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The Royal’s Cute Little Wife
July 26, 2017
Status: Completed
Rate: 4.0 (=^_^=) v

Summary: Xie Zhen and Li Yu are neighbours in their childhood. Xie Zhen is an energetic girl while Li Yu is a serious boy. Li Yu is an introvert but Xie Zhen always keeps pestering him. Li Yu's past catches up to him, causing him and Xie Zhen to be separated. Time had pass, and the two of them met each other again but this time Xie Zhen can't remember Li Yu but he for these past years had never forgotten her. Now, Li Yu is... more>> the one pestering Xie Zhen. Will they meet half way?

Comments: This is a good novel. If you like Chongfei Manual you will also like this. The story is not drag. It will always gave you satisfactory result. It is not boring but at the same time will not make feel the hype in each chapter. That is why for me it is a good novel... you know... It is not the "best", not "better", but "good".

Romance: I actually like Zhong Shang and Xie Xun's (side characters) love story than the main character. The love story of the main character is about two childhood friend that meet again and falls in love with each other again (since they're already like each other when they were kids). For me that is a typical plot love story although their sweet moment will warm your heart. But the story of Zhong Shang and Xie Xun is different from the "normal" CLN. Zhong Shang is a debauchee but because of his father forcing him to enter the military he became mature and deviate from his former acts. Xie Xun is protected and loved since childhood so she grows being gentle kind and innocent. When a boorish man meets a gentle woman. I just love their story their moments just makes you scream "kyaaahhh!!!".

Characters: The manners of the characters is realistic. When you put yourself in their shoes, you will think "Oh!, well I think I will also do the same" (well not to all though). That is how realistic it is. The pro side characters are just lovable specially Zhong Shang and Xie Zhen (my bias ;D). The con side characters are just hateful (true to their use) but not too much that you will feel frustrated and wanted to stab your computer. You will also see in the story that the characters behaviour changed for the better (more mature). When you get to that point you will feel proud like a mother because you read their story from childhood. <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating
January 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Rate: 3.7 (=^_^=) v

Disclaimer: So... I've read (and currently reading) a LOT of novels so my review here is based on the standard I've build from reading so many novels. (If you are just a new reader to light novel then I recommend reading this.)

Summary: Feng Zhi Yao has a goal and that is to have s*x without having commitment but being in an ancient era will she succeed?

Comment: The flow of the story is not draggy and the elements is just right to make you stay and continue... more>> reading. I actually enjoy reading although this is not the best novel I've read but still has it's own appeal. And if you are expecting R-18 writing here then you will somehow be disappointed. Although some scenes are really hot but I've read much more detailed than this. Anyways it is still a worthwhile read so you can GIVE THIS A TRY.

Romance: This is somehow a bit tricky because for what I understand the FMC never truly love any of the men that she encounter. If you read her encounters to the MLs you can tell that it is only one sided love to the MLs. For me, what the FMC is feeling is only a lingering affection not even comparing to the deep love of the MLs. Although in the end she ended with most of them. The love is somehow a bit forced because they just look at her then boom! The MLs are head-over-heels/'I will cut my heart out for you' love to her. But their interaction is still sweet.



1. Ye Weiyang/Helan Qi - introduce first as an assassin in an infamous organization but truly a young master of a mysterious and oldest clan. The first man that she sleep with and for what I can understand is the first man also somehow she fell in love with.

2. Xuanyuan Haoyu - 9th prince of Nanshao Country

3. Xuanyuan Haohan - 4th Prince of Nanshao Country

4. Situ Yelei - Young master of Situ Clan. Betrothed first to the Imperial Princess but then he was seduced by the FMC so he break the engagement.

5. Wen Hangyuan - Head master of Wen Clan.

6. Li Mincan - Head of an assassination group but truly is the twin brother of Xuanyuan Haohan.

7. Li Jinran/Murong Jin - introduced as a disabled (but cured by the FMC) brother of Li Mincan but truly the 1st Prince of Beilan Country.

8. Fu Xuecan - Head master of Fu Clan.

9. Dongfang Xi - Crown Prince of Heini Country. Introduced first as the uncle of FMC but they are not (read it if you want to know why)

10. Murong Chong - 4th Prince of Beilan Country

11. Linghu Ziche - Head of the Medicine Valley

12. Ximen Wuxia - Young master of Ximen Clan in Xiliang Country

13. Lan Yu - a leopard and in the past life is the lover of the FMC not in the modern era (read it if you want to know why) which he reincarnated as a man.

14. Moran Bai - Head master of Moran Clan in Xiliang Country.

15. Su Muyan - Head of a Stronghold Fort

16. Xiao En - Prince in the modern era that she carried back when she have visited again in the modern era.


Question: Who did she end up with?

Answer: A L L O F T H E M... YES!!!!! XD <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Chongfei Manual
July 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Rate: 4.2 (=^_^=) v

Summary: Wei Lou was given a chance to change her past by going back again in being 6 years old. Will she tidy up her stepmother and stepsister? Will she change the fate of her brother? Will she get back what hers? But the biggest question is.... Will she tame the most dreaded Prince in the dynasty?

Comment: It is a good novel. The flow of the story is not drag. It shows well the cause and effect of people's action. I like how it portrays the "Butterfly... more>> Effect". When you don't have anything else to read then you can give this a try. It is not boring but at the same time will not make feel the hype in each chapter. That is why for me it is a good novel... you know... It is not the "best", not "better", but "good".

