh*t like 'omnivision' isn't real. It doesn't exist in the real world. At least not to the degree author claims it does. You also can't force other people to suddenly ignore your presence because of how you move your feet. That's nonsense for f*ck's sake.
  6. The entire section past the point of Guild establishment is simply repetition. It's boring as all hell. Here's how it all develops: MC and his Guild are in a good standing, they're prospering, they've defeated the previous baddie or whatever, everyone's celebrating and sh*t and suddenly author will introduce this new, previously unheard of power that's all kinds of magnitudes greater than anything MC has ever faced before. These newfound baddies of course all have experts that can match MC's level and gear for some reason and they're fully stacked with funding despite nobody ever hearing about them prior to that moment. They will approach the MC then and offer to buy him out or something, he'll flip them a good one, they'll start throwing tantrums like little children and literally start a war with the Guild. MC will of course win there's no doubt about it, but that's your 300 chapters in a nutshell. Rinse and repeat.
  7. General public. Just... ah. Nobody, nobody behaves like that. Not everyone has an EQ of a 3 year old kid author. Just FYI.
  8. MC's companions are just dead weight. He could have literally accomplished just as much if not far more if he never established a guild. He's the source of all the designs, all the new items, new skills, new ways to increase one's strength, strategies, etc. He's the sole reason the Guild can even fart at the moment.
  9. Let's talk about the game design at the moment. As with every other game-novel, it's broken... except it's many times more broken than anywhere else I've read. The game is a literal definition of 'unbalanced'. Starting from equipment, leveling, penalties (wth?), NPCs, dungeons, numbers (tell me, when has your guild ever gathered a couple of hundreds of people at one time to do something, let alone literal tens if not hundreds of thousands? never, that's when), item effects which make any other gear literally useless scrap, I've already mentioned the currency which simply loses any meaning past 'oh look how much shine it's here whooooo', skills, classes (again with the hidden f*cking bullshit. Please, game-novel-writers, stop with this stupidity. No game that wants to prosper will ever have exclusive hidden classes, inheritances, exclusive items etc. just stop), titles (oh boy, here we go again) -- just to mention one, 'City Protector', makes MC major noble in every city he visits. To put it into perspective, others need to grind out a 1000 rep points to get to that. Per city. Goooooood luck. There's a myriad of other stuff, but I'm too tired to remember them all. Most of them are related to the so-called 'lifestyle' players (professions, basically) and their stupidity.
  10. Guilds. When I saw author stating that small guilds tend to have a few thousand players, I gave up. Then he mentioned how Super Guilds have hundreds of thousands of players. It was then that I understood the author has never been a part of any guild in any game ever.
That's enough. I'm tired and my free time's over. I'm already quite tired of reading the novel so I doubt I'll soldier on any longer, though I might if I get bored. Start at your own risk. You've been warned. <<less
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Dragon-Marked War God
January 22, 2018
Status: c870
Overall: 2.5

I enjoy DMWG quite a lot actually despite the grade I've given it. It many comes from the fact that I'm kind of desensitized to the standard xn tropes, so I'm able to either ignore or skip blatant bullshit. However, that's just me personally, and doesn't apply to everyone which is why I better be honest with this review.

If I could summarize DMWG in one word it would be 'repetitive'. Repetitive to the point of absolute insanity. For instance, 2 major arcs are EXACTLY the same WITH THE EXACTLY... more>> THE SAME VILLAIN. I'm not even shitting you here. That's right: two arcs, MAJOR ones, are basically identical.


If you are confused, here's how it goes: MC enters a bigger world or whatever. He immediately offends half the 'powers' there while 'befriending' the other half. In the end, arc becomes the major 'war' between these two sides where MC obviously saves everyone. Both arcs have exactly the same villain, who does exactly the same things, says exactly the same shit, and gets beaten exactly the same.


Beyond that, we have the same repeated 'MC's girl is obviously a heaven-defying beauty that inspires bad people to have bad thoughts about her and MC clearly needs to purify them of those thoughts', we have MC strolling along the road of arrogance and absolutely no compromise which is shrugged off by a simple 'he can't live in peace' or 'path of cultivation is made up of thousands of corpses'.

Then we have nth degree of bullsh*t when it comes to his friends and other cultivators, because there's no f*cking way anyone can keep up with his leveling up speed, but they have to of course. This, in turn, makes it seem as MC has the absolute shittiest luck in all of goddamn worlds, as his first girlfriend is exactly the same realm as he is, yet she basically NEVER FOUGHT. Yeah, that's right. Our MC has been finding items, killing fools, getting shitf*ck of resources, but he can't break away from any of his friends. Yeah, the 'super duper bloodline, special body' whatever sh*t 'explains' that, but no.

Then we have the tired usage of exact same things to inspire conflict: arrogant, prideful characters. From the very first 'villain', to the 'villains' of the current arc, not a single damn thing is different. MC always says that his current villain (s) have right to be prideful because they're sons of whatevers. There are no decent people in this novel. Everyone's either a mass murderer, rapist or a combination of both. It is something that plagues every xn novel and it always makes me wonder how the flying f*ck hasn't the world collapsed under its own feet with these types of people inhabiting it.

