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bearnanny rated it
Stunning Edge
June 9, 2016
Status: c57
Okay. This novel is quite a bit overrated. It's not super terrible, but it's not better than average. It won't upset you with plain terrible writing, but it's not going to give you something new or well executed. It's very safe, very average. It does avoid the female MC falling in love immediately route, but it instead becomes a harem of characters that follow her blindly, even though they have no reason for it. They all come kind of clustered together with little introduction or reason for existing in the... more>> story. Four characters were basically forced upon the MC by the author, to enter her harem/posse. They have extremely vague goals and no problem throwing away their entire lives to follow the MC like pets. One character flips opinion overnight, and otherwise the characters consist of agree with mc+quirk, such as the awful ever present pervert character that is obligatory to any female led novel. Basically, the characterization, introductions, and consistency, is bad. The pacing of the story is too fast. The author wanted to skip over everything like.. World building, setting up a scale of power for the characters, and slowly introducing the major characters. It's not incoherent, but it is fairly thin in terms of actual information. One after another, an item or event of interest happens upon the MC before they're quickly relegated to some kind of foreshadowing. Nothing is explored, explained or becomes a hardship for the MC beyond a chapter or two. Do you even remember that the MC is reincarnated? It's never explained or elaborated on. Not a single thought or flashback, not a single line explaining why the MC was a genius in the past life.

Let's talk a little more about power in this world. It's almost completely glossed over what it means, who has power, or how powerful people are. Only the very best magicians have even been mentioned. No attempt at showing or explaining how powerful they are, only that they are. They are of a rank in a ranking system you don't know. Same thing with warriors. The difference between one rank and two ranks up is supposed to be shocking, but it's only mentioned twice in passing. It doesn't mean anything to the reader.

It's a very slice of life approach. I would hesitate to call this an action adventure. It's very clearly focusing on building a troop of characters, putting them in comedic adventures where the YY growth of the MC is more of an afterthought. It has a lot more focus on romance and comedy than anything. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Grasping Evil
January 4, 2018
Status: c30
Put nicely, This novel is not deserving of it's 70+ five point score. I am not even complaining about the pedo garbage, that's what you get from a s*x centric novel. I thought that this novel actually would do something different and try to focus on story. You kind of get that impression when you read the opening chapters. It's so much more disappointing then to continue reading if you get that impression.

In the beginning chapters, the character is basically bait-and-switched for the ultimate gary stu character possible. A one-shot... more>> kill technique, unrivalled skills in cultivation, crafts, and even dancing. He's not the same character before and after, but the author pretends they're the same even though the earlier character is gone. The entire novel is trivialized, and the only thing left is for the MC to walk around and pick up harem members. Anyone who rates this novel highly is the kind of person who is impressed by the lyrics to gucci gang. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Lord Xue Ying
June 19, 2016
Status: v2c25
The novel has a pace that can only be described with the way your eyes will glaze over entire paragraphs of cultivation descriptions, increasing the efficiency of reading. It skips over so much that a huge chunk of the world itself feels completely irrelevant. I feel like the novel has only really officially started at around v2c25, the prologue is over.

I can't overstate how quickly this novel progresses early on, how it skips over all phases of the MC being weak. It establishes a goal for the MC, but that... more>> goal is practically already in sight by the end of the second volume, possibly being resolved by the third or fourth depending on if the pace keeps wanting to break necks. It's very much like the entire world building and story of this novel is nearing the point where it's not relevant, simply because the MC will eclipse it and move on to another world or continent. For the writing itself, the characters are not given any room to interact, so you can't tell much about them at all. Scales are ridiculous, there's one gem where some bandits casually shoot hand held crossbows 300km. They were supposed to be on the same mountain as their target. A mountain with a steep face for 300km would basically be.. Too big. That's 30-40 times higher than mount everest.

In summary, It's not terrible or great, read it when it gets a few more volumes or you're going to be unsatisfied when you catch up. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
The Great Ruler
February 15, 2019
Status: c386
I want to like this, but it's just unbearable. There's no end to the misery that is little heads, little hands, slender legs, and weak and lovable figures. I want to throw up, this turbovirgin can't write about any of the females that are friendly to the MC without using one of those descriptions. The entire novel is like a stale end piece of white bread. At some point it was bland, but edible, but it's just too far gone.

