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My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
September 15, 2016
Status: c26
I'm up to chapter 26 in the raw, currently the latest chapter as of 9/15/16.

I decided I wanted to write a review but I'm awful at putting my thoughts into words. So, I'll give you a list of why you should read it (or at least wait intensively for the translations to come out). (I ended up writing a lot anyways, and the lost only has two things lol.)

- Ilya
Ilya is the protagonist, whose fiancé is in love with her little sister. Throughout the story, she witnesses the... more>> two fall in love and lives her life as a person in between their relationship. However, inevitably, she dies, only to come back to the starting point of their love story, and her back to being stuck in the middle. Through the many hardships, discoveries, traumas and mistakes she lives through, she really matures as a character.

She's not like a normal shoujo-type protagonist. For the good that she has (her undying devotion and loyalty of love towards her fiancé), she also has plenty of darkness in her heart.

I personally find her to be very relatable, and I can really sympathize with her. When she feels pain, I feel pain. When she grieves, I grieve for her. I think the issues she deals with would be pretty relatable to anyone. Things like unrequited love, an inescapable fate, pressure received from society, inferiority complexes, low self esteem, betrayal, etc.

I advise readers to be careful as she can be unreliable as a narrator (as you can see in a later arc). Keep in mind that this is first person, she is only speculating on how others see her, along with how she views herself. Her self esteem is not very high in the first place, and she has an inferiority complex towards her sister (not really a shock considering the stark differences in their treatment). Her expectations have also died somewhat. When she assumes something about other people, take it with a grain of salt.

As for other characters, sure. Al is definitely one of the best side characters, but others will be love or hate I guess. So far, each character has proven to be important in advancing Ilya's character growth, and I am looking forward to more interactions between everyone. (I feel like a M.)

- Story
The story itself is very interesting. Like I said before, it follows Ilya as she repeats her life of being stuck in between two people in love. It can get depressing as hell, but it expands on the "love" that is (not) around Ilya, and how it's not just butterflies and rainbows. Watching over Ilya is heartbreaking, but I feel like I'm awakening my M side because I'm so invested in the story. I just really want Ilya to be happy!! ;A; There are also some mysteries to unravel, such as: Why is Ilya reincarnating? Why always to the certain spot? Who is the mysterious Karasu? Why can't Ilya just be happy, Author-san?! (♯`∧´)

In the end, read this if you're looking to cry or be in angst. This story is great, but it's bad for my heart, really. If you can't wait and you're going to read the raws, have lots of tissues nearby.

I really wish that there will be a happy ending, but given the way this story goes... *sobsobsob*

Also, I really hope she doesn't go through with this political marriage and end up with fiancé-kun. Putting aside some a**holery, he doesn't seem too bad as a person, but he doesn't appreciate Ilya or truly see her, even though he is basically her entire meaning for living. It's sad, stop hurting yourself, Ilya. ;-;

I don't have much hope in the romance department except for Karasu. He seems to be the only decent choice right about now, but is he even human? (Not that I have a problem against human-nonhuman relationships.) <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
May 16, 2016
Status: c260
If only you knew...

Well, I've been keeping up with this since Turbo was translating it, and I gotta say, it's fascinating. The writing technique can get pretty complicated with all these different perspectives, but of course, Kumoko is best.

I remember the first time I read the side stories. "What? Who the hell is this guy? Harem bastard. Hurry and get back to Kumoko!" I felt a very, very strong urge to get back to Kumoko's cute and thrilling antics. But, if you skip then you'd be failing to see... more>> the bigger picture. Once the plot twist gets in, the side story gets really interesting, and you get a lot of ambiguous information thrown at you. And, when it reaches the climax-- cliffhanger.

Ah, it stills kills me. I want to find out what happens next but the chapters haven't been updated past 260 ;-;

The start is kinda slow, but in the beginning you're in it to see Kumoko being cute, amazing and grinding. Who knew a spider could be so cute, right?

If you're not into that, I won't blame you. Once the story really starts to pick up though, it's amazing. If you're going to start it, then I recommend at least reading until the "Hero's" side story is finished. Then we'll see who's complaining that this story is boring.

To fully grasp this story, Baba Okina presents in lots of little clues in multiple perspectives. Finally, the last key holder (who inevitably is also a tease since she's unreliable as a narrator) is Kumoko, who has all the power and knowledge, but still hides it from us. If you're not going into this prepared for a long ride, then you'll be missing out on the true storyline. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man
December 13, 2017
Status: c854
At first I was skeptical of all these 5 star reviews being a some sort of Qidian conspiracy... but after reading it, it's actually rather interesting.