Romance: I actually love this part since the guy is protective and possessive to the MC, although the MC is also the same. The love scenes for me is really passionate like in Assassins Farmer and Yu Ren. It is not pornographic which will not make you feel uncomfortable. (for some people?)


Wei Lou - I like her character. She is smart, resourceful and an actress. XD

Zhao Jie - He is ruthless, merciless, terrifying and uxorious (don't know the meaning? look it up XD[I also have to look it up.])

Others - Just typical side characters in a novel although some of them have there own love stories. I like the story of Yang Zhen and Zhao Liuli but my favorite is the story of Li Song. His story is some good plot twist. It is unexpected and I am happy that the author did it. Since for me, it is not his fault to fall in love with her, although there are some bad blood between them but I think it is already paid off of what she did to him, So I am happy to sail the ship... :D <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!
October 4, 2017
Status: c280
This is actually a good and well written novel (specially the R-18 XD). For the the others that said that there is no plot, well... there is... it just starts I think in 60+ chapters. The author will introduce in more detail about their world like their system and the secrets of royal family of Wilhelm.

If I will describe this it is like a shoujo story with smut. Although the s*x scenes will happen because it is meant to happen unlike other novels like every chapter is s*x.

Is it worth... more>> reading?

- Ah..., YES. If your here for a good read (with wanting of R-18, hihihi... [=^_^=]) then this is for you.

READ NOW! <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
June 27, 2017
Status: v7
As of Volume 7 [RATE: 4.6]
Introduction: This story is about a top assassin which is reincarnated from another world. The body he take over is a debauchee, grandson of a general. The generals family is in tight situation because the emperor or the other officials is being wary of them. Well there are more in-depth problem in the story which you will know if you read it.

Comment: I personally like this because of the following:
1. Assassins - yup, love this profession. I'm actually planning to apply (if I... more>> fail in my current strive profession which is not too far. XD).
2. Blood, Gore and Violence - very abundant in novel, these parts is actually graphic so if you don't like it, discretion is advised.
3. Characters - not all some you can just ignore. (BTW love the grandfather)
4. Comedy - hmmm.... it has a unique style in terms of this. Can't explain it just read it.

Romance: This is POLYGAMY so... if you don't like it then just ignore it and continue reading the novel. XD

Main Character:
1. Apathetic Killer (except for family&friends)
2. Value benefits over feelings (specially evident in romance, he choose his main wife because there is more benefit on it than because he fall in love on her)
3. Unpredictable disposition

Final Thoughts: Compared to the other novels of Fengling Tianxia (TTNH&RiTH) I think I still prefer this because I love assassins. It doesn't have so many cliche CN moments (although still present). You can feel military vibe of it and will definitely make you goosebumps. <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Addicted to Boundlessly Pampering You
May 31, 2019
Status: Completed
For those who are second guessing because if incest tag (click it if you want to know) :
... more>>

THIS IS NOT INCEST!!! (Read it if you want to know how and why)


This is a good novel there are many twist and turn (if you cry easily you might need a tissue) but I tell you this is worth reading. The start of the novel may put you off because it so fast-pacing but the middle-final is detailed that will not leave you hanging. Every chapter is not stale and will leave you at the edge of your seat (a lot of angst). One of the best polyandry novel that I've read (trust me I read a lot since it is one of my favorite genre). The characters felt so alive and not one dimensional.

This is HE so just read it. Highly recommend. <<less
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arien_maple rated it
Yu Ren
July 14, 2017
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.3 (0.3 counts, every point counts!) (=^_^=) v

Summary: Bai Fu Ling is reincarnated and given a mission by the Buddha to save 10, 000 people. In exchange for not being unlucky again in her next life, so she was given 15 years to complete this mission. She started 'collecting' people, teaching them how to live on their own (trust me. It is more interesting than it sounds, since the story is more focus on political intrigues).

Comments: This is actually not among the best story but if you already... more>> read the best and nothing to read more (me!) then this is the story that you can read. It is the "better" story, you know... not the "best" but "better" than "good".

Female MC: She is actually an ordinary person (doesn't know any martial arts) but she knows how utilize people and resources to their best, so she can overcome her challenges.

Romance: This is actually somehow slow and puzzling because in the first part of the story you have no idea who is the male MC. All of them are introduced fairly and have an equal share of time with the female MC. You don't know whose ship will sink (you wish you can ride all of them XD).

DON'T READ THIS if you want to surprise yourself.

Some intoduction of the males in the story:


Yang Hang: 6th prince, later the emperor. I actually ship them and thought he is the male MC. He is gentle and intelligent. Although he said in the later chapters that he's ruthless. I like their moments together.

Lu Ying: General, adopted brother of BFL. She actually joke around him when they were kids that he will be her husband. She like him first but when he got married (arranged and political) she killed the feeling and stay as just siblings. I love there moments, it's warms your heart.

Fang Hai: Doctor, one of the people she save, not really obvious that he likes BFL but there are hints (or depends on how you will interpret it). It is actually given away in the later chapters.

Bai Pingzi/Lin Pingzi: one of the people she save, not really obvious that he likes BFL but there are hints (or depends on how you will interpret it)

Hai Fushi/Xiao Mi/Gan Sui: male MC. I actually thought that he is the third party. The way he is introduced just made you feel that he is not male MC (since there is Yang Hang). I like him as Hai Fushi, his actions is really cute. Although I would say that I like all of his persona.


The love story is somehow has drama (not too much to the point that is repulsive) because the female MC has only 3 years to live at that time so she somehow distance herself to being attached. She doesn't want anymore people to be sad when she's gone. <<less
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