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Busty Mom (s) : CHECK
Childhood Fiancee: CHECK
Female Bodyguard: CHECK

Ok FOLKs welcome to another blissful fantasy harem story...

or NOT

MC's Blissful life is there he just need to continue forward and then BAM! (sfx) Happy ENDING!

But along the way problems happen, decision to make and consequences to take.

MC is your typical good hearted person but he's WEAK! So what happen to those Good NATURED Weak People?
Well friends read and find out LOL.
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ballster147 rated it
Life Mission
October 17, 2016
Status: c108
Good novel with good pacing although the theme is sci-fi post apocalyptic world and modern world running in parallel the explanation is not tedious unlike other novels that takes up the whole chapter and the following to explain things. As of now there's no unnecessary introduction of useless characters that makes the novel more enjoyable although there's a little amount of minor characters showing up the author still use them later on which is better than inserting another worthless name. The pace of story is good if not a little... more>> bit fast where story arc or current mission only takes few chapters.

The only thing that lacks is the MCs relationship development which is pretty much dull or uninteresting due to little amount of conversation which is mostly consist of him and his pda

The novel is a mystery and adventure where you want to know how and what really happen to the world by following the adventure of tom sawyer lol this novel MC and a little bit gore. <<less
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ballster147 rated it
Darenidemo Dekiru Kage Kara Tasukeru Maō Tōbatsu
February 15, 2019
Status: v2
Characters full of flaws and thats what the story tell itself.

OPness means nothing when you dont have what it takes and talent means nothing when you are powerless

And thats the issues that our not too OP MC and the Hero and his party full of talents needs to address

A story on how the NOT SO PERFECT and FLAWED MC try so hard to guide the hero and his team step by step
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ballster147 rated it
Illimitable Until Death
February 5, 2018
Status: c2000
I want to rate it high, compare to authors other works this novel is much more well thought and written better even more so on how this work started out but as the story progess story became more tiring to read.

With the setting of main world and its anime dungeons as new element to this jumbled up fanfic makes the novel a little bit original than what it really is (An X-over FANFIC) which is the truly entertaining factor of authors works but somehow in this novel author is yet... more>> to really explore his original world instead he put much effort in inserting his MC to different animes and although it was written good which is apparent at the beginning things start to tire me out more so with the ongoing arc.


Index Arc


Which is Grand Summoning is much better but only in that regards.

Since the novel is ongoing its still worth to see on how this work progress. <<less
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A very nice novel to read if you want to waste time. A slice of life novel where its main plot is just the not so normal everyday life of the character.

Although its not a heartwarming story, its a lighthearted story for you to enjoy.

As part of the plot there is an epic Action not because of a blood boiling fight but due to his OPness. There will be Fluffiness and Harem but unlike most MC he is not DENSE. He just ignore them because he adheres to his own... more>> sense of morality and what I enjoy the most is the insights and perspective of other characters. There's not much of a conversation but the novel presents the point of view of other characters that allow us to know them more though not so much its very enjoyable.

In a nutshell, a novel with a normal weekdays and action pack weekends that has fluffiness every night and a happy morning, a problematic noon that made a tiring afternoon to be relieved by a midnight tryst.

= the slice of life <<less
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Fluffy but not much sugar giving it more a natural feeling to the story not an extra sweet moments (as of c11) that will make readers vomit making it more enjoyable to read. This is a romance between a girly husband and his handsome wife but without too much sugar situation and has character development.

This novel is for those looking for romance and slice of life that don't have an exaggerated sweet moments that making stories unrealistic. Characters have personalities the MC and his wife at least.
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