MC instigates conflicts left and right for absolutely no reason outside the fact that he was the 'greatestest saint ever and he obviously cannot compromise with these lower beings', but don't fret because he always gets the exact item he needs in order to resolve whatever the current issue is. He's of course the most talented thing that has ever been born as he can fight, concoct pills, make weapons, draw formations, make his own f*cking martial arts and heaven knows what else. He never suffers a setback because even when he's beaten black and blue, he comes out of it ten times stronger due to the benefits.

The novel also suffers because of the major power creep as is the case with other xn novels. Past a certain point, there's no distinguishing factors beyond the name of the realm. For instance, for the life of me I can't figure out what's the difference between Combat King and Combat Emperor outside the fact that they have different names. All battles are the same, and we can never objectively gauge the strength of the 'superpowers' because the only factor that makes a difference is that they're in the higher realm. At earlier stages, it was at least explained; for instance, Heavenly Core realm is when he was able to fly, Combat King realm is when he can travel through space etc. But now? F*ck me if I know what's the difference between a Minor Saint and a Great Saint except that the latter is stronger because we are told so.

Outside from that, we also have your standard list of everyday xn stuff we're all familiar with. People treat MC like trash because he's ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS on the lower side of a realm whenever he encounters a bad guy. He's never, ever fought against people who are exactly his own strength. In addition to that, MC is of course the only one that can skip realms as he pleases and fight whoever he wants. He always has a solution and, when he doesn't, someone will show up to protect him until he's strong enough to wipe everyone who as much as looked at him wrongly, let alone anything else.

All his companions are cockroaches that contribute absolutely nothing to him outside of that damn dog which brings more trouble than anything else. Author clearly doesn't want to abandon them so he keeps stringing them along and giving them sh*t left and right in order for them to keep up with MC, yet the only constrain on MC's speed of cultivation - foundation - doesn't seem to matter sh*t to them. It's clear that he just can't abandon them at this point, so he has to keep making sh*t up to make them however little relevant to the concurrent struggles.

Writing style is just annoying, with every special effect you can think of introduced, and some that you can't even swallow. Then we have our beloved sideways commentators ALL THE DAMN TIME who keep saying that MC will lose only to be slapped right back and start saying how MC is absolute god in terms of everything. Instead of trying to make friends with a guy who's obviously ten f*cking billion degrees above everyone else in talent, everyone and their mother does their damn best to provoke him for no reason just so he can have enemy to slaughter later on. He nigh commits a f*cking race genocide because those 'people' used 'dark energy' to cultivate or whatever, and we're still supposed to like him? F*ck off.

Considering my complaints, perhaps 3 star rating seems a bit off, but it's because, as I said, I enjoy this novel. It has decent humor from time to time, it's a decent power-trip fantasy, and as long as you can skip quite a lot of stuff, there's enough enjoyment here to be had. Of course, don't except to like anyone here, because everyone's batsh*t insane. <<less
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I am the Monarch
April 20, 2018
Status: c209
This is honestly just a dick-sucking sausage fest. Khm, alright, let me elaborate on that.

It's an entertaining and fairly enjoyable read as long as you don't think too deeply about it. However, the moment you start to scrutinize the characters, the story and the way it all unfolds, it inevitably falls apart. It is clear that the author hadn't thought far enough about where he wants to take the story. But, as I don't want to write a too long of a review for this, let me just list the... more>> things that you'll probably find displeasing if you're looking for a decent army/kingdom-building story.