Aside from that, it's like a morning shonen where nobody dies,... more>> but everyone is cruel and bloodthirsty. The story itself is really uninspired, and there is barely any world building. Just as well, because the little that exists doesn't matter. People will act to enable the MC instead of their own agenda, no matter their responsibilities. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Soaring the Heavens
January 30, 2017
Status: c45
This is an excellent novel, and it begins right in the action. It differentiates itself from the normal cultivation stories in an interesting way. There are multiple characters who all have fleshed out personalities, goals or motivations. If I had anything to complain about so far is that the MC is the usual sort; Unnaturally strong willed and obedient when training, but not showing those qualities other times. Given everything else I've read so far and can surmise from the foreshadowing, the MC is a disappointment, however the novel has... more>> only just begun. It is inevitable that this review is flawed. Despite this, the beginning is so strong that the quality could drop from this point on and it would still be on a level above a lot of novels. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Heaven’s Shadow
April 23, 2017
Status: c49
It's really slow, and descriptive but it's executed well. The story is good, but it has more character moments than plot progression. If you've been looking for something that is rather well written, this is definitely something you should check out. I don't think I need to talk about the story itself more than that.
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bearnanny rated it
Legend of the Mythological Genes
October 6, 2019
Status: c116
You can learn a lot about the novel, looking just at the title. It's about genes, and it's mythology. That means it's tied to the earth, and it's genes of today's humans and our mythology. It's a sci-fi story, so it's in the future. You might think that since it's so far in the future, things would be different from now, but then again, given the context of the title..

If you guessed that it's actually heavily based on how the author's world view is, you'd be right. This is a... more>> story where the han chinese are a "pure" race, who are strong and united, and they have no bad traits. However, the japanese are evil, the "white race" are literally naxis, and indians and africans are an inferior race. Just, wow. Not only that, but the mythologies that are central to the story are clearly based on the idea that everything ancient china=good, and everyone else is bad.

So let's just say you're okay with that, is the writing any good? A new plot is introduced, will it go somewhere? The mythology should be interesting, right?Do I recommend this novel? The answer to all of those questions is NO. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Death Sutra
February 6, 2019
Status: c247
This is a great novel with a ton of intrigue, betrayals, character motivations, character growth, et cetera. You have to get through the first volume to understand why this is a good novel, because even if you stop there, it feels like a complete novel. It goes on after that with a shift from the location of the castle towards nations and empires, and it's very different but well done.

This novel is not about cultivation, it's really about the characters, and they're all flawed selfish individuals. They are annoying, they... more>> are scheming, and you don't root for them because they are formerly trash, righteous heroes overcoming adversity with lucky cultivation powerups and saving jade skin beauties. People in this novel bleed. Life is cheap. Motivations are more important than outcomes. The beginning of the book is hard to get through because they aren't likeable characters, and the situations they are in are just opressive. If you can't get through it, you won't enjoy the rest of the novel, because you want simple, uncomplicated fantasy.

There are about as many important female characters with their own interests as there are male characters, but I have to say it. There are too many women who are so thirsty to get some that they try to kill people. The novel is heavily invested into the idea of plots of betrayal and assassinations, and you get a lot of that. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
January 13, 2017
Status: c287
The thing is, it's a very good novel, definitely one of the best around. However. There's room for improvement, as always. One of the things that bothers me the most is how the author has skipped over the part where you see what the people who are weak do and how they get on. Don't misunderstand because the MC starts weak, It's really not touched upon at all. He just employs other people and practically doesn't fight beyond training montage things. Power in this novel is not clearly defined at... more>> all. At the beginning of the story, MC pulls out ninja sh*t and has evil eyes like he's killed thousands of men. Nigga you haven't even fought anyone strong at all. Everything in the story pretty much goes up to revered and king level in the conflicts, everyone else is largely irrelevant. They're only there to make the experts look like hot shit. It is both a slow moving story in that there are a lot of things to write about, and he has a lot of character moments, but it is also a fast moving story that has made the lower three heavens seem completely irrelevant. <<less
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bearnanny rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
June 22, 2016
Status: c87
This novel is uneven. It has good and bad parts. In the beginning, it's quite.. Poorly executed. Maybe some things have been lost in translation, because it can get a little confusing.

Unexpectedly, this has one of the best characterizations in xianxia novels I've seen. The villains of the week are templates, yes, the MC is a ruthless self-righteous prick, yes.. However, all the other characters are to say the very least not bad. They have their own strengths, their own thoughts, their own weaknesses. It's not gonna blow your mind,... more>> but maybe like me you'll find yourself pleasantly not annoyed by the characters.

The cultivation is basically a power lottery, so you could potentially see a lot of different powers that people use. Unfortunately, it is not realized. Instead you get the vast majority having str+1, speed+1, def+1, instead of that one guy who could control beasts. The story is still early, but most likely it's not gonna be any better in the future.
Still all right.

As for the story, better than the average story, but undoubtedly the same as what you'd expect from an average story. <<less
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