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baibaicai rated it
Sha Po Lang
August 13, 2018
Status: c21

Why is the rating so bad... anyway this is quite a hard read for non native speaker bc the vocabulary is difficult QAQ

The MC is the seme (gong) so i'll refer to them as gong and shou instead.

THUNDER ALERT!!! up to the chapter I'm reading the gong is still 14 years old so please be aware. he's going to get older tho *wink wink*

The story:

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it's a forsaken child ascending to throne kind of story. the shou will be the one to help the gong become king. the world setting is a steam punk china with ziliujin (violetstream gold) powering machines, armors, and weapons. think of it like vibranium. china is constantly in battles with neighboring tribes for land.


The gong:


a bratty child, currently. but he's ardent in his martial art training and cares a lot about his yifu (shou). one time he thought his yifu has fallen into the water and jumped to save him even though he always acted nonchalant towards his yifu. a righteous person, would save his friend even when it endangers his life.


The shou:


GOSH I LOVE HIM. shameless ukes always burns my fire. he's beautiful and he's not ashamed to admit it. very lazy tho, would delegate all house chores to shen yi. even though he's sick he's not weak. although the desc said he's deaf-blind he still can see and hear from close distance. a general of an army division, he has won countless border wars. he thinks of the gong as his actual son. would the gong be son-zoned???

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