  1. Atrocious vocab. Honestly, this is terrible even for a web-novel. I'm not expecting much here, but good god. Biting his lower lip, 'aahs' and 'oohs' and 'whooos', incomprehensible descriptions, endless.... endless.... endless freaking sound effects (is it really that hard to say 'They clashed against each other as a deep roar bellowed' instead of 'BOOOOM!!!'. Is it hard to say 'They heard the gallops of the horses' instead of DUDUDUDUD or whatever? I suppose it is, because if it can be "explained" by a sound effect, you can bet it won't be explained any other way.
  2. Gary Stu MC. That's right. It's not just an 'OP' main character, it's a textbook Gary Stu shit. MC knows things that he simply shouldn't, couldn't and wouldn't have known as an ordinary spearmen within a single legion of soldiers. The most hilarious aspect is perhaps author trying to excuse that by saying 'he read a report'. Ye, sure buddy. He read a report. Beyond that, MC can do anything, and everything revolves around him. He has no friends, just a loyal pack of dogs hellbent on sucking his d*ck till the sky falls over. They all have remarkably identical personalities, speak the same way and say the same things. Imagine you're playing a strategy game where your barracks and academy are spitting out soldiers and scholars left and right, and you don't really give a sh*t who they are so just put them where you need them. That's the I am Monarch.
  3. Incomprehensible large-scale battles. I will be the first one to assent that it's beyond difficult to properly write a large-scale battle. However, in the end, it all depends on the perspective from which one is writing such a battle. As Roan (MC) is the frontliner, we should expect to see battles from his perspective, right? Nope. The author jumps around from one perspective onto another, thinking he can explain it all properly, but by the end of it, you know neither the ends nor the beginnings of anything. If you try to actively imagine and properly convey the battle you're reading about, you'll find that it's impossible. Hails of arrows happen>they raise the shields> further hails are never mentioned again. Large-scale battles as described in this novel last for about 5 minutes if we go off of the way they're written. You can never grasp the overall situation, or connect to the battle on a personal level because the author keeps switching perspectives like a schizophrenic. 'Battle strategies' are named but never explained past the most basic description. It also baffles me how nobody - and I mean nobody - before that Ian guy thought 'Hey, wouldn't it be crazy if we pretended we're still in a main camp and led the enemy by the nose and then ambush them from the sides?' - this isn't some 'high-tech-nonsense' strategy. It's something my grandma could think of.
  4. Romance. Just... ah.
  5. Rise to power. It's abrupt. It's not properly structured. MC always takes huge leaps in authority, and it's just nonsensical. I understand that author didn't want to 'stagnate' his process, but there is no way in a f*cking millennium that a baron can suddenly jump to being a count, even if the eighteen generations of kings rose from their graves and accepted it. Author clearly doesn't understand the feudal system, or even monarchic system (I think the social structure is a mix of two, but author doesn't really explain anything). This isn't absolute monarch where the King has all the power. He holds a small army. ALL the military power of the entire Kingdom is in the Nobles' hands. They would NEVER allow a person of common birth to ascend to a position of a Count. They hold the power and the wealth. The King only has land. Author clearly doesn't understand this system. However, if he did, he wouldn't be able to repeatedly suck MC's dick, so I guess it's for the better.
  6. Everyone except MC is incompetent inbred dog. Roan wants to build his own 'utopia' Kingdom. Fine. It's the stupidest thing ever, but fine, it's fiction, it's a different world, so whatever. But, in order to excuse his rise, every one of his opponents is a mad, scheming, conniving bastard. This is simply impossible. Yes, nobles were never the nicest of people, but they were also never idiots. Your Kingdom is just coming off the war, with the threat of another brewing soon. What do you do as a Count of that Kingdom? I know! Declare war on another Count and let's plunge the country into another war for no reason! Brilliant! It is widely known that our opponent knows practically everything that happens in the Kingdom and he's known for scheming all the time. What do you do? Trust the information without any doubt and just f*cking do it! Brilliant! With the level of incompetence displayed by every noble in this novel (besides the ones who are there to suck MC's dick, obviously), it is astonishing that this Kingdom didn't break apart long, long ago.
  7. Everything regarding the building of a Kingdom. This is NEVER properly explained. MC's power basically spawns from out of nowhere. He suddenly has various departments and his county is the ONLY one in the entire Kingdom that's running like a well-oiled machine. Why? f*ck me if I know. It's 'cause they've got magic lamps of vanity on his castle! Oh, oh, and it's because he feeds the poor! Good god. Even when he's a baron with a small plot of land to call his own, nothing is explained. You can imagine when he obtains massive county. How does it all work? Oh, it's Clay. And his other subordinates. They're just doing god's work. Sure, whatever. Keep sucking his dick.
There are plenty wrong things besides those 7 points, but those are kind of tied to the type of a novel it's pretending to be. It's NOT a competently-written kingdom-building novel. Even if 'The World Online' is absolutely exhausting in the level of detail it goes to to explain every single thing, at least it's a relatively decent kingdom-building novel when looked from that perspective. I am the Monarch is just a story of Gary Stu becoming a Jesus and doing god's work, while everyone else just rolls over and smells his farts with happy faces. <<less
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Everyone Else is a Returnee
February 22, 2018
Status: Completed
Everyone Else is a Returnee is a mixed bag. On one side, it has some interesting ideas, decent humor from time to time, and some relatively interesting characters. However, on the other hand, it has absolutely non-nonsensical plot that couldn't be patched up properly without an entire rewrite, a whole host of underdeveloped, 1-key characters, and rather random 'crafting' system as well as the, well, whole 'system' really.

As with most web novels, my greatest gripe lies in female characters. All of them - every single one that has more than... more>> 10 lines - turns from whatever she was into 'MC mclovin' girl'. Reasons are as base as you can think (wow, he's so strong; look, he's so cool, etc.), and it just sort of happens. For no reason. But, whatever, it's not AS bad as with some other web novels, and girls are at least useful (well, in specific scenes I suppose) in battles rather than just being throwaway dolls whose lines of dialogue consist of sucking MC's dick.

