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bandar214 rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
August 10, 2017
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An amazing novel.

I'll list down some reasons why some people rated this as 1 star and contradict them if possible
1. They just like rating novels 1 star for no reason (I dont know why)
2. Because of rape. (It's in the tags, dont give it a second glance if you dont like it instead of rating 1 star)
3. The MC is stupid, slow, unskillful and doesnt think for himself. (The MC is BROKEN like most of the character here. The MC just doesnt really care about... more>> his life anymore and his state of mind is that of a "baby" or "small kid" and what is left is just a dark desire. It'll be revealed around chap 60 why.
4. This is just porn. (If you just read and earliest chapters then indeed it is just porn for you and you've just scratch the surface.)
5. I pity the rape victim. (You wont after reading until certain point)
6. The MC just doesnt do anything and learns almost nothing. (Only 9 days have passed until the current trans [chap 232]. Dont expect the MC to learn everything like economics or martial arts. Even if he is a genius of the century, he cant do that.)

well, that's all I can think for now. <<less
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