Just kinda think of it as a somewhat xianxia plot (kinda), but sci-fi and with a crossdressing MC haha. Honestly tho, it's pretty refreshing to see a female in this type of "manly" setting. Crossdressing hijinks are something to look forward to too ;3

Basically our MC Ling Lan dies at 24 due to a long term illness. Before her soul can scatter, she's saved by... more>> this super advanced AI thing and dragged through space and time into the future (not the future where the AI is from tho). In that future, there's mechas and hover cars and cultivation and such. Ling Lan has a golden finger with super good body constitution and spiritual power and a training system and a good lineage, but things don't go so easy for her in this military dominated society. Seems like it'll head into politics/interstellar war territory too, so that's something I'm looking forward to.

Not sure if you can consider our MC as a Mary Sue, but it's a nice change from all those vengeful female assassins and doctor geniuses these Chinese female protagonist novels are usually plagued with. She's cool and kickass in her own way, not to mention that since she's crossdressing, she shouldn't have to be subjected to the weak and pretty stereotypes for females you see a lot... then again I can't read ahead (dunno a lick of Chinese) so I can't guarantee anything. Let's hope the male lead doesn't stick to the stereotypes either.

Give it a shot up to 34 if it peaks your interest, then switch over to Qidian if you feel like it has enough worth to continue. The translation quality of both have been really satisfying so far.

EDIT// MTLed up to CH 854 by now (there's still 600 some to catch up?). Spoilers under the cut:


As of 854:

  • her dad came back
  • she and her school buddies are 20 something now
  • they've graduated from school after establishing their own team
  • Ling Lan has been put in charge of an actual regiment that she had to reform
  • still hasn't revealed she's a girl and still hiding her OP-ness
  • love interest is established (pretty obvious) but nothing has happened (except maybe visiting his room at night)
  • something might be going on with Little Four & the system but only hints so far
  • maybe a war coming up soon

I actually do still like it, but it can get a bit slow at times. By slow, I mean the plot moves at a crawl pretty much. It's not too slow, but it's slow enough. I've yet to see Ling Lan and the others really find a purpose to fight in war (other than nationalism and looking up to Ling Lan etc) so it's hard to understand their motivations. So far it feels like an endless power up novel with no goal in sight (I mean you can infer conquering the universe/becoming the strongest would be end game, but idk). They've been adding in new mysteries while not really resolving past ones so I'm just kinda...

Anyways, still good for people who like reading dem eternal xianxias. Just wish it was a little more fast paced. <<less
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Well, being the translator of the series, I gotta rate it a 5 haha 😂

But seriously though, I like this series a lot. The summary explains the story, but I feel like it doesn't go in enough depth... So I will summarize what goes on here!

The story follows a cute little toddler girl named Nema. She's been reincarnated by God to decide whether or not to destroy the human race at the new world she's going to. It's because the humans over there are discriminating against the other races, acting... more>> like they're the superior race. Receiving a cheat to be loved by all non-human creatures, she's reincarnated as a baby. Nema doesn't really care about that in the beginning, and is all about fluffing and petting animals. The first 20ish chapters (ages 0-4) basically fall in this period and are all world building and laying the foundation for the plot.

Chapters beyond 20 (when she's 5 and up) are when she starts getting more involved with the original purpose of why she was reincarnated to that world. She interacts with the other world's sentinent species and starts getting dragged by the political? undercurrents that have been plaguing the world thus far. (She's still a child at the point I'm at though.)

I haven't actually caught up with all the chapters currently released, but I'm working on it.

All in all, the story has some solid world building, and the characters are likable. Some chapters are short, other side get really, REALLY long... Plus, there are a lot of cute moments with Nema, and there's petting time with fantasy animals!! I try to keep an encyclopedia for all the new animals/terms, but it's hard to keep up with since there's so much new information in almost every chapter...

Give it a try if you're looking for something new to read and judge it yourself. Maybe don't judge the translations (since I know I'm not the greatest OTL) but maybe you'll like it. :3 <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang
February 29, 2016
Status: --
This story.


Honestly, folks. If you're into romance and you haven't read this yet, you're missing out. On a lot.