MC himself is also a mixed bag. Rather, to be more precise, he's a compilation of characters where one surfaces when plot is necessary. What I mean by this is rather simple: when plot requires him to be an idiot, he'll be an idiot. When plot requires him to be a genius, he'll be a genius. When plot requires him to act dense, he'll be dense. When plot requires him to act charmingly, he'll act charmingly. When plot requires him to be strong-willed, he'll be strong-willed. When plot---you get the gist of it. There's no 'single' personality that MC exhibits, but rather multitude that rear up when necessitated by specific situations. From start to finish, we're supposed to witness this transformation from a 'loner' to a 'leader', but he's never truly a 'loner'. Just a socially awkward guy, at most.

Anyway, leaving characters aside, the worst part of this novel is definitely to story. Concept is fine; it's actually rather intriguing. However, the story is a mess. Part of it is because of its attempts to be cheeky; MC's constant shouts about foreshadowing and whatnot, along the fact that whenever he steps a foot out into the world, something HUGE will happen... this reads far more like a parody, yet it still tries to be more than it. You can't have an MC who's self-aware about the ridiculousness of his situation, and still attempt serious storytelling. This is impossible simply because of the fact that parodies can never be serious stories. Their very idea negates the notion of serious storytelling entirely. Is it funny? Yeah, from time to time I burst my ass off laughing. However, never have I once taken anything in regards to the story seriously.

Now, let's move onto the 'system'. It's random. And by random, I mean it's literally random - as in ANYTHING can happen. Well, to be more precise, author gets cheeky here as well, because any time he acquires either an item or some new skill, an event will transpire that will require him to use that item or skill. We can't grasp the base of the system by which the universe operates in this story, making it impossible to look forward to anything BECAUSE anything can happen. There are no restrictions. The clearest example is also the simplest: blacksmithing. Apparently, MC reached max level of blacksmithing in a few hundred years of studying. Fine, great. However, halfway through the story, he becomes the best blacksmith in the universe. That's right, not in his world, but in universe. Later on we learn that the higher existences are basically immortal and that higher-higher existences have lived for millions of years, yet MC somehow becomes the best blacksmith within what, a few hundred years, give or take? This extends to most of his other skills as well. His growth simply defies every bit of backstory the world has. He doesn't posses a cheat by which system simply gives him sh*t on its own, it's not the bias. He doesn't have a mega-uber granddaddy teaching him. He has nothing except himself, yet he practically surpasses every other living thing from the start of life until present in more than a few categories. That has nothing to do with the talent. It's not even 'system' that's broken, per se, it's just that, well, I don't even know what it is. It just sort of happens.

I won't rant on any longer. I've mostly focused on the negatives of the novel because positives really dwindle down to being relatively humorous, with decent power-fantasy feeling. MC encounters only a single situation where his life is truly in danger throughout the entire novel, and that's about it really. Oh, and it's not a harem... well, sort of. So, that's also a plus. <<less
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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
December 28, 2017
Status: c503
Ah man. If you can skip around 2/3rds of this novel, there's a decent power-trip fantasy VRMMORPG waiting for you here. But, that's a huge IF. There's very little positives to say about this novel, and they're mostly stuff you can apply to nearly every OP-holier-than-thou-VRMMO-MC: decent power-trip fantasy, MC never loses, annoying characters get their comeuppance eventually etc... however, past that, there's really nothing else. As with basically every other MMORPG story that I've read from Chinese authors, the MMO of the novel itself is outright broken. It's beyond... more>> Pay-2-Win, reaching the realms of 'unless you pay (a lot), just f*ck off'.

Starting with the standard can-buy-gold-with-money and then use the said gold to purchase items, to outright broken EXCLUSIVE items, spells, drops, quests, and then the f*cking inheritances. Oh. My. Lord. Something on that level of strength would NEVER be exclusive to people. Never. Ever.

As with every other bad MMO story, the numbers are insane. We're talking about billions of people playing the game. We're talking about trillions of $ being thrown around in the game. It's like author comes up with a number, feels it's too little, and just adds a few zeroes and calls it a day. Then we have PROFESSIONAL arena matches that AREN'T EVENED OUT. That means that NOBODY will ever defeat our MC simply because his gear will always outpace everyone else's. Imagine if you were playing LoL, and one player gets to start at level 18, with a whole bunch of items. Yeah, that's how broken it is.

As we move away from the MMO aspects (because, honestly, it's just terrible MMO design in every aspect imaginable), and get to the heart and soul of the novel... it just falls apart. This is where the skip 2/3rds of the story comes at play. At random, author decides to start writing porn. And I'm not even kidding. In the first 100 chapters or so, the most we've gotten when introduced to women is 'she's beautiful, big boobs, nice arse let's move on and let our MC kill stuff'. Then, an abrupt shift occurs, and sometimes entire CHAPTERS are dedicated just to describe how some girl's boobs jiggle and whatnot. Female characters lose any meaning past the size of their ti*s and the level of desire for MC's dick. This is apparent with the sheer ratio of male to female players in MC's party. Most of the time, he's running with at most 1-2 dudes with rest all being women. Yeah, sure, why not. I'm not the one to call things easily sexist, but this is by far the most sexist novel I've read in my life - and not even just toward women. All men (even MC) are portrayed as nothing short of tit-obsessed horny horses, and absolutely every Male character introduced only wants to have s*x with 'young, beautiful, perky women'.

