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amedortega rated it
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
December 9, 2017
Status: c475
In the beginning, the series was a solid 3.5-4 for me. However as the amount of ridiculously OP items and godly luck kept piling up, the story started losing my interest. Female characters are introduced just for the sake of starting some arc that will inevitably end with said lady added to his harem. Speaking of which, even after having 6 ladies in love with him (some of which openly offer themselves to him), the deed has never been completed due to some equally heaven defying interruption.... every single time.

The... more>> enemies, combat, techniques, cultivation, etc. seem to be there just for the sake of proving how OP the MC is at using objects gifted by the gods... literally.

Even after all that, I could still manage to continue reading. However, at some point the author turns the story into a China vs. Japan, nationalistic garbage. Racism becomes blatant and the MC then becomes the paragon of "China is better".

As others have mentioned, Cultivation Chat Group is incomparably better. <<less
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amedortega rated it
Ze Tian Ji
April 24, 2019
Status: prologue
This author is ridiculous. As many other reviews point out, there are entire chapters dedicated to some random/minor and inconsequential character, object, etc. The author could be said to even be "poetic" in how detailed a description of a room could be, and then they just walk out of it...

Is there a story here? Yes, but by no means a superb one. Grab any random Chinese novel with an author that gets paid by the words and they would still write this series in about 350 chapters at most.

Imagine someone... more>> wrote down a trip to the supermarket and took about 30 chapters to describe internal monologues, other product prices, history of other companies and their quality, describe random people in the aisle and their possible thoughts leading to their current clothing choice, final choice + review of why you selected that product. Now do that for every darn thing you buy in the supermarket. That's this novel in a nutshell.. a very mundane run of the mill story expanded and detailed ridiculously. <<less
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amedortega rated it
X-ray Is More Than I Thought
October 2, 2017
Status: c87
First of all, take the warning that the MC is scum absolutely seriously, but he is definitely more than that. This novel indeed has multiple scenes of rape and violent s*x, yet the author tries to justify them by making the female characters deranged somehow.
I found the growth of the harem too ridiculous after a certain point, but it is somewhat passable especially considering the good action and comedy scenes. There is plenty of character development as well, even if they sometimes grow in frustratingly simple ways. I... more>> noticed a trend in the latest chapters towards making the MC more humane and turning the story a bit more action oriented, but I do not personally believe it was done properly since he basically got an OP skill with the trend of getting even more OP.

Overall, I would only recommend this series to anyone with a strong stomach and the ability to read with large tolerance since some scenes are... well.... twisted... <<less
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amedortega rated it
NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System
March 4, 2018
Status: c496
I tried to hang in there and read as much as possible in the hopes of seeing the author pick a darn genre already and stick to it, but alas that never came to be. This author's storytelling ability is at best on the level of a high school student with lots of ideas yet horrible execution. Make no mistake, the harem IS a main part of this story. In one particular chapter he has a dream/vision with hundreds of "partners". Soon later...... more>>

his "normal" love interests start developing super powers.... yep they are now part of the occult world as well and on their way to complete his vision...


Some people may like the fact that this story has a bit of everything, but I can only label it a half-assed shounen story reminding me of Negima, but with the author's role model of a man in every possible sense... <<less
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