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auraizen rated it
The Founder of Diabolism
April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This is literally a masterpiece.

It's made me smile, laugh, and cry my heart out.

The characters make you fall in love with each and every one of them, for a multitude of reasons. For most of the villains, you can't even hate them and you'll end up loving at least a few of them too. The plot is a story full of wonder, and I'm having a hard time finding anything as good now that I've read MDZS.

The romance is amazing as well, it just kind of makes your heart... more>> melt. It takes a while, but now that they're together they won't ever be seperated. They love each other so much and it shows.

My review doesn't hold a candle to the actual novel, just read it. <<less
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I'd give this about 4.3? 4.4?

The arcs are LONG. ~50-100ish chapters long. I binged all the translated chapters in less than a day though so it's not too bad. The MC starts out from when she died in her original world after being in the hospital for a decade so her personality starts out meh but it gets way better as it goes on. MC has no romance and there's no ML

... more>>

The only significant character apart from the MC and system is Psycho/the School Doctor Uncle since he's already appeared across three different arcs. Especially since he was in the place where planes are nurtured and MCs system couldn't sense him so he's definitely important. If there will be any ML it'd have to be him.


Overall, there's no harm in giving this a try. The first arc was kinda eh but MC just started out so it can be forgiven. I absolutely adored the second arc. The third arc made me so frustrated, there wasn't a single character that was sane, I think they were all on drugs. The arcs all have their ups and downs.

The system's personality was enjoyable.

The people who's bodies MC tookover got them back after and got to see how much their life improved thanks to the MC so that was heartwarming.

This novel doesn't have any major faults but I don't think I'll be coming back to this anytime soon (for worldhopping novels that I enjoy I read the new arcs as soon as they're finished) Only reason I finally read this was because I had nothing to do aha <<less
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This novel isn't heavy at all. It's light and relaxing read.

MC and ML are super OP and nothing ever goes wrong. Each world (approximately 30 chapters) follows a similar formula. ML doesn't have all his memories but he recognizes MC right away and falls for her while MC falls for ML when she realizes he's her lover. They don't get together right away but the feelings are pretty much instant. They never have no issues dealing with the antagonist (s).

ML is usually stronger than MC in most worlds but MC... more>> doesn't rely on him too much. She becomes the heroine of each world that's supposed to be taken down by the cannon fodder who reincarnated/transmigated etc so she becomes someone who would typically be the heroine and has a super high standing, is talented, and so on. She's literally a queen but she isn't bloodthirsty and ruthless like some other worldhopping MCs. She completes her task and then lives together and enjoys life with the ML, sometimes has kids and then dies together with the ML, moving on to the next world to quickly find him again.

If you're looking for what I described, you'll enjoy the novel. If you don't... welp. You won't.

Of course, it's not the same all the time. The worlds are unique and you won't get tired. I just binged this novel from the start to the most recent translated chapter today without stopping. The most recent chapter made me sob since the extra was really heartbreaking. But most of the worlds are relatively simple and without drama. This should just be read to relax or when you've finished an angsty novel since you won't be stressed reading this.

edit: Another thing is that MCs system actually doesn't make you want to cough blood. If I got a system, I'd want hers. Yay for genuinely useful systems. <<less
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auraizen rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
March 2, 2019
Status: c218
This is that kind of cute, happy-go-lucky, slice of life story. It has no amazing plot and is just the MC is living her life. She's OP and everything goes her way and there aren't any plot twists.

Despite everything, I quite enjoyed reading the story. It's very heartwarming. Basically, if you have nothing to do, go for it, but don't expect to be amazed.
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