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badass rated it
The Dark King
February 16, 2017
Status: c304
1st of all, as shown above, I give this novel 5 stars and explain why I did so. 2 stars must be given to the effort of a translator and his speed and quality of his releases. 3 chapters a day is a rather quick speed and translator might catch soon with the releases of an author.

1 star is given to the plot. There're no repetitive things like in most Xin Xia we read and it doesn't solely focus on fighting. There're plenty politics, science and alchemy in the story... more>> as MC tries to find clues as to what happened in the past 300 years and bring humanity to it's past glory.

1 star is given for a good development of MC as a character. Initially, MC is a kid and has quite a high IQ but it doesn't mean that he's a mature person and has some childish ideals regarding the world like the fact that government law system can shield the innocent folk and deal with evil ones however after some mishap his attitude gets a massive change.

1 more star is given for the fact that story has it's own creative side and doesn't follow standard scripts. And following MC we try to understand the mysteries of what happened in those 300 years.

The only problem I can see so far is that secondary characters don't have proper development and highlight however as far as I can see the story is at it's initial stages and this problem might be resolved. <<less
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badass rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: completed
I'm giving this novel 5/5 and it's purely based of the story. In other words translator speed and quality not included.

World building in this story is rather solid and MC struggles to figure out how magic works while creating his own inventions based on popular hollywood movies like ironman and others. In a sense of being unique, you can't really point outanything new or innovative. Has same division of classes, appereance of guilds and nobles just like in a standard western novel and yet due to good pace and plot... more>> it is rather enjoyable read. (2 stars earned)

Main characters are rather unique and has memorable personality. MC is infatuated with Ironman and tries to copy some of his abilities or lines. He is rather calm and doesn't rush to kill anyone. Mostly he's on a defensive side. Female characters has some people with interesting personalities and they can add some good comedy into the mix. Enemies are somehow one dimensional and they don't have much development and try to do one thing that is to make MC suffer or kill him. (2 earned)

Overall ending isn't dissapointing and story isn't dragged out too much. (1 star earned) <<less
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