Then, we have somewhat standardized dose of Chinese racism. It's not as bad as in some other novels, but it's still there. I don't mind it personally, but I know some people do, so I figured I'd just throw it in.

As far as the story goes, it's meh. And by meh I mean really, really meh. Side characters serve either of the two purposes: to long for MC's lovin', or to long for MC's pummeling them back to earth. There is literally no depth to any of them past those two things.

In addition to all of this, although it says that MC plays a tank, he doesn't. He's ALWAYS topping off DPS charts, which is just some BS to the tnth degree. He faces no challenges, always gets the best of everything, never grows as a person, has a control of a 14y old teenage boy, and is simply... not interesting.

Of course, it wouldn't be a bullsh*t harem story without a loli. However, loli in this story is not cute. She's not interesting. She's just annoying. Honestly, I've found myself actually skipping most of the dialogues past the chapter 100. While, from time to time, there are some skits that are relatively funny, it's just not interesting. When you see an author writing from the omnipotent perspective while referring to characters as 'bitch' and 'bastard', you know he's so far up his ass there's no point in even trying anymore.

While the novel does try to go for those LMS-style epic quests, it fails as most quests just start abruptly without any build-up. Take for instance the last one. MC stumbles on a treasure-map, goes to it, turns out to be a portal, bang BILLIONS of these 'Ancient' whatevers suddenly invade the world. No build up, no foreshadowing, no nothing. Just... nothing.

In the end, Legendary Guardian is bad. While it can be funny at times, and provide occasional moments of power-tripping, it has nothing past that point. It doesn't have interesting stories or characters, MMO aspect is outright broken and would never actually have more than 10 players, let alone 10 billion as author claims, and MC is given everything at every corner. I'd recommend you skip it. <<less
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Spirit Realm
August 20, 2017
Status: c211
This WN goes through one-too many identity crisis... if that's even a thing. It constantly jumps between trying to be your generic, everyday power-trip fantasy and this odd, 'deep' and complex story about... somethings and somethings more, that it never becomes anything good. It's not a decent power-trip fantasy because MC tends to lose quite a lot of battles, and it's not a good 'story' period because it's just... confused and bad.

The greatest issue with the novel, besides not knowing what it wants to be, is that the MC is... more>> just not interesting. He's your generic 'blank slate' meant for projection, and if that's your thing, go for it, but for me that's just a bad character. He goes back and forth between being a decent person and flat out psycho. It's been awhile since I've last read SR, but I'll try to summarize my opinion from what I remember of the novel.

  1. Villains in this novel are just plain bad. And not in the 'evil bad' kind of a way. Do you know those 'uuuh, he made my son cry once, I must cripple the bastard!' assholes? Or those 'uuuh his growth is some awesome derp berp I can't allow him to grow let's go massacre his entire family for no reason uuh' assholes? Yup, there you go, those are your villains. From what I remember, I've only read up to post-city-war parts, and there was no single decent villain anywhere to be found.
  2. It's standard xianxia while trying to be something more. As I said before, MC tends to lose from time to time (at least more than in your even more generic xianxias), but, well... his plot armor is still so thick even Juggernaut would have trouble piercing those walls. You know the type? Randomly walks into a shabby shop in the middle of nowhere, meets an old, grumpy guy who turns out to be holier-than-thou OP bastard that helps him. Oh, what is this? Bunch of strong factions are attacking us? Why oh my, let me just wake up this ancient demon that just so happens to be right in the sect's grounds and have him save us! How so not lucky and totally coincidental! MC is just far too talented in everything (except talking to women), that even when he's threatened and loses, my reaction was usually 'meh'.
  3. Constant need to keep adding 'realms'. You know, the standard xianxia shit. MC is progressing decently with his cultivation and is about to overtake the peers around him and bop, somebody pops out of butt-sh*t nowhere and introduces the whole new realm to him. This extends to sects as well, and it just never stops. From what I remember, they're separated into Copper, Silver and Gold or some sh*t levels, and it just never stops going up and up.
  4. Every single adult (that's against MC at least) in this novel doesn't have EQ. They get so easily pissed off by MC I haven't a butt of a clue as to how they didn't die of a heart attack beforehand. For an example; MC's chick one day gets stolen by some granny, MC swears to himself he'll kill that granny, the two meet way later and MC says sh*t like "hoho granny I'm gonna kill you you bitch" and the granny loses her shit. We're talking about a woman that's lived for dozens of years, getting pissed off by tantrum-throwing child. Oh. my. god.

Overall, Spirit Realm isn't the worse novel of the bunch, but it's just far too inconsistent with what it wants to be. Couple that with your plot-thickens armored MC, substandard villains and pointless side characters, and you've got yourself sub-par xianxia.