... more>> Although a little bit simple, this story is beautifully written and translated. Much, much thanks to the hard work of the people who made this and the translations possible. Throughout all of these lives, it's clear that Moxi and Sansheng really, really love each other. They're just so dear and sweet and OTP ya know?

The cincher for me though, is that even though I'm not much into those tragic romances and dramas, and even though I barely get emotional for fictional works like anime and these novels, this seriously got me to tear up and get my throat all painful and clenchy. Really though, it's a good and lovely read, and it's short so it won't take up too much of your time (ALTHOUGH I ACTUALLY WISH IT WAS LONGER SOBSOBSOBSOB) so you've got nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?! <<less
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Honestly I don't know why this has such a low rating.

It's not even past 10 chapters yet, you haters. There's not enough content to judge.

That being said I rate it a 5 to balance out a little. There's no reason to be spiteful and rate it a 1, jeez. Support the translators a little, Rie is just trying to learn Japanese.

About the story itself, well, it starts out pretty generic. Lady summoned together with cute girl and gets ignored by Prince. Reminds me of Heibon, but unlike Heibon the people... more>> around her aren't complete arseholes and she continues to stay at the royal castle as a researcher/pharmacist where she creates slightly more effective potions due to her Saint power. As its only chapter 3 so far it's hard to get a good feel on it but it could be going down a route where she creates miracle cures or becomes a legendary alchemist or such. It's too soon to judge, but we'll just have to wait and see. <<less
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To be entirely honest, this is not a good story.

I debated on whether I should rate it as 3 stars for average, but I feel it just doesn't quite make the cut. The initial concept was interesting, but everything else is just... bleh.

I initially thought it'd be more dark when I first picked it up, but I'm not here to complain about that. By the way, if you ARE looking for something more dark/serious, then this isn't the story for you, go back, stay away.

Anyways, the story has bad writing.... more>> By bad writing, I'm not talking about the translation or anything.

Everything just seems... forced. The world building is weak, the plot (?) itself isn't interesting, the characters are poorly written, some dialogue, actions and misunderstandings seems really forced, the writing is vague, the whole thing feels kinda like a wish fulfillment story thanks to the MC, plot holes haphazardly covered up (but not really) etc. I certainly don't feel like there was a lot of planning going into this story when the author was writing it.

The plot itself leaves a lot to be desired. How do I say this... It's so simple, it's a wonder why the other characters (who are supposedly more capable) not doing anything to stop it in its tracks beforehand it gets out of hand?? I mean, then there wouldn't be a story, but still.


Ok, so I read up to ch28 right?

The evil King's plan is basically revealed to be: make up some priestess BS; summon s*upid people they can control and pretend one of them is the priestess; instigate said priestess to advocate the war; spread propoganda about not believing in priestess = sin so they can kick out the people who advocate peace; conscript all fighting citizens to their army, but meanwhile treat them like crap (because that's always a good idea, right?) ; wage war on dragon kingdom and win!

Seems like there might be more to the plan from where I read, but honestly I got bored of it...

The dragon king conducted espionage, but practically did nothing else. No negotiations (tho that wouldn't have worked), no contacting the non-pro-war nobles and maybe manipulating things so they'd sit on the throne (which would've been a better thing for all the countries honestly, if the humans were going to be human supremacist pricks), apply pressure on the human government with sanctions or whatnot, or even outright kill the s*upid source before you things escalated to actually going to war, but they basically just sit and watch for TWO years as the country goes to shit... *facepalm*

What are you people doing, running a country...


Frankly, this light setting doesn't suit this whole "kingdom conspiracy to go to war" thing, and the author doesn't seem to be any good at writing them either. Anyways, it doesn't match even if you try to force it, so please stop trying author-sama. I mean, I get why the plot isn't heading down this road (since the ML is the king of a neighboring nation and MC has grudges against the human nation that summoned her) but it's really forced and contrived and out of place. Please just stick to your comfort zone, or think of something more thrilling and elaborate or reasearch more before you try and put politics into the story...

Ruri, our MC, suffers a bad case of Mary Sue as well. Beautiful, smart, multitalented and everyone likes her... =_=


Theres a part where I cringed (it's untranslated as of yet) where Ruri goes to the kingdom that summoned her and looked at a normal village. It's near the time when the war is going to star up, and people were starving in poverty with soulless eyes.

Now, what does Ruri do after seeing this?

