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asesinosombrio rated it
God and Devil World
May 30, 2016
Status: c307
- Racism: Author becomes extremely racist against non-Chinese people.
- s*xism: Only two-three independent girls in the world... The rest want to be s*x slaves (women are looked down upon like at rags, raped and used as objects).
- Repeatable history: kill zombie/beast - level up - kill bad men - conquer place - f*ck new girls - go somewhere else - kill zombie/beast - level up - kill bad men - conquer place
- Too many characters that tend to be forgotten

- This is a fun and... more>> interesting reading if you just gives you all the above and enjoy the typical male history with a big (really really big) harem.
- The leveling system is interesting and brings a new dynamic to the normal zombie apocalypse stratagem (great number and variety of skills and powers in my opinion).
- This IS NOT a real post apocalyptic survival story. It's more like a post apocalyptic survival game, reflecting a corrupt and degenerate world.
- Badass MC: The character is ruthless straight from the beginning and does not make many stupid decisions (I love the decision to create "scum squad" with the bastards and rapists). <<less
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