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athlonkmf rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
March 29, 2017
Status: c2266
I've just finished this novel.
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This novel is very similar to another "modern setting" novel by the same author. In fact, a lot of the plot were borrowed, but less polished.

After "tricking" his users into liking this novel and get it on the shelves (where the author would be paid) the author changed the theme.

The MC will go to other plaines and the story will be changed into your average cultivation harem story. IE: there will be a lot of recycled plots in this order:

MC finds the entrance to another area/plain. Leaves everything behind and goes there. Finds himself extremely weak compared to the others in that area.
Strong opponent appears who is interested in MC's treasures and/or girls.
MC escapes is constantly in hiding and escaping.
He finds some treasures (usually in some auction) and resources, trains, levels up.
Immediately there will be some anonymous opponents which will be offed by MC.
MC defeats all his previous opponents. Opens up a store/city/clan and becomes the strongest.

A lot of text will be wasted on introducing new fantasy material and equipment.

Whereas the first few 100 chapters in modern setting there were some female leads who had some character (albleit annoyingly), they will be reduced to a few mentions. Newer female characters are introduced, but have flat personalities but will eventually be just another addition to the harem never to be evolved anymore.
There will be a lot of buildup, where new characters are on an adventure with the MC, but the author will soon abandon their roles in the story.

The author tries to fill up gaps by having the MC going back to the lower plains but the explanation rarely is satisfying and rather forced. Thumbsup for the attempts though.

The final third of the novel has some annoying time skips, where the MC will be injured/training/meditating/captive/on the run/creating stuff for decades and even centuries. I think the record is 1000 years, where he gets freed from an injury. The rest of the world just happens to remain the same for 1000 years. Nothing happens. All this enemies will just wait for 1000 years before they get into fight with MC's friends in order for the MC to come and save the day.

It becomes ridicilous when in the end he visits the lower plains where the author remention forgotten characters and attempts to explain the MC's past (and implicitly explains the novel's title). With al the timeskips, MC would have left earth for thousands of years. But when he goes back to earth, he'd still be able to go back to his own city...

The ending is rushed as the author apparently had some problems with the publisher.

Conclusion: nice try, try again harder next time.

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athlonkmf rated it
World of Cultivation
January 2, 2016
Status: --
Starts out good, but then falls apart. I've finished reading the raws just then. No MT, just chinese.

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story totally fell apart IMO... everything just happens “as a matter of factly”...

All MC’s teachers never showed up anymore after the first arc. “They’ve died in the war, so now we need to avenge them”.

Sure, everything is mentioned. Including MC’s lost memory, but it’s just like “ping, remembers everything now. Oh well, needs to go to war”.

Same with the “paper bird girl”, “oh, you were the one! Ah well... you surrender or not”.

All who were “important” to the MC, including his pets don’t get a decent backstory. His bird just happens to evolve into a phoenix, but never be seen again. Same with Apple girl, his treasure finding worm, little fire.

Even Pu didn’t get any screen time anymore the last 100 chaps. “He exchange himself for MC and MC saves him. ” And that’s it.

The most laughable thing: the final fight with the most dangerous, final opponent who was introduced since the first arc (early 100 chapters) “just lost”. No strong battle, super moves. Just “I’ve lost”... And worse, he didn’t even lose by the hands of the MC.

The last 300-400 chapters is just about the all-out war. Everyone just become half-god/god with no effort at all it seems...

It started out good, a mysterious and funny MC, a compelling world. Then he needs to gain his power and everything fell apart. The author introduced enormous amounts of characters, fractions and teams with each several nicknames and changes the POV to these characters, fractions and teams.

I have never felt so disappointed with a story... Feeling so unresolved...

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athlonkmf rated it
Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
May 10, 2016
Status: --
I was the one who recommended this novel to be translated, so I'll just write what I've written in the recommendation

Awesome epicness. It's a xianxia story comparable to ISSTH, only more ruthless and fun. We get to see the obvious weak to strong plot, but also large scale interstellar battle strategy. Spanning several "generations".

I find it very entertaining and detailed. The "there are even stronger beings"-plot is explained and used in the smoothest way I've ever seen in a XianXia-story. You KNOW there are stronger ones, and you'll accept it... more>> much easier. This is what you get when you merge ISSTH, ATG and Mushokou Tensei together. This novel is one of my favorites which I've reread a couple of times. This novel is one of my favorites which I've reread a couple of times. I guess it's because the MC is just relatable. The MC is not naturally arrogant and ruthless, but his life forces him to become one. He is not saintly nice, he can't even be considered a good person. Just your average but smart dude who just happens to come across some life changing events.