She wordlessly walks into the village in human form. Without speaking to the villagers who don't pay attention to her because they're too busy being poor, she casts magic that grows fruit trees and uses wind magic to distribute it to everyone else. Then leaves.

When asked later by her spirit pet? Thing why she did it, since it'd have no effect on the people at all, Ruri replies that she knows, it's the country's job to fix the problem, but she just couldn't leave them like that.

It's just... cringe.

I mean, her actions might be noble, but the way it was delivered seemed so MC centric and self-centered... Maybe if at least the author pulled the poor beggar child bumping into her either trying to mug her for money or beg for food cliche, and THEN she had gone and done that, it wouldn't be as bad. But Ruri literally walks into the village, unprovoked and making minimal contact with the villagers at all, and does her life saving mojo. What happens after those fruit trees stop possessing food has nothing to do with her, apparently.


You can give a man fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and feed them for life. What Ruri did was the former. She didn't inspire them to live (like a good protagonist would) or give them purpose, or even try to help them out of their predicament. All she did was give them food that's would last for who knows how long and help them stave off the hunger. It's not like they'll get seeds from those magic trees (who knows how long it'll take for them to grow too), it's not like they suddenly have enough energy to go farming or hunting, it's not like their brothers and husbands will come back from being forcefully conscripted into the army, it's not like the soulless look in their eyes will go away from just an apple or two...

In the end, other than trying to look good, what did she really accomplish here??


Ruri seems to think her only flaws comes from Asahi sticking around her, but I can think of a few more (like your personality, for example).

Seriously, when the chance to complain about how Asahi ruined her life by just being around her comes up, Ruri doesn't hold back. And Asahi, dense as a brick, doesn't even care and just keeps going at her. Wth? I don't have any sympathy for either of them really, but whenever Ruri complains about Asahi, the people around Ruri who treat her good are like, "oh my god, that's terrible, you poor girl" and take her side...

Why??? She is badmouthing a person you've never met, who hasn't done anything towards you and who Ruri knows doesn't have any ill intent towards her. How can you just accept that? No discomfort either, they agree with her unconditionally...

I can't relate, I can't sympathize, I don't really like the MC or the supporting cast...

All in all, it's poorly written and needs a lot of work.

I wouldn't recommend for serious reading, but it it's every once it a while then it's not a terrible way to pass the time with. Just, it's not that good either. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Crowbar Nurse
May 22, 2019
Status: c19
As the current summary is a bit lacking, I'll explain a bit below.

The series follows a overworked nurse (nameless at the beginning) who is transported to a zombie game-like world called Deadman's Conflict. The her there takes on the avatar of a character of one of the games she has played named Sera. Not long after transferring, she meets a man with the body of an otome game character named Kiryu and travels with him in the zombie world. Kiryu is a game programmer (or something like that) and Sera... more>> is a zombie game enthusiast, so they use their knowledge of the game mechanics and bugs to take advantage of the situation and try to escape from the game-like world, meeting other players along the way. Will they ever return home?And just why were they summoned there?

I've read through the zombie arc so far and I gotta say it's pretty amusing how they take advantage of the mechanics of the world. The world is like a game, but as they are actually living in the world they can break rules that would normally be impossible if they were actually playing it on a console. For example, entering into restricted territories that were blocked off by invisible walls before. Of course being unbound by game logic isn't always convenient as they can't see their HP on screen or access an infinite item box, having to make due with stuffing various junk into their pockets lol

Anyway, I definitely had fun reading the zombie arc, and there certainly is a mystery to resolve by the end of it so I dearly hope someone can pick this up!

Some ways they abuse the game world:


    • Jumping at a wall to slip outside the map
    • Taking certain actions to make unlimited items
    • Obtaining NPC followers and power levelling them
    • Triggering cut scenes etc.
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Venerated Venomous Consort
November 5, 2017
Status: c146
Edit// I read up to date (currently c146) just to make sure I wasn't being hasty, and I stand by my initial opinions.

Honestly I'm not sure what to say... I try to give at least 10 chapters before I really judge whether I like a story or not, but I've read 32 chapters in and feel like I've just wasted my time. 32 chapters might not seem like enough considering these chapters are fairly short, but I don't think I'll be continuing this... Maybe if I'm super desperate.

I rated 2... more>> stars because it's not "get this thing out of my sight" terrible, but also doesn't have anything redeemable enough to break into "average-normal" 3 stars territory.


