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aquaphorus rated it
The Book Eating Magician
October 25, 2018
Status: c400
First half of the novel: 5 stars.

Has fantastic character and world development. The plot is interesting and is more than just "fight enemy, power up, repeat." All of the characters have depth to them. There are detailed explanations for most things, and there is always a reason for the main character doing something.

Second half: 3 stars.

Its is blatantly obvious that the author started to rush things after ~chapter 250. All of the down time and detailed plot developments that existed during the first half of the novel are pretty... more>> much thrown out the window in exchange for extreme power creep and an endless cycle of boss fights. The detailed explanations of the world go away. The sense of tension and struggle that the main character had to endure and overcome at the start stop. The majority of the side characters that held significant roles during the first half are quite literally never mentioned once during the second half. Characters in the central circle become mindless 'yes-men'; all of the color and taste that their personality once had are completely thrown out of the window.

That is not to say that it is not worth the read. The boss fights still maintain most of their integrity, however the tension that existed at the beginning goes away due to the aforementioned power creep. <<less
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Emotion baiting. Once removed, the story is dull and a waste of time. See the spoiler below for details. I spoil the ending here so don't read it if you really don't want it to be spoiled for you.


5 volumes of build up for an anti-climatic ending. The characters are going about doing their own thing when the island randomly gets attacked and they all die! Literally all of the main characters die. Very frustrating to read the entire thing for this crap to be pulled at the end.

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