Some extra content:
His cheat artefact (s) are indeed a black pearl/bead which resides in his body. This is a dimensional artefact with a special black soil which can break down magical artefacts into their raw materials, while releasing their energy. But the dimensional area size can be increased and in turn become a whole "world".

The other artefact is a large copper bell which the MC can use for defense and offence. Besides being a great, powerful weapon, this bell holds a lot of secrets. <<less
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athlonkmf rated it
My Fury Will Burn The Heavens
March 7, 2016
Status: --
Finished the book.

It starts ok, even for like 60% of the novel. But then author falls in the "repeat mode". MC gets stuck somewhere while dangers lurks for his loved once and he comes back just in time to save the world. To annoy another strong enemy and gets on the run again. Rinse and repeat.

After staying a virgin for the first half of the story, the MC finally gets his action. Building his harem, forcing slaves into an*l sex, etc.
The girls who once were important enough for him... more>> to kill entire villages and realms, won't get much screen time anymore. In fact, some are blatantly killed off.

The last arc was completely unnecessary, and I believe the author sees that himself, as he flashed through it in a few dozens of chapters. Even though the same formula (annoy, run, danger, save the day) was good for entire volumes before...

Overall: nice build up for the first half, then it gets repetitive very soon. <<less
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athlonkmf rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
January 26, 2016
Status: --
I've finished the book (read the raws) and can only conclude that it's a rare gem. The MC gets strong fast, but that's because his enemies are always on his tails. He never really gets out of danger.
But unlike most authors, where the super strong enemies just pops up right after the MC levels up just to give him an opponent, the strong enemies had been introduced early in the story. (Actually the same author made this mistake in his second book.. He just makes up some uber-enemies just... more>> to give the MC something the do. But in this book, everything is balanced.)
Friends and enemies has a decent intro and ending too. Even his earliest friends will play an important role in the endgame after neglecting their story for hundreds of chapters.
The author will give you a reminder one who a person was though, unlike other authors, who reintroduce a character after 1000 chapters and just expect the reader to remember who that dude was.

The MC's ability plays a very important part and is never neglected. It's power evolves painfully too, making the MC more balanced.

In the end, the MC does gets OP and kills his enemies with ease. This makes the ending seems rushed. <<less
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athlonkmf rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
April 28, 2016
Status: --
Sovereign of the Filler Arcs would be a better name for this novel. This novel has a lot of filler arcs in the most boring ways: tournaments and hidden dimension adventuring. Instead of a good flowing story, the author decided to fit the whole story up with tournament after tournament. It's the cheapest way to lengthen a story. Especially if the tournament doesn't give much important treasures to the MC and is merely used as a plot device to put the MC on a pedestal.
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athlonkmf rated it
The Kind Death God
February 15, 2016
Status: --
[finished the raw]

... more>>

Not the best story of TJJS. The side characters never really grow into you. Which is a good thing, because they don't really appear anymore. Even though they are very important for the MC's growth.

MC himself is also emotionally unstable, making a lot of annoying mistakes.

There are three main parallel running arcs, or better said, 3 main goals of the MC. But they all end abruptly. The main arcs and the side stories often ends in a deus ex machina way. In the end I didn't really care anymore for the final battle.

The MC's "mystery" is quite simplistic too, and you'll see it coming miles ago.

Good thing is that the novel's a short read, and while reading, you will keep reading. But if you were to wait for (slow) translations, you'd give this novel up very soon.

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Shen Mu
April 6, 2017
Status: --
Everyone rants about the sadistic princess, but she plays a minor part. After the first arc, she won't appear anymore.

After 100 chapters MC gets very strong. Somewhere around the half of the novel (300) chapters, the author starts a new book and this turns into a summary more than a novel. It just tells the tale of MC. Hardly any dialogue. No growth in character and MC gets stronger with no problems. He won't have to harvest resources or train. He just gets stronger by unlocking his inner power and... more>> rage.

"Strong" opponents gets introduced and have their heads slashed off within a few chapters, so you don't have to get attach to them. They're just as flat as the other minor characters.
Realms and every living thing in them will be killed by the evil and uberstrong opponents, but it won't matter to you, because those realms are not introduced. There is no story about them, so you won't feel attached to them.

The novel started great actually. Very epic worldbuilding, character growth and unique supporting character. And a dark mystery as a red line to keep the story going. But this falls apart once the author decides to take on a side project. <<less
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athlonkmf rated it
Luo Fu
June 28, 2016
Status: c90
Very slow paced novel. Very dry. And written in a way that won't appeal to everyone. Every other chapter, the story will jump to another parallel arc. The main arc where the MC is progresses really slowly and the two parallel story lines don't seem to have anything to do with each other (yet), making everything very confusing.

Absolutely not enjoyable.
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