... Are there any?? Fast translation maybe.

Cons (this might get lengthy) :

- Plot

It started off kinda interesting, where MC is in a perilous situation and has to find a way out of it. But honestly, 30 chapters in and it's downhill... Author, are you underestimating the intelligence levels of your audience?

I mean, I'm an easily pleased reader. Give me something interesting and I'll go on auto mode and won't complain. But the plot armor and the scheming is just not up to snuff. Basically, the IQ and abilities of everyone else is lowered to make the MC look good. Add in some ass-pull abilities/luck-logic to grant to the MC so she can get things done quick and easy, and that's basically how all the conflicts have been resolved so far.

- Writing

Another issue in itself is the writing. Don't get me wrong, the translations are ok (tho I can't really say anything since I don't know Chinese). But this author is a classic case of "Tell, don't Show."


There is a part in ch 30 or something where the author entirely glosses over the matter of MC finally getting some maid servants from her evil stepmom.

She weeds out the spy using a trick and punishes her severely and sells her away. She presents the evidence to her father too so her stepmom can't say anything about it. Then she proceeds to use some psychological mojo on her other servants to make them paranoid that they'll be ratted out if they're a spy, and they end up coming out to her themselves...

Mine is a little more summarized, but that is practically what you get in the actual text.


Definitely one of the least well-written works I've read of this genre... The chapters are short as well, and the pacing is downright horrible. Is the author a newbie at this or something? To be honest, I found myself laughing out loud at how ridiculously cliché the story developed at numerous intervals.

- Characters

These characters are about as original as a mass produced popsicle stick.

It's been 30 chapters and all I've seen is a Mary Sue MC, a typical cold and ruthless ML (presumably), your typical "I don't care" Dad who hates MC because of her mother and cuz she's tr*sh, a scheming step mom-daughter duo who are white lotus b*tches, an idiot Prince who wants to break the engagement with MC cuz he's sleeping with her sister, and this perfect (?) nice guy Prince who's probably more than he seems and has already taken a liking to MC (but why) but will probably fade out later anyways. Everywhere I look, it's cookie cutter, cookie cutter, cookie cutter...

It's fine to use tropes, but with nothing original or with no good writing, how are you supposed to capture your audiences' attention??? How are you supposed to stand out from all the other generic stories already out there that you're taking tropes from??? I honestly don't understand why this has reviews with 5 stars????

I mean, you can tell me that I need to read more, or that it gets more interesting later on... But honey, it's been 30 CHAPTERS. I think I've got a good grip on the author's writing style by now, and it's just not cutting it...

If you're desperate for a generic genius female assassin transmigrates into tr*sh young Miss who is hated by her family and rises to kick ass and make everyone worship her/take revenge, then this might be for you. But seriously, this feels like one of the lower quality ones... There are better ones waiting to be read out there. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
I’ve Transmigrated Into This Movie Before
January 8, 2019
Status: c92
Replying to Azuron up above:

... more>>

I agree that the initial impression with the grandma wasn't the best, but this is also part of the mystery. There is a reason why the relationship between her mother and grandmother is so bad, and Chen Shuanghe is probably not the ML (maybe not even 2nd ML, more like 3rd?). His father appears more than he does. :/

Basically so far he's just blipped back on the radar once the MC gets a role in the modern world. He often plays in the movies she gets casted in (or tries), and he hates/envies her. That's the majority of their relationship at least for the beginning.


To be entirely honest the story has a rocky start. When Grandma came in, I also wondered if I could like the characters and worried if it was going to be one of those face-slapping modern Chinese celebrity stories that are the norm. But I stuck with it and I don't regret it, because it turned out differently to what I expected.

Once I got past the beginning and got into the meat of the story (the actual transmigration and the overarching mysteries) the impression I had of it changed immensely. Please try it if you get another chance 😊


I couldn't help myself and MTLed ahead fufu >w<

I've been enjoying this so far! The summary doesn't do it justice at all D: (although it's not entirely wrong either)

Anyways, this is a pretty interesting take on the "quick transmigration" genre. Details in spoiler below~


So unlike other QT stories I've read, this is not a "transmigration into other worlds, follow quests/orders from a system, get op cheats" formula story (not that I hate those).

The MC instead goes into a creepy movie theater and has to live in movie worlds. Death is not permanent for her (in most cases?) as her real body is at the movie theater.