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Commanding Wind and Cloud
September 27, 2018
Status: c338
It's amazing how a novel can go from being a pretty decent read to outright god-levels of exhausting. It almost feels as though the person who began writing a novel suddenly turned to his kid and asked the said kid for advice on what to do and, well, lo and behold, we get this shit.

There are so many things wrong with CWC that I don't even know where to begin. Admittedly, the start of the novel (first 200~ chapters) are pretty decent, if we ignore the filler. We follow our... more>> MC through one adventure after another and watch him grow stronger, develop as a character and meet all sorts of wacky morons that will inevitably turned into resource-sucking droids that entirely depend on our MC to do anything. Which is, you know, fine, since that's how EF mostly go about side characters these days.

One thing the novel always lacked is that overarching sense of story. While motto of EF is that 'always leveling up' feeling, they need a narrative to tie that sh*t together. CWC doesn't have one and it suffers greatly because of it. We pretty much know that all this sh*t will one day accumulate into a war between humans and demons, but without any proper narrative to get us there, it's boring.

Characters are also all over the place; while some are fine, most are just... annoying. Not in the kind of villainous way where you want to see them buried and burned, but one where you just outright skip their scenes because they say nothing new. All of this way fine, but then MC's past came into being.

It's strange how a lot of EF novels pay a lot of attention to MC's past, but once we get to it, it usually turns into utter shit. And it's no different here. I swear, past 200th chapter or so, this novel just... stopped. Just flat out stopped. 100+ chapters are dedicated to nothing. True to its name, to just winds and clouds. It turned from a somewhat interesting read to every base-level EF novel ever.

'What's that? You say you are a forge master? But you are 10 years old!'

'Ha, look at this sh*t I crafted, face-slap!'

'What's that? You say you are a pharmacy master? But you are 10 years old!'

'Ha, look at this sh*t I concocted, face-slap!'

'What's that---'

Over and over and over again. And when it's not that, it's dealing with MC's family. Oh. My. Swollen. Buttocks. It's like author can't come up with any more story or ways to hinder the overall narrative, so he sticks so much attention to MC's dad it's f*cking insane. In real life, his father would have been beheaded the moment MC left the family in the first place. Outright disobedience of the rules in noble-like strata doesn't equate to 'let's humiliate the dude that didn't really matter in the first place for some sort of weird self-satisfaction and fetish', it equates to execution.

It amazes me that author is so desperate to make us hate this family. It beyond amazes me that he manages to utterly fail despite all his attempts. Honestly, I don't hate his family. I feel nothing about his family. His family is just a big void to me. What's even the point? Author keeps stating his family's patriarch or whatever doesn't care about 'face', so why not just outright kill MC? Because, if I was the leader of super-duper family in a fantasy world, and some random dildo who in my eyes matters less than the sh*t I take came up to me and challenged my authority, why would I do anything other than killing him? Oh well. Plot-armor and such.

I'm honestly just done. I'm done with MC who's way, way, way, way dumber than he seems at the start (he's actually pretty great at the start, but, well...). I'm done with his retarded harem that makes about as much sense as my existence. I'm done with his desire to trump over bloodline warriors because that motive is nothing but selfish in a world distraught by wars between humans and demons. I'm done with his petty squabbles with nobodies. I'm done with his 'humbling' sh*t when dealing with aux fields. I'm done with his retarded f*cking family. I'm done with his god-ridden leeching 'friends'. I'm just... so... f*cking done. <<less
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Martial God Space
March 9, 2018
Status: c178
Humans used to write in this awesome thing which would make their works far more amazing than they had any right to be, thing which seems alien to this author, something he perhaps never experienced. No, it's not complex, tapestry-like storytelling, or deep, complex characters, or inspiring, well-structured world. It's this rather amazing thing we tend to call 'emotion'.

That's right folks. Martial God Space lacks any form of emotion. And I mean ANY. There's no love. There's no hate. There's no anger, rage, fury to bury the sky itself. There's... more>> no agony, there are no heaven-shaking roars born from helplessness. The closest thing to emotion in this work is the feeling of snide-ness. If that's a thing. Which I'm pretty sure it's not.

It's rather embarrassing to read this. It's perhaps the most formulaic novel I've ever had chance of reading in my life. I don't mind that it's basically built from cliches grounds-up. I don't mind that it has absolutely 0 originality in its premise, structure or even the flow. I don't mind that the characters are nothing. That's right, nothing. If you had English in high-school, you must have read those rather olden novels (Robinson Crusoe etc.) where those side-characters were lucky to even get a name. That's right, those guys. Yes, they embody more of a 'character' than anyone in this novel does, MC included.

How do I define the MC in this novel? He kind of gets """"""angry"""""" if you mention his family. Outside of that, nothing. Oh, yeah, he makes a """""""snide""""""" comment once in a while. That's about it. He's rather lucky, though, as others don't even get that much.

