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arahera rated it
The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week
August 24, 2017
Status: c192
Well, this novel is rather interesting. Somewhat rough around the edges, but it's good.

It reminds me of a simple version of Overlord, subtract the part where the MC is a skeleton (which can't have fun during the night). As I mentioned, a simpler version; it has similar traits, for example trying to make a country and become a king and so on.

But it's faster and a lot easier in this novel than in Overlord. The easiest example I can give is that Overlord writes a lot of details and nitpicks... more>> on every thing, which makes it slow paced. While in this novel, it goes rather fast with a moderate speed which is somewhat believable if you got his NPC on your side. <<less
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arahera rated it
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
March 21, 2018
Status: c210
Yah...! Seems like there aren't way too many reviews for this novel out of the beginning zone (first couple of chapters).

Let's see, this novel started out rather funny with the point of the MC and so on and going through reincarnation.

Well, I do have to agree with that guy ner0 as it's 'unbelievable' that the female lead could that easily trust the 'trashy MC, but if I'm not mistaken it was said that she felt the MC to be mysterious or whatnot which I don't even remember....

Let's go away from... more>> the beginning and continue forward...! The plot itself isn't slow like you would have guessed with a novel with over 4k chapters posted, but it isn't fast paced either. It's in the middle where you can somehow enjoy the pace of MC getting his power-ups, random encounters with villains and allies and sooo on.

As of chapter 83 (where I'm currently at) the MC is somehow starting to change, from his starting "I'm the best!" attitude to an "I'm good, but I need to protect those I care about" attitude. It's the example of his soul bonding with the previous owner without him actually knowing, which is rather nice to see.

Well, yah... if you're only thinking about reading the first chapters, then don't do it as you'll only get somewhat annoyed and drop it, if you're thinking of actually reading it, then stick with it over the full 50+ chapters and you'll understand that the novel is good. No wonder, the novel is over 4k chapters, who would actually write really really damn good since start 1 with full of plots and awesomeness...! I wouldn't at least :/ so, take your time with this novel and just enjoy the chapters as most of them are really well written. <<less
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arahera rated it
Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven
September 9, 2017
Status: Completed
Well... I finished reading the novel not long ago and I thought of writing a review for it. The novel/story itself is rather "long" in my opinion, but also somewhat rushed here and there.

It's an enjoyable novel, but it would require the reader to 'love' this type of plot. First time I read it, I think I read around 700 chapters before taking a break from it. As it became rather tedious to read it. After a few months I started reading the rest.

This novel goes around the same road... more>> as Shura's Wrath, but I did prefer Shura's Wrath more than Evil Dragon.. that's because of how the MC does stuff. Only reason I managed to finish this novel is mainly because of the other characters, they might be simple but nice to read about them.

I won't write much about the plot itself, but I can say that the MC is playing a game, but finding out that it's a lot more than a game. Tian Xie manages to find love interest here and there, gets a few friends and so on. But it's mainly focused on Tian Xie <<less
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arahera rated it
God Of Soul System
May 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I honestly enjoyed reading this novel, some of the reasons are that I do like the actual history plot of One Piece, Naruto and Bleach.

This novel is focused on Roja (MC) and not the manga/anime main characters. At the beginning, Roja was pretty much of an ordinary guy, the thing I loved the most was how he transformed himself into a weak minded boy to a powerhouse.

Regarding the volumes (v1 - OP, v2 - Naruto, v3 - Bleach) v1 was pretty awesome, it had lots of details regarding the story... more>> itself. The only bad thing was that some of the characters were stronger than they actually should have been.

V2, Naruto world. The Naruto world was a bummer after having the great volume of OP, it wasn't that bad in itself, but it wasn't as good as the first volume.

V3, uhm... regarding length, v1 took like 400 chapters, v2 took 200 and v1 over 100 or so... it kinda says that the author actually wanted to finish writing the novel, the story in itself on v3 wasn't horrible, but it was rushed and had lots of timeskips.

Do I recommend reading this novel? I would say; yes and no. Yes if you like a fanfiction with an overpowered MC, and no if you totally hate your favourite anime/manga bein ruined by this overpowered MC. <<less
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arahera rated it
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
June 5, 2018
Status: Completed
I finally finished reading this novel and I have to say I do have some mixed feelings.

All in all, it's a very good novel. But, I can't deny that the beginning of this novel was written rather amateurish.

This changes in pace as the author gets more familiar with writing and what he's looking for in his novel. The novel gets better the more you read it.

It's mainly focused on world building in both worlds, which surprised me on how developed it became. Both worlds have their own charms which made... more>> me want to read non-stop.

The romance bit is, how to say it, realistic in a sense but weird. He has one-night-stands with random girls and he has his main harem. The only thing I didn't really like was that a few girls was left out of the harem in the end.

For the few things which made my experience a little worse while reading this novel was; plot holes. Yes, there are a few times the author just skips the previous plans entirely and begins with something else. It also led to leaving out a few girls out of the harem (which I disliked the most)

As I mentioned earlier, it's a very good novel, so do try and give it a chance. <<less
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arahera rated it
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
March 28, 2017
Status: c51
I just have to say this; if you're getting bored with super action, cultivation and so on novels, I would truly suggest My Pet is a Holy Maiden. My main reason for that is because its very relaxed novel, it shows some touching moments, and its "fluffy". Got fun charachters, awesome charachters and an amazing grandpa guy. I do normally not read heart-warming novels, but I picked up this novel because I was getting bored with cultivation/action novels, and im rather happy that I picked up this novel as at... more>> during every chapter I had a warm feeling and I didnt get bored by it at all. the novel itself isnt perfect, far from it to be honest. It does jump in the story now and then, but the main reason I gave it 5 stars is because I havent read this type of novel before and I loved it while reading it non-stop. I will not give a rating of how the novel is or translation so on, but purely on how I felt while reading it. if you're looking for a warm novel, I would suggest this one as it got its moments, and you just have to love Chiiko, best charachter ever <<less
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arahera rated it
Shoujo Grand Summoning
May 15, 2017
Status: Completed
Let's see. I just read this novel 2nd time. (Yeah, all 2k chapters...) and I have to say, I enjoyed reading it a lot more the 2nd time.

After understanding some point of how the MC is and the plot itself, it's really relaxing and enjoyable to read.

My review for this novel is; great, but don't take it way too seriously.

I regard my review in that the plot itself is awesome, the harem is enjoyable (mainly because I have watched most of the animes of the worlds he... more>> arrives in.) The MC is tolerable and I love his change over time.

I don't want to delve much in to the actually plot of the novel. As it's mainly MC in another world and having a system which can teleport him to other anime worlds. <<less
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