Spoiler for a bit ahead as well, the movies she QTs into, they're not actually movies! They're actually...... Ok, I won't tell. >_<


I like how the author actually uses things she mentions in the past and incorporates it later in the story. If you think something important is mentioned, then it's probably foreshadowing.

I also like how there is this subtle dark? horror? aspect running through out the story. And I was able to find myself getting attached to the important characters who are showcased in the QT (they reappear and some are kinda important to the overarching plot). The romance is a little lacking but it's building itself up little by little. I hope end game is Wen Yu, he's a precious little bun TuT

Anyways, it's got me hooked so far ever since I picked it up. I still got some reading to do (170-ish chapters current) but I'm rating it a tentative 5⭐ for now!

Props to the translator for picking this up! <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?
September 16, 2016
Status: oneshot
It's about a noble girl who is engaged to the crown prince, but really, REALLY doesn't want to be. Then, she is called to meet him and he tells her he wishes to break the engagement. All that's left is to sign the papers, but will things really go that easily?

It's a simple and short story that features your typical dense-ish female lead and a "perfect" prince. It's not the best thing out there but it's light and funny, not a bad way to waste your time.

The translation and story... more>> itself leave a little to be desired, but it's their first time translating and apparently, English is not their first language. It's always better to have more translators than not, so please be encouraging. :3 <<less
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Hello, I am currently translating this~

It's an interesting story with a crazed fangirl doting on her favorite otome game character after she reincarnated as a mob. It's an interesting and rarely seen, unique relationship because for one, the heroine Mariko is already head over heels for the love interest Taiga and is very open about it to him, even though he doesn't feel the same way towards her. But he keeps her by his side because of her almost worship-like love, and this weird relationship continues with romance slowly building... more>> between them.


Certainly, her worship-like devotion borders on creepy if you really think about it, but I think it's the same for super fans of idols or fictional characters. She's always idolized and loved him as a 2d character, but now that he's suddenly real, the level of her devotion can be understandably jarring.


If this sounds interesting, then why not give it a try? <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Wishing Happiness unto an Idiot Sister
November 26, 2017
Status: --
It's a really cute story about a "helpful" big bro and his hopelessly s*upid dimwitted little sister as he gives her advice and plays matchmaker. Short, cute and sweet. Recommended!
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arashi-chan12 rated it
My Hero
July 25, 2017
Status: short story

I went in not knowing what the story is about but I have absolutely no regrets about reading it!

Basically it's about two childhood friends, one is a normal guy and one is the hero chosen to defeat the spirit king. It's very narration based (character summarizing events) but that doesn't take away from the story, because the point of the story is to explain why the childhood friend sees the other as their hero.

Don't worry if you're not into BL/Yaoi, this isn't that Type of story. The guys have such... more>> a nice bromance though, I was surprised at how touching this story actually is. ;-; Anyways, give it a shot. I did and I wasn't disappointed. :3 <<less
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The synopsis/title is pretty confusing, but basically it's about a Holy Maiden having multiple dreams about another her and the Hero fighting against the Demon King army and having a romance meanwhile, and how she (the non-dream unpopular woman who's not in a relationship with the hero version) reacts to their (alter her x hero's) lovey-dovey flirting in the non-dream world. I guess my explanation is pretty confusing too...

Fairly entertaining, and hey, there's even a lesson stuck in there. Definitely give it a try if you have time.
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arashi-chan12 rated it
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
November 25, 2017
Status: c325
While I don't hate the story, the writing is kinda... Well, there's a lot of superfluous word cramming in there to up the count. The chapters are also really short, and the pacing is really long (not in a good way), and the villains leave a lot to be desired right now...

IMO, it's not a novel you can enjoy while waiting for a new tidbit a day. You have to REEEEEEEEAAAALLYYYYYY stock up and read in one go to get the best reading experience.

It's not a bad time waster, just... more>> that once you catch up, it'll get a little torturous. Especially since the author likes to end each chapter with mini-cliffhangers, so yeah, stock up. <<less
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Fairly decent considering it's hentai.

For once, the guy doesn't seem to be a loser and takes care to keep the woman in mind when they're in the middle of the act. His personality is pretty nice.

The plot is kinda unbelievable, seeing as all his brothers died and now he has to make babies like crazy so they can fight off demons and orcs and stuff. Mystery is, how and why they all died? It's a story revolving around s*x though, so I won't expect much out of the plot.

The assassin... more>> lady at first kinda irks me (since I'm female and all) but the second (real First Lady) Knight Iona was better, since she clearly has a will of her own, isn't always giving lip service and thinks of things other than cocks and baby juice. Strong females are always a plus. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Zombie Sister Strategy
November 27, 2018
Status: c710
I MTLed it to 700+ chapters. It's around 3.5 in my book. While this novel isn't bad, it does suffer from a number of things.

... more>>

- Too OP MC. Her cheats have cheats, basically. She is presented with challenges but she solves them fairly easily, and tends to let go of guys that will be problematic later on (for plot purposes).

- Uninteresting support characters. Though some do have their own back stories and such, Lin Qiao doesn't rely on them much, so when they appear it's less excitement and more "oh, they're there."

- Lackluster villains. No one is matching up to the MC's powers at this point, she doesn't really have rivals, and the reason for her growth now is to protect her base/family and get revenge. But she can (easily) suppress villains who are a higher level than her with her cheats, so she solves "hard problems" fairly easily.

- Stagnant character growth. Other than "must revenge!" the characters don't change much from when you first meet them. There are basically no world changing relevations that flip their worlds upside down, and if there are events like that, it's mainly part of a back story and not happening at the present. It's not a story where people question the morality of their acts or are forced to make hard decisions.


In the end, I have been pretty entertained with this (though there have been some lulls cuz 700+ chapters is a lot), but if you're expecting a masterpiece then I can only say don't get your hopes up. <<less
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I like this. I got interested enough to MTL it through google translate from the RAWs I found and have been reading them the last day or so. I'm following a couple "transmigrating to cannon fodders via a system and helping them faceslap everyone who has wronged them" but like the translator said, it takes a cynical approach on romance. Don't get your hopes up if you start getting attached to a possible ML haha

It also does something I haven't seen before in these types of stories:

... more>>

She ends up traveling back to a past world she was in and meets one of the important characters again, in a drastically different world setting though...


Author also follows up with PoVs of characters who's bodies she was in. It's interesting to see how she changed and influenced them and their lives, and to get a glimpse at how the story continues with the original personalities coming back.

Anyways, I don't regret going through the mind-scrambling MTL just to get a peek ahead.

Btw, if anyone else feels these chapters are really short, the RAWs I found on 69shu are longer so the TL might be splitting chapters? Not sure why tho. Will keep reading the TL regardless, since google translate hardly does this story justice haha <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
Seeking Good Temptation
December 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Fully. MTLed it!

It's not too bad of a time-waster, but it's basically a terrible person duping other terrible people into falling in love with her lol. Tho I guess Su Shi is the only decent one among them?

... more>>

I felt the heroine was TOO good at what she did, there was very little struggle on her part. Everything was in the palm of her hands from the beginning.

But when I realized this wasn't gonna be a novel of redemption of strong character development I just read it for the drama xD I really wished I had some popcorn to munch on for some scenes. Surprisingly not too cliche in terms of antagonists but lots of fist fighting over her between the L.I.s lol

Tbh tho if I didn't know the heroine was so calculating I'd feel really bad for the life she lived through.



Also the ending is kinda weird? I mean, it's a true reverse harem end but... Is it true? 🤔


List of Love Interests for those curious:


Gao Yuan (other name: Lu Zhi Yuan) : College sweetheart, later Boss. Younger brother of Lu Zhi Yao, legitimate heir of Lu family?

Su Shi: College suitor, gets very little screen time after actually. Other than the stabbing in the previous life but he's the most decent of them all lol but nice guys finish last I guess

Lu Zhi Yao: Illegitimate son of Lu family, later Boss of MC. Erm, let's just say he messed up pretty bad on his route I guess lol.

Qin Xiao: Adolescent boy, 18 when first met. Son of Qin Feng and acts kinda hormonal lol

Qin Feng: Father of Qin Xiao. Probably had the best chance with MC had she not been scheming inside all the time?

Feng Chi: Ehh he's my least favorite and that's something, having to choose from this cast lol. Pretty douche-y. Some sort of club owner/smuggler/ties with mafia guy.

Pei Yan: Probably has the least appearances and impression? Involved with a rival mafia group against Feng Chi. Stoic douche.

(Extra) Huang Yanran: Initially an antagonist, fiance of Lu Zhi Yuan and schemed against MC but things happen and... Well, yuri-subplot.

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