But, to harp on the characters is not something I want to, because almost every by-the-book xianxia is exactly the same in this department. So, if you've read any other xianxia in your life, you've read Martial God Space in terms of characters.

As for the plot? Lol. Is there even a plot in this thing? I mean, yeah, sure, there's the conflict (all the goddamn time; and, if there's not, don't worry, some absurd event will happen that will cause our MC to 'offend' some 3rd degree-pampered dude). Yeah, there are devils invading and what not. But hell, that's not plot. That's like a side-quest you send your MC on when you want to slow down the pace of the actual story. There's no actual story here beyond the MC wanting to get stronger. As for his motives? Nope. None. He just abruptly decided he'd like to get stronger once he got his cheat. Nothing prompted that change. His family members weren't harmed, his engagement with the pretty girl wasn't broken, nobody offended him in any way, but he absolutely must get stronger for some reason, so he decides to do exactly that. And, well, that's really the story. If there's one """positive""" I could say about the story, it's that the author's not stingy with blowing through realms. At least it doesn't take 100+ chapters to leave the initial shitty realm like in some other stories. As of ch178, MC is rather up-there in terms of cultivation (up-there within the current context, at the very least).

However, even if we discard all these things as they're to be expected of formulaic xianxia, what disappoints me the most is the lack of any engaging point. Even if some other xianxia are far shitter than this one in terms of the writing style and competence, at least they have 'bad guys' you want to see dead. Here, even bad guys are just kind of meh. Yeah, they spit the same bullsh*t like any other bad guy in this type of a novel, but they're taken care off far too quickly for you to get angry with them. In 178 chapters, there wasn't a single emotionally engaging moment, whatever that emotion may be: anger, suspense, sadness, joy, you name it, nothing. It's as though we're just going through motions, reading someone's journal where all the emotional information is packed in a paragraph that describes the event, and we're supposed to move on afterwards.

A novel can have a shitty characters, shitty story, shitty world, but it's at least bearable if it has some really engaging moments. Martial God Space is robotic. It has nothing original about itself. Characters are just names and nothing more. It's void of any emotional engagement, let alone any sort of impact. You aren't even given enough time to get fed up with spoiled-princey characters because they're killed off rather quickly, or they're just not that annoying. The novel follows the most basic formula for xianxia and it never strays from it. The best thing I can say about it it's that it's extremely easy to read. You'll be blowing through the chapters unless you simply find yourself bored to death with the sheer 'nothingness' of everything. It's not terrible. It's somewhat competently written (although translation isn't that great to be honest, even up to the chapter I'm currently at). It has the most basic plot structure. It has conflict. But none of these things matter as it can't engage you properly even for a second.

Even if other novels like Peerless Battle Spirit whatever, Hedonist Sovereign etc. Are far more annoying to read, at least they invoke some form of emotion in you. They're terrible to the bone, and rather offensive to your intelligence, but at least they try to do something. On the other hand, Martial God Space is innocent. It doesn't take any risks, it doesn't try at all to draw you in, and it has nothing unique of its own to subvert your attention from the absolute lack of any emotions. In 178 chapters, I noticed a total amount of 0 (ZERO) interesting exchanges between the characters that didn't have anything to do with: a) commentary of side characters b) exposition c) face-slapping (or whatever). Is it really that hard to, at least once in every ten chapters, include something as basic as:

Character A: Hah, what's with your face? Did you sleep-walk yourself into the wall?

Character B: No, no, I'm trying the new 'brooding, cool guy' look. Do I look cool?

That's it. Even a 10y old kid could come up with this. It doesn't even qualify as a proper banter, but it would still be 100000 times more interesting than any piece of dialogue you'll read in Martial God Space. It's kind of sad, actually. So sad, I'll now go back and read the rest of translated chapters. Because I have what professionals like to call a self-destructive personality. Hooray for me! <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
The World Online
April 21, 2018
Status: c366
The World Online truly feels as though you're reading a report from someone who played a game... a very, very, very, very detailed report. I don't hate it as much, personally, as I've had CIV sessions which lasted for it-shall-not-be-spoken number of hours, but some people might find The World Online exhausting to read. But, even beyond that, the novel is simply too flawed to be called at least good, if not entertaining.

  1. Characters. All are bland. There's not an ounce of interesting personality anywhere in 366 chapters that I've read. There are only 2 characters (that I remember, at the very least) that receive the smallest of developments, but that's it. MC is dull. He's got no personality past 'my sis is cute I love her kyaaaah'. All his subordinates are forgettable. Honestly, I remember a few names here and there, but even if you set my brain on fire, I couldn't tell you what's the difference between the characters. So, keep in mind that characters are secondary (because thirdary isn't a word) if you're planning on reading this.
  2. Too. Much. Stuff. You'll often come across kingdom-building novels that just blaze through that sh*t and feel frustrated, and then you'll come across The World Online which is the opposite extreme. Past the inflated word count, I see no reason why's there so much detail. I can leverage my left nipple that 99, 99% of readers can't remember half the departments, 89% of the subordinates that are in charge of those departments, and who knows what else. While detail is important when it comes to kingdom-building, here it just literally suffocates the pace of the story and shoves the characters back into the template canister.
  3. MC knows things he couldn't have, shouldn't have and wouldn't have known. I've noticed this trend recently with the reincarnation stories, whereas MC goes back in time and chooses a completely different path than his own but somehow still knows everything. That's the case here. MC was an adventurer in the previous world, but he knows everything when it comes to being a Lord. Fine, maybe he knows some specific events, important triggers, battles etc., but he should know jack sh*t about territory building and everything involved in it. I don't understand why didn't the author just make him a Lord in the previous life. He still got betrayed and stabbed in the ass, but at least know it's logical why he knows so much sh*t he can't possibly now with this route.
  4. Story. I won't explain why the story makes no sense as that would be a huge spoiler, but it makes no sense. The way it is handled is so far removed from reality (no, not just because it's not reality) that it hurts my soul.
  5. MC single-handedly defeats the alliance of supposed big-shots in this game. Ok.
  6. Romance. Lol.
  7. Large-scale battles - they are not well-written. They are too rushed. It's hard to properly set up an image inside your head as to what is going on and how is either side winning.
There are many other things I could list, but it's almost 3AM and f*ck me if I know why I even started writing this so late. I enjoyed reading TWO and will continue reading it. But, mind you, you'll probably be skipping paragraphs and pages like mad if you want to milk even an inkling of enjoyment from this. It has too many problems, clear and simple.
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beddedOtaku rated it
Ultimate Scheming System
November 10, 2019
Status: c940
Oh boy, do I've got a bone to pick with this novel.

This novel has some hilarious moments, it's true. I've found myself laughing out loud several times, but I've also got the 4th grader's sense of humor, so take that as you will. It also has an occasional badass moment which can rev you up. But, it is all jammed into a bucket full of filler that my brain simply can't process it all completely.

900 chapters of story can be literally told in 100 if you've removed all the filler.... more>> You think I'm joking? Nope! Not even close. This is one of the worst examples of the word-vomit for word count that I've ever seen in my life.

However, despite all that, I still padded on because I just wanted to read a brainless Gary-Stu novel where MC goes around collecting treasures and murdering everyone and everything. That's, really, the entire point of the novel. I couldn't care less about the plot (namely because it's beyond idiotic; the entire driving device of the goddamn story is a random girl he spent like 2 days with and then spends the following 700 chapters trying to revive because of course he does, only to then completely forget about her because of course he does), until just recently, that is.

I withstood the introduction of modern items into the world. Whatever, they created some few, funny moments. I endured the whole bragging nature of the novel. After all, they were cool and funny sometimes. I endured absolutely tepid side-characters, most of whom are women of course, whose personalities are so base they may as well literally be treasures themselves that MC goes around collecting. Whatever, who gives a shit. It's a harem story. I endured another goddamn obnoxious, boring, annoying, overused talking dog because, whatever, it's a talking dog. I've seen worse. I've endured insipid narrative style because I've endured it in hundreds of novels before (chapters spent on random nobodies' reactions? Check! Chapters spent battling some irrelevant idiot without ever once feeling MC is in a lick of trouble? Check! Chapters spent repeating the same sh*t that's been said 100 times before? Check!).

But, then, for some ungodly reason, MC suddenly started caring about his life on Earth and his 'accidental death' was suddenly a murder and --- LITERALLY out of nowhere, he had this unquenchable desire to go to Earth and save his sister. Sister, by the way, who we learn existed literally hundreds of chapters into the story. Go lick a shoe.

Then, when I didn't think it could get any stupider, he gets a cellphone, connects to Earth, and eventually even goes there. And, my god, these last 200 chapters have killed any and all good will I've had toward this pile of garbage. Overt, blatant, entirely unnecessary racism, filler on top of filler, literally pulling the entire story to an absolute crawl just so author can fawn over his f*cking nation, churning out page after page of pointless 'History-of-Earth-which-is-totally-true' just so--actually, I have zero clue as to why he did it. Why is Earth suddenly magical? Do you really think, you thick-skulled moron, that if 'cultivators' existed in the past, we'd simply somehow forget about them? F*ck off.

Three Angels then come to settle the score, because of course they do, and threaten to kill every other human in the world besides the Chinese, and what does our holier-than-thou human do? Nothin'. He barbecues chicken wings, because of course he does.

This is embarrassing. I've never seen such colossal drop in quality from an already bad novel ever in my life. Hell, f*cking furry fan-fiction at its worst is only slightly worse than this shit. I didn't even begin to sh*t out the plothole-galore this novel has because from the get-go I never took it seriously and even bothered. The opening scene of the novel is about a dude about to get pissed on. You do not -- I repeat -- you do not get to have a serious story if that's your opening scene. F*ck off. <<less
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