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anwaya1 rated it
Demon Hunter
March 13, 2018
Status: v1c16
I have been reading chinese novel for 4 years. But this is the first time I am writing a review. Acutally I opened this account to write this very review.
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Now, it started kinda slow but alright. Very beautiful writing there at first. Nice world building. But when he got chased by the strong private army it became irritating. The army kept killing people who met with MC. But MC didn't fight back, he got his chance to kill many of them as a sniper and run away later, but he didn't do that. But he kept leading the army to army other people to get killed. Later, he killed a single of the pursuer, he actually didn't want to kill but it happend like an accident. The army ran away. He found the traitor who gave him up to the army but he just made love with her. Later he stole some weapon from that bit. Ch's boss, he didn't finish them, because he needed the army to kill some more innocent people. So he leave them and they report him to the army. Again chase start, army again keep killing children, woman, old and others because he lead the army to them and didn't try to kill them back although he got the chance. He found a valuable base with water. But he didn't slef destruct it, coz the great army needs the water. He even show around a army sl. Ut in the base in exchange of teasing. Then the army start chasing him again.

MC is the worst MC I have ever seen. This much stupidy is sure to come frome its creator. The author is the real human scum to creat something